I Love You to Death

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No Inhibitions

Chapter 25: No Inhibitions

“Whoa....” Lukas is awed by the beauty before him. She displays an off the shoulder, black fitted dress with a slit running up the side. She wears short-heeled ankle boots instead of heels, fitting for her personality. Her makeup is minimal, consisting mainly of color for her lips and blended eye shadow. Her front braids are pulled back into a ponytail and the rest fall to the sides and reach the center of her back. The only thing Lukas can do is stare as he’s rendered speechless by her unexpected appearance.

Nai glances at him from the side, feeling very self-conscious. Bashfully she asks him, “Do I... look ok? Is it weird?”

Realizing his silent gaze might be causing her undue anxiety, he quickly responds to ease her insecurities. “No, it’s not weird at all! You look amazing!” He can see her cheeks fill with color. “I’m sorry for staring, you just look so beautiful that I was caught off guard.” He shifts slightly as he timidly looks to the side. “I mean, you’ve always been beautiful, but tonight you’re....” He looks at her now, feeling a bit more brave. “Well, I hope I’m not being too forward, but tonight you’re more than beautiful; you’re sexy too.” He seems to scan her body as he says this, but not in a lecherous manner that makes her uncomfortable, but rather in an innocent and respectful way, that makes her believe she is sexy.

“Thank you,” she says in a soft whisper. “This is probably the only dress I own, courtesy of my mom. She insisted I needed a little black dress as is customary for most women. This is actually my first time wearing it.”

“Seriously?” He sounds genuinely surprised. “I’d have thought you wore it with Adam at least once or twice. Even if you never went anywhere, I’d think as a man he’d have enjoyed seeing it on you. If it were me, I might have you wear it every night.”

“Adam...,” she starts. “Adam didn’t really like me to wear any kind of revealing clothing. He said it’d attract unnecessary attention and that he was the only one who had the right to know what I had underneath my clothing. He said men are weak to temptation and that only sluts would wear such clothing to tempt them. He said that I was pure and sweet, therefore he kept me close for my own protection and so I wouldn’t become corrupted.”

Lukas looks visibly disturbed. “Jesus, he sounds like an absolute psycho. I’m sorry, I know you cared for him, but the more I hear about him, the more I’m glad you left him behind.”

She sighs. “Yea, the more I talk about these things, the more I realize just how manipulative he was. It’s like now that I’m out of the situation and away from his influence, I can see that he was molding me to his ideal, rather than allowing me to grow into my own. He didn’t love me for who I was, but for who he wanted me to be. I had to fit his vision, or I would be seen as tainted.”

Lukas can see her eye’s gloss over and her lip quiver. Knowing it’s that monster’s fault that she looks so sad fosters an intense rage within him, but he stifles it for her sake. He reaches slowly for her shoulders and placing his hands on them gently, he leans down and pulls her close. Without hesitating, he presses his lips to hers and after a few seconds, he pulls way. “You are pure Nai and incredibly sweet, but there’s nothing wrong with surrendering to your impure desires. That doesn’t make you tainted; only human. I’d never make you feel guilty for embracing your desires.”

Lukas looks at her with an intense gaze, his eyes not wavering for a second. Her mind is going haywire, and she wants to turn away in embarrassment after he stole a kiss from her with no reservations, but somehow that boldness forces her to keep his gaze and take him seriously. He is dominating the situation, but unlike Adam who left no room for opposition, Lukas is making it clear that he wants her to be his but isn’t opposed to her taking control of the situation at any point she desires to. She falls into his pace, and soon he leans in for another kiss, which she accepts graciously this time, and adds her own effort as well.

They kiss for several seconds and gaze into each other’s eyes multiple times over the span of a minute. She hadn’t expected them to reach this point so quickly, but now that they’re here, she wonders why they waited so long. Every iteration of kisses stokes the fire within her, and just when she thinks she might combust, to her reluctance, he pulls away.

Smiling against her lips he says, “Sorry, I know it’s customary to wait until the end of the date to have our first kiss, but I couldn’t help myself. We should probably head over to the lounge now though; the party has probably already started.”

