The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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"She is not a 'thing' you could just throw away after you used her up! Get on your knees and beg for forgiveness, NOW!" Violet screamed after she saw the woman she crushing on since junior high were treated like rubbish. Read to find out what happen next!

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Chapter 1

Violet Martin, 17 years old and her sister Victoria Martin, 25 years old were both orphans when Luca Martin, 45 found them at the back of an alley, shivering to death. Touched by the sight of the siblings, Luca, who works for the mobster took them both in and raised like his own.

“Where is your sister, Victoria?” Luca asked while he took a sip of the orange juice that Victoria had prepared.

“She’s still inside her room. I did knock on her door earlier,” Victoria pours a glass of orange juice for herself before she takes a seat at the dining table.

“I’m here,” Violet announced herself before kissing her sister and adopted father forehead.

“Morning, Violet. Are you excited to start your senior year?” Luca asked his youngest daughter.

“Nope. Why would I even feel excited about school?” Violet pour herself a glass of orange juice and proceed to take a few pancakes for herself.

“I thought you said you’re going to try dieting this year? What happened to that idea?” Victoria asked as she stifled her laughter.

“I decided that I like to keep my fat inside me. I love food and I like to eat so, dieting will only make me sick to my stomach,” Victoria was shaking her head while Luca chuckled at Violet’s response.

“Do you want to drive your brand new car?” Luca was eyeing his daughter who keeps shoving food into her mouth.

“I thought Tori will send me today or you,” She said with her mouth full.

“I have some things to deal with while daddy was summoned by grandpa,” Violet sigh heavily.

“Can I just walk to school? I mean it’s not even that far,” Luca place her fork down and stared his daughter right in the eye.

“What’s wrong Vi? Why don’t you want to drive to school? I thought you like your new car? We even pick the colors and all,” Luca sense something is not right with Violet.

“I don’t want to create unnecessary attention to myself. I really want everything to be as it is. There’s no need for others to know that I am living with you, daddy,” Luca sigh.

“Vi, don’t tell me you still think that you’re an embarrassment to the Martin name? I told you many times that grandpa doesn’t mind at all. He loves you and Tori like his own granddaughter,” Violet was stunned. She doesn’t know how to respond to that.

Since she and her sister were found by Luca, these supposedly criminals did nothing to harm them or even used them for any kind of transaction. They followed their adopted father to his workplace and they were treated like royalty by the people who work for them.

“Daddy, we’re blessed that you were the ones who passed that alley on that night. We both love you so,” Violet nods as her sister said so.

“Good, now, drive that car I bought for you and don’t ask many questions. It is your car. I even bought for your sister when she’s in her senior year in high school. Of course, she wrecked that car a few times,” Luca sigh.

“I thought I told you how sorry I am!” Tori pout while Luca and Violet laughed at her sister.

“Sure I’ll drive. Maybe I just park the car at Audrey’s house and we both can walk to school together,” Luca shakes his head when he heard his youngest.

“As long as you don’t lose it, I’m okay with anything,” Luca smiled and handed the keys to her brand new car.

Violet took a couple more pancakes and shove it down her throat before she went to the driveway and went to her car. As she turning the engine on, her sister came running for her, screaming.

“What’s wrong with you?” Violet asked her breathless sister.

“You moron! You forgot lunch money,” Victoria banded a couple of ‘green’ at her sister before sending her sister off.

“Drive safely! Make good choices,” she said rather to herself while waving at her sister.

Violet was having trouble driving her brand new car but she’s slowly getting the hang of it. When she arrived at her best friend’s house, she notices that Audrey was standing in her driveway, waiting for her.

Her eyes literally look like it’s about to pop out from its sockets as Violet drive her car at her driveway.

“We’re... going... to school... with that?!” Audrey was super excited before Violet got outa me lock her car and kept the keys in her bag.

“We’re walking to school,”

“WHAT?! Why?! You have a gorgeous car right here!” Audrey desperately waving at the black Mercedes.

“Because I don’t want to make unnecessary attention to myself. I wish to end my high school year with ease and drama-less,” Audrey sigh. Seems like she wishes to ride this expensive looking car will be put on hold for now.

“Don’t worry, after school, we’ll go somewhere, alright?” Audrey beamed when she head her best friend promised her.

“Alright, let’s go to school,” Audrey grab a hold of Violet arms and lead her Vista Academy.

Violet and her friend Audrey entered their designated classroom and were glad to see their favorite teacher, Mrs. Johnson at the teacher’s table.

“Yay! it’s Mrs. Johnson! No more Mr. Lawrence and his crazy scheme to make us all fail our classes!!!” Audrey was jumping excitedly in front of their favorite teacher.

“Maybe I should change with Mr. Lawrence now that I know Audrey’s in my class,” Mrs. Johnson sigh playfully. Mrs. Johnson, 35, a young teacher with high hopes for her students.

Because of her friendly and never-give-up attitude, her students fond of her teacher and they actually like to learn because she provides such a motherly aura towards her student.

“Hey teach, who else in this class this year? I hope you choose students that actually nice to look at. Also, thank you for putting us in the same class,” Audrey thanked the teacher.

