I Love You to Death

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Hard Truths

Nai is the first to wake up when she feels something prodding her leg. She opens her eyes to find that Lukas is rock hard, and it served as her wake-up call. It’s not as though this is the first time she’s seen a man’s morning wood, Adam had it all the time. It is however the first time it’s been so blatant, as Adam rarely slept in the nude, so seeing his as a bulge in his briefs is vastly different from seeing Lukas’ in the flesh. She finds herself wanting to help him take care of it, but Adam didn’t like being caught off guard that way, would Lukas feel the same?

“It’s ok, it won’t bite.” Nai is slightly startled by Lukas’ sudden voice, but quickly recovers with a smirk. “Yes, I’m sure it won’t, but what if I bite it?” She gives him a teasing grin.

He responds by shifting himself up a little, so his head is centered on the pillow and he’s in a more accessible position. “You said that you’d see yourself as Rogue rather than a Jean Grey before and that you were a pro at sucking the life out of men.” He smirks. “So, show me what you’ve got Firebird.” He challenges her.

Nai narrows her eyes in determination, ready to accept it. She crawls down towards the edge of the bed and positions her mouth in the vicinity of his pelvis. She lies on her stomach and takes his hefty meat into her hands. Looking at it so closely this time, she can confirm that it is quite the impressive specimen and is impressed it fit inside her so easily. She guesses they really are just that compatible. Or maybe she was just super horny. She’ll find out soon enough. “Don’t blame me if you pass out.”

“Rather confident are we?” He chuckles. “Last night was an exception, I’m not normally that easy to satisfy. I’ve developed quite a bit of stamina over the years, and it’s going to take a few rounds to really deplete my reserves. I hope you’re prepared for defeat.” He teases her.

“Good thing I’m a patient woman then. And I don’t back down, so be prepared to surrender.” She ends their playful banter by wrapping her lips around the tip and sliding her mouth down. She doesn’t waste time with teasing him first, as she has a feeling that he likes to get straight down to business. She doesn’t go all the way down yet however, deciding to use that to impress him later.

The truth is, she’s barely done this, as Adam didn’t provide her many opportunities to do so. She’s primarily doing as she’s seen in porn and winging it. She hopes it’ll pay off, or she’ll look like a total fool. However, peaking at his face, he seems to be enjoying her actions, and his breathing grows a bit heavier.

Lukas tries his best to wear a strong face, but truthfully he’s ready to blow right now. He wanted to impress her, so he’s been faking it as the experienced stud she thinks he is, but the truth is, this is his first experience getting head, and last night was his first time with a real woman. Sure, he’s put in a lot of work with his hand and various toys and props, but he’s never had a woman in the flesh before Nai, and he’s sure she’ll think less of him somehow if she were to know that.

He’s had ample opportunities of course, but no one has ever been able to compare to Nai, and so he’d rather stay a virgin then compromise of having her as his first. His friends would tease him and say he might as well turn in his man card, but it’s always only been about Nai. If loving only one woman for the rest of his life makes him less than a man, then he’ll gladly give up his status, as she’s the only one for him.

Lukas looks as though his eyes are about to roll to the back of his head in pure bliss, so she decides to make her finishing move. She pushes her mouth down further so that he’s reaching the back of her throat. She can only hold it for a second, but it gets a response from him as he grips the sheets and groans. Feeling more confident, she does it again, sucking around his head in between reps. He begins to quiver in her mouth and his toes begin to curl, and she knows he’s dangerously close. She deep throats him once more, and then it’s game over as he explodes onto her mouth and shoots his load down her throat.

She coughs as she pushes her head up, and swallows what remains of his ejaculate in her mouth. He tastes different than Adam did. She didn’t know that was a thing, but she’s glad.

“Holy shit!” He grunts as the final aftershock hits him. He pants as he attempts to recover. The guys weren’t kidding, he was missing out on something incredible, but he still has no regrets about holding out for her. “I think you drained my nuts.”

She laughs. “What happened to your stamina, hmm?”