Nai nods in agreement, her cheeks flushed as she realizes how close they probably were to skipping the date all together and making sweet love all through the night. She’s glad he had the restraint, but also feels a bit disappointed in herself for secretly wishing for it to happen. She does tend to rush into things, and that’s what got her mixed up with Adam. However, she somehow knows that it wouldn’t be like that with Lukas. However, she wants to see their date through properly, and see where the night will take them once it’s done.

“Do you have everything you need?” He returns to being reserved and doesn’t give her direct eye contact. He’s probably just as nervous but doesn’t want to let it show.

She smiles lightly and says, “I sure do, please lead the way Sir.” She slips her arm into his and gives him the freedom to lead her.

He wears a soft grin and replies, “Very well Miss, then allow me to escort you.” He secures her arm in his and after locking up the room, they make their way to the lounge next door.

They enter the Jive Cat Lounge Bar to the bumping music of dance hall hits. To the immediate right there is a bar and to the left is a large dance floor with several people dancing. Further in at the back, there are several tables and booths with a more intimate atmosphere. They are soon greeted by a host.

“Hey there folks, you two here to enjoy the party tonight or are you looking for something a bit more romantic?” A woman dressed in a knee-length party dress with floral patterning and open-toed wedge heels approaches them.

“Perhaps a bit of both Ma’am if that’s ok? If I may speak for the both of us, we’d like to have some good food, good drinks, and a good time. Johnny said this is a great place to get that, especially since it’s our first official date.”

She grins from ear to ear. “Oh, Johnny sent you, huh? That bastard has a tab as high as the moon that he’s yet to pay up, yet he’s sending people here like he’s our best patron. You be sure and tell Johnny I’ll be waiting for his payment.”

“Of course, I’ll let him know.” Lukas responds politely.

She nods and then a smile returns to her face. “Well, he wasn’t wrong about us, we’re definitely a great place to fall in love at. I think I’ll set you guys up with a booth in the back so you can have privacy, but I encourage you to dance to your heart’s content on the dance floor too. As for food, I’ve got some menus right here, so if ya’ll would kindly follow me.” She starts walking, leaving them no time to refuse or question her. Once they’ve reached their booth, she places the menus down in front of them and says, “Please enjoy your night and don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything. Your server will be here shortly. Happy lovin.”

She gives them a wink and makes her exit. Lukas and Nai look at each other in amusement and Lukas says, “Well, I guess that’s our cue to officially commence our date. Any requests?”

She shakes her head before replying, “No, I’m open to anything. I want to enjoy tonight, get drunk and party like I’m actually a twenty-one-year-old woman on a date with a sexy stud.”

“Sexy stud? Who?” He gives her a teasing a grin. She playfully punches his shoulder and he laughs. “I promise you Nai, I’m going to make sure you have the greatest night of your life. I just hope you won’t resent me by the morning. I become severely uninhibited once I have a few drinks in me and apparently I swear like a sailor. You recently brought that to my attention.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t judge you. Unless you somehow transform into a total jerk, I could never resent you. I want you to enjoy yourself tonight too. So, don’t hold back in fear of judgment from me. I want to know who you are as you are, and I want you to expect the same from me. Tonight, we’ll have no inhibitions. We’ll embrace our right to be wild and free.” She grins with confidence and it only makes her that much sexier to Lukas.

“Well said Nai, and much agreed. Let’s party like there’s no tomorrow. No holding back, no restrictions, no inhibitions.” With that, they let the night take them where it will, and it offered much more than either would’ve imagined possible.

Just after 2 am and a whole lot of dancing, Nai is guiding a highly inebriated Lukas down the hall of the inn, her left arm supporting him as he leans against her. He only had a few drinks, but that Fireball shot might have taken him over the edge. She’s feeling tipsy herself, but she only indulged in a few cocktails, so she’s still in control of herself.

“Eres lo que tanto esperaba, lo que en sueños buscaba.” He begins to sing a song in Spanish as they walk. ”Tu has llegado a encender cada parte de mi alma.” She naturally doesn’t know what he’s saying, but it sounds very pretty. He periodically kisses her forehead or her cheek with a pleased grin. “Ya no tengo corazon, ni ojos para nadie. Solo para ti.” As he finishes the song, he stares deeply into her eyes; which means the last line must have had significant meaning. She makes a note to ask about it tomorrow. She doesn’t feel as bashful from his flirting as before, but it still leaves her blushing slightly.