“Who said I have the right to choose my students?” Mrs. Johnson asked. “Only the Vice Principal can do that,” she added. Audrey immediately turned her head to Violet.

In her mind, she wonders if her adopted father did something to let them have the same class this year.

“Don’t look at me, I don’t know anything,” Violet raised both hands. After they noticed a couple of students entered their classroom, they decided to take their seat before it’s too late.

Both of them wish to have the seats at the very back of the class this term since last time, they were forced to sit in front of the class because of their former homeroom teacher, the despicable Mr. Lawrence.

“A lot of familiar faces this year. I am so happy we could be together with you though. That means I don’t have to be alone,” Violet chuckled at Audrey’s words.

“Audrey, you took a nap on every single subject until the lunchtime bell rang, then you decided to wake up,” Audrey stick her tongue out for her friend.

Violet was arranging her stationery and gets ready for their class when something sweet, lavender-like smell invading her nostril followed by a soft, melodious laughed coming from the front of the class.

“Oh shit! The very Queen is in our class?! This is going to be hectic!” Audrey obviously annoyed by the sound pollution that enters their classroom.

“Hey, be nice. She’s actually quite friendly,” Violet said, trying to hide the fact that she’s actually been crushing hard on the perfect God’s creation that’s taking her seat at the middle of their classroom.

“Friendly, yes. I don’t like her posse though, they’re loud and annoying! Ugh! I can’t even have a decent nap now,” Audrey puffed her heel like a hamster before Violet poking it with her pencil.

“Don’t be rude,” Violet spoke before she glances at the beauty queen.

Gianna Vesper, 17 years old. She came from an average background family and has 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters that always gets into her nerve. Since she’s the youngest in her family, they often overly protected her against all kind of danger, including Gianna’s relationship.

At school, she’s friendly and of course overly preppy for a high school student. She’s also the cheerleader team captain and the president of their art club.

Her friends always wonder how can she manage her time, dealing with both cheerleading and her art club at the same time. For Gianna, her passion for arts is deeper than anything. She likes to paint, and appreciate arts in her free time.

She has a dream of opening her own gallery in the future as well. As she seated at her usual spot in the class, she can’t help but notice a woman at the very back of the classroom that talking to her friend.

If she recalls correctly, her name is Violet. They were in the same art club the last term and Gianna actually took an interest in her views of the art.

“Gianna! I was asking if you’re free tonight. Gwen is having a welcome-back-to-school party at her mansion. Wanna come? Should I pick you up?” Gianna turned to her friend, Hadley.

They had been friends since they were little.

“Tonight? I don’t think I can come, I have to finish my art project. It’s due next week,” her friends were giving her the eye.

“Don’t lie to us! We just started school today. How can you have an art project due?” Gwen, one of her friends and also a member of her cheerleading team.

“I took part in this contest. If I win, I’ll get some amount of prize money and my art will be shown at the local art museum for weeks! You know it’s been my dream to have my own gallery,” their friends can’t argue with that.

“Just a little bit? It won’t belong. Come on, it’s boring without the captain there,” Gianna was having second thoughts.

“No, I’m sorry. I have to finish my art. If I manage to win, my art will be display for the VVIP’s of this city! I want to expose my art more,” Both Hadley and Gwen sigh in defeat.

They know it’s futile to even consider asking for their captain’s attendance if she has something she wants to do especially if it involves art.

“Who is the sponsor?” Gwen asked.

“Tori V,” Gianna proudly announced.

“Finally! Luuunnnnnchhhhhh timeeeeee,” Violet forcefully place her hand on Audrey’s mouth before she’s making a fool of herself.

“Tell me, why am I even friends with you?” Violet remove her hands and walk side by side with her friend. Audrey thinks of a few reasons why they’re friends in the first place.

“I guess because you don’t even have the courage to say hi to others? I mean, you’ve been alone for most of our elementary until I spoke to you at the playground where you read books like an adult. You should be lucky that someone as beautiful as I am even talked to you,” Audrey turned her attention to the food counter.

“Lunch lady, what’s the special today?” Audrey asked.

“I must say the exploding chicken pie, our newest lunch lady made it. Don’t be wary of the looks, it’s actually quite delicious. We also have this intriguing mushroom soup that supposes to look light brown, not green,” both Violet and Audrey both disgusted by the soup.

“What’s that?” Violet pointed at a beautifully decorated pastry.

“That’s the display food,”

“I hate to admit that plastic food seems more delicious than actual food around here,” Audrey sigh as she pointed at the chicken pie and mashed potato.

“What shall you have, love?” The lunch lady asked when Violet seems thinking of what to eat.

“The cake, and those egg tart, lots of them. Can I have your special drink,” The lunch lady nod? After they paid for their food, they search for an empty table to sit on.

“Here we go again,” Audrey breaths out when the cafeteria door was burst open by a group of jocks and cheerleaders making their way in.

“Be nice. As long as we don’t give them the time of day, I don’t think they will even care about us nobody,” Violet lowly said as she noticed a group of cheerleaders walking behind Audrey.

“Violet? Right?” Violet glance up from her Gary to see the beautiful woman with the lavender-like scent speaking to her.

