Deep Creek Lake.

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After the traumatic death of Blade Sinclaire's father. The splitting of Blade and Cara and the divorce of Blade's parents. Life had to move on. Blade wanted to leave town after his father's death but then Cara needed him to stick around. Was Blade sticking around because he found it hard to let go of his love for his ex girlfriend or for another reason. Cara never gave up hope that Blade would one day forgive her. She still had a secret that she is keeping from him. Will he, after everything that Cara has put him through,forgive her for her final betrayal

Romance / Drama
Sacha Britz
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

It's been two years since my dad passed.

Cara runs and owns Sinclaire Publishing. It was supposed to be mine. But after dad passed away his last will and testament left it all to Cara.

Here I am standing in the street opposite Sinclaire Publishing holding my cup of coffee. In a total and utter trance. How much this building has changed since Cara took over. Her vision for this company has been realised. It looks nothing like the building my father started years ago. It's large glass front windows with steel. Sinclaire Publishing in Bold Metal on the wall. It has truly been transformed into the twenty first century.

Walking in through the doors you are greeted with well groomed staff that step off the pages of the Vanity Fair magazines. Security is top notch considering two of our female employees were stalked, and the fact that Cara Sinclaire has made her fair share of enemies in the past two years.

From the black marble floors to the silver and black leather furniture, the expensive artwork on the snow white walls. This place is very classy.

"Good morning Mr Sinclaire" I get greeted by Nick one of the security guards practically every morning.

"Good morning Nick, how's the sick wife today, feeling any better?" I ask. I have always been polite with the staff here because without them, where would we be?

"Getting much better sir, thank you" he says touching the tip of his security hat.

I walk to the elevators and push a button waiting for the doors to open. The elevator is taking its sweet time coming from the garage. When the doors finally open, Cara and Melody are standing there. Melody's face lights up when she sees me. And my heart just melts into a million drops. My sister is absolutely gorgeous. I love her to bits. I could never be ugly or mean to her. She has done nothing wrong and only wants love.

"Unco Bade," she yells and jumps into my arms. Her smile and those gorgeous Dimples are disarming.

"Hey My lady" I say kissing her puffy cheek.

"Not My Lady, Melody" she says giggling, putting both her small hands on my cheek and squeezing my cheeks together till my lips pucker. God I love this child. When I look over at Cara she has tears in her eyes.

"Cara" I say coldly, wondering if I will ever get over the hurt of her stealing my life and my future away from me. She took it all and left destruction in her wake. The only bright side would be this little angel in my arms.

"You wanna come draw in my office a little bit baby girl?" I ask Melody who shakes her head at me and says

"Ah huh"

I look over at Cara and say that I will bring her up later, as the doors open and I step outside the doors.

I walk towards my office when Liza stands up and heads over to me and Melody.

"How's this little angel doing today?" She coos at Melody and smiles brightly.

"Fine, gonna dwa in Unco Bade 's office," she says to Liza before shuffling out my arms and heads to my office.

"How could the dragon lady give birth to such a precious little thing is beyond me" Liza says shaking her head. I just smile to the reference of Cara being named the dragon lady.

I sit at my desk staring at the photo I have of Melody on my desk, she is my baby sister after all, when the shrill of the telephone disrupts my thought process.

"Blade Mrs Sinclaire has summoned you to her lair" Liza says and I can hear in her voice, the smile she has on her face.

I head out my door and towards Cara's office, wondering what the hell she wants now. She has her own separate wing on this floor. You can see when you enter it the opulence of it all, and no expense was spared in the design thereof.

The snow white painted walls again expensive artwork donning the walls. And the plush red carpet that feels like you walking on clouds.

The large teakwood doors opened efore I even knocked. Seems like the security cameras are working.

"Blade, come on in please, I really don't have all day." Cara shouts from the other side of her rather large desk.

"I have an assignment for you" she starts to say before I cut her off.

"So send one of the reporters to do it, Cara. I am not a journalist." I protest.

"This is not in my job description. I publish not report Cara"

"You will do as I ask Blade, besides Mrs Blackwood won't speak to anyone else, she requested you and you alone."

"Wait, the Mrs Blackwood. Author extraordinaire. The Mrs Blackwood that doesn't give interviews, that Mrs Blackwood."

"Yes Blade, that Mrs Blackwood, you know we have been chasing her tail for the past two years and finally she gave in but requested you or she won't talk" Cara says looking at me finally from her computer screen.

"I sent all the information to that PA of yours Lisa, dismissed." She says waving her hand looking back down at the screen in front of her.

"Enjoy your trip, Blade" she says before my hand reached out to the door.

"Oh Cara, my PA her name is Liza not Lisa." I had to duck because a stapler came hurtling my way and connected with the door where my head was just previously.

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