I Love You to Death

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Adult Entertainment

Chapter 4: Adult Entertainment

“Nai...baby....” Naomi opens her eyes to the sound of a sweet voice whispering in her ear. She’s stares at the ceiling, but quickly shifts herself upright when she realizes she doesn’t remember how she got in this position. She recognizes her surroundings as Adam’s bedroom. She feels him grip her hand. “Relax baby, you’re ok.”

“What happened? I remember I was....” She stops and suddenly her face becomes completely flushed in shameful and mortifying embarrassment as she recalls the moments before she blacked out. “Oh my god! Please tell me you didn’t see anything before.”

Adam has a look of confusion. “What do you mean baby?”

“I mean what I did!” She places her face into her hands. “I, I... I was watching you. While you were showering, even though you asked me to wait out there, I came inside and saw what you were doing. I don’t know what came over me, but I... I did something naughty. I touched myself as I watched you pleasure yourself.” She goes silent for a moment, roasting in her shame and waiting for him to respond. When he doesn’t, she says, “You’re probably disgusted by me, aren’t you?” She begins to sob.

She’s sure he’s going to prove her right at any moment, but instead she feels him hug her snugly. “Baby, you have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed over. You may have been a bit naughty, but that’s not a crime. You simply acted on your desire.”

“Yea, but isn’t that a slutty thing to do? Maybe I’m no better than she was. I mean, I don’t love myself like I should. You hate me, don’t you? That’s why you won’t fuck me, isn’t it?”

She can see him frown slightly, but he doesn’t get angry. “Talking like that doesn’t suit you Nai.” He crawls onto the bed and leans himself over her. She finally notices his chest is bare and she turns away, feeling bashful at the sight. However, he gently cups her face and turns her to look at him directly. “Also, I think you are misunderstanding something.” He leans beside her ear. “Nai, I’ve wanted to make love to you since the day we met.”

She feels a chill run down her spine at his words, feeling oddly excited and nervous at the same time. “Why me? You could have anyone in this world at your feet, so why settle for boring old me?” Naomi forces herself to turn away from his delicious abs, feeling insecure.

Adam tilts his head slightly, as though she’d asked the most perplexing question he’d heard. He carefully raises her chin; forcing her to look directly into his eyes. “The answer is simple; no one can compare to you.”

She tries not to become trapped in his luscious hazel eyes, but as always; she can’t resist. So much mystery lies behind those eyes, but he never lets her look too deep. “Do you love me Adam?”

He stares at her with an intensity that she could only describe as insatiable hunger. He shifts his position to rest his hips against her thigh; never losing contact with her eyes until he leans down beside her ear. He then whispers, “Oh baby...I do. More than you’ll ever know.” He kisses her plump lips. “I love you to death.”

She once again feels as though she might faint from the new excitement, but they soon realize it’s for a whole different reason as her stomach growls with fury. Nai turns red in embarrassment again. How many times is this going to happen, she wonders.

Adam laughs lightly. “You need to eat. Come with me.” He pulls her up from the bed and lets her go only to slip on his shirt. He leads her out and to the kitchen, where he has her sit at the table. “I took the liberty of cooking while you slept.” He walks into the kitchen and grabs a couple of plates. He dishes up a little from each pan onto the plates and then carries them to the table.

He places his plate down first and then carefully places her plate in front of her. Naomi looks at the spread and nearly begins salivating at the sight. Before her is meaty and tender beef pot roast, sautéed in mixed vegetables and teriyaki sauce. All this sitting atop a steaming mound of jasmine rice; whose fragrance fills her nostrils and stirs up her appetite. She hadn’t realized just how hungry she was until she was tempted by such a sight.

“Oh my god honey, this looks delicious! I mean, everything you make is delicious, but this looks like you went the extra mile.”

“Thanks, but it really isn’t anything extraordinary. Anyone could’ve made a meal like this, even you princess.” He grins.

She rolls her eyes at him. “Ha, ha. I could learn to cook if I wanted to, but why bother when I have you?” She laughs. “Even at home, we have food freshly prepared every week and it lasts for the entire week. That’s why our kitchen is basically untouched.”

“Well, not everyone was so lucky as to have their meals catered. There were even days I didn’t get to eat at all, though I’m not bitter about it. My mother did her best and I’m grateful.”

“How is your mom?” She asks. “I only met her that one time, soon after we started dating. Is she still sick?” She shows mild concern.

“She’s ok, but she’s still not well. I think she couldn’t handle me leaving for school, as she’d always had me at her side and never had to be alone. When I came home for my first winter break, I found her comatose in her bed. She’d taken an entire bottle of antidepressants. If I’d come home even thirty minutes later, she’d be dead. I had no choice but to have her hospitalized long term after that, as I couldn’t risk her safety. My mother is everything to me, and I can’t have her hurting herself, but I also couldn’t stay with her forever as she wanted. I had to grow up and make my own way. I want to settle down with a family of my own.”

He caresses her hand as he says this, and the way he looks at her tells her everything. She’s the one he’s chosen, and he intends to make a life with her. It’s everything she’s ever dreamed of, yet she’s having a hard time imagining it now when the opportunity is right before her. “Is it fine if we start? I’m seriously starving.”

He looks a tad disappointed, as though he’d expected her to give a different response, but his smile quickly returns, and he nods. “Of course, I’m eager for you to try it. Please tell me honestly if you don’t like it. I used more ambitious seasoning this time.”

After they ate to their full, they decided to watch a movie on HBO. However, they must have fallen asleep at some point because Naomi woke to the sounds of moaning. She looks around, thinking it might be coming from another apartment, but then she catches glimpse of the TV. On it, a woman is on her knees being pounded by a man from behind. Her cheeks fill with color and she starts to reach for the remote to turn it off but can’t bring herself to do it. She’s seen such things before, but never with Adam sleeping just beside her. Somehow, it affects her more.

The more she watches, the more turned on she becomes, and she feels that familiar ache from earlier again. She looks at Adam, who’s still sleeping peacefully. He was probably tired; he did have training earlier. She stares at his outline through his shirt, and can see the form of his abs. He may not have a six pack or anything, but his toned abs are still sexy as hell, and she’s desperate to touch them.

She decides to be a bit bold and do so, running her fingers across his chest and down to his abs. She slips her hand under his shirt and slowly circles around his chest, grazing gently across his nipples, which makes him moan lightly. She reels back momentarily, worried she’s going too far, but then her eyes meet his, which gaze back at her hungrily.

She takes a breath and builds up the nerve to finally say it. She won’t back down this time. “Adam...I want to go all the way. I want-.” He plants a kiss on her lips with urgency. He falls on top of her and begins grinding himself against her. This could easily be the start of one of their make out sessions, but she quickly realizes it’s beyond that now once he slides his hands underneath her shirt and pushes her bra up. “Are we doing this, for real?”

He stares at her with predatory eyes, and she is his prey. “Baby, I can’t wait another second. Tonight...I’ll make you see god.”

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