I Love You to Death

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Chapter 35: Phoenix

“I think that’s everything babe, unless you feel the need to add any more bags. Four might not be enough.” Lukas teases Nai as he walks back inside from loading the rental car with their bags.

“Are you trying to get at something Miguel?” She replies as she crosses her arms.

“Only that you are wonderful my love.” He hugs her from behind.

“Hmm,” she grins. “That’s what I thought. Don’t make me use your second name again, or you’ll regret it.”

“Well, no promises. I mean after all; you use my second name for more than just to scold me when I’m in trouble.” He smirks and lightly bites her ear.

Her cheeks fill with color at his suggestive tone. “You are so bad,” she says as she sensually gazes into his eyes.

“It’s been two years already, and you two still flirt like a couple of school kids after class.” Grace stands in the doorway of the living room with her hand on her hip as she shakes her head.

The two separate, their cheeks both on fire from being caught in such an intimate position. “Sorry mother,” Nai replies timidly.

“I think it’s adorable, lighten up honey.” Laura joins them with a pleasant smile. Grace gives them a resigning nod and smiles at her wife before placing her arm around her waist. “You’re sure you have everything sweetie?” She asks Nai.

“I’m sure mom, I tripled checked and then had Lukas check again. If I forgot anything, you could always airmail it.”

“True...but still, Australia is so far away. You’ve never lived so far away from home before, so I can’t help but worry, you know? Couldn’t NASA have sent you somewhere closer?”

“They could’ve, but they asked me to go there, and I said yes. The facility they have there is doing some great work in the aerospace field and because I showed such promise in my internship, they feel I can handle taking on an engineering role there. I was given other options, but I decided to take this one because I felt it was a great chance for a new adventure, and for me to grow beyond myself. I want to change mom; this is my first step.”

Laura wears a proud smile as she looks at Grace. She then walks over to Nai and pulls her into a hug. “You’ve already grown so much Nai, I can’t wait to see the woman you become.”

Nai hugs her mom back. “Thanks mom, I’ll do my best and I promise to make you and mother proud.”

“What are you saying Naomi?” Grace stands beside them now. She affectionately rubs Nai’s head as she says, “You already have. You’ve made us prouder than you’ll ever know. You faced such a traumatic experience and came out stronger all on your own. I think you’ve already changed from the brat you used to be, so I see this move as a chance for you to grow into yourself. I’m sure you’re going to do amazing things, and I’ll be cheering you on all the way.” She offers a warm smile.

Nai can feel herself tearing up. “Mother....” She hugs her tight and cries lightly against her chest. Grace kisses her forehead and returns her embrace. “I’m going to miss you mother. I’m going to miss you both, so much.” She stands up right and pulls them both into a hug. “I love you both so much and thank you for everything. I know none of us were perfect, but I wouldn’t change a thing.” She hugs them again and they share an emotional moment.

Lukas watches them quietly and feels the warmth and love they share. He feels nostalgic, remembering the time when he might have had such a heartfelt moment like that too with his own parents. He misses them, but he doesn’t feel envious of Nai. He’s genuinely happy that she has a good relationship with her parents and hopes that one day he can share in that too.

As though they might have read his mind, Laura says, “Lukas, come over here and join us. You’re just as much a part of this family.” She beckons him over and he shyly steps forward. “I don’t know if we’ve said it enough, but we are so grateful to have you. Nai has never been happier than when she’s with you, and she’s become much more responsible too.”

Grace follows with, “You are the reason we’re still able to hold our daughter like this and can send her off for her new adventure. We are indebted to you and no matter how long it may be before you two officially tie the knot, you’ll always be welcome in our home and in our family. Also, if we may, we’d humbly like to ask you to continue looking after our daughter and continue to keep her safe as you have been all this time.”

Lukas feels as though he might cry, but he manages to stay strong. “The honor is all mine Grace. I may have ultimately saved Nai, but I was only able to do that because she was so strong and could alert us to what was happening via Veronica. She was able to manipulate two extremely dangerous, psychotic men and managed to keep herself alive the entire time. She’s amazing and I’m absolutely the luckiest man on this earth to have her. Of course, I will protect her with my life, you have my word.”

