I Love You to Death

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Extra 4: I'll Love You Forever

I wake up to something heavy on my arm. Looking around, I find that Lukas has already risen, probably doing his morning sketches. If this were five years ago, I’d have reason to be alarmed. However, despite the weight, the feeling is very light. It’s become my new normal.

Pulling back the cover, I have a small creature revealed to me. His milk chocolate skin blends well with my dark complexion. His loose curls fall across his face, the streaks of gold slightly shimmering in the sunlight that creeps through the blinds. He breathes softly as he smiles in his sleep, no doubt dreaming of conquering those ocean waves he loves so much with his board. My heart feels like it might just float away at the sight. How could anything be so precious? If I had known these were the mornings waiting for me, I’d have let it happen sooner.

“Mama?” The boy slowly opens his eyes, rubbing them of the sleep, and soon reveals the entirety of their radiance. This boy with his beautiful eyes like the golden sun smiles at me. “Buenos Dias Mama.” He shimmies himself up so that he can plant the softest of kisses on my cheek. “Tengo much hambre. Puedo tener algo para desayuno? Quiero panqueques por favor.”

“Pancakes, huh? I think I can do that but let me hear you ask in English too.” I understood everything he said, but he’s gotten into the habit of only using his Spanish. While I’m happy he’s become proficient in a second language at such a young age, I don’t want him to neglect his English. He’s starting school next month and I’m worried he’ll alienate himself with the other children if he speaks only in a language they don’t understand. Especially when he knows English just as well. He just refuses to use it. Perhaps I let Lukas go overboard with him.

“Por que? Si tu puedes comprender mis palabras, entonces hay no problema, ya?”

I sigh and answer with my smile of resignation. “Ok, pancakes it is then. Go wash up.”

“Si Mama!” He jumps out the bed and runs to do as he was told. He’s always got so much energy; it can be exhausting to keep up at times. Add in the fact that I had no choice but to become fluent in a language I struggled with for years, and you have my rise to motherhood. I’d never change it for the world though. My little Migas, I’ll love you forever, because you are the light that gets me up in the morning and guides me through the darkest of times. Thank you.

The piercing cry echoes through the entire house, prompting me to rush to the bassinet that sits just before the bay window in the living room. “Ok, Mama’s here, don’t cry. Shh.” I try my best to calm the fussy girl, but she’s not interested in anything but feeding. “Ok, it’s coming.” I sit down in the armchair and raise my shirt enough to reveal what she desperately desires. She wastes no time latching on, causing me to wince, but it’s not a bad pain. It actually makes me feel incredibly warm. To think such a precious thing as this is mine to hold so close.

As the girl suckles, I take a moment to fawn over her light, olive-toned skin and silky brunette hair. She takes a lot after her daddy, but her beautiful amber eyes are all mine. How they watch me with such innocent curiosity and the purest sense of love, it’s enough to bring tears to my eyes. I haven’t stopped feeling sentimental at the sight in the three months since we brought her home. I was weak to the sight of Migas as well when he was her age, but there’s something just a bit different about having a baby girl. She seems so much more fragile, and far more sweet.

“I’ll always be here for you baby girl, I promise.” She smiles and babbles in response, and I pretend that she really understood my words. Even if she didn’t, I believe she felt them. I made a vow at the start that I’d never put anything before my children, and even with my hectic work schedule as Director, I’ve managed to keep it. Of course, having Lukas home is a big help.

I gently stroke her cheek. My little Jada, I’ll love you forever because you are the joy of my day and keep me smiling even at the worst of times. Thank you.

“Ah….” I moan into my pillow as Lukas thrusts into me from behind. He’s gentle and sweet as he kisses my neck but puts just enough power into the stroke of his hips to send waves of pleasure to my core. He knows just what I like, and never fails to leave me breathless.

“Oh, Mami….” He picks up his speed a bit and I know he’s close. I can feel myself begin to contract and squeeze him tighter, alerting him to my rising phase as well. “Naomi.” He whispers this in my ear, and it sends a shiver down my spine and to my center.

“Miguel…I want all of you.” He knows that when I use his second name, I’m totally in the zone and this only serves to increase the intensity between us. He increases his speed and power two-fold but doesn’t sacrifice his gentleness. Only he can make feel as though I’m being fucked and made love to at the same time. “Ah! Miguel! Oh god!” I start to lose my composure.

“Ugh!” He groans as he releases everything he has deep inside my womb, and I in response convulse like crazy, taking it all in as my own juices fill the spaces between.

It’s euphoric, this feeling, and it’s something I’ll never have enough of, even if I experience it nearly every night. His head falls to the pillow and we pant together as we continue to spoon. He kisses my back with his soft lips, then my neck and finally finds my waiting lips. We share a barrage of tender kisses and cuddle, not wanting the feeling between us to end.

“Well, I think we should start making plans for baby number three.” He chuckles against my ear as though it was a joke, but I know that he was actually quite serious. He’s been ready.

“Sweetie, Jada only just made a year old and you’re thinking about the next one? Can I get a little bit of a break?” I try to sound serious, but my voice betrays my words.

“I know, and I’m trying to be mindful of that, but I also think it’s best to get the kids out of the way sooner rather than later. That way they’ll all be close enough in age to play together, but not so far apart that they have nothing in common. If you were to get pregnant within the next one to three months, then by the time the new baby is born Jada will be turning two, and Migas six. I think that’s a nice spread of ages. Besides, once number three is here, you’ll be done with it. We agreed on only having three after all. Though I’d love even more.”

“I know you would, but I need to consider my body and my sanity. Not to mention, having more than three kids would start to strain our finances. Even if I am making six figures now, if we factor in college funds for three, plus our own future investments, we’ll have to cut back. It’ll be doable without a major adjustment, but why put ourselves in that position?”

“Yes, I know. I understand the importance of minding our budget Firebird. I’ll be a good boy and reign in my wiggly boys once we’ve had our third kid. Maybe we’ll end up with twins.”

“Wiggly boys?” I laugh lightly. “You’re such a dork sometimes, but I love you anyway.” I twist my head back enough to kiss him again, and he takes this as an invitation for round 2.

“I love you too Naomi, I’ll love you forever.” He kisses me deeply and I feel the fire growing not just between my legs, but in my heart as well. I offer myself to him willingly for several more rounds. Would you believe it? This was the night our twin boys were conceived.

Thank you Lukas, for being my protector and precious partner. Thank you for being such a kind, loving and doting father to our four beautiful children. Thank you for bringing me such pleasure and peace every night. I’ll love you forever because death simply isn’t long enough.

*With this, Naomi and Lukas' story officially comes to an end. I hope these extras gave those who might have wanted just a bit more of them (I know I did) the closure they craved. Thank you for reading and if you loved it, please leave a like and review!*
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