I Love You to Death

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Faking It

Nai wakes up with a start to yelling. She can’t make out what either is saying exactly, but she’s sure Adam is one participant in the argument, so she can only assume the second is....

The door opens and she instantly recognizes who it is. She begins to cry again, this time in relief. She never thought she’d be so happy to see the man who deceived her again. He walks in and comforts her. “I’m sorry baby, he’s a brute. Even though I told him to be gentle with you. He can’t help himself I guess.” He looks at her cheek which is still a bit swollen and bruised. “Oh. my poor baby.” He gently kisses her cheek. “I’ll take care of that for you. I’ll take care of everything, don’t worry, ok?” He gives her a reassuring smile and walks back out. “Undue those chains right now you dolt!” She can hear him shout this.

Soon after, Adam comes running in and begins to remove the chains. Nai notices that his eye is black and blue, like he’s been punched recently. He can see her staring at it and gives her a glare but says nothing. Nai can’t help but feel a bit braver now to see him so humbled. “I guess you’re only a big man until your brother comes and reminds you who the bitch really is.” She can see his eyes flare and it’s clear that he wants nothing more than to destroy her, but he holds it together.

“Go tend to mother, she’s ready for her breakfast.” Peter comes in and commands Adam like nothing.

“Yes Peter, right away.” He sounds bitter, but he seems to know to hold his temper. He leaves the two alone.

Peter waits until he hears the door shut before he speaks again. “I am sorry he was so rough with you Nai and that you had to sleep in such conditions, but Adam is extremely sensitive when it comes to mother. You can’t say those kind of things about her, or he’ll come unhinged. In any case, I’m here now, so you won’t have to deal with him anymore. Well...hopefully.”

Nai looks at him with uncertainty. “What do you mean Adam? Oh, I mean Peter...I guess.” She hasn’t adjusted yet.

“Yes, it’s going to be difficult referring to me as Peter since you’ve become accustomed to Adam, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it eventually. Oh, but you’ll still need to call me Adam in public. This is all dependent on if you choose to cooperate.”

“Cooperate? How so?” She thinks she might know.

“I’m sure you can already figure as much, but I’m talking about us Nai. I tried to get you to be on my side the patient and gradual way. I wished for you to want to choose a life with me, not have to force you. However, you’ve forced my hand and now I’m left with no other options. So, I’ll get right to the point Nai.” He looks her straight in the eye. “Say you’ll be mine, forever and always. I’m not asking for marriage just yet, and I’ll back down on kids too, but I want your full commitment to me and only me. This means, I want you to move in with me, and once you finish your last year at school, you’ll settle down with me. You can still work, but it’ll have to be wherever I am. Those are my conditions.”

Nai expected as much, but she wanted to hear him lay it out clearly. “I’m not saying I will, but for full clarity, if I were to refuse you? What’s the alternative?”

He sighs. “You will either allow me to love you Nai, or I’ll have no choice but to release you to Him. I think you know who I mean.” She nods. “When I deem a woman unworthy, that’s when he gets to have his fun. I bait them with the promise of money for sexual favors after we connect on the app. Most women are instantly turned off by the notion and end the conversation, but some like this woman here, they answer the call. I meet them at the diner to give them one more chance to back out, and then bring them here if they don’t. My real test is, however, is the choice.”

“The choice?” She tries to stay calm.

“Yes, I offer them a choice. Once I have them contained, they can either agree to become my slave and allow me to unleash all my impure desires onto them, or they can die and remain pure.”

She realizes this isn’t really the time, but she can’t help but ask. “So, you lied to me when you said you’d never sleep with other woman? Especially the ones you considered “sluts”?”

“I’ll be honest with you, I did Nai. However, I swear to you that it was only ever once with each woman, I swear on my life. I used them to relieve the impure desires I didn’t want to risk losing myself to with you. I’m not a saint, I’m probably a bit twisted like my brother, but the difference is I have control and unlike him, I desire to settle down normally, with a family of my own. If you agree to be mine and accept my conditions, I promise you that I will never sleep with someone else again. In fact, I’ll stop all of this. I’ve never wanted to do this forever.”