The two mothers smile appreciatively. However it’s Laura who says, “Well, it does make me feel comfortable to know you are native to Australia. At least you know your way around I suppose, even if it’s been a long time since you’ve been there. I’ll be sure to study up on the customs, so I won’t embarrass myself.”

“Honestly Laura, I might embarrass myself too, since I don’t remember much at all. When you’re ready to visit the beaches, I can at least teach you how to surf. I was rather good as a kid.”

“Oh, you’re so sweet Lukas, but I’ll definitely be passing on that. I’m much more of a lounge on the beach with a martini kind of gal to be honest. However, that sounds like it’d be right up Gracie’s alley, right honey?”

Grace grins playfully, “That...might be intriguing. Perhaps I’ll take you up on that offer Lukas. We’ll try and visit in a few months, after you’ve had some time to settle in and christen the new house.” She gives him a suggestive wink.

He blushes heavily and Nai’s cheeks fill with color as well. “Mother!” Grace laughs and Laura simply shakes her head.

They share a few more laughs and say their tearful goodbyes, then they make their way to the airport, where their chartered jet plane awaits them to set off on their new adventure.

Nai sits on the beach towel reading her book beneath the setting sun. She wears shades and an orange two-piece bikini beneath a silk beach cover. She can feel the breeze blow across the back of her neck, and while it’s new to her, it’s not unpleasant.

She feels the towel shift under her, and the warmth of a toned arm around her shoulder. “Are you ok? The breeze isn’t too much for you is it? It can get a bit chilly around this time of year once the sun sets and I know you’re still getting used to your shorter hair.” He runs his fingers through her wavy, neck-length hair. “I like it of course. Though, the braids will be missed.”

She turns to see Lukas looking back at her with a soft expression. His brunette hair is just as wild and curly, his olive-skin has darkened a few shades, his goatee is freshly shaved and shaped, and his light eyes seem to glow as they reflect the sun’s rays. He’s beautiful and sexy and she’s the blessed woman who gets to call him hers.

“I know, I miss them sometimes too, but then I remember how much of a hassle getting them put in was and then I don’t.” She laughs lightly. “Anyway, I’m fine, but will you be ok? Won’t you get cold with your chest bare like that? Those thin trunks aren’t going to do much for you either.”

“I’ll be fine. As long as I have you by my side, there’s no way I’ll get cold, because you are so damn hot.” He winks.

She rolls her eyes. “How original babe.” She says this, but she still can’t help but smile. “Did you get your sketch done?”

He hold up a pad with a nicely sketched sunset scene on it. “I sure did. Once I color it, it’ll go right into the portfolio.” He speaks with a high level of pride.

Nai smiles, knowing how happy he gets when he’s sketching. “So, you really don’t think you’ll miss it? Working as a detective I mean? I know it wasn’t your true calling, but you still had a surprisingly good knack for it. You could’ve joined the force here.”

“I know, Mathis was almost devastated when I turned in my resignation. Ever since we’d gotten the credit for solving such a big case, we became quite the infamous duo. We solved a lot of big cases and I’m proud of that, but you’re not the only one who wanted a fresh start babe. I decided that it was time for me to follow my dreams again, and while it doesn’t pay as much, I think I still do alright for myself as a freelance artist. I’m not ashamed to admit that you’re the breadwinner of this relationship though. In fact, it makes me proud to know I have such an independent and reputable wife to take care of our household.”

“Wife, huh?” She holds up her hand to view the small diamond and silver band on her finger. “It still sounds a bit strange, doesn’t it? Who’d have imagined we’d be married just six months after moving here? Surely not my parents.”