“It ran out. I’m still recovering from last night.” He tries to be convincing, but she’s not buying it. With a sigh, he decides he’d better come clean, before he sets himself up to fail later. “Ok, I might have been a bit untruthful.” He can see her lose her smile slightly. “I don’t mean in a fucked-up way like he did! It was just a tiny lie.” He pauses for a moment and then spits it out. “The truth is, before last night, I was a virgin.” He looks away from her.

She blinks a few times, and with an expression of disbelief she says, “What?” She laughs, taking it for a joke. When she sees his expression of shame, she realizes he wasn’t kidding. “You’re serious? You’ve really never had sex with another woman?”

“Seriously Nai, not ever. Many woman tried; even begged me, but I refused to give in to the temptations. I was sure that I would find you again, that god would lead me back to you, and as always, he didn’t fail me. Years of lonely nights were well spent, if it meant I could share such a beautiful experience with you. My only regret is that I couldn’t be the one to introduce to those pleasures myself and it was that bastard who didn’t deserve your virtue.” His expression becomes sad. “I’m sorry if I disappointed you.”

She can see that this is something that has bothered him greatly and brings him shame, but she doesn’t want him to feel that way. The fact that he loves her so much to wait years to share this with her is probably the most romantic and meaningful thing any man could do for her. She crawls up to him and kisses his lips softly.

“You didn’t disappoint me Lukas. If anything, you’ve impressed me. It’s so endearing to know that you love me so deeply that you’d wait years just to make love to me. You deserve a fucking medal, not to be shamed. I wish I could’ve been as strong as you. I was so desperate to experience it, I practically begged Adam. I won’t say I regret giving it to him as he was the man I loved at the time, but last night with you was the best experience I’ve ever had. Despite being with Adam for five years and him having the experience, he never gave me an orgasm as powerful as you did last night. If that was your first time, then you and I have some mind-blowing times ahead of us, because surely you’ll only get better. So don’t be ashamed, be proud. I love you as you are, and I really mean that. Ok?” She leans against him.

He smiles warmly. “Ok, I’ll trust in your words. Thank you Nai.” He leans down to kiss her, and they cuddle for a while longer. However, that time is cut short when Lukas’ phone begins to ring. “Oh, I have to get that. Excuse me mi amor.” He gently pushes her aside so he can get up and grab his phone from his jean pocket. He quickly answers it, and his entire demeanor shifts.

“Detective Arias speaking. Yes, good morning Sir. Yes, we are.” She can see him suddenly blush. “Uh, yes we enjoyed our night. Thank you Sir.” He clears his throat. “Did you have anything you needed to report Sir?” He listens intently and eventually his expression becomes one of surprise. “Today?!” He sighs as he listens again, and finally nods in affirmation. “Yes, Sir, we’ll get on the road ASAP. Yes, see you soon.” He hangs up the phone, looking totally defeated.

Nai gets up now and walks over to him. “Everything alright?”

He pulls her close and kisses the top of her head. “Everything is fine love, but I’m afraid we’ll need to be heading back right away. It seems the detective is available today and wants to discuss things immediately. He is unfortunately not willing to negotiate. I’m sorry if you had any last-minute plans you wanted to do here.”

She shakes her head. “No, I’m fine. We did so much yesterday in ways of seeing the sights and then we had a wonderful night together. I’m satisfied, and honestly, I should be getting back too. I’m sure my moms are expecting me soon.”

“Ok, it’s settled then. We’ll shower and then head out. Care to join me?” He hopes that didn’t come across as hopeful as it seemed.

“Ok, I wouldn’t mind. We’ll be in and out anyway.” So she said, but no sooner than when the water hit their backs, they were going at it. They were worried about their spontaneous encounter without protection, but Nai got her own surprise of the morning, when her period came down at the end of it all.

A short while later their cars were loaded up, and they were leaving Utah behind. However, they promised to return one day, as it would always be a precious memory; the place where they became one and started on their path to an everlasting love.

