I Love You to Death

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On January 29th, 1997, Ruby McKinnis had a dilemma. She could continue to run from him for the rest of her life, or she could give him what he wanted and take the payoff. It wasn’t much of an offer, but a paid for house and ownership of various rental properties in Denver wasn’t the worst she could do. She’d at the least never have to worry about if she could support herself, and while it wouldn’t bring her the riches he gets to enjoy, it would allow her to live comfortably. However, this comes with a cost; one that six months ago she adamantly refused to pay. She had nothing of her own, yet she had something invaluable that he wanted and would do anything to get. She had his child.

Yes, Arnold McKinnis was scum of the earth. He was a liar, a cheater, a crook, and abuser, but also a family man. He’d always been vocal about the fact that he wanted children, and from the day they were wed, he insisted that they try. He was handsome and a master in bed, which is why Ruby fell for him and agreed to marry him after just a few months of dating. However, try as they might, they couldn’t conceive even after three years of daily activity. A fact that soured their marriage and revealed him to be the man he truly was.

He was certain that the fault lied with her and soon the beatings started. He’d batter her often, and their sexual intimacy dissolved into nothing more than periodic fucking when he was in the mood and only for the sake of dumping his seed into her. Soon after that he began to seek pleasure with other women in the hopes that he’d encounter one that could give him what he wanted.

This went on for years, yet he was unable to achieve his goal. At last, he consulted with his doctor, and discovered that he was the problem. With a sperm count as low as his, the doctor said it’d be at most a one percent chance that he could breed a child. Ruby couldn’t help but find joy in this new revelation, as he finally realized just how inadequate he really was. However, this only caused him to become more violent, and after putting her in the hospital for three weeks, Ruby had enough.

She was discharged from the hospital, and had to return home alone, as he couldn’t even be bothered to come pick her up. He was cuddled up with one of his whores most likely, but she was glad that day, as it gave her the window she needed to escape. She packed up a small bag, stole his emergency cash from his safe, and tried to get as far away from that life as she could.

A couple months later, she thought she’d finally gotten settled in a small Nebraska town, but somehow he was able to track her down and it was then that she learned why he even bothered. It turns out that the hospital had sent her blood work to the lab just a few days before her discharge since she’d been complaining of extreme nausea. There was a delay and so the results weren’t available until the day after she was released. When the hospital called her but got no answer, they called her next of kin and gave him the results. It was on that day that Arnold learned she was one month pregnant with his baby.

She’d had bouts of nausea and vomiting over the month following her escape, but she’d assumed it was a result of the stress and anxiety. However, she knew it was true, as it was the only way to reasonably explain her recent weight gain and the fact that she hadn’t had a period in three months. She had what he wanted, and she knew he wasn’t going to just let her go. However, she had no intention of returning to that place and resuming her position as his battered wife. So, she once again made a run for it, and spent the next six months hiding out wherever she could, until he’d find her, and she’d do it all again.

She eventually found herself in that cabin on that cold winter day, her contractions forcing her to stay put. She hadn’t wanted to give birth in such a place all alone but going to a hospital meant he’d find her for sure, and she wouldn’t be able to escape anymore. So, she left it to god, and on that blessed day of the 29th, two precious boys were born.

Ruby was happy, as she felt she’d no longer have to be alone, but it was short lived when Arnold showed up at that cabin, this time with the local sheriff. She had no escape and knew it would only be minutes before they stormed that cabin and forcibly took them from her. She couldn’t have that, so she had to make a choice. She chose to surrender and give him what he wanted.

She exited the cabin with a baby in her arms and gave him to the man. He was ecstatic, and once he had him, he turned his back on her and told her she’d get nothing from him. He forced her to sign the divorce papers right then and there, and then got into his car with a young, pretty blonde who would later become his wife, and they drove off. He recanted on his offer and left her there in that cabin to die alone and without a penny to her name.

She was humiliated, but not surprised, as that’s the kind of man Arnold McKinnis was. If things were different, she might have allowed herself to die there in the freezing snow, but she couldn’t do that. She still had a responsibility to uphold. She returned inside the cabin and from the crawlspace, she took her sweet baby into her arms. She gave him what he wanted, but she kept one just for herself. She promised that boy that she’d always be by his side and love him to the end. His name was Peter.

