I Love You to Death

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Nai opens her eyes and groggily sits up. She still feels a bit light-heated, but the effects of whatever chemical he used on her is wearing off. She looks around to take in her surroundings and can see she’s in a kitchen. It’s not Adam’s and it’s not his mother’s, so that leaves only one possibility: she’s in His apartment.

She still hasn’t quite wrapped her head around what happened and the fact that Adam isn’t Adam at all, but a man named Peter. Which suggests that the real Adam is the man who captured her. Even if that’s the case, she wants to know how it’s possible. Wouldn’t the police have known if he had a twin? It would’ve made their jobs a lot easier if nothing else, as they wouldn’t have to wonder who his accomplice is. It doesn’t make sense.

She’s chained to the arms of a dining chair at the kitchen table, and the chains are sturdy, so there’s no chance to escape easily. She’s got a cloth wrapped around her mouth, so she won’t be able to scream for help. She doubts anyone would hear anyway. Looking at the rest of the apartment, she can see the semblance of a living room, though there’s only a tattered couch and small box TV. Further back there is what seems like might be a bathroom to the left and to the far right is a door that she’d guess leads to the bedroom. The walls are peeling and pale, the floors are cracked and dull, and there’s a nasty stench in the air.

“This place seems like a den for an animal, not a human.” Nai is repulsed by the environment and wants out right away. She begins to pull on the chains aggressively, hoping they might be weaker than they seem. Or perhaps the chair is weak enough that with enough pressure, the wood will snap. Try as she might however, nothing will budge, but it makes a racket.

“Do you mind?!” Nai is startled and looks towards the direction of the voice. Standing in a doorway is that man, completely nude and erect. Past him, she can partially see a woman on the bed, but she’s chained and barely moving. “I’ll be with you soon Naomi, I’m just finishing up. I can’t hear her beautiful screams though if you keep making that commotion. So sit there quietly like a good girl, would you?” He speaks as though he’s doing an innocent task, and he doesn’t have a woman chained to his bed. He returns to the room and shuts the door back.

Nai is stunned by what she just witnessed and doesn’t make another peep. However, she begins to hear muffled screaming and crying, the creaking of the bed and his animalistic grunting. She doesn’t have to wonder what’s going on in there and it makes her sick to her stomach. She covers her ears as hard as she can and tries to block it out. Soon, the door opens again.

He exits the room, dragging the woman behind him by her chains. She whimpers a little, but otherwise doesn’t react much. Nai has a feeling this isn’t a new experience for her, and it saddens her. He drags her into the bathroom, and she can hear him chaining her to something inside. “You’ve earned your rest. I’ll see you in the morning. I have a guest to entertain tonight.” He speaks to her like a pet and seems to have no remorse for what he did to her. He shuts the bathroom door, returns to his room for a moment and returns a minute later wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt.

He walks over to her with a smile and begins to reach for her face. She shrinks away from his touch and her eyes narrow as she scowls. “Relax Naomi, I won’t do anything to you. Peter would kill me if I even thought about touching you before he got back.” He runs his fingers through a handful of her braids affectionately. “Though, I won’t deny, I want you bad. I only got a taste of you that time, but I haven’t been able to forget how you made me feel. Your kiss, your touch, your scent; they’ve been infiltrating my dreams ever since and I always wake up with my sheets stuck to me like glue. I finally understand why my brother is so fond of you. If you weren’t already his, I’d make you mine.”

So that confirms it for Nai. As she had begun to suspect, he was the one that she met on that day where her Adam was acting so strange. He’s the reason why his kiss and touch felt so foreign, because it wasn’t her Adam, but a stranger she didn’t know. She feels a certain level of anger at herself for not realizing sooner. Perhaps if she had, she could’ve exploited the truth long ago and she wouldn’t be in this mess. However, for such an obvious idea, the possibility seemed the most ludicrous.

“I’m going to take the gag from your mouth to be nice, but you have to promise me you’ll be a good girl and not scream, ok?” He waits for her to respond, and after a minute, she nods. He unties the cloth and places it to the side. He waits a moment, testing her, and when she doesn’t scream, he trusts that she’ll keep her word. “Good, I really would’ve hated to make you suffer.” He walks away and opens the cabinet. “I don’t have much food, but how’s a cup of instant noodles sound? It should hold you over until morning. Peter is supposed to return by then and I’m sure he’ll make you a grand breakfast. He always did love to spoil you.”