“Looks like we’re here,” she says as they reach her room. “I guess this is where we say goodnight? Can you make it across the hall and into bed on your own?” She expects that he’ll struggle to answer cohesively, but he looks at her with a focused gaze.

“Of course I can. Despite appearances, I’m not as wasted as you think. I probably could’ve walked myself, but having you escort me was just too good to pass up.” He smiles coyly.

“Ugh, seriously!?” She lightly smacks his chest, but finds it endearing, so she isn’t really mad about it. “So, what was that song you were singing just now? It sounded pretty.”

“It was a song by Camila, called Solo Para Ti. It’s a little old, but perfect for how I feel. I encourage you to listen to it.”

“I will. I want to know what you were singing to me. I’m worried it was something super dirty.” She says this jokingly.

“Not at all, it was quite pure, but I’ll leave it to your imagination.” He faces her and once again looks in her eyes. Pulling her close as before, he softly kisses her. He pulls back, but only minimally and stares at her with deep longing. “Do we really have to say goodnight?” He speaks gently and doesn’t pressure her, but his burning desire is evident and he’s just waiting for her to give the ok. He’s being respectful but wants to unleash his desires.

Her rational mind thinks it’d be better to wait a little longer, as they still have a lot to learn about each other; despite knowing each other in the past. She doesn’t want to rush into anything again and she hasn’t forgotten that she was still in a long-term relationship until just a couple days ago. She has many reasons to be wary and hold back. She also knows he wouldn’t resent her for it because he’s a good guy and genuinely cares for her. She could be rational and responsible as she’s always been, but then what would change? She made up her mind to be more spontaneous, adventurous, and live her life without restrictions. Tonight is just the beginning, and she’s not ready for that to end.

She pulls away from him and reaches into her purse for the door key. She opens the door, returns the key to its previous spot, and looks at an uncertain Lukas. With a playful grin she finally says, “Don’t tell me you expect me to take this dress off myself?”

Lukas is confused for a moment, but then it becomes clear that she’s given him the green-light, which is all he needed. He rushes into the room and pulls her face to his and gives her a deep kiss. Nai is almost startled by his abruptness but is quick to adjust to his pace. At the prodding of his tongue against her lips, she parts them and allows its entry. It’s a hot and sloppy kiss, but it heats her up quicker than a similar kiss with Adam ever did.

He lifts her up and she wraps her legs around his waist accordingly. He moves in further but manages to reach one hand back to push the door shut and lock it, before promptly returning it to her backside. Supporting her with that hand, he uses his other to unzip her dress just before they reach the bed.

Lying back on her elbows, she allows him to pull it down to her legs and she assists him in sliding it off all the way. He takes a moment to take in the view, and then proceeds to slide off his shirt. She reaches back to unhook her bra at the same time and pulls it off. Soon, she’s facing Lukas’ toned abs, that put Adam’s to shame. His six-pack seems to taunt her, as they glisten with his sweat and display a pair of hard nipples that she’d very much like to play with. The sight causes her own nipples to swell.

Lukas watches as Nai marvels in the sight of him and how it causes her nipples to harden. Her breasts are moderately sized and have just the right amount of perk to them. They are perfectly formed and while he may be biased, they are the sexiest he’s seen by far. He needs to taste them and wastes no time in doing so. He leans down and wraps his mouth around her right nipple, lightly latching on and sucking eagerly. He supports himself with his right arm and cups and squeezes her other breast with his left hand as he falls over her.

Nai lies back flat as he begins to go at her breasts relentlessly. He sucks on one hard as he plays with the other, switching every thirty seconds or so. He twists and pulls her nipples between his fingers, with enough pressure to make her squirm, but not so much to cause her pain. It’s just right and sends wave after wave of pleasure down her body and into her center. “Mhm....” She moans lightly in response to his actions.

After a few minutes of this, Lukas finally stands up against the end of the bed and undoes his jeans. He quickly slips them off along with his boxers, wasting no time in revealing himself completely to Nai. He seems to pause momentarily, as though to give her a moment to see what’s in store, and Nai finds herself suddenly feeling anxious, but also excited at the same time.

