I Love You to Death

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Making Moves

“So, where are you going?” Nai sits on the bed as she watches Peter pack a small bag. It’s been nearly a week since she was made a willing prisoner with him and his crazy family and it’s now Friday.

“We need to go clean up our other properties and prepare them for selling. My father had various rental properties throughout Denver that he invested in years ago. This is one of them in fact. He kept them in trust for his son, so that he’d have something to give him a good start when he came of age. Despite his unfortunate demise, upon turning eighteen, Adam gained ownership of all the properties and it’s how we’ve been able to support ourselves for all these years.”

“Do people actually live in them though? Now that I’ve thought about it, I’ve never seen anyone in this building. It seems like no one lives here but you guys.”

“No other tenants live in this building, no. However, the other five properties are filled to capacity. However, the private basement levels of those buildings have...well, I guess you can say they have a few things that wouldn’t be good selling points, so we need to go dispose of them, clean up and be there for inspectors to evaluate and appraise them. Once we’re given the ok, we’ll sell them to the highest bidder and cash out. This building is more complicated, so we’ll be keeping it for personal use.”

“So, Adam is the landlord of these properties then?” He nods. “So, will he be taking over that role from you when we leave? I mean, no one’s living here anyway, but aren’t there still certain things he’d still have to do? Building maintenance, inspections and all the other things you’ve probably been doing in his place. Can he manage its finances and bills and such? What of this operation you two have going on here? Will he take over the lure, capture and disposal of these women too?”

Peter sits on the edge of the bed. “These are all reasonable questions and the short answer is no. I could never trust him to manage these things. I have someone I’ll be bringing in to manage all the landlord duties in my stead, and he’ll live in the top floor studio. He’ll also be taking over this operation in terms of setting up the marks and bringing them in. I’ve also given him the ok to bring in a few of his buddies to live here as “tenants”, so that things will appear normal if anyone is looking. We’ll designate some empty apartments as “playrooms” on each floor, so that they can all have their fun. As for disposal, Adam is quite competent with that. He’s the one who dismembers them and bags them for transport. I simply dispersed them across the other properties for disposal via the local trash services.”

Nai feels sick again, not able to believe they are having such a conversation. However, she wants to know everything, so she can use it to her advantage later. “Oh, so that’s how you were doing it? You’d take the remains to the different properties, so that they’d end up in different dump sites?”

He nods. “Yea, it helped spread the net so that the police couldn’t pin the murders down so easily. Once this operation becomes limited to just this building however, the process will have to change. Fortunately, this building has an incinerator to burn trash, we just opted not to use it. However, the number of bodies is going to grow as the residents grow, so it’ll be necessary to keep up with the demand of disposal as well as keep the evidence to a minimum. It’s honestly a fool-proof plan in my opinion, and as long as Adam is given a new toy to play with every couple of months, he’s not going to be an issue.”

“So basically, you’re making this into a service building for the deplorable men of society to live and exploit women for their leisure and personal pleasure. I guess that’ll make it easy to keep Adam satisfied and allow you to continue living as him. Though I must admit, this entire thing is really disturbing.”

He rubs her leg affectionately. “I know it sounds appalling, but I feel that the operation we’ll be running here once it’s in motion will help women. If these men have a safe space to carry out their desires and fantasies with one woman over time, they won’t be out on the streets attacking woman just going about their day. The women we lure are usually nobodies that are desperate for quick cash so they can escape their lives and start over. They are never missed, no one looks for them, and they are forgotten as soon as their pictures are flashed during the news broadcast reporting of their deaths. These men prefer having a long-term toy to play with and to serve their needs, much like living dolls. A few women will die each year, yes, but so many good women will be spared as a result.”

She would laugh at his sick logic if it wasn’t so deranged, but she manages to keep a neutral face. “What about your mother? I know he’s been caring for her when you were gone, but will he be able to keep that up long term? Or were you planning on bringing her along with us to Florida?”

She can see his face twist in disgust. “Absolutely not. I’d rather die than live with her again long-term.”

Nai raises her brow. “Really, I thought you two were close? I mean, she speaks so lovingly of you and you seem to be her everything. She’s so lonely when you’re not around.”

“Yes, I’m aware at how dear I am to my mother, and I’ll always love her, but I need to have my own life independent of her. Growing up with her was a total nightmare.”

“Really, it seemed like she doted on you a lot.”

“Yea, too much.” He sighs. “I think Adam told you the gist of it, but I was a secret child. When my mother was forced to give up her baby, I unfortunately was not the chosen one, but Adam instead. So, I spent the next ten years of my life forced into hiding by my mother, never being allowed to play outside, or have friends or do much of anything but be her personal comfort. She raised me the best she could, and I appreciate how she worked to provide for me and how she’d educate me no matter how long her day had been.”

