I Love You to Death

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It’s half an hour before Adam returns and when he does, he looks worn out. Naomi walks over to him just as he locks the door, her arms crossed against her. “So, can you explain to me what the hell just happened? That was all super weird and way more eventful than I ever imagined today would be. Most important of all, please tell me the police looked into that kidnapping.”

He gives her an exhausted look that tells her he’d rather not discuss it now, but she doesn’t back down and expects an answer. So with a sigh, he calmly says, “I’m sure that was a very confusing situation for you and considering the circumstances, I don’t blame you for demanding answers. So, to address the pressing issue, I’m happy to report that the officer did come investigate and discovered that the “kidnapping” you saw, was just roleplay that went too far. He spoke to the young couple involved and explained to them that they caused quite the stir among another resident. They apologized for their actions, claiming they were just trying to spice up their sex life.”

Nai stares at him dumbfounded; not quite able to believe his explanation. “Wait, you’re telling me that was all an act? That woman was genuinely scared and seemed to be against the entire situation. If that was just some kind of fantasy play, then those two should be professional actors.”

Adam laughs. “I knew you wouldn’t believe this story, so I took the liberty of asking the landlord to borrow his keys.” He holds up a key ring. “This will allow us access to any room in the building. Outside of the apartments with tenants, we are free to explore the building as we please. I’m willing to give you a full tour of the place, just so you can be satisfied that there is no woman being kept hostage in secret. So, what do you say to that?”

Nai stares at the keys and back to him with an uncertain gaze. She realizes that it’d be hard to actually hide someone in a populated apartment building, and the fact that he’d go this far certainly makes his claim more believable. That said, she’s compelled to investigate anyway, just to be thorough. “Ok, let’s go then. Take me everywhere we can go. It’ll be a good opportunity to see more of the building’s layout, since I’ve only ever traveled to and from your apartment via the stairway.”

He nods in acknowledgement. “Very well, please follow me baby.” He gestures towards the door and opens it up. “Obviously 3A is occupied by my elderly neighbor, and 3C is still closed off for renovations. It’s nearly complete though and will likely be rented out soon, or so the landlord hopes.” He points to the stairs leading up to the fourth floor. “That leads to his studio and the roof. Unfortunately, that’s off limits to all but him; but to that point, it’d be impossible for anyone to gain access to hide a body either.”

Nai nods. “That’s reasonable. I doubt the kidnapper would want to hide his victim in such an open place that he could easily be caught. I’m most interested in seeing the basement. If he were going to hide her, it’d definitely be in a place without much public access or traffic. Let’s just head down there.”

“Really? Are you sure you don’t want to see all the vacant apartments too? He could be hiding her in plain sight.”

Nai notices his amused grin and scowls at him. “Go ahead and have your fun while you can. Even an idiot would be smart enough to know that wouldn’t be a good tactic, as an apartment can be rented out at any moment and their plans could be easily intercepted. If I really saw what I thought, it’d have to be down where I observed it. Take me to that room.”

“Ok, as you wish.” He leads them down the stairs and soon they arrive in the familiar passageways Nai has quickly come to dread. They travel down the halls, checking all the side rooms as they go along. Most are filled with boxes and storage crates or are bare. Soon, Nai begins to recognize the area and realizes they are approaching the corner of where it all happened. She stops short and Adam looks back with concern. “What’s wrong?”

She shakes her head. “Nothing, I just felt a little on edge. Let’s keep moving.” She puts on a brave face, but she still places her trembling hand into his. He accepts it with a reassuring smile and grips it tightly as he leads them along.

They round the corner slowly, and Nai is almost surprised that they find nothing. She slowly begins to berate herself for being so silly, but she can’t until they take the final step. “Can you open the room there?” She points to the same one she saw the man force the woman into earlier.

“Of course.” He uses a key and opens the door effortlessly. He backs away and gestures inside. “Have a look.”

