I Love You to Death

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Mad as Rabbits

Chapter 6: Mad As Rabbits

Nai wakes up feeling like a new woman. She’s sore, but she feels wonderful just the same. She reaches beside her, but her hand comes to rest on an empty bed. “Adam?” She calls as she searches for some sign of him but finds nothing. She can feel anxiety building at his sudden absence, but she tries to be rational. Perhaps he’s in the kitchen preparing breakfast, or in the shower.

However, as she gets out of bed to search; wrapping herself up in the sheet, she doesn’t encounter him anywhere in the apartment. He wouldn’t have left me behind, would he? She asks herself as she sits on the couch with a pout. She decides to give him a call.

She returns to the room and grabs her phone from her duffel. She presses his name from her favorites and the phone begins to ring. Soon, she hears the vibration of a phone on the nearby table. She turns to see that his phone is there on the nightstand; meaning he didn’t take it with him wherever he went. “Really Adam?” She sighs and hangs up.

She sits on the bed and contemplates where he might have gone, but she has no good ideas. Although she feels a little anxious, she realizes that she’s being a bit childish. She’ll officially be twenty-one come tomorrow. She can handle her boyfriend stepping out without her and leaving her alone in a secure apartment.

“Alright, I guess I’ll shower.” She drops the sheet to the floor and walks into the master bathroom. She turns the knob to the shower and in an instant, steaming hot water sprays from the head. She finds a spare towel and washcloth waiting for her on the counter; likely placed there by Adam in preparation for this moment. “He’s always one step ahead of me, isn’t he?” She smiles to herself and then carefully steps into the shower, shutting the door behind her.

She stands directly under the water, allowing the hot stream to drip from the top of her head, all down her body. It feels nice and seems to soothe her aching body. As she leans against the shower glass, she suddenly recalls the sight of Adam jerking off in the shower yesterday and how his cum shot all over the very same glass. It was only a thought, but just like that, she gets hot.

She allows her hand to fall between her thighs and lets her mind wander to last night. She remembers how he touched her, how good she felt, and it was this memory that drove her actions now. After several minutes of teasing her delicate flower, she can feel a wave of pleasure wash over her and she finds a quick release.

As she supports herself against the wall; panting, she feels someone pull her to them, and her ass is now pressed against a hard bulge. She manages to turn her head just enough, to see that it’s none other than the man she most wanted to see in that moment. “Adam....”

“I see you’ve been missing me baby. I’m sorry for leaving you alone, but I’m here now and I’m going to drive you mad.” He says this with a growl and grinds himself along her rim, as he rubs and squeezes her cheeks with his hands.

“Mhm...that feels good honey. Can you put it in now? I need to feel you.” She moans the request.

“A little impatient, are we? Well, I understand. Once you’ve had a taste of pleasure, it’s ridiculously hard to let it go. As you wish princess.” He pushes himself inside without any hesitation and gets right down to business. He gyrates his hips skillfully, going fast and deep, which sends her into a frenzy.

“Ah! Yes!” She can’t believe it feels this good, even better than the night before. She takes on a more proactive role this time, moving herself to his stride, causing her ass to smack against his pelvis and make the sexiest sound. She could feel that she was close. “Adam, I’m gonna cum!”

No sooner than she says this, does she convulse deep at her core and feel shock waves of pleasure run through her. At the same time, she hears Adam grunt and she feels an odd sensation. She soon realizes it’s his pulsating cock, releasing his thick seed inside of her. It’s overwhelming and her knees buckle. However, Adam holds her up, supporting her through the entire event.

“You’re simply amazing Nai, just amazing.” He helps her stand firmly on her feet as he says this; turning her to face him after she’s stabilized. “I can’t get enough of you. I want more.”

“Me too! I want you to make me feel even better!” She kisses his lips. “Fuck me until I can’t take anymore!” She pleads with him and it once again awakens his inner beast.

Without another word he whips her around, presses her front against the glass, and pushes himself roughly into her ass. He hears her let out a little whimper, and this makes him mindful of the fact that this is her first experience with anal. “Tell me if it hurts too much, ok?”

She nods but says nothing more as he begins to stroke. It hurts, she can’t deny that fact, but she refuses to tell him. She wants to have every experience with him, even if it means enduring a little pain.

To her relief however, it soon stops hurting and starts to feel somewhat good. Not as good as when he’s inside her vagina, but enough that after several minutes, she can feel the familiar sensation of a climax rising. “Mhm....” She moans softly.

“Here it comes, baby!” Adam grabs her hips and smacks her hard against him as he bucks his own. He can feel the tightening in his testicles as she sucks every last drop of semen from them and takes it all in. Once he’s drained and his convulsions cease, he slowly pulls out of her. Seconds later, his creamy ejaculate is oozing slowly from the hole, as her pussy drips her own cum.

She falls back against him now, both breathing heavily and wiped out. “That was amazing honey, thank you.” She turns around to face him, and pulls him down for a sweet kiss, which he returns happily. Suddenly, her stomach growls furiously.

“I guess all that would work up quite the appetite. Come on, let’s get washed up and then I’ll take you to get some breakfast.” She nods in agreement and they proceed to wash each other; somehow without being tempted to go for a third round.


“Two honey stack flapjacks please.” Adam speaks politely to the silver-haired woman as she scribbles it down in her notepad.

“With bacon, sausage or hash browns? Also, how would you like your eggs? We offer scrambled, over-easy and sunny-side.”

“I’ll have scrambled with cheese and bacon please. How about you baby?” He addresses the brown-skinned beauty before him.

Nai had been zoning out, but snaps back to attention when Adam calls her. “Oh, um, I’ll have over easy and... sausage. Please.” She looks at Adam with from the side, her lips teasing a smile.