“She gave me everything I’d need to survive in the world, but she also worked to keep me shackled to her. She kept me closer than any child should have to be to his mother. She used me in ways a child shouldn’t be used by his mother. Even when Adam began living with us, she wouldn’t let me go far from her. I had hoped he could share some of the burden, but regardless of how we looked identical, she only desired my company and shunned him.”

“It’s why I wasn’t even allowed to make the switch with Adam until the start of his Junior year at school. She finally eased her restrictions and I began to live as Adam and him as me. I got the freedom I wanted, but she remained overbearing and harbored such an intense jealousy towards you. That’s why I never brought you around her. We eventually moved from the house and into this building once Adam gained the properties at 18, and then I finally went off to school, gaining even more freedom from her. However, she still wants me to stay by her side forever.”

“She thinks she’s coming with us to our new place in Florida, but the truth is I’ve already made arrangements for her to reside at a long-term care facility nearby where we’ll be living. I’m not going to tell her until we get there though, otherwise she’ll never agree to it willingly. I haven’t told Adam about it, so he thinks she’ll be remaining here under his care, but I can’t trust him to do so properly. So not that you talk with either much, but please keep quiet about this with them both, ok? I’ll explain it to Adam the day we’re heading out.”

Nai internally grins, feeling she’s got her ammunition, but she’s going to play it cool for a bit longer. “Of course honey.”

He grins and moves closer to her, kissing her lips. “Thank you baby. I’m so glad you’ve come around. I can’t wait for you to see the house in Jacksonville. I splurged a bit, but we’ll make up for it with my portion of the property sales. Naturally, we’ll maintain with my salary. As a fully drafted member, I’ll be making the big bucks and can provide an amazing life for us and our children. I know you’re still feeling bummed about not being able to finish school or start a career, but once things are settled and after our family has grown up a bit, I’ll support you in your ambitions then. They’ll just be a bit delayed.”

“Well, there are worst things then having to stay home in a multi-million-dollar mansion and raise a few babies, isn’t there?” She laughs sweetly as she lies through her teeth. There’s no way in hell that she’ll commit to such a life, but she’s gotten better at convincing him she’s genuine, which is why he trusts her to move around the apartment freely. Now it’s time to propose the next key to her plan.

She leans forward and wraps her arms around his neck. He responds by leaning down and biting her neck playfully. She reaches for his shirt, but he pushes her hand back down. “I’m sorry baby, but I don’t have time right now. We’ve got to get going if we’re going to clean up and meet the appraisers by the late afternoon. We’ll only be gone for a couple of days, until Sunday. When I come back, we can have all the fun you want.”

She pouts. “Aw, ok honey.” He gets up and returns to close his bag and she rolls her eyes behind his back. She’s glad, as she’s gotten tired of faking her orgasms each night. She finally asks, “So honey, I was thinking.” He turns his head to her and gives his full attention. “If you guys are going to be gone for the weekend, why not give Adam’s toy a little relief? It’d be unfair to have her chained up for days all alone in that dirty apartment, don’t you think? I was thinking that I could care for her while you two are gone and maybe even convince her to become more compliant. That’d make things much easier for you, right?”

He looks at her skeptically. “I don’t know baby, she’s not as motivated as you to stay put. I think she’d try and make a run for it as soon as she’s given a little wiggle room. If she were to escape, or if you were kind enough to let her and she went to the police, everything would be ruined, and we’d have no choice but to flee. However, Adam wouldn’t appreciate you letting his toy get away, and while he can’t touch you, your family isn’t off limits. I’d have no justification to stop him, so your parents would be in some trouble. I’m sure you don’t want that to happen, do you?”

“Of course not. I won’t let her escape, I just feel she deserves a decent meal and a shower and a little relief from his brutal treatment, that’s all. Come on, show her some mercy.”

He goes silent, seeming to think it over for a minute, before finally saying with a sigh, “Ok, I suppose I’ll allow it. I’m not sure Adam will like it though. He likes his girls to suffer.”

“I know, but if you tell him it’s what you want, he’ll listen right? I mean, you’re the boss around here, aren’t you?”

“Well, I wouldn’t go as far as to say boss, but yes, I do call the shots. Adam wouldn’t know how to do much of anything without my guidance. He’s honestly a child in a man’s body, and he acts mostly on pure impulse. I’ll have him release her to you.”

“Thank you honey, I appreciate it.” She replies sweetly.

“Of course, I want to do anything I can for you baby.” He hugs her tightly against him. “However, please don’t try anything reckless while we’re gone. I’d hate for you to force my hand and make me do something I’d hate to do to you.” He looks her in the eye with a serious expression, and Nai knows it’s his warning.

