I Love You to Death

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Chapter 3: Hunger

Naomi stretches as she steps out the car. “Wow, it seems like we got here faster than normal.” She moves to allow Adam to shut the door behind her. She gazes up at the building before her. City living is different in Denver compared to the more rural Boulder. It took her a while to get used to it when she first came here; it was just after Adam had been signed and rented this apartment. It’s by no means lavish, as he’s not making the big bucks just yet, but somehow it seems like the most wonderful place to be, simply because it’s where they can be together.

“I might’ve driven a bit faster than normal. I didn’t want to keep you waiting.” He wraps his arm around her and rests his hand on her stomach. Almost as though it was responding to the touch and was desperate, it releases a mighty growl. Naomi’s cheeks become flushed in embarrassment, but Adam doesn’t allow her to feel ashamed. “My baby’s gotta eat.” He kisses the top of her head.

He leads her up to the third floor, apartment 3B. It’s the center apartment on the second to last floor, with 3A to the left and 3C to the right. The building is small with only nine 1- or 2-bedroom apartments and the landlord’s studio is at the top. They are spacious though, so it’s never felt cramped. “Has a new tenant moved into 3C yet? I know you said the landlord was looking to fill it, so that he’d be at full capacity again.”

Adam drops his keys on the small table to the side of the door and after ensuring she’s safely inside, he shuts the door behind her. “I’m not sure baby. I know he was having some issues with that apartment; something about water damage after the flood.” He drops his duffel beside the wall and carries her bag towards the bedroom. He leans inside to place it down and then walks back to her. “Personally, I’ve been enjoying the new peace and quiet.”

“Your neighbor, the one in 3A, she’s an older woman, right? I guess with just you and her up here, it would be pretty quiet.”

“Yea, she’s a sweet lady who keeps to herself. Those are the best neighbors. Such a shame that slut next door couldn’t adapt. With her loud parties, strange men coming and going all times of the night and the constant fucking; it was enough to drive us crazy.”

“Were you...,” she starts, but stops abruptly. “Did she solicit men in the building too, or just those from outside?” She doesn’t look him in the eye, but he’s smart enough to catch a hint.

He cups her face with his palm and forces her to look at him. “You don’t have to ask such a foolish thing Nai, you know you’re the only girl for me baby. I’d never want to soil myself with a nasty girl like her. She was a blight in this community, so whoever it was that drowned her into her absolution; they deserve praise.”

Naomi doesn’t allow the tears that formed beneath her eyes to fall. She knew deep down that he wouldn’t have ever cheated on her and so her tears are not from the relief that he didn’t, but rather the disappointment that he didn’t. If he had, she’d have a concrete reason as to why he won’t touch her that way; because she’s clearly just not desirable and he’s with her out of pity. As things are now however, she has no clue why he’s found ways to evade all her advances, and that hurts her the most.

“Baby?” His voice drags her out of her head. “You still there?”

“Yea, sorry. I was just thinking about it more. She was drowned?”

“That’s what the police say. She apparently invited what she thought was just another prospective lay to her place one night and the next morning, she was found after the tenants below her complained of their roof leaking. The police found her lifeless at the bottom of the tub; the water still running, and the apartment totally flooded. It was certainly the most tragic thing to ever happen in this happy, peaceful community. Guess someone took the liberty of doing what we’d all only ever thought about doing.”

“That’s crazy. Slut or not, did she really deserve to die?”

“All sluts should die.” Naomi looks at him in surprise. “I just mean, if you can’t respect yourself enough to treasure your body, then you are clearly not capable of living in a world that demands respect. I can’t love someone who doesn’t love themselves.”

Naomi understands that he’s referring to the other girl, but she can’t help but feel anxious over his words. Is that why he-.

“No.” She looks into his eyes and he looks back at hers with a serious gaze. “It’s because I love you.” He says this as though he’d just read her mind. He kisses her forehead. “I’m going to shower quickly and then I’ll be right out to prepare you a dinner fit for a queen. Make yourself comfortable for now. I won’t be long.”

“Okay,” she says in a daze, still taken aback by his response. Sometimes it’s scary how in tune he is with her thinking. She watches him go and slowly shut the bedroom door behind him. She fidgets around for a moment, feeling a bit anxious to be alone. She feels as though it’s been getting harder for her to let him go every time he returns. She’s even begun imagining herself moving in with him full time. “As if, mom would lose it,” she says quietly to herself. She sits on the couch and switches on the TV.