If he caught her hidden innuendo, he didn’t acknowledge it openly. “There you have it then. Two orange juices as well please ma’am. Thank you.” He hands her their menus.

“Of course, I’ll have that out for you guys in a jiffy.” She smiles pleasantly, but just before she turns to leave, Naomi meets her eyes and they seem tense. It was so brief however, that Nai didn’t consciously pay it any mind and instead turned to Adam.

“So...do we have plans after this?” She asks inquisitively.

Adam grins. “Why, did you have something in mind?”

“Maybe....” She teases. “I just want to make sure we utilize the weekend’s full potential, that’s all.” She smirks suggestively.

“Don’t worry, baby. I’ll see to it that you are thoroughly satisfied.” He gives her a quick wink, which makes her blush lightly.

She casually twirls her braids. “Besides, you’re going to get busy again soon right? I mean, it’s already the beginning of April. Your spring training is set to start any day now, isn’t it? Then games start up sometime in May?” She looks a little sad as she says this.

Adam takes her hands. “Yes, I must report for pre-game training next weekend, which is why I wanted so badly for this weekend to be wonderful for you. I hope I’m doing alright.”

She chuckles slightly. “Adam, you’ve turned me upside down and sideways since last night. I’m quite sure you’re doing a great job. I’m never going to forget this weekend or birthday; I promise you that.” She squeezes his hands. “That said, it’s already that soon? I’m not ready for you to go yet. I know I’ll still see you, but not every weekend like I do now. After what you’ve introduced me to, I don’t know if I can go an entire month or more without your touch, you know?” She looks at him with sadness.

He sighs and kisses her knuckles gently. “Believe me baby, it’s going to kill me too, but this is all for a greater purpose. I need to train hard and do well in my games so that everyone will see how good I am. Once I become an MVP, I’ll get the fame and recognition I deserve and as a result; I’ll be getting a salary that will set us for the rest of our lives. I’ll be able to give you everything and more. You’ll never want for anything.”

Naomi frowns slightly. “I don’t want anything Adam; nothing but you. You understand that don’t you? I’ll be able to support myself after I get my degree. If we’re going to have a future together, then we’ll build it together. I don’t need you to take care of me. We’ll take care of each other and give our family the best future.”

“If?” Adam says this almost as though he’s in pain. “You don’t want to have a future with me Nai?” His eyes grow cloudy.

“I do Adam, that’s not what I meant. I just meant when the time comes. It’s not like you expected that I’d marry you and start pumping out babies right after I graduate, did you?” She laughs, taking it for a joke, but she notices his expression isn’t amused. “Um...did I-.” She begins but is interrupted by their server.

“Here’s your food. Nice and hot!” She places down their plates.

“Thank you ma’am. We’ll also take the check, as we won’t be needing anything else after.” He speaks politely as before, but it’s more artificial, making Nai think he’s upset.

She wants to say something, but the way he starts to eat without making a move to respond to her question first, tells her that he doesn’t intend to do so. So, they eat quietly and leave promptly after paying the bill.

They don’t talk the entire drive back and it’s not until they enter his apartment that Nai finally says something. “Did I really say something so wrong? Are you mad that I intend to have a career of my own before I jump into domesticated life with you?”

He’s silent, but when she tugs his arm demanding a response, he finally obliges. “No Naomi, you’re not wrong for that, but I’d have liked it if you could act like the prospect is at least a little exciting. Every time I bring it up, you act like I proposed to you and demanded your first born right away. I’m just looking towards the future, trying to prepare. You seem to only care about the present and how many ways we can fuck!”

He’d expected her to say something back again, but he didn’t expect to look up and find tears streaming from her eyes. He feels an ache in his heart and realizes he may have been too harsh with his words. “Nai, baby, I didn’t mean-.” She stomps away from him and into the bedroom before he can fully apologize, slamming the door behind her. He tries the door, to find that it’s locked. “Nai, I’m sorry. Please open the door.” He knocks softly. “Nai.”

The door suddenly whips open and she pushes her way past him. She’s got her bag in her hand and without looking back, she flings open the front door and attempts to walk out. However, just before she can reach the stairs, she’s being pulled back. “Let me go!” She fights Adam as he tries to grab her and pull her back into the apartment. “I said let me go dammit!”

“Nai! Stop this! Come back inside and let’s talk it over like adults. You’re acting like a spoiled brat!” He grabs her around her waist and drags her back a bit more forcefully.

“Are you sure you didn’t mean slut? That’s what you think of me, right? I’m just a slut that wants you only for your body and nothing more. It couldn’t possibly be that I’m just excited to finally be sharing such a wonderful experience with my boyfriend after wanting it for five years. Fuck you Adam!”

He loosens his grip, but only to pull her into him and hold her tight against his chest. “I’m sorry Nai. I never meant to make you feel like that. You’re not a slut by a long shot. I love you Nai, that’s all I need you to know. So please, come back inside.”

She cries into his chest. She realizes how childish she’s being right now and valid or not, she shouldn’t have reacted as explosively as she just did. She hugs him and apologizes also. “I’m sorry too. I love you Adam, I really do. I want to be with you forever, I swear. I just want to take the time to enjoy the journey before we get to the serious stuff. That’s all I was trying to say.”

“You’re right, I may have gotten a little too excited and moved too quickly. Let’s slow down a bit and enjoy each other as we are.” He lifts her chin gently and plants a gentle kiss on her lips. She returns it as she fingers through his hair. He lifts her up and carries her back inside and to the bedroom. Here, they promptly make love repeatedly, until they are satiated beyond the limits they ever thought could be reached.

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