I Love You to Death

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Odd Encounter

“Stupid Lukas!” Nai yells this as she assaults the steering wheel in rage. She grips the wheel with her hands as she fights to hold back the tears that are threatening to release. When she’d walked away from him; she did so with a prideful demeanor to make herself seem stronger. However, she was suffering from his harsh words and may have cried at that moment had she not left. Lukas has always been kind, so to see him like that and hear those words fall from his lips; it cut her unexpectedly deep.

Normally she doesn’t care what anyone might say about her or her choices, and she never hesitates to bite back at others when provoked; her parents know this much to be true. Yet, a man who she’s only known for a little over a month and who only recently became her friend was able to affect her like this? She can’t understand why, and it frustrates her more than anything. Adam is the only one whose words have the power to affect her in such ways, but even that one time he made her cry, she still gave him a piece of her mind. However with Lukas, she was weak.

She spitefully wipes her eyes and shakes her head with stubbornness. It’s inconceivable that he’d cause her to feel like this when she holds no true attachment to him in comparison to her family or Adam. She’s not weak, and so she steels herself against the strange feelings growing within her and decides to focus on what matters, her own desires.

She looks at the time on the dashboard; it reads half-past noon. It’s way earlier than she expected for her to be free for the day and too early to head to Adam, so she settles on getting lunch. She treats herself to a mushroom veggie burger and a guava passion-fruit smoothie from the Blend Shack. She passes time there with a book she’d been reading for the last couple weeks, the latest in her favorite author’s collection.

After a couple of hours and a thrilling conclusion to the best mystery she’s ever read, Nai decides it’s time to go. Although it’s only a quarter to four and she knows she’ll get there earlier than they’d agreed, she gets back into her car and heads to Adam’s.

She parks around back, just a spot away from the one that they shared that surprise lovemaking session in last time. She smiles as she recalls it, shamefully wishing they could partake in such an activity again in her car instead. However, her fantasy is interrupted when she catches a glimpse of movement out of the corner of her eye.

She turns to find two figures walking towards the back entrance. They are a considerable distance away, so she can barely make out their faces, but she can see that one is much taller and wider than the other, making it obvious that it’s a man and a woman. The man wears a hooded jacket and jeans and the woman is wearing leggings and a long sweater dress. He is holding her hand and pulling her along, seemingly leading her somewhere. She lags behind, seeming to hesitate, but he pulls her more aggressively, forcing her to follow his lead.

Nai knows she shouldn’t concern herself with other people’s business but be it her boredom or awareness that she has no way to get inside the apartment until Adam is back, she decides to trail them. She quickly exits the car and locks it, opting to have Adam bring her bag up later.

She makes her way to the side door and catches it just before it latches shut. She quietly follows behind them as they make their way down the long, narrow hallway. The building is older and so it creaks as one would expect it to. Nai can tell that this section of the building is especially vacant as it’s the service section; meant for maintenance and other property workers. She finds it strange that they’d be coming through this way, unless one or both were up to something they don’t want others knowing about.

There are many passages as well as many twists and turns, reminiscent of a maze. Nai eventually loses track of them. “Oh well, I guess I’ve had my adventure for the day.” She prepares to make her way back, but then she hears a commotion starting nearby, which makes her stop in her tracks.

“No! What the hell are you doing?” A woman’s voice echoes through the passage and directs Nai to the vicinity. She creeps up to a corner and peeks around slowly. “Stop!” The woman is struggling with the hooded man, desperately trying to pull back as he fights to pull her into a side room.

Nai can clearly see her now, the young blonde with pink-colored tips, green doe-eyes and a smooth, lightly dressed face. Her moderate bust and slim frame are also worth noting. The man who’s pulling her is not discernible however, the hood concealing his face, even when he’s turned to the side.

“I don’t feel comfortable with this anymore, I want to leave!” She tries with greater insistence to get him to release her and leave, but she’s obviously no match for his strength. As though to prove as such, he pulls her hard against him and pushes them both forward until he’s pressing her against the wall. “Ow!”

The man seems to be frustrated, as he presses his hand hard against her mouth with one hand, and he keeps her pressed securely against the wall with his other arm. He leans down by her ear and although a whisper, Nai can just make out, “Struggling only feeds his hunger.” The voice is deep and husky, nearly a growl.

The woman seems to be quite frightened now, and tears fall from her eyes. However, it seems the man got the reaction he wanted, as the woman became subdued enough for him to force into the room he wanted her in and shut the door. He quickly locks it and leans against it, breathing heavily after such strenuous activity.