After fifteen minutes of watching some stupid reality show, she starts to get bored. She looks back towards the bedroom, but there’s no sign of him coming anytime soon. She waits another five minutes and looks again, but still finds no sign of him. “Ok, this is ridiculous, he said he’d be right back.” She speaks with frustration, though no one is there to respond to her complaint.

She gets up and slowly makes her way to the bedroom door. She stands in front of it for a minute, listening for any sounds. She hears none, and finally decides to open it. She turns the knob carefully and pushes it open with ease. She peeks inside and finds a neatly made bed and typical bedroom furniture. There’s not much, as he’s not in his apartment often enough. Training dominates most of his day, then he usually passes out once he’s home and after talking with her a while. She can hear the gentle sound of the shower however, so he’s there.

She knows she should give him his privacy and go back to the living room and wait as he told her, but her curiosity gets the better of her. He doesn’t typically allow her inside while he’s showering and rarely even exposes himself to her. So far, they’ve only done superficial things; things that don’t require them to strip down further than their undergarments. She’s only seen glimpses of his little buddy, not from her lack of trying though.

She sneaks inside and tip toes beside the bathroom door, which is partially cracked. She gets on her knees and scoots herself closer, so that she can position her face beside the crack. She hesitates for a moment, but then commits to her decision to come in and peeks through. What she finds is beyond what she’d imagined. Before her, merely feet away; Adam’s glorious body can be seen, as the water slides down and leaves him glistening.

Naomi must cup her mouth to stop herself from gasping out loud. She has a clear picture of his backside, his muscles toned all along his back and his ass is more curvaceous than she’d ever thought was possible. She feels something spark down below and a newfound ache that goes beyond her usual horny sensations. She could’ve died happy in that moment, but she wasn’t done being tested yet.

His body begins to shake slightly, and she becomes a little worried that something is wrong, but before she can act, he turns to allow his front access to the water falling down on him and a holy sight is revealed. His fully erect member trembles as he firmly grips it with his right hand and strokes it along the moderate length. Most impressive however is the girth, which she’d never have expected to see on a man with only a slight athletic build. Then again, she’d never actually seen one before, outside of the low budget videos she’d found on the web.

She panics for a moment, worried he’d see her watching, but he doesn’t appear to know she’s there, as he just keeps stroking away. He picks up the pace, and she starts to hear soft moans from him; sounds she’s never heard before. She feels as though a fire has been lit deep inside of her and can feel the moisture beginning to spread. She doesn’t know what’s come over her, but she can’t stop herself from sliding her left hand into her panties.

She’s only ever done this in the privacy of her bedroom late at night when no one could know what she was up to, but now here she is on her knees on boyfriend’s bedroom floor, sliding her fingers into her soaked pussy. She strokes them in and out as she continues to watch the show. She tries to keep his pace, going slow when he goes slow and picking up the pace along with him. It makes her feel like they are connected somehow. She periodically flicks her clit, which sends a surge of pleasure to her core and makes her drip more of her juices every time.

As her sensitive bud continues to swell, she finds it harder to stifle her moans. Strangely, it seems as though his moans are becoming louder as well, which drives her forward. She pumps in and out with two fingers, and finally adds a third. Soon she’s rising to her peak, and she can feel a new sensation rising. She realizes she’s remarkably close to cumming, but she wants to do it together with him.

As though he could understand she was almost at her limit, Adam begins to grunt, and they’ve made out and dry-humped enough for Naomi to know that he was about to reach his release. She focused her eyes on the sight, flicking her precious bud more rapidly as he groaned loudly and began to buck his hips; his thick ejaculate rapidly splurging from his pulsing cock and all over the glass of the shower door.

The entire scene brings her to a level she’s never been before and unable to contain herself, she cries out in ecstasy as shock waves of pleasure surge through her and she clamps hard around her fingers. She collapses to the floor, unable to maintain her balance as the convulsions continue well past her climax. Her vision is blurry, and she feels light-headed as she attempts to catch her breath. She’s never had an orgasm so strong just from touching herself. Then again, she’s never seen such a sexy sight as that either. It was far beyond her greatest fantasy.

In a daze, she catches the sight of Adam standing over her with a mischievous smile. “You naughty girl,” she thinks she hears him whisper, before everything fades to black. Adam crouches down beside her and caresses her loose curls. “Hmm...I think you might be ready now,” he says as he picks her up, with an intense hunger in his eyes.

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