Before her is Lukas’ fully erect cock, showing off its impressive length and girth. There’s a single drop of fluid dripping from the slit, and it twitches like it could explode at any minute. It becomes glaringly clear to Nai that he’s been holding back for quite some time, likely in anticipation of this day. She feels incredibly hot, and a tightening in her core. From the moisture she’s feeling, she’s certain she just came in anticipation.

Lukas also becomes aware of the ever-growing wet spot forming in her black lace panties and he can feel himself getting closer. He gently reaches for the band and slowly slides them down, a trail of her cum with them. As he removes them from around her feet and gets a good view and whiff of her scent, he wants nothing more than to dive face first into her honeypot, but he knows if he does that, he’s going to release prematurely and all the buildup will have been wasted. Instead he reaches down to his jeans and pulls out a familiar foil package Nai has become well acquainted with recently. She feels momentary anxiety, but knows her concern is simply residual. She knows Lukas would never do that.

Nai watches as he rips open the package, and carefully slides the extra-large condom on, ensuring it’s secure. He then looks at Nai and says, “I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to get right into the action if that’s ok with you. I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but I’m nearly at my limit already and I’m not sure I’ll last much longer.”

Nai answers him by spreading her legs wide and pushing up her hips. With rosy cheeks she says, “I’m pretty sure I’m going to cum again soon too, so I’d be happy if you could.” She has a hard time looking him in the eye, but she’s ready.

Lukas feels blessed as he gazes on her beauty and extremely grateful that she’s giving him the gift of her body. “I promise you Nai, I will never take you for granted or maim your heart. I will cherish you for as long as I live.” He lowers himself on top of her and kisses her with such a fierce passion, it’s almost too much.

Soon, she can feel him slide inside her with ease, showing her just how wet she was. However, as he inserts his full length, she can feel the stretching of her walls beyond greater limits than she’s gone before, and she groans. “Mph!” He pauses, worried he’s hurt her, but she shakes her head. “No, I’m fine, please continue.” She realizes she sounded more desperate than she intended, but just having him all the way in is enough to make her cum again if she’d allow herself. However, she wants to feel his power.

He answers her plea by beginning a slow stroke in and out, gradually increasing his speed as he goes. Soon, he’s pumping her hard, but always with a gentleness that saturates her heart. “Ah, Nai I’m.... I can’t hold back anymore. I’m gonna cum.”

“Mhm...ah....” She feels so good she can hardly answer him, but she manages to say, “Go ahead. Me too. I’m going to....”

Lukas makes a final good faith effort to enhance her pleasure, but finally must give in to the urge. “Uh! Ah! Oh, Nai...fuck!” He feels the rush flow through him as he starts to pulse deep inside her.

“Lukas...oh god...Lukas!” Responding to him, her pussy begins to contract hard around him, and soon her own release comes out with a squirt as she pushes him out, leaving the sheets soaked.

He collapses to the side of her, panting heavily, and she grips the sheets and bucks her hips wildly as she continues to contract. She’s never had such a powerful orgasm before, and it’s enough to bring tears to her eyes.

Lukas notices her tears and pulls her into his arms. He kisses her tears as they fall and eventually her lips. This kiss is full of tenderness and love, and it makes her heart finally burst. “I love you Lukas.” She said it almost against her will, but she meant every syllable. She loves him, and she likely has since the time they met, all those years ago. She can’t run from it anymore.

He smiles against her lips. “Te amo, mi amor. Te amo mucho. Thank you for loving me, and for soothing my soul. I will devote my life to you, until the day you release me. Even then, I will love you Nai. I’ll love you as long as I’m alive and even in death.”

They share another sweet kiss, and then she falls against his chest, feeling complete bliss. This is happiness. This is devotion. This is forever. This is love, and now that she has it, she doesn’t think she could ever be without it or him again.

They soon fall asleep, and after, someone quietly enters the room. The hooded man from before stands at the end of the bed, staring at the couple with fire in his eyes. Everything has changed now, she has changed, and there can be no going back. He will liberate her soul. He will free her, no matter what it takes. Even if that means releasing her to Him.

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