Nai is frozen; her legs like jelly and her body paralyzed. She can’t think or react from the sheer shock of what she just witnessed. She may have just seen someone get abducted and the perpetrator is standing just a few feet away. She feels conflicted, as she wants to charge over there and confront the man and free that woman who likely got into something more than she could handle, but she’s also scared for her fate should she play hero.

As she stood there contemplating however, the man turned her way and their eyes connected for merely a second before Nai found her strength and ran. She didn’t dare look to see if she was being pursued, she just simply ran as fast as she could, praying she could reach the exit before he could catch her. Her fear response was working at maximum velocity, such that it wasn’t until she found herself at Adam’s apartment door that she allowed herself to stop and take a breath. She falls back against it and slides to the ground, her trembling hands fumbling for her phone. She starts to dial 911, but she stops short when she hears the door to her right open.

She comes face to face with Adam, who seems to be as surprised to see her as she is him. However, she doesn’t think about that now, only that he’s there in front of her and she immediately feels safe. “Adam....” Nai gets to her feet and pulls him to her. She presses her face against his chest and starts to cry, unleashing all her fear and anxiety from the fright she just had.

“Naomi?” He calls her name as though it’s a question.

Nai realizes he must be confused and manages to get herself together enough to say, “I think it’d be better if we went inside, then I’ll explain.” She wipes her face and backs away from him so that he can access the door.” However, he doesn’t move to open it, but rather he stares at Naomi awkwardly. “Adam?”

“Huh? Oh! Right....” He responds as though he’d just remembered that was his name and fumbles around in his pocket. He pulls out a key ring and slides the proper key into the socket. There’s a distinct click as the door unlocks, but rather than open the door, he stands there staring at it, as though contemplating if he should go inside.

“Um, earth to Adam. Are you there or what? Go inside!” Nai impatiently shouts at him.

He finally pushes the door open and walks inside, Nai following just behind. She quickly shuts and locks the door and takes another moment to catch her breath. “Oh my gosh, I feel like I ran a marathon with all that running.”

“So, um...what happened?” He stares down at the keys, nervously fidgeting with them and avoiding eye contact.

Nai suddenly remembers the urgency of the situation. “That’s right, something bad has happened! I’m sure I just witnessed a woman being abducted downstairs. We need to call the police right away!”

He glances at her with confusion. “What? That’s impossible.”

“I swear I saw it Adam! I followed a man in a hoodie and a woman through the back entrance and down a maze of hallways in the service area. It seemed like the woman initially agreed to go with him, but at some point she got spooked and tried to leave. He wouldn’t allow her to though and when she struggled, he aggressively subdued her and then forced her into a room, locking her inside. I saw it happen right before my eyes! I thought about helping, but I was scared. He looked my way and I panicked, which made me flee and I ended up here.”

“It seems like that was a frightening experience for you.”

Nai looks at him in disbelief. He sounds so nonchalant about it and makes no move to comfort her despite the words he says. He also continues to avoid looking at her, focusing on the keys. She moves closer to him with a frown. “Adam, do you understand what I’m saying to you? I’m telling you that a woman may be in danger right now in this very building and you don’t seem fazed at all. Do you not believe me? Adam!” She pulls his face up to her level as she shouts, “Look at me!”

His eyes finally connect with hers and he feels a spark in him, as though he’d just fallen in love. Such strong eyes she has, and how exhilarated they make him feel. She’s intoxicating with little effort, and so he must respond accordingly. He softens his eyes and places his hand against her cheek before replying, “I’m sorry sweetness, you just caught me off guard. I believe you.”

Nai can feel herself getting emotional again, as his gentle words and soft gaze comfort her. This is the response she’d been waiting for. She leans against him and says, “I was terrified Adam. I thought that I was going to be his next victim.” She hovers her lips before his. She waits for his lips to meet hers, but they never do.

He stares at her luscious lips, wanting desperately to kiss them, but something holds him back. “I’m glad you’re ok, but if this did happen, then I need to alert the landlord right away. I’m going to call him and explain what occurred. I’m sure he’ll call the police in response. I’d rather not call on my own without speaking with him first. So, just stay here and I’ll be back in a bit, ok?” He lets her go and turns away from her. Nai can’t help but feel a bit neglected but understands now’s not the time.

After a few minutes, he returns. “So, what’d the landlord say?” She asks him in anticipation.

