I Love You to Death

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Extra 2: After the Fire

“Ah! Ouch!” I cry out in pain as turn to my side, having forgotten about my wound.

“What’s wrong?!” Nai comes running to my side, her long braids whipping along with her. “Are you in pain? Do I need to call an ambulance?” She’s panicking, still a bit on edge.

I rub her arm gently. “No. No baby, I’m okay. I just turned on my bad side. I’m fine.”

She still looks concerned but accepts my words as truth. “Ok, if you’re sure.” A small frown creeps onto her face. “You’d better tell me though if you start feeling pain. The doctor said that the bullet could’ve caused more damage than it seemed, so we have to be careful.”

“I know baby, I promise I’ll be careful and tell you immediately if I’m in pain, okay?” She lies her head against the right side of my chest and wraps her arm around me gently. I return her embrace and rest my chin lightly against her forehead. “I’m so glad this fucking nightmare is over. Though I’m sure you are more so than me, huh baby?” I feel her tense up. “Baby, you ok?”

She sits up and taking my hand in hers, she says, “Can you not call me that?” She must see the confusion growing on my face because she elaborates with a sorrowful expression. “I know you are just trying to be endearing, and any other name will be fine, but baby is just….”

The realization hits me suddenly and I become painfully aware of my blunder. “Oh, that’s what He called you, isn’t it?” She replies with a tiny nod. “Shit. I’m sorry Nai. I didn’t mean to.”

“I know, I know Lukas. It’s stupid honestly. I know you’re not him, I know he’s gone, but I just…I can only feel dread being called that. So please, promise me you won’t use it.”

“Of course I won’t Nai, not ever again.” I pull her into a close hug. “I want to erase every memory of the asshole clean from your memory as soon as possible. I’ll eradicate him even.”

She laughs under her breath. “I wish you could Lukas, but my mental state might be beyond what you can do for me. To be honest, I’m thinking of seeing a therapist. In fact, my mom is relentlessly insistent that I do. Of course mother agrees with her, as she often does.”

“I see.” I don’t respond with much enthusiasm and it shows, causing her to frown.

“Is that all you have to say to your girlfriend when she tells you she’s seeking help?”

“No!” I finally give her a proper reaction. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to downplay the seriousness of your confession, I just…I’ve always been more of a self-healer when it comes to my mental traumas, so I guess I was having a hard time understanding your desire to see one.”

“Wait, you’ve never had professional therapy? Not even after your parents?” She asks.

I shake my head. “No, I had no one to really think about my mental state. My grandmother didn’t want to see my face again after it happened, and the orphanage I was in for those few months in Australia didn’t give much thought to my mental health either. When I was brought to the states and taken in by my first foster family, they tried since I wasn’t responding. However, they gave up after the first week of me staying silent, deciding it was a waste of time.”

“That’s terrible! How could so many adults and professionals overlook such a thing? I mean, did they not think it’d be traumatic for a twelve-year-old boy to lose both his parents in a tragic accident and be rejected by the only family he had left? How’d you get back to normal?”

I laugh, finding her assumption that I ever got back to normal funny. “Well, I’m not sure if I’d be verified normal, but I found my own inner peace through my art. I began to draw initially to give all my dark thoughts and pain an outlet, but then I realized I was pretty good at it and found it to be therapeutic in its own way. I probably would’ve lost it long ago otherwise.”

“Well, then I’m glad you were able to find your peace in a healthy way at that time. I don’t want to imagine what your fate might have been if you hadn’t.” She shivers slightly.

I embrace her to quell her anxiety. “What might have happened doesn’t matter, since I’m here now and I’m ok. I’ve lost my way once; I won’t ever lose it again. I’ll become stronger.”

She returns my embrace. “Mhm, I know you will.” She nuzzles my neck affectionately. “That said, if you feel like trying something new, I’d love it if you came to therapy with me.”

She looks at me with hopeful eyes, and I know what she’s looking for me to say, but I don’t say it, even though I know it’d make her happy. Instead I say, “I’ll consider it, maybe.”

She laughs now. “You should’ve just said no silly. I won’t be offended.” She looks at me with her bedroom eyes now and leans her head up for a kiss. Of course I’m happy to oblige. I’m eager to give her even more too, but as I reach for her shirt, she pushes my arm back down.