Nai slowly approaches the door and cautiously peeks inside. Upon seeing what it contains, she places her hand on her forehead and shakes her head with shame. “Oh my gosh, I’m crazy.” She raises her head and looks around more freely. The room is smaller than it seemed and contains a couple of garbage and recycling canisters against the walls. Straight back there is a metal chute, which she presumes is the trash compactor. “It’s a garbage room....” She cups her head in shame. “Wow, I’m an idiot.”

She feels Adam rub her shoulder in comfort. “No, not at all. I suppose someone could lock someone in here, but there’s nowhere to hide them easily. The cans are far too small for a body and the compactor can only accept small bags at a time. So as interesting as it may have been to have a crime scene unfold in this otherwise boring place, it’s just not feasible.”

“Yea, I guess I was seriously off the mark. Though in my defense, they were convincing. Though I wonder, why would he have had a key to lock the room? Wouldn’t this be open if it’s meant for tenant use?” She looks at him inquisitively.

“No, on the contrary, this room is always locked. We’ve had a problem with people from outside sneaking in late at night to dispose all kinds of trash for free. The landlord didn’t appreciate that and so he had a lock installed and gave only tenants the key. Therefore, it’s not unusual in the slightest that he’d have a key.”

“Oh, I see.” She feels at a loss of what to say. “Um, so you have one then?” She asks the obvious question.

He holds up his key chain. “Indeed I do baby, right here with my apartment and mailbox keys.” Nai confirms that there are three keys on the chain. “And now...” he continues, “You have one too.” He holds up another key chain; this one only containing a single key. “As promised, here’s your key to my apartment.”

Nai takes it as though it’s a delicate item. “Oh, I’d forgotten about it. Thank you, but there’s only one?”

“Well, you don’t receive mail here, so a mailbox key wouldn’t be useful to you and I’ll never allow you to sully your precious hands with trash, so you won’t be needing a trash room key either. This key will grant you access to the building entrance, my apartment door, and the laundry room. That’s all you’d ever need when you’re here with me.” He rubs her shoulder more affectionately.

She leans into his touch, feeling at ease. This is more like it. She’s not sure what was going on with him earlier, but this is the Adam she knows and loves. Her sweet and loving Adam, who she suddenly finds herself wanting with greater urgency.

She wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him deeply. His lips are again as supple as she remembers. “Honey...let’s go back.” She looks at him with sensual eyes and her voice is sweet enough to send shivers down his spine.

He embraces her in return and with another tender kiss he says, “It would be my pleasure baby. Let me just lock up.” They separate so that they can easily exit the room and he can properly lock the door. “Now, allow me to take you to my chambers.” He gives her a wink and carries her over his shoulder.

“Adam!” She laughs out loud as he races up the stairs with her in tow, a seemingly effortless feat.

They just barely managed to make it to the bedroom before he was inside her. Neither could quite bring themselves to bother with a condom, but Nai was insistent that he pull out. He respected her wishes of course but left her a sticky mess. They showered, ordered in, cuddled up on the couch and made out several times before calling it a night.

The next morning, Nai wakes up to a pleasant sensation. She’d thought she was having a sexy dream about Adam making the most sensual love to her, but when she opened her eyes, she observed a sexier sight. There was Adam, face-planted into her pussy, and eating her out like she was his morning meal.

“Honey...what are you-, mhm!” He begins sucking hard on her clit as he looks her straight in the eyes and it’s the sexiest thing she’s ever seen. She can feel herself cumming, and him slowdown in response. However, she doesn’t want the pleasure she’s feeling to stop just yet and reflexively she grabs the back of his head and pushes his face into her, silently begging him to continue.

Adam grins with satisfaction, knowing she’s feeling it. “Impatient this morning, aren’t we baby?” He doesn’t expect her to respond and she doesn’t, pressing his head down more instead. He devours her in ways he’d never done so before, and he was guided only by her hand directing him where to go and her tightening grip alerted him to when she was going to cum. Just as he was prepared to go for a fourth round, she pulled his head back.