“But what about your impure desires? If you stop, then will you hurt me instead?”

“Not ever!” He grips her shoulders. “Nai, I love you. It’s because I love you that I will never do such things to you. If you promise to love only me, then I’ll no longer have such desires, because I’ll be filled with you and your pure soul. It’s the uncertainty of if I really had you to myself that caused my desires remain, but they’ve reduced drastically since I’ve met you. I had my slip ups, but I promise that I won’t do it anymore. I just need you to promise me your commitment Nai. Say you’ll be mine forever and never look at another man again. If you do that, I’ll make sure Adam doesn’t come anywhere near you again and soon we’ll leave this all behind. But if you refuse me, then I’ll have no choice. I promised him he could have you if you turned me down.”

Nai does her best to hide the pure disgust she feels. To think she’s somehow become a bargaining chip between a psycho and his lunatic brother. She wishes she could bury them both in the ground, but she still needs to survive until she can return to the safety of Lukas’ arms. The only way she’ll get that chance is to agree to this sick proposition Peter has offered. She’ll have to fake it, even though she hates him, in order to survive.

She knows she’ll have to be convincing, and so she gets right into it. She reaches up for his face and kisses him. It catches him off guard, but he soon accepts it, and kisses her back. It’s a deep kiss, that brings them back to how things were before. She can feel his erection growing in his jeans. “I need a clear answer Nai, will you be mine forever?”

“Yes A-, Peter. I’m sorry I ever left. I see now that I really don’t want to be without you either. I made a mistake before. I won’t be such a fool again. Please, let’s go home. I need you.” She leans up to kiss him again and pulls at his shirt. Before she lived for these moments and she’d already be soaked, but in this moment her kisses are about as genuine as thief and she’s dry as a bone. She can’t believe she used to love a man like him.

Peter becomes overwhelmed by her touch and having been so long since he’s felt it, he eagerly accepts her. He picks her up and carries her out of that dirty rat’s den and into his bedroom. He lies her down on the bed. However, he pauses.

“What’s wrong honey? Don’t you want to?”

“Yes baby, I want you desperately but...I need reassurance.” He gets up and opens the drawer to his dresser. He pulls out her purse, which holds her phone, wallet and keys. Taking her phone out, he hands it to her. “I know that you’ve gotten closer to Lukas since our split. I also have a high level of certainty that you’ve slept with him.” He can see her face become confused. “I’m sure you’re wondering how I know that, and well, the truth is I followed you to Utah. I did have my away games, but I wasn’t actually playing until yesterday, and now I’m off for a week.”

“So, you followed me to Utah and stalked me around while I spent time with Lukas? That’s a bit obsessive, just saying.”

“I know, and I feel bad about that now. I was just so distraught over you leaving me that I wanted to try and win you back. But I knew I was too late when I saw you with him. I wasn’t that surprised, as I could tell you were falling for him probably before you even realized it yourself. But I didn’t want to push you away, so I didn’t try to stop you from being friends with him.”

He keeps finding ways to make her hate him more, but she must stay strong and keep up the act. “I understand, I’m not really upset about it. I’m not sure why I even did that to be honest. Sleeping with him was a mistake. I love you more.”

He smiles. “I’m so happy to hear you say that baby. So, this should make my next request much easier then.” He points to the phone in her hand. “I want you to call Lukas and tell him you no longer wish to see him and that you think it’d be better to end your friendship. Do that, and I’m yours.”

Nai is silent for a moment. She would’ve easily done anything else but this. This is like asking her to rip Lukas’ heart out and stomp it into the ground. It’ll kill him and her, but she knows she must do it as part of the plan. She dials his number, and he answers on the first ring. She puts in on speaker.

“Jesus Christ Nai, where have you been?! I’ve been so fucking worried about you; I didn’t sleep a wink last night! What’s going on? Where are you? I’ve been calling you like mad.”

“Yea, sorry, I should’ve called you back, but I was a bit busy.”

“Busy? Busy doing what?”

“Lukas, look. The last few days were such fun and it really brought back some precious memories, but I’ve come to realize that I’m not ready to end things with Adam. I’m actually with him now, and I’ll be moving in with him permanently too. So, for that reason, it’s best if we end our friendship here. I’m sorry if I led you on, but I was confused. I’m not anymore.”