Nai remains silent for a moment, silently contemplating how she should approach this situation. She could resist and be difficult, but that might anger him and get her even more confined. She could be sweet and compliant to get him to trust her enough to remove the chains and allow her to roam freely, which would provide her a better chance to escape. However neither seems like the right choice now. So she goes for option three; be herself. “I don’t want to starve, so that’ll be fine.”

“Good choice,” he says with a crooked smile. He puts the pot of water on the stove to boil. “So, why’d you come back?” He doesn’t look at her, focusing on the water that has just started to bubble. “I mean, you left Peter with the intention of never coming back again, didn’t you? He was so distraught over it. Even I was a little surprised. Peter is usually so calm and contained, but he became so enraged and turned his apartment upside down. I’d never seen him so angry. He even went crying to mama about it.”

Nai watches as he carefully pours the boiling water into the foam cup of noodles and covers it back so it can cook. She finally replies, “I never intended on coming back here when I left that day, but I also never imagined that I’d have a reason to. Something seemed wrong to me the more I thought about it. It bugged me so much that I just had to come investigate. I thought it would be a good time since he’s away for his games but imagine my surprise when I find out not only is his mother secretly living next door to him, but he’s got a secret twin too.”

He dumps the contents into a bowl and places a fork in it. He places it down in front of her. “Here you go, nice and hot.” He sits in the chair opposite of her. “Go on, eat up.”

She looks down at the bowl of noodle soup a bit wary, but she thinks it’s safe as she watched him unwrap the plastic and prepare it herself. She is hungry, so she decides to eat. Besides, she’ll need to keep up her strength to escape. “So, what’s the deal then?” She speaks as she eats. “You’re the real Adam?”

“Yes, that’s the name I was given, but I’m not so sure if you can say I’m real. I mean, I haven’t lived as Adam for many years now. Peter is much more suited to represent Adam as he was expected to be. My father believed me to be destined for greatness and so he saw Adam as a fitting name. However, he soon came to realize that I would not be able to climb to the standards he set. He came to despise me, and I in turn came to hate him. Once I found out the truth as to why my mama wasn’t with us and his bitch was instead, I revolted against everything Adam was, and became myself. A shell who lived on pure impulse and desire.”

Nai is a bit surprised that he has such self-awareness of himself. “So, you realize that you’re a sick bastard then?” Nai is blunt, and while she’s slightly concerned about how he’ll react, she can’t hold her tongue after knowing what he’s been doing to these innocent woman. She can’t think of a more vile creature.

He actually laughs. “Wow, you’re certainly direct. It seems I’m not the only one who was holding back for the sake of appearances. I wonder if Peter even knew you for who you are? Though, we all have faces we can’t show to others I guess. Even Peter hid parts of himself from you.” He stares at his hands.

“Tell me Naomi, how would you feel if you knew you were discarded by the one person who was supposed to love you most? How can you be whole when you don’t have all the parts you need to live? A boy isn’t complete without his mother’s love. It fucks him up. I was probably born already sick in the head, I’ll admit that, but if I’d had mama’s love, surely I could’ve found a way to live normally. I’d be fulfilled by her love, then I wouldn’t need to fill up on these dirty sluts. They are simply a means to numb the pain I feel when I think about how mama doesn’t love me. That Peter is the only one in her heart. The euphoria I feel when I’m ravaging them and unleashing my rage onto them; it’s like a drug. And like any other drug, it’s addicting. So, I feed it.”

She shakes her head in disgust but doesn’t comment on that. Instead she asks, “Why would your mother have given you up though? Why is it as if Peter doesn’t exist as a person?”

“That’s a long story, but the short of it is, mama had a choice she had to make. My father wanted the child she was carrying; his child, and he was willing to do anything it took to have it. Mama refused to go back to being a battered wife though, so when she was backed against the wall, she made the hard choice to give her baby up to him. He took it and went, but mama was smart. She had given birth in secret just before he found her, and so he couldn’t have known that she didn’t have just one baby. He took me thinking I was the only one; his miracle child since he believed he couldn’t conceive. However, mama kept the other child a secret and raised him in the shadows. That child was Peter.”

Nai opens her mouth as things become clearer. “So she gave you to your abusive father and kept Peter as a secret son that technically didn’t exist. That’s why there’s no records of him and why it was so easy for you two to switch places. He simply took over as Adam who did exist, and you were able to escape the bounds of your life and live in the obscurity he’d known all that time. He was able to leave the shadows, and you were able to embrace them. I guess the other’s existence suited each of you better than your own.”