“Yea, I remember their surprise when we revealed that our invitation here wasn’t just for their first visit, but also for our wedding. To be honest, even I didn’t know, but then it just felt right somehow. I was pretty nervous though. I thought you’d tell me to fuck off.” He laughs. “I know you weren’t rushing to be a wife, so I was open to being engaged for as long as you might have wanted. So, imagine my surprise when you said yes.”

“Imagine my surprise! Marriage used to be the scariest thing that man would talk about with me, right after having kids. I swore I’d never do it until I was far into my career and had made a stable life for myself, but when you were kneeled before me, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. It was then I realized that it wasn’t marriage or kids that I was afraid of. It was doing it with someone I didn’t love. I understand that now looking back on it. Well, I’d still like to wait a few more years on the kids, but marriage, I think I can handle that.” She takes his hand into hers.

“Well, cheers to that Mrs. Daniels.” He kisses her hand.

“My pleasure, Mr. Daniels.” She closes her book and lies against his chest. She didn’t imagine he’d propose or that he’d ask to take her last name, but so many new and unusual things have happened since she’s been with Lukas. So many wonderful things.

Nai breathes in deeply, taking in Lukas’ natural scent, mixed with salt and sunscreen. She wouldn’t call it the sexiest blend, but somehow it still intoxicates her, and she finds herself reaching into his trunks. She takes him gently into her hand and begins to stroke his length.

“Oh? Someone is feeling naughty, are they?” Lukas teases her, but still widens the gap between his thighs to give her easier access. He kisses the top of her head tenderly, supporting her efforts.

Nai doesn’t respond to him with words, but rather with a tighter grip around his quickly expanding manhood. She can hear his heart begin to beat faster and feel it thumping against her ear on his chest. It only takes another minute before he rises to his peak. Nai doesn’t miss a beat, quickly straddling him and pulling down his trunks. “Ever the eager one, aren’t you babe?”

Lukas can see her luscious lips curl into a smirk as she pulls her bikini to the side and effortlessly slides herself down onto him. Taking the lead, she begins to ride him with enthusiasm, running her hands across his chest. “Ah…,” he hisses softly, feeling every gyration. She arches herself back, ensuring every bit of him is taken in by her. “Mhm, so damn sexy.”

“Yes, you surely are,” she says with a grin. She can see the fire rise in his eyes and it’s not long before he slips his hands underneath her bra and begins squeezing her breasts with vigor. He twists her nipples and squeezes them hard between his fingers, causing her to audibly groan.

As Lukas pulls at her nipples and continues his assault on them, Nai begins bucking her hips like a mad woman, obviously feeling it. She grinds herself into him, her nails gently digging into his chest as she does. He winces slightly, but any pain is overwhelmed by the immense pleasure that washes over him with every stroke. “Oh Mami, I’m going to cum!” He grabs her hips as he says this, wanting to contribute at least some effort to her one woman show; not that he minds it.

Nai reigns herself in a bit, to allow him to take some control, but keeps dominance. “Me too!”

Nai leans her body forward, her chest rubbing against his and causing delightful friction that sends waves of pleasure through both their bodies. She wraps her arms around his neck and he in turn grabs her ass cheeks in each of his hands and supports her movements.

They both begin to breath heavily and their moans become increasingly loud, until soon they have started a symphony of mutual pleasure. It isn’t long before they climax with a sensual intensity, the two sharing a deep kiss as they continue to rock, and their collective juices come flowing out. The sky has just started to darken as they melt together in their passion. They both feel that even if time were to go on infinitely, they’d never have enough of this sweet love.

They lie together and watch the sun fully set as the stars fill up the sky one by one. Nothing is more romantic to Nai, then gazing up at the sky beneath the moonlight with her other half. She turns her head to Lukas, and when his eyes meet hers, she says, “Te amo mucho, mi amor.”

Lukas smiles with such adoration in his eyes and softly replies, “I love you too my love, forevermore.” He leans down to meet his lips with hers, claiming dominance this time around.

They share a deep and passionate kiss under the brilliance of the twinkling stars and once again make sweet, tender love beneath the radiant shine of the moonlight, as they continue to evolve.


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