“I’m fine Nai. It’s already been three days and the wound is nearly closed up. I’m fine.” I lean in for another kiss and again reach for her shirt. Kissing her neck I say, “I need you so much mami. Let me love you, yea?” I begin lifting her shirt and for a moment she falters, but soon my arm is again cast aside. “Nai…please.” I plead with her, starting to feel a bit desperate.

“No, we can’t. Even if it’s almost healed, it’s not fully healed yet and the doctor said no strenuous activity until you’re back to full capacity. You were shot Lukas, just inches away from your heart and the bullet was lodged inside. You had to have surgery to remove it. I think you can understand how big of a deal that is. We have to take the doctor’s orders seriously, right?”

“Right.” I sigh heavily as I lie back on my pillow. “This really fucking sucks. I swear I’d bring that bastard back from the dead, just to kill him again if I could. Cucking even in death.”

“Aw, don’t be so depressed papa. I never said I wasn’t going to still take care of you.” Her lips turn up in seduction as she begins pulling my shorts down, releasing my limp organ.

“Oh, I’m definitely not depressed mami. How could I be when I have such a beautiful queen gazing at me in my naked glory?” I chuckle. “Oh, but one thing I need to mention.”

“What?” She looks at me with genuine curiosity. She’s so damn adorable. “Calling me papa is a little odd. I think you might be meaning to say papi maybe? To compliment me?”

“Yea, I guess papi is complimentary to you calling me mami, but doesn’t it mean the same thing? Isn’t it the same as me calling you papa or even daddy? Why papi but not those?”

“Well, I mean, you have a fair point, but…it’s just odd. Papi is sexy and endearing. Papa isn’t the worst, but also a bit too weird for me. Please, above all though, don’t call me daddy.”

She laughs loudly now. “Ok, I won’t call you the other ones, and I’ll only use papi at times like these. I’ll come up with something different for daily use. Sound fair enough?”

“Deal. I’ll do the same with mami. I know baby is out, but would babe be ok instead?”

“Hmm, I think you can do better than that, but I’ll give it a pass for now.” With a smile, she returns to business. She takes it all into her mouth without hesitation and begins to suck me hard. She’s only done it just over a handful of times since we became official, but she’s already become very comfortable with the motions. I get rock hard in no time at all as I moan quietly.

She came to stay with me the night I was released from the hospital and hasn’t left my side since. That night was the first time she’d actually been to my apartment, but in only three days, she’s made it her own. She’s only a few bags away from officially moving in I’d say, but we haven’t had that discussion yet and I don’t want to rush anything. We have time for that.

“Oh mami….” I stroke her head softly as it bobs up and down my shaft. She picks up her pace in response to my actions and starts to suck more sloppily. She slurps and licks like she’s enjoying a refreshing ice pop and the entire sight is extremely hot. I can feel myself building. “Nai, babe, I’m close.” She focuses her attention on my head, and I lose it. “Oh fuck Naomi!”

A geyser of thick, creamy fluid comes flowing from the tip and showers the back of her warm throat. She swallows what she can, but it’s too much for her small mouth to handle, and so she has no choice but to let the rest drip down the sides. However, she happily laps it up, leaving me squeaky clean. Holy shit what an amazing woman she is. “Aye, que sexy tu eres mi amor.”

She smiles confidently as she licks her lips clean. “Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the meal.” She grins and begins to get off the bed, but I grab her by her ankle and trap her.

“Where do you think you’re going? You’re not getting away just yet.” I grab her other ankle and pull her close enough that I can take in the fresh scent of her wet pussy.

“Lukas…don’t overdo it. I’m fine. I know how to take care of myself. So just rest an-.”

I silence her by helping myself to her warm flowerpot. All her sweet nectar spreads across my lips and on my tongue as I lap it all up eagerly. I lick and suck and nibble all around her petals as well as her all-important bud until I can feel her start to quiver. I then dive my tongue deep inside her, feeling the change in texture of her inner walls. This drives her crazy.

“Oh god, Lukas!” She shouts out my name with a pleasured shriek and soon her walls begin convulsing hard around my tongue. I focus my attention on her bud again, and it only takes a minute more before she cries out, “I’m cumming!” No sooner than the words left her mouth, did her sweet juice overflow, and offer itself to me to slurp up every drop. “Good lord Lukas.” Her tone seemed annoyed, but the smile she wore as we cuddled and fell asleep was very sweet.

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