I Love You to Death

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Saying Goodbye

Chapter 7: Saying Goodbye

Nai opens her eyes to Adam’s warm chest; light stands of hair gently rubbing against her face. He’s holding her against him in a firm embrace, almost as though he’s trying to ensure she won’t run away from him. She smiles, finding his rare display of vulnerability adorable. She pokes his cheek with her finger, thoroughly enjoying the view of his sleeping face.

She feels bliss, as well as soreness triple what she did after the first time. How long had they been at it this time? It seemed like eternity, but realistically she’d guess it might have been a few hours. She doesn’t really care about time right now though and would happily lie here in his arms for days. However, she feels the all too familiar cramping below her abdomen and she intuitively knows the fun is officially over. “Oh no, not now....”

She attempts to slip out of his embrace so she can grab a tampon and rush to the bathroom, but then she feels a wetness that is different from the kind she’s been pleased to release. Looking down, she finds that she’s lying in a puddle of period blood and it stretches over to Adam as well; making her want to die an instant death. “Shit!” She tries to whisper it but fails.

Adam begins to stir and starts to open his eyes, but Nai quickly covers his face with her hands. This wakes him up completely and he reaches for her hands. “Baby, what are you doing? Why are you covering my eyes?” He tries to pull her hands down.

“No! Please don’t look. Just close your eyes for a while longer while I take care of something. Promise you will. Swear it!”

Adam raises an eyebrow at her strange behavior but decides to agree since she seems so serious about it. “Ok, I promise.” She slowly removes her hands and as promised, he keeps his eyes shut. He feels her pulling at the sheets and twisting them up, clearly trying to hide something as she curses under her breath.

“Dammit!” She shouts this reflexively, and finally unable to endure the suspense, Adam opens his eyes to view the scene before him. Naomi is standing there with a bundle of blood-stained sheets, staring at the red circle that seeped through to the mattress as a trail of blood slides down her thigh. Seeing him looking, she drops the sheets and covers herself; mortified. “I’m sorry Adam. I know this is probably disgusting and I’ve ruined your mattress. I’m so sorry,” she sobs.

Adam laughs out loud, which gets him a dirty look. “I’m sorry, I’m being insensitive, but baby, it’s ok. It’s just a little blood. It’s a natural part of life and I don’t find it disgusting at all. It’s beautiful in fact, knowing what it represents.”

She recovers from her embarrassment and now rolls her eyes. “Are you saying that sincerely or just because it’s what you’re supposed to say as my boyfriend? You’re secretly gagging aren’t you?” She crosses her arms with skepticism.

“No baby, I’m not. I’m serious.” He gets up from the bed and uses the bottom sheet to wipe the blood from his leg. “Just wait right here for a few, I’ll be right back. Don’t worry about the sheets or the mattress, I’ll get another one when I have a chance.” He turns and walks towards the bathroom.

Nai can hear the bath running and soon the smell of gentle lavender spreads through the room. He walks back out a couple minutes later as promised and says nothing to her. He simply picks her up and princess carries her towards the bathroom.

“Um, what are you doing?” She already has an idea but asks anyway just to confirm.

He initially just smiles, but then just as they reach the edge of the tub, he replies, “Giving my princess the treat of a relaxing soak in the bath of course.” He steps into the bath first and carefully lowers himself in and rests her on his lap. Soon, they are both submerged in the waist-deep water and Nai can already feel the lavender bath salts working their magic.

She leans herself back and rests against his chest. “This is godly honey, thank you.” She turns her head up to kiss him. “But, are you sure it doesn’t bother you? I might very well be bleeding out on your legs right at this moment.”

“It doesn’t Nai, I promise you. If a little period blood is enough to scare me away, then I don’t deserve to bask in the grace of a woman at all.” He strokes her arms affectionately. “You’re still insanely beautiful Nai, and sexy.”

She blushes with a smile. “Yea, sure.” She leans her head on his shoulder. “Well, we should look at the bright side at least; I’m not at risk of getting pregnant. Considering how many times you’ve released your sperm inside of me these past two days.”

“Yes...I guess that is a good thing. As much as I’d be happy for you to be carrying my child, now isn’t a good time; not yet.”

“The downside though, is that I guess our good times have officially come to an end until we can have alone time again. It’s going to be a long month.” She sighs, clearly dreading it.

“Says who?” Nai looks at him with a confused expression. “It’s perfectly fine to have sex when you’re on your period.” As though to prove the point, he dips his hand in the water and finds her sweet spot, causing her to shudder lightly.

“You can’t be serious Adam...are you?” The finger he slips inside answers for him. She can feel the slippery fluid dripping without fail, despite being surrounded by water. Soon after, she can feel something much bigger slide inside and it makes her moan. “Ah, honey....” For the umpteenth time, they make sweet love.


After ordering in Chinese and watching a few movies, the time had finally come for them to head to bed. They enjoyed the pleasures of each other for as long as possible, until they couldn’t possibly keep their eyes open another second. They woke early in the morning and after a quickie in the shower, it was time for Nai to head home; much to both their sadness.

They didn’t talk much on the ride back, both dreading the inevitable goodbye that was coming. It wasn’t until Adam pulled up before the expansive modern mansion that he even looked directly at Naomi. “Well, here we are princess; your castle.”

Naomi doesn’t look at him and he wonders if she’d fallen back asleep. However, upon closer inspection, he can see that she’s crying beneath the cover of her hooded sweater. He leans over and hugs her tightly, making her start to cry harder and into his chest. “I don’t want you to go Adam. Stay here with me.”

“I wish I could baby. Oh god, how I wish I could!” He kisses her lips. “I would do anything to steal you away right now and keep you by my side every minute of the day, but we both have our futures to consider. It’ll be hard at first, but just like last year, we’ll make it through. I’ll come back the first weekend of May. Just before my first game, I’ll come back to get you and we’ll have another weekend just like this one. Look forward to it, ok?”

She sniffles and wipes her face with her sleeve. She looks at him in his eyes, which are gentle and loving and she can tell he means what he’s saying. “Ok, I will. Don’t forget me, ok?”

He laughs. “As if I could ever baby. I could never forget you. Be good for me baby, and make sure you don’t go falling for any other handsome devils while I’m gone.”

“Oh please, as if that would happen. But I won’t, so you don’t go falling for any other girls either, got it? If you do, I’ll never forgive you.” She gives him a serious glare, but then grins.

“As you command, princess.” He pulls her in for a deeper kiss filled with passion and if it weren’t for Grace knocking on the window, they may have done it right there in the car. “I love you Nai, so damn much. Never forget that. Not ever.” He hugs her. “Oh, and happy birthday baby.”

She smiles. “Thank you, though after all the celebrating we’ve done, it feels a bit repetitive.” She laughs. “Anyway, I won’t forget Adam, and I love you too. I love you to death.” She winks at him and he simply chuckles. She steps out the car and greets her mother with a hug. She offers him a wave and then together with Nai, the two make their way to the entrance where Laura awaits. Her glare is clear even from the distance.

He doesn’t let it bother him though, because soon she nor anyone else will be able to stop their love. Soon they will all understand that Nai will be his and no one else’s. If they don’t understand that...then he’ll make them; no matter what he must do.

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