For ten years Ruby lived happily in that cabin with her beloved angel Peter; her most precious secret that she kept hidden from the world. However, her happiness came to an abrupt end when a stranger showed up at her door. With her a boy that she claimed had just experienced a terrible trauma, the murder of his father and his wife by an unknown assailant. Looking at the boy and his hollow eyes, she knew the truth without the woman having to explain. This boy was the child she sacrificed for the chance to keep her precious treasure. He’d been returned to her by a cruel fate. She’d soon discover that Arnold’s death was not an accident and that this boy was a devil. His name was Adam.

“Adam!” The man is startled by the older woman’s voice. He’d just finished securing Nai so she can’t get away, but she inhaled enough chloroform to knock her out for several hours, so it shouldn’t be an issue either way.

“I’m coming mama!” He hurries to the kitchen and quickly pours the soup from the pot and into a bowl, the steam dancing above it. He places it on a tray and brings it over to her for the second time today. He enters her bedroom and places the tray on the small table in front of her. “I’ve got your soup mama, nice and hot like you wanted.”

She dips the tip of her pinky in the bowl to test it. “This will do.” She takes the spoon and prepares to eat, but she’s disturbed by his presence. “You’re dismissed now. Leave me in peace.”

“I can feed you mama, if you want. I’ve been watching how Peter does it and I know your arms hurt you from the arthritis.”

“No, you’ll just end up spilling it like last time. You don’t need to trouble yourself with such things. You should stick to what you’re good for, cleaning up messes and taking out the trash.”

Adam pouts, always hating her harsh words. He leaves her for the moment, tending to the cleaning instead. Once he’s cleared her dishes, he runs her a hot bath and returns to her. “Your bath is ready mama.” She doesn’t acknowledge him, but she also doesn’t object to him undressing her, lifting her from her chair and carrying her to the bath. He washes her well, then brings her to the bed, slips on her gown and pulls the covers over her. “Are you warm enough mama? Do you need more blankets?”

“I’m fine! Just leave me be already! You’re such a nuisance to me, do you know that? I don’t understand why god had to curse me with a son like you. Peter and I were living just fine until you came along and ruined our peaceful days. Now I’m forced to enable your fetishes just to keep you from losing your mind and causing problems for us. Such a disgrace.”

“He left you behind mama, but I’m still here. I’ve always been here with you! Why won’t you love me?!” He shouts, tears pooling in his eyes.

She scoffs and turns her head away from him. “You’re here because you have nowhere else to go. As your mother, I have the unfortunate obligation of caring for you since you’re incapable of living alone. I agreed to have you take over my primary care only for Peter’s sake. He’s been by my side since the beginning and so I felt I owed it to him to let him explore the world. He deserved to experience love and intimacy with a woman other than me. I just never expected he’d come to fall so hard for her. Despite that however, he’s still there for me most times. You’re just his substitute. Don’t you ever forget that.”

She shuts her eyes, effectively ending the conversation. Adam stares at her with a devastated expression, and tears fall from his eyes. He’s always known that she doesn’t love him. How could she when she gave him away to that man and kept Peter instead? He wants to believe it was random. That she picked one of the two up at random and handed him over. He knows that’s the most probable case, but sometimes he feels that somehow she had a way of knowing and chose to dump him.

He clenches his fists together, anger coursing through him. The hatred he wishes he could direct at her, instead becomes fuel for his destructive impulses. He needs release for these overwhelming urges. To that aim, he rushes back to his apartment, locks the door, and storms into his bedroom where his meal awaits.

He approaches the blonde woman, her arms chained against the bedposts above her head, and straddles her. She whimpers beneath the cloth that blocks her mouth and squirms to avoid his touch. She knows what’s coming, and she’s filled with terror and dread. He leans beside her ear and licks it gently. He whispers, “Let me hear you scream, you whore.” He partakes in his sick desires, at the poor woman’s expense. This depraved man is every woman’s nightmare. His name is Adam.

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