“I promise I won’t honey; you have my word.” She really meant it. She wasn’t going to try to escape or help Veronica escape just yet. That’d be too expected and too dangerous. She needs them to believe she’s come around and can trust her. Likely, he’s allowing this as a test, and is anticipating she will fail. However, she won’t fail, and her biggest challenge instead will be getting Veronica to follow her example. Somehow she’ll have to convince a woman who’s been battered and abused to play nice with her abductor and abuser. That’d be a tough sell for anyone, but it’s the most important aspect of Nai’s plan, so she must succeed.

“Ok then, I’ll be back in a moment.” He exits the apartment, and she can hear him enter the one next door. She can hear him start to argue with Adam, but a few minutes later, he returns. With him is a disgruntled Adam, and a sullen Veronica; nude and shackled. It’s such an inhumane sight that Nai could cry.

“Ok, we’re trusting you with her Nai, so don’t disappoint us.” He turns to Veronica and has Adam remove her chains. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll follow my dear Naomi’s lead and be good. She might just be your saving grace if you want to be treated a little kinder upon our return.” Veronica doesn’t show any signs that she will acknowledge his request, but they know she heard him clearly.

“I’ll be holding onto your phone and keys Nai, but if you need to reach me, mother has a landline in her kitchen, but don’t you think about calling anyone else. Also, speaking of mother, I appreciate you agreeing to tend to her basic care. I’ve prepared food in bowls already, so you’ll just need to heat them and give them to her. No need to worry about bathing her, she’ll wait until we return for that. She may not speak kindly to you, but she’s not a threat, I promise.” He walks over to her and kisses her deeply. “I’ll see you in a couple days baby. I love you much.”

Nai smiles. “I love you too Peter. Good luck with everything and I’ll see you Sunday.” He turns away and with a gesture to Adam to follow, they take their leave. However, not before Adam glares at her, and sends a silent threat of his own. He’ll be out for blood if she spoils his fun, but she has no intention on allowing him to have his way with her for much longer either.

Once they’re gone, Veronica seems to regain some of her composure and looks at Nai. “They’re gone...?” She looks around her, confirming this, as though it can’t possibly be true. Her eyes widen as she realizes it is. “They’re gone!” She looks ready to bolt. “I’ve gotta get out of here!” She speaks in a panic and starts for the door, but Nai beats her to it and blocks her way. “What...? Move! I need to get out of here! I need to escape before he comes back! I can’t take anymore, I won’t!” She tries to pull her out the way. “Let me leave or I’ll fight you to the death trying!”

“Please, calm down! Just wait a minute and listen to me.” She continues to fight. “Stop! Calm down and hear me out. Please, Veronica!” Upon hearing her name, she stops and finally looks at Nai with tearful eyes.

“You...know my name? How? Those beasts never use my name, so how could you know? Are you working with them?” She gives Nai a disgusted look.

“No, I’d never work with sickos like them. I’m a prisoner here too, but the difference is my abductor is in love with me. That’s the only reason I’m allowed to move freely within this apartment and avoid his aggression. Unfortunately, yours isn’t the type, but I was able to convince mine to make yours give you some relief. Things will go back to the norm once he returns though.”

She begins to cry. “No... I can’t go back to that. I can’t! I won’t! I’ll kill myself first! I won’t become a willing slave to that fiend!”

She starts to break down, but Nai places her hands on her shoulders in support. “I understand how you feel, and that’s why I’m not going to allow you to suffer anymore. I have every intention to get you to freedom, but you must trust me. I know who you are because I have legal connections on the outside, and someone who will break walls to save me. If things go well, you and I both can leave this place and those monsters will be eliminated. Will you trust me Veronica?”

She looks at Nai skeptically, but after searching her eyes, she can see that she’s being genuine. She wants to make a run for it now and go far away from this place, but rationally she knows what Nai has planned is more secure. She touches her belly. “I just wanted to offer my baby a better life. That’s the only reason I answered that request on that stupid app. Ten-thousand dollars could’ve allowed us to have a fresh start somewhere far away from here. That was my intention. I never imagined it’d come to this.” She looks up at Nai, who now has tears in her eyes, and she looks to her with remorse. “If you feel so sad that’d you’d cry for me, then make sure you follow through with this plan. Promise me you’ll help me escape to protect my baby, and I’ll trust whatever you say. I’ll do anything you ask of me.”

Nai hugs her tight. “You have my word Veronica. I feel responsible for getting you into this mess, so I will do everything in my power to get you out. Just trust me.” She gives her a reassuring smile and then encourages her to get herself cleaned up with a hot shower. Nai heats up a couple of the prepared meals Peter left for her, and they begin to discuss the plan that will bring those psycho brothers to their knees.

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