Hello Miss Daniels, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Detective Jeremy Mathis, and I’m the lead detective on the Denver Phantom case. My subordinate, Detective Arias is the junior detective on this case, and was tasked with getting any information he could from you, considering your relationship with the suspect. I take it he informed you of this?”

“Naomi will be fine detective, and yes, he did inform me that he needed to question me regarding Adam and anything I may have noticed of the time we were dating. As I told him though, I’m not sure how helpful I could be. I was dating Adam for these past five years, but I never really got involved with anything outside of our relationship. I only saw him when he came to get me and brought me to his apartment. Only recently did I go there on my own, but even then, it was only to his apartment and back. He kept us in a sort of bubble, so what he did when I wasn’t with him, I honestly couldn’t know. I know what he’s told me; mainly that he was training until late or that he had games. I understand now that was likely a lie, but I don’t know more than that.”

“Yes, Lukas mentioned that Adam kept you sheltered, no doubt for the very reason we wanted to speak with you. He likely wanted you to be in the dark to what he’s been doing. I’m not expecting that you can tell us exactly how he’s doing what he’s doing or even offer any physical evidence. I primarily need to know about the man himself. What kind of man did you perceive him to be? Did he ever show violent tendencies, or boast fanatical ideals, or did he have any acquaintances that may be assisting him? It’s obvious that he can’t be working alone considering we can never pin him at the scene of the crime when these girls’ bodies are found. He’s always got an alibi, of late it’s been his games. He can’t be here committing murder if he’s states away in a baseball game.”

“So, if I’m understanding your dilemma correctly, it seems that you’re trying to fill in the missing piece of the puzzle that explains who’s murdering these girls and dumping the bodies, when he’s conveniently always accounted for somewhere else.”

“Precisely. Lukas told me you were a smart cookie, but now I see it for myself. We are certain that he’s the lead man behind it if nothing else, as he’s always been spotted with the girls weeks before they go missing. He usually meets them at a diner nearby his apartment and leads them back to his place. These girls always end up missing in the weeks or months that follow, and the typical turnaround time to when we find their bodies is roughly every three months. They are always found battered and dismembered in multiple garbage bags in a different place every time. However, they are all within the surrounding area.”

Nai’s face becomes disgusted. “That’s revolting. I really can’t see Adam doing anything like that. Adam could be temperamental sometimes, but he wasn’t violent and not particularly aggressive to people. He’s possessive, controlling, and seems to be obsessed with the idea that sluts are the bane of all evil and should die, but I still can’t imagine that motivating him to go this far.”

Detective Mathis looks suddenly intrigued. “Wait, what was that about sluts?!” He leans forward, staring at Nai intently.

“Um, he’s got a really negative view of sluts or woman who act overly-promiscuous in general. He considers them impure and deplorable and thinks they should all die. I’m not sure where his hatred for them stems from, but it’s very evident.”

The detective runs to his desk and pulls out a few files. He brings them to the table and places them before Nai. He then begins reviewing them one by one. “April Tanner, 21, last known record was agreeing to meetup with a Tinder user offering pay for sex. Sheila Garrett, 22, last record was matching with a user looking for a good time. Veronica Hayes, 23, last record was arranging a hook up with a user who needed an outlet for his impure desires. This one is particularly interesting, because in the message log, he states that he’s in a long-term relationship with a woman he loves more than his own life, but he can’t bring himself to unleash these desires on her, as she will never recover. He promised her big money to be his release and she was desperate.”

He places her photo in front of Nai, and after staring at the image for nearly a minute, Nai suddenly feels sick to her stomach. “This girl...,” she trembles. “This girl is the one I saw when I was at the apartment on Wednesday. I saw a hooded man leading her down the halls of the service area in the basement and he forced her into a room. I fled once he spotted me and told Adam about it later. He said he’d inform the landlord and have him contact the police to investigate it. He said they did and found nothing. He even took me on a tour of the building just to prove it wasn’t real and was just a young couple taking their play a bit too far. He made me believe I was crazy. If this is true then she’s still....”