“He said he’ll have his friend come check it out right away. He’s apparently an officer at the local precinct, so he can investigate without needing to file an incident report. He’s concerned of course, but he’d also rather not bring attention to the building without just cause. In any case, he’s taking it from here, so you can relax now. You’re safe and if that woman is in danger, the officer will definitely rescue her.”

Nai feels as though everyone is taking this very lightly, which strikes her as odd, but she’s also exhausted with stressing herself over it. She decides to trust Adam’s words and trust the landlord and the police to take it from here. “Ok, that’s good then.”

He stands there awkwardly again, averting his eyes like before. “Well, I was in the middle of assisting the neighbor next door, so I should get back. Just wait here, I’ll be back soon.” He begins to leave, but he feels her embrace around his torso. “Nai....” He turns around to face her and is met with her teary eyes.

“Please, just stay with me. That was scary, and I don’t want to be alone. Stay with me until we get confirmation that everything is ok.” She pushes him against the door and once again places her lips beside his. However, this time she doesn’t wait for him, and presses her lips against his. He seems reluctant at first, but his lips finally part and he gives in, returning the kiss.

It starts tame, but quickly heats up and the two fall deeper into it. She presses closer against him and he pulls her with equal measure, and she can feel his erection steadily growing stiffer through his jeans. As good as it feels however, it feels...odd. It feels as though she’s kissing a man that she loves infinitely but is a stranger. He appears as Adam, but his presence, his smell, his touch; it all feels foreign to her and she’s not sure why.

Suddenly, his phone begins to ring loudly, interrupting them. “Shit!” He gently pushes her back and fumbles to grab his phone. When he reads the caller ID, Nai can see his eyes widen and become almost fearful. “Uh, I’m sorry, but I have to step out and take this. I’ll be back later, so just wait for me!” He runs out, slamming the door shut behind him; and leaving Nai confused as she ever was. He runs down the stairs in a hurry.

“I messed up. Fuck I messed up bad! He’s going to kill me.” He babbles on in a panic as he nears the back exit. Just as he goes to press open the door, he’s grabbed by his collar and slammed against the wall. He’s met with furious eyes that mirror his own. “I’m sorry Peter, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to get that close!”

“You didn’t mean to? I told you to pass on the news and get out of there. You simply had to make up a fitting excuse, but you couldn’t even do that right!” He taps against the distinct bulge at his groin. “Seems to me that you got close enough to take pleasure in what’s mine. I told you before she’s off limits.”

“I know, I swear it wasn’t my intention, but I got caught in her eyes; they’re beautiful. I saw it; her beautiful, pure soul.”

“Yea, and that soul still belongs to me. Don’t you dare forget.” He lets him go and backs off. He presses his hand against his face in frustration. “We both fucked up today, I didn’t mean for her to see me. She came earlier than I expected, and I didn’t know she was trailing us until I caught a glimpse of her.”

The man looks nervously at the hooded man before him. He may look identical to him, but there’s no doubt that they are two vastly different people. “What do we do Peter? Are you going to confine her here now? I know you said you didn’t want to be forceful without reason, but if she saw you with that woman...you may have no choice.”

“She didn’t see me; she saw a hooded man. I still have some damage control to do after your blunder up there, but she trusts me, so it shouldn’t be difficult to convince her of anything I want her to believe. To be safe though, I think we should wait until she leaves to deal with that woman. To be honest, she could use a couple of days of isolation. She’s quite feisty, even beyond your taste.”

“No fair! You promised me I could do as I wanted with her! I want her now! Especially now that I’m like this, I need release!” He complains and whines like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum.

The man grabs him hard and shouts, “Shut your mouth before I shut it for you! Stop acting like a goddamn child!”

“Sorry Peter, sorry!” He cowers beneath the man, appearing skittish and weak. “What should I do now?”

“Go back to your den and wait little bear. Make sure you don’t show your face outside while she’s here. I won’t stand for any more of your fuck ups. Do I make myself clear Adam?”

No matter if he desires to, he cannot defy the domineering man before him. It’s how it’s always been. He was a weak boy and he’s still a weak man, a slave to his desires. That’s why he agreed to leave the light and enter the darkness. He’s far more suited for it. “I understand brother. I won’t make any more mistakes, I swear.” He sulks as he walks away, presumably to his quarters.

The hooded man stares after him with a watchful gaze. Even to this day, he must be the one to fix things. It’s how it’s always been, ever since the day he met his other half. The day that he could finally ascend from the shadows and be somebody real. “I will have it all, no matter what it takes.”

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