I Love You to Death

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“So, you’re saying no?” Adam’s depressed voice seeps through the phone, attacking Naomi’s ear and inducing a feeling of regret.

“I’m not saying no exactly, rather I’m saying let’s postpone the big step and start with a little one. I don’t want to move in with you yet, but I’d like to spend nights with you more freely without being bound to just weekends. Giving me a key to your apartment allows me the ability to easily come and go as either of us would like, but also allows for us both to remain independent and have space when we want it. That’s reasonable, isn’t it?”

There’s a silence on the other end and she begins to wonder if he hung up on her, but finally he responds with a feeble, “I suppose.” There’s silence again and with a heavy sigh he continues. “I get the feeling that getting you to reconsider will be like pulling teeth one at a time, so I guess I’ll just have to settle for giving you a key instead. Can I ask you to meet me there on Wednesday? I’ll have one made up, and I can give it to you then. I’m off Thursday, so we can spend the day together and you can head home in the evening. I’ll be away for a week starting Friday, so I’d really like to see you before then. Is that ok?”

She feels relieved that he’s seemed to have rebounded quickly and eagerly agrees. “Yes, I’d love that. It’ll be nice to drive myself there for a change. I’m happy that me having a key will give you a break from always having to come pick me up, even after you’ve had such a long day. It’s only fair I come to you sometimes too.”

“You know I don’t mind coming to you when I’m able, but thanks for your consideration baby. I’ll be out during the day, so come around five or six. I’ll make something yummy.”

“Sure, that actually works out well for me. I have tutoring until four that day, so I’ll swing home for some clothes and head there right after. I can’t wait to see you honey.” She speaks sweetly as she lies back against her pillow, holding the phone against her ear as she does. “So, what are you doing right now?”

“I just got back from my evening workout and was about to get in the shower. You called right as I stepped out of my uniform.”

“Oh really?” He voice suddenly shifts to a seductive tone. “Does that mean you’re naked right now?”

“Yes...I am.” He speaks plainly as he replies.

“Are you on the bed?”

“No, I’m standing outside the bathroom door.”

“Mhm, well...how about you lie back on the bed for a bit?”

“I’m all sweaty. I’d rather not sully the clean sheets.”

“Sweaty, huh? I can just picture the drops of sweat gliding across those yummy abs of yours.” She speaks more alluringly. “I’m on my bed you know and thinking about your current state is getting me really hot. I’d love it if you could help me out with that.”

There’s silence and then she hears, “Perhaps you should take a cool shower. That really helps me when I get heated.”

Nai wears a confused expression. “Um...what?”

“Listen, I’ve had a long day and really just want to shower and hit the bed. I’m not in the mood for play tonight. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Rest well baby, and pleasant dreams.”

She can hear the line click as he hangs up with such an abruptness, her head is reeling. “What the hell?” Nai lies there on her bed, confused and horny at the same time. “Did he just blue-ball me?” She doesn’t know what the female equivalent of that is exactly, but it’s how she’s feeling. Never in the five years they’ve been together has he left her hanging in such a way. He always puts effort in, even if he has fallen asleep in the middle every now and then. “Why would he...?”

She has a sudden realization. “Is he punishing me? He left me hanging because I gave him an answer he didn’t like? Seriously?” She shakes her head, in denial. “No way, he’d never do something as petty as that. He probably was just really tired.” She settles it in her mind and proceeds to relieve herself. Once she’s contented, she takes a hot bath and gets into bed.

She closes her eyes in an attempt to sleep, but her mind starts to wander. She can’t help but revisit Adam’s behavior and think about how unlike him it was. She’s rarely seen him get angry, and even the few times he has, he’s never been so spiteful. She shakes her head again, refusing to let her mind run wild with such ideas. Adam is a great guy and he wants her to be happy. She won’t allow herself to think otherwise.

There’s a soft vibration beside her and she grabs her phone; thinking it must be Adam. However, she quickly sees that it’s not him, but rather Lukas. They’d only just exchanged numbers today and he’s already utilizing it. If she was a suspicious person she might be wary, but she finds herself excited.

<Hey Firebird, you asleep yet?> His message reads.

Nai chuckles lightly and rolls her eyes. <Firebird? Is that your lame nickname for me now?> She replies.

<Maybe...it’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Or would you rather me call you Phoenix? Or hey, maybe Jean Grey?>

She scrunches up her nose. <Eww, no thanks. Jean Grey is so not a fitting alter ego for me. I’d consider myself more of a Rogue.>

<Oh shit! Don’t tell me you suck the life out of men at your touch? Well, maybe you do, but I’m sure your way is a lot more enjoyable than the way she does it. Oops...was that too crass for our first text convo?>

Nai feels her cheeks grow warm at his suggestive banter but refuses to let him best her in this game. <I’ll have you know, I’m a pro at sucking the life out of men. Be careful, or you might be my next victim.> She feels embarrassed to herself. Maybe that was a bit too much?

His next reply came a bit slower than the others, but when she felt the vibration and saw the white box pop up on her screen, she just about had a heart attack. <Fuck...god I wish you would. I’d happily offer myself up to you.> Her heart is threatening to beat right out of her chest and she feels a naughty ache creeping to the surface. <Shit...I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have sent that. It was inappropriate. I’m really sorry Naomi. Cool?>

Naomi takes deep breathes and tries to get herself under control. She knows she shouldn’t be feeling this way with someone other than Adam. Shame threatens to suffocate her, but she finally manages to steady her heart. After another moment, she finally replies. <We both went too far, but as long as we understand, it’s not a big deal. We’re cool. =)>

Almost instantaneously, he responds. <Thank Dios! I’d have been a real loser if I got your number, just to get it revoked on the same day. That’ll teach me to text you so late after downing a few cold ones. I’ll drink AND text responsibly next time. XD>

Nai breaks out into a laugh, the light mood seemingly restored. <Wow, what a lush. Go to bed you drunkard. I’m calling it a night too. Talk tomorrow?>

<Hell yea! I can’t fucking wait!>

<You swear a lot when you’re drunk, did you know that?>

<What? No fucking way! Oh shit! Oops...I’m still doing it aren’t I? Motherfucker. Oh damn! Ok, I’m grounding myself. No more phone tonight. Catch you later, Firebird. ;)>

Nai gives it several minutes, but when she receives no more messages from him, she decides he’s really called it a night. She can feel herself smiling like an idiot. “What is wrong with me?”

She puts her phone beside her on the nightstand and tries to fall asleep. However, she can’t seem to get his naughty words out of her head, even if they were just drunken banter. She can feel the familiar ache growing between her legs, but she shuts her eyes hard, and wills herself to sleep.

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