I Love You to Death

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Home Run

Chapter 5: Home Run

Heaven. It’s all Naomi can see as she ascends to a new plane. She isn’t exactly sure when they made it to the bedroom, but things have been moving rather quickly since. Adam is positioned over her missionary style, expertly moving his hips against her and pushing deeper inside with every stroke. As her walls expand to accommodate his erect phallus, she can feel something growing deep within her and it’s threatening to break free in a fantastic display of might. She wraps her arms around his neck to pull him closer, wanting to feel more of his warmth.

“Adam....” She moans his name in an aroused tone and this along with the way she pulls him close, encourages him to increase his speed and power. “Ah!” She responds immediately.

Worried he might have hurt her by becoming too excited; Adam slows to a stop and addresses her with concern. “I’m sorry baby, did I hurt you? I want to be gentle with you since it’s your first time, but...well, you’re so sexy and I’ve wanted this for so long, so I just kind of-.” A sudden kiss interrupts his speech.

“No, you didn’t hurt me, I promise. I feel good. It feels so good Adam, so please...don’t stop. Give me more.” She practically pleads with him and it only turns him on more.

“Ok baby, but if you feel pain at all, tell me no matter what, ok?” She can tell that he means it seriously and so she gives him a reassuring nod. Satisfied, he continues as before, but with seemingly much more intensity and desire.

The truth is it doesn’t hurt. It’s rather odd to her, as she’s heard nothing but horror stories about a girl’s first time. Anyone she’s ever talked to about it or any of the stories she’s heard, have all talked of pain, fear, or dissatisfaction. She’d never feel fear with Adam and certainly she could never feel dissatisfaction simply by the fact that she’s finally joining herself with the love of her life. However, she’d expected pain. She prepared herself for it even. Yet, when he first breached the barrier, she felt only excitement. Since, she’s felt only pleasure and it’s growing.

“Ah! Mhm. Adam, honey....” She moans in ecstasy. Fuck, this feels so goddamn amazing! She proclaims to herself. She’d fantasized about this day for such a long time, and the fact that it’s finally here and feels more amazing than she’d have ever hoped feels like a blessing. She wants to feel more of him, all of him, deep inside her. In response to her desire, her hips begin to move along with Adam’s; such that she becomes in sync with his stroke.

Adam smirks, happy that she seems to be enjoying it as much as he is. He knew she’d be worth the wait, but he never expected that their first time would be so exhilarating. He can’t get enough of her and while he intended to make their first time gentle and subdued, seeing how she’s responding to him and the pleasure she’s feeling, he thinks she can handle more.

When he pulls out, Naomi frowns, not wanting him to stop. However, she soon realizes it was a short-lived break, as he positions himself behind her and turns her on her left side. He lifts her leg and moves his hips to position himself just outside of her entrance. “This is going to be a little more intense baby, but I promise the result will be worth it.”

She thinks he’s just being a little dramatic, but then he pushes himself into her again, and suddenly, she understands what he meant. Somehow, he now feels bigger inside of her, and she feels the resistance against her walls. His power has increased exponentially, and his speed has accelerated as well. He’s reaching deeper inside of her, so deep that she feels him hitting against her womb. If it felt good before, it feels fucking amazing now.

“Holy shit!” She shouts out on impulse, unable to respond in a more coherent way. She’s rising faster, higher, and more intensely than previously, and she finally begins to lose her composure. “Oh my god, Adam!” She calls out to him without knowing the reason why, but he answers by pulling her chin towards him and mashing his mouth on hers. She expected a normal kiss, but suddenly she felt his wet and slippery tongue slide into her mouth. He kissed her with urgency and intensity, a stark departure from their typical kisses. This was an adult kiss.

He grabbed her breasts with the hand that was previously holding her leg up; replacing it with his own leg as he shifted his position slightly. He was now kissing her deeply, assaulting her breasts and pounding himself deep into her all at once, and her head was spinning. He’d taken off the training wheels, and they were playing for real this time.

“Adam! I think I’m gonna-!” She’s felt it building for a while now, but the ache deep inside was finally taking shape and was waiting right at the wings. She could feel the slight convulsions that ran through her and felt herself clenching tight around him. She was going to cum, but it was going to be in a way that she’d never had before. “Ah, ah, ah! Fuck!” All her reservations have gone, and she gives into the feeling. She cums hard and as she does, she can feel him throbbing as well, and feels a rush of fluid fill her womb.

“Oh baby!” He groans. Adam had wanted to make it last longer, but with the way she was contracting and squeezing him, he lost control. No one’s ever had that effect on him and it’s a bit bewildering. However, he likes the excitement and unpredictability she’s brought him. He knew it from that day, she is the one that will set his soul ablaze, and they’ve only just scratched the surface.

They lie together panting, neither willing nor able to make a move. They don’t say anything or comment on what just happened, as it was something that requires no explanation or discussion. It was an experience shared between them, which was a culmination of the years of love, desire and passion that had grown between them. Naomi is mildly concerned about the fact that Adam didn’t wear a condom, but she can’t bring herself to worry over that now. She doesn’t care about anything but being here beside him, in his strong embrace, basking in each other’s heat. This is heaven, and she doesn’t want to descend from the clouds anytime soon.

“I love you Adam.” She speaks sleepily, her eyes feeling heavy. She hadn’t realized how exhausted she’d felt until just now, as her high begins to fall.

He pulls her closer and kisses her lips gently with a smile. “I love you too baby, so much so, that I don’t think I can let you go. I’ll stay by your side forever Nai, no matter what. You are my life. You are my everything. You are mine.”

Nai knows that he was trying to make it clear just how much he loves her so that she can never doubt it again, but she can’t help but also notice the finality of his words, and somewhere deep in the back of her mind, she feels a tinge of fear.

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