Nai shakes her head and stares at him panting. She spreads her legs; saying nothing still, but her desires are clear and need no words. He crawls closer to her, his hard cock ready to go. However, just as he prepares to enter her, he’s met with her hand against his chest, halting him. “You’d better wrap that bad boy up honey, or the fun will have to end.”

He sighs, but it’s lighthearted and is followed by a smile. “Yes, of course. How could I forget?” He reaches into the box on the nightstand beside the bed and pulls out a condom. He makes quick work of slipping it on and once it’s secure, he quickly slides it inside her warm haven. “Jesus, it’s so hot inside you baby.”

“This is what you do to me. It’s your fault for turning me into such a perv.” They smile together and soon lose themselves to the flow of their desires. It isn’t long before they find their release.

They lie there together for several minutes catching their breaths; before Adam finally pulls himself out of her. He stands, and Nai can clearly see the nearly full condom hanging from the tip of his now limp penis. “Wow, there’s so much in here. This is what you do to me baby.” He carefully removes it, tying a knot at the top and carelessly tossing it towards the trash.

“I guess we were both feeling pretty pent up, weren’t we?”

“Yea, seems that way. It doesn’t have to be that way though.”

“Oh yea, how so?”

“Well, if you lived here with me, you’d have me at your disposable anytime you needed; outside when I’m away for my games of course.” Nai loses her smile and he notices this. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to pressure you. I accept your choice. I’m just putting it out there again, that’s all. You’re welcome at any time should you happen to change your mind, ok?”

“Ok, I’ll keep that in mind.” She gives him a small smile.

“Well, I’m going to shower, want to join?”

She shakes her head. “No, I think I’ll wait until later. You go ahead. I need to check some emails from my professors regarding my tutoring sessions and review material.”

“Oh, I forgot you’ve been doing that. Ok then, good luck.” He enters the bathroom and shuts the door behind him.

She proceeds to scroll through the several emails but finds herself quickly getting bored. “Oh, screw it.” She tosses down her phone and gets up from the bed. She prepares to enter the bathroom and join him, but along the way, she catches a glimpse of something hanging from the trash basket. Kneeling down, she can see that it’s the condom Adam tossed earlier. She chuckles and shakes her head. “How does he always manage to miss the basket? Good thing he plays baseball and not basketball.”

She carefully picks it up and tosses it into the can properly, but not before a few drops land on the floor. “Huh? Did I break it?” She saw him tie the top, so that could be the only explanation. She pulls it from the trash to examine it for a hole, but the integrity seems intact. “How did it...?” She squeezes it from the bottom now and although it happens slowly and is a minuscule amount, another drop of Adam’s milk lands on the wood floor beside the others. “What...the...hell?”

Nai tosses the plastic back into the trash once more and hops up. She stares down the box of condoms for a moment and with trembling hands, she takes a few into her hand. She stares at the bathroom door; the water is still going. His showers are long, so she has some time. She runs to the kitchen and turns on the faucet. She then unwraps a condom, unrolls it and holds it under the flowing water. It begins to fill as expected, but a few seconds later, a slow drip begins from the bottom tip. “No, that can’t be.”

Unconvinced, Nai does it again with another condom, and it yields the same result. She does it two more times, and they both end exactly as the first; only varying in the precise location of the leak. Nai stares at them in complete shock, unable to accept what her eyes show her. “No... he wouldn’t. My Adam wouldn’t....”

She tries to reason her way out of it, but no matter how she looks at it, the truth is there. She manages to walk herself back to the bedroom and sits on the bed. She feels as though she might scream, or cry, or grab a knife from the kitchen and greet him in the shower with it. She may very well do all three before the day is done. As she sits there, she begins to think about everything, and like a puzzle; all the pieces begin to click into place.

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