It’s silent for several moments and then he says, “Nai, I need you to tell me if you’re in trouble. I know I’m probably on speaker and he’s in the room, but just say you need help, and I can be there right away. Fuck, I know you need help, but I can’t do anything unless you say you need it. Otherwise you’re not in any legal danger and I can’t come there on my legal authority.”

“Lukas, don’t be ridiculous. I’m with my boyfriend and I’d very much like to get back to making love to him. I just needed to end things properly with you before I do this. It’s for the sake of my own conscious. Please Lukas, just forget about me.”

“Stop it Nai! Don’t fucking do this! Hey, you piece of shit, stop making her do this! Please, don’t take her from me. Don’t take her from me again...please....” She can hear him crying.

It takes all the will in her soul not to break down right there and tell Peter to go fuck himself and that she’d rather die than have him touch her. However, even if she were to say she needed help, by the time Lukas and the police could arrive, surely Peter would’ve taken her far away and she’d never see him again.

“I never took her from you Lukas, you just weren’t good enough for her then, and you knew that. That’s why you left her behind. It’s too late for second chances and she’s already said she doesn’t want to be with you. Now, please allow me to get back to making love to my girl.” He’s got a smug tone.

Nai wants to punch him in the balls for being so cruel. “If you understand Lukas, then please, never try to contact me again. I want nothing more to do with you. Goodbye.” She hangs up as she deals the final blow. Her heart feels dead already.

Peter takes the phone back from her and returns it to where it was in the drawer. “Bravo baby, that almost convinced me, so I’m sure it’ll convince him.” He crawls back on the bed. “I know that your heart hasn’t completely returned to me yet, but in time it will. You’ll forget about him and come to find peace here with me.” He kisses her and begins to strip her.

“Wait, you knew I was pretending?” She finally loses it.

“Of course, I’m not an idiot. I just wanted to see how far you’d go to survive. Once again, you exceeded my expectations.” He gets her down to nothing but her underwear. “I’m sorry baby, but I’m afraid you won’t be able to go back to your life as before. In fact, we’re only going to be in Denver for a couple more weeks.”

“What? I don’t understand. Why?”

“Well, I’ve been officially signed to a team in Florida. They want me there at the start of June, so two weeks. I hope you’re prepared for the warm weather baby; it’ll be a big change from these snowy Colorado mountains.”

“What?! No way!” She pushes him away. “If you know I’m faking it then you know that I’m disgusted by even seeing your face! I refuse to go with you. I take back my agreement. If you want to give me to that sick brother of yours, so be it. I’d rather die than live the rest of my life with you.”

Peter laughs. “I’d figured you’d say as much, but this isn’t about your safety Nai. I know how strong-willed you are. I knew you’d never go willingly without motivation. So, here’s another proposition for you. Commit to a life with me, or your parents and precious Lukas will die.”

She looks desperately at him now. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Do you want to test that theory?” The way he looks in her eyes makes it clear that he’s serious. “Adam would be happy to pay your mothers a visit and I would happily pay Lukas a visit myself. It’s all up to you to save them Nai.”

She stares at him at him hatefully. “This a new low, even for you. I didn’t know you could be so vindictive.”

“Well, you know what they say. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?” He removes everything but his boxers. “What will it be Nai? Me and my dick that you grew to love so much, or Adam’s putrid pecker that might be infected?”

Nai begins to tear up, but she won’t let him see her cry. “You’re despicable.” She frowns, but still pulls him down on her. “You better make this life worth for me.” She kisses him.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll give you a life fit for a queen.” He kisses her back and they make some semblance of love.

Nai stares at Peter as he sleeps, contemplating if she should bring a knife to his throat, but that would only cement her death and those of her loved ones via Adam. She can’t use violence to beat them as they are united. For better or worse, they are brothers and they will stick together no matter what. So, the only way to escape, will be to turn them against each other. As they destroy their own fortress, she’ll take Veronica and they’ll flee, leaving this twisted family to rot together in their tomb.

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