He nods. “You really are a smart one Naomi.” He sees that she’s finished her soup and takes the bowl to the sink. “Anyway, I know that I’m sick and that I’ll probably be going straight to hell when I die, but I’ve come too far to stop now. I started this looking for love that I couldn’t get in mama, but along the way I learned that nothing gives me more fulfillment than serving the local sluts the punishment they deserve and then releasing them once Peter deems them purified.”

Nai’s eyes go wide. “Release them? Adam...well, Peter I guess. He mentioned something about that once. He claimed he was just messing with me, but now I’m sure he was telling me the truth under the guise of a lie. What does it mean to release them after they’ve been purified? Why do you two hate them so much? No matter how promiscuous they may be, they don’t deserve to be abused like that! They’re human just like us!” Nai hadn’t meant to lose her cool, but when she thinks about what they’re doing, it hurts her soul. A woman exercising her sexual freedoms for reasons only she needs to know isn’t a crime.

Adam stares at her, unable to understand why she’s so upset. “Do you have someone close to you that’s a slut? Why are you so passionate about this? They have no respect for themselves or their bodies, so why get angry on their behalf? They are evil beings that exploit the weakness of men and even steal them from their families. It’s what that bitch did to my mother and why things turned out the way they did, so can you blame us for resenting them? Mama feels the same, that’s why she doesn’t stand in our way and allows us the freedom to do this.”

“Well, then your mama is just as psycho as the two of you. She must be to allow her sons to kidnap, torture and murder innocent woman who are probably just trying to make it in the world. She’s going to hell right alongside you both!” Nai’s cheek is left burning after Adam slaps her hard across the face, leaving an instant welt that stings horribly.

He grabs her by the jaw, fire in his eyes as he says, “Don’t you fucking dare talk like that about my mama!” He leans beside her ear and whispers, “I’m not allowed to fuck you, but I can hurt you in other ways if that’s what it takes to make you compliant. You don’t want to try me Naomi, do you understand?”

Nai shivers, fear finally taking over her. All her big talk dissolves into nothing but empty words. “Yes.” Her voice cracks as tears begin to pool in her eyes.

He grins with satisfaction. “Now that’s what I like to see. I’ll forgive you, but I’m afraid I’m still going to have to lock you in the bathroom with that slut. Perhaps seeing her will make you see why you shouldn’t underestimate me.” He unlatches the chains from the chair and pulls Nai forward. “Follow me without a fuss, or you’ll be sorry.” He tugs her, his kindness gone.

Nai allows a few tears to fall down her cheek. “Please, don’t do this. I’m sorry about what I said, I didn’t mean it.” He doesn’t seem to be paying her any mind. He opens the door and pulls her inside, stepping over the naked woman. He latches the chain around the shower rod and tightens the grip around her wrists. “Ouch!” He prods her to force her to step inside the tub and pulls the chain through the loop until her hands are forced above her head and she slightly hangs suspended, her feet just touching the ground. It’s not excruciating, but not comfortable either.

“I think a night in this position will drain some of that spunk out of you. I’ll come back in the morning. Sleep tight.” He turns away and prepares to shut the door.

“No! Please wait! Adam, please just wait a second.” He pauses in the doorway, waiting for her to speak. “I know I was rude, and I’m really sorry about that. I won’t do it again and I’ll be on my best behavior. I’ll do anything you ask of me, just please...don’t leave me here like this.” She speaks in desperation.

A wide grin forms on his lips and he laughs. “Wow, to think I could make even a strong woman like you beg.” He grabs his junk with a grunt. “God what I wish I could do to you right now. I really hope Peter will deem you unworthy.” He gives her one last smirk, then he’s gone and the door locks.

Nai begins to tremble and looks around the small bathroom. The toilet is filled with unknown substances, the tub is streaked with dirt and the tile walls with grime. The smell from earlier is amplified making her want to vomit, and most disturbing of all, the hollow eyes of that unfortunate blonde stare at her with emptiness. Nai feels like she’s staring at a fate that could soon be her reality if she can’t escape. Looking closer at the girl, she recognizes her face. She’s that girl; Veronica Hayes. Nai finally allows herself to cry, as she prays for a miracle.

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