This time Vegas was a blessing

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Recently Ariel agreed to move across the country to be closer to her boyfriend Jax only to be left devastated and alone but not for long when a trip to Vegas with her friends changes her life forever. Ethan an Italian mafia boss made a promise to an old friend to protect Ariel at all cost but has an eye out for revenge as well when he finds out who's after Ariel. Hey guys 😊 I would really appreciate any feedback this is my first time attempting to write a book and I'd love to know what you're thinking. I know there's most likely a lot of grammar and spelling errors and I apologize in advance english is not my first language 😊

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


I walked outside as the cold wind hit my face I felt tears coming on in my eyes but i tried really hard to keep myself together. My house was sold. My family was all there to say their goodbyes to me since I would be moving across the country to start over with my boyfriend Jax.

"Mom dont cry, I will only be a few hours flight away from you and you know you can come visit any time" I hate goodbyes but its time, I'm 23 years old and after a long time I finally found the courage to start over with my amazing boyfriend Jax.
"I know Ariel but you're still so young and I'm just used to you being a 5 minute drive away and you're still my baby how can i let my youngest just up and leave to move across the country?" Mom said with tears falling down her cheeks. I love my family and it would be hard being so far away but there were too many bad memories for me in this city and I honestly was so happy when Jax said to move closer to him.
I gave everyone a hug and we said our goodbyes quickly and i hopped into my truck and quickly drove away as i couldnt hold back the tears anymore.

Would I regret this? Ive never done something so crazy for a guy, but I love Jax.

This long distance wasnt working for me I always missed him so much and he's been begging me for months to move closer so i finally gave in and moved my security firm to his city and I would be moving to a small town just an hour away from where i worked I was an owner of a security firm providing bodyguards and training bodyguards for the rich.
It's a big city and I loved it there but I wanted a big house with a big yard, I could finally afford it since expanding my business. I had been looking around for a house for the last 2 months and there was always this one specific house that just stuck out to me and i always took a second look at the realtors website to see if it was sold already but it was a lot bigger than I wanted. Just me alone living in it I didnt need 6 bedrooms but i had finally caved and gave the realtor a call and finally got the keys last week.

I drove all night and stopping every 2 hours to check on my horse in his trailer making sure he wasnt frightened from the long drive and that he would stay hydrated. The only 2 things i kept from my previous life were my old square body Chevy and my horse because I wanted to start over I sold all of my belongings. Yes that's right I have a little country running through my blood.

Something bothered me through out the night I couldnt stop thinking of my horse Jasper I loved him so dearly and he was the only one that kept me company and helped me through the worse time of my entire life but I didnt have a barn or stable for him at my new house so I asked Jax to look for a farm close by that would have space for Jasper while i would pay them to look after him and I would look into building a stable on my new property because it didnt have one. But last night before I left I had called Jax letting him know I was on my way and asked if he found a place for Jasper already since i hadnt heard anything for days.
"I dont understand why you need to bring that damn horse with Ariel, why dont you sell him? You dont need him he's costing you too much and takes up too much of your time" He sounded annoyed i even called.
My heart was pounding and my face turned red with anger, but I took a deep breath and tried to keep calm.
"How can you say that Jax? You know what he means to me, when my world fell apart the only one that kept me sane was him. I dont care what he's costing me he's mine I love him he's the most important thing in my life"
"He's the most important one?" He chuckled into the phone.
"You know what i meant Jax" Honestly yes my horse was the most important.
"But do I?" He said sarcastically.
Suddenly I heard a female's voice in the background.
"Jax baby come back to bed" she groaned at him loudly.
"Jax is there someone there with you?" My heart was beating so fast with a million things going through my mind.
"No baby its just my sister she got drunk she's staying with me for the night you know i gotta keep her safe, anyway i gotta go its late goodnight love you"
"I'm not your-" I heard the female's voice saying before he hung up.

I didnt know what to do or what to think but I couldnt turn back now. I got to my new house just before noon movers where moving all the new furniture into the house that I had ordered a week before. My mind was still on Jax and what I had heard last night but I just told myself to focus on the move today and to find a place for Jasper because he wouldnt have much running space in the small fence in my backyard. After that I would confront Jax I needed an answer. Or maybe i was just overthinking and being paranoid honestly at this point I wasnt sure anymore I was so tired from my drive I needed some rest.
I put Jasper in the fence in my backyard he seemed to be happy to be out of the trailer which made me happy. I watched him run a few laps around the fence feeling free, before I decided to go inside. The movers had already left and now i had this huge house all to myself. It was a modernized farm house with a rustic look to it exactly the way i liked it. I walked through the house once then started to walk up the stairs when suddenly I heard the doorbell ring.

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