The reality of it sinks in. The man she saw, the abduction, the fear in that woman’s eyes, it was all real. If it was all real, but Adam lied and went to great lengths to cover it up, then it only leaves one conclusion. “Oh my god, is Adam really a murderer? Was I in love with a murderer? Did I have sex with a murderer?” Nai starts to shake and Lukas rushes to her side to comfort her.

Detective Mathis sits down in his chair with a frown. “I can assure you Naomi, if any officer were sent to check on such a situation, I’d have known about it right away. No one called us or asked us to investigate anything.” He looks at the girl’s photo. “If this is indeed the girl you saw, then she’s in a lot of danger. However, the good news is if you only saw her being taken in on Wednesday, it’ll be at least a couple of months before he disposes of her. This gives us the time we need to get a warrant to search the premises, which we had no grounds to do before. Of course we’ll need you to testify what you saw but doing so will save her life. So, I know this might be difficult, but Naomi, will you agree to giving a legal statement of your time with Adam as well as this incident? We will of course do all we can to protect you.”

Lukas takes her hand. “I personally will do all I must to protect you as well Nai, I promise you. I know it might be hard to turn against him, even if you no longer feel the same for him, but the life of an innocent woman is at risk. You have the power to save her, stop any more women from falling victim to him and can bring justice to all those he killed and their families.”

Nai looks extremely disturbed, but she manages to place her hand on his and say, “I feel responsible for the fact that I didn’t call the police myself after seeing such a sight. I put too much faith in Adam to do the right thing and now a woman is in danger because of that decision. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to bring him down, and there’s no amount of love that could stop me from doing so. I’m done being complacent and falling in line. If Adam is truly the one behind these murders, then I will fight to the end to bring him to justice.” A fierce determination is in her eyes.

Detective Mathis nods. “Excellent, I’ll start getting things moving tomorrow. In the meantime, can you think of anything that could point us in the direction of an accomplice. Anyone at all? Or was there some other odd occurrence that you can’t quite explain?”

“No, I’m sorry. I’ve never seen Adam with friends to be honest. It seemed like I was the only one he had. Though on the same day I saw that woman, he was acting odd. It was almost like he was a different person. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he really was another....” She recalls that moment, where he felt foreign to her.

“Nai?” Lukas calls out to her, concerned by her sudden silence.

“Uh, it’s nothing. It was just weird how he was acting. I guess when he’s caught in such a big lie, he would act rather different to cover it up. Sorry Detective Mathis, I don’t know.”

“Right then.” He glares at her for a moment and gives Lukas a look, but then eases up with a sigh. “Well, I’ll be in touch with you Naomi. Until then, please stay well.”

She nods. “Thank you Detective Mathis, I’ll do my best.”

“Uh Lukas, I need you to stay behind. I have something else to discuss with you. It can’t wait.” He’s stern with him.

Lukas looks at Nai apologetically. “Sorry, can I ask you to go home on your own? I was planning on following you to ensure you got back safely, but....”

“It’s no problem Lukas, I understand. You’ve got a duty to this case and I want you to do whatever it takes to crack it. I’m a big girl and I can drive myself fifteen minutes to get home. I’ll call you later, ok?” She strokes his hand affectionately.

“Ok.” He lets her go. “Please be safe Nai. Who knows what that man might do now that you’ve left him? He might come after you in desperation. Call me if anything at all comes up, promise?”

“I promise. See you later. Nice to meet you Detective Mathis.”

He nods but doesn’t respond otherwise. Nai makes her way to the exit, but just before she walks out the door, Lukas calls out to her. “Nai.” She turns to look back at him. “I love you.”

She smiles at him. “I love you too Lukas.” She turns away and leaves them behind. She gets in her car and while she had every intention of going straight home as she promised, she finds herself taking a detour. “I have to know. I’m sorry Lukas.” She knows what she’s about to do is reckless, but she also knows she’s the only one who can breach the walls undetected. She’s going to channel her inner detective, and just like the one in her favorite mystery novel, she’s going to bring the killer to justice.

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