“I hope you’ll be joining art club this year. Your work, it’s really something else,” this brunette actually talks to a nobody and it immediately made her friends turned to the person their captain spoke to.

“Gianna, why are you talking to someone like that?” Gwen asked rudely.

“Don’t be rude, please. She was in my art club,” Hadley covered Gwen’s mouth before she could say anything.

“Don’t say anything that might get you to kill, alright, just follow Gianna’s lead,” Hadley muttered at Gwen’s ear before releasing her.

“What’s wrong with you! We have a reputation to uphold. We can’t be caught speaking to this fat girl,” Hadley once again covered Gwen’s mouth before forcefully dragged her away from the table.

“I’m really sorry for her rudeness,” Gianna apologized. Violet gave the brunette a soft smile.

“It’s okay. I’ve been called worse though,” Violet chuckled but not her friend, Audrey.

“You better leash that bitch of yours before I make a scene. No ones, I mean no ones spoke to Violet like that. Don’t you know who she...” before Audrey could finish her question, Violet shove one of her tarts into Audrey’s mouth.

“I’m sorry. I think my friend forgot to take her shots again,” Violet laughed it out but she glared at her friend. Gianna smiles and excuses herself. But before she leaves, she encourages Violet to stay in the art club because she thought that her talent can be widened even more.

After Gianna went back to her friends, Violet can’t help but look at her friend in disbelief.

“You almost open your big mouth again!” Audrey swallows the tart that has been forced into her mouth.

“What? That Gwen chick is rude! She’s not even that hot, to begin with!” For Violet, everyone on the cheerleading team is beautiful but none can surpass their captain.

“I don’t need the whole school to know about daddy’s job. I told you because you saw someone dragging a dead body out of my house,” Audrey huffed.

“What’s the point of having big shot mafia daddy if you don’t even want to use his influence all over these ratchet people?!”

“Because Tori will kill me if I ever do that. She said to never use his name for personal gain purposes,” Audrey sigh heavily.

“What’s the point of having a daddy from the mob but you can’t even use it?!” Audrey noticed that her light brown hair friend isn’t paying any attention to her.

“You don’t even be discreet about checking her out now. Don’t lie to me Vi, you have your eyes on that cheerleader for quite some time now. Why not confess and deal with it already?” Audrey knows she shouldn’t ask that kind of question but she did anyway.

She likes to make her friend annoyed with her.

“Because she has him, Mr perfect,” Audrey turned her attention to a table not far from them and noticed the brunette that her friends have eyes on since junior high are smooching with me perfect aka, Richard Baron.

“Honesty, what does that chick even see in him when my friend over here is all she needs?” Violet sigh when her friend mocking her.

The first day of school is over and both Violet and Audrey were walking home from school when they both notice a couple of figures standing by Violet’s brand new car.

“Hey! What are you doing to Violet’s car?” Audrey asked her college student brother and his friends.

“This is your car Vi? Wow, sweet ride,” Watson, 20 years old were admiring Violet’s new ride as he came home from his college.

“You home early, don’t tell me you skipping classes again!” Audrey was genuinely worried for her brother who likes to skip his classes.

“Audrey! I’m done with classes. You know how bad it was when dad found out I was skipping. I really don’t want the same thing to happen again. Besides, we’re all invited to this party tonight so we were planning to go there from here,” both Audrey and Violet look at each other.

What party?

“You don’t know? The host is this person named Gwen. My buds say she’s kinda hot for a high school senior. She’s huge in the right proportion,” Watson was being too honest and that made Violet felt a little disgusted by his attitude.

“Whoa Vi! What’s with the death stare?” Watson was genuinely frightened when he saw Violet intense orbs making holes in his soul.

“Nothing,” Violet ignore her own feelings so nothing bad happened to her best friends brother.

“Hey, let’s go. I did promise you a ride in my car,” Violet searched for her keys and turn on the engine using its remote.

“It even has its own life?! Girl! I’m sure your dad just bought you transformer!” Audrey was too excited for her first ride in a Mercedes. She even threw her school backpack for her brother to catch as she tried to open the car door.

“Vi! Open the door for me,” Violet laughed when she went to open the door for her friend.

“Hold on, where are we going?” Violet asked as they both inside the car.

“Movies? The mall? I know! I want to show off to those bitches from earlier!” Violet was shaking her head as she listened to her friend.

“To the movies, we go,”

They were on the road when reality crushing down to them. It turns out that everyone in their school was invited to the party except for them. To be honest, Violet likes things the way it is now rather than being the center of everyone’s attention.

For Audrey, she knows her friends quite popular with the boys and girls. But she keeps on hanging out with her so that Violet doesn’t feel any loneliness as a high school student. Being a teenager suppose to be fun Audrey said and she wishes that her friend have fun as well.

“Hey, isn’t that Hadley, Gianna’s co-captain?” Audrey pointed at one of the stores while they were parking.

“Yes, that’s Hadley alright. What is she doing over there? Why is she going into an alley that’s probably filled with drug addicts and pimps?!” Audrey pointed out.

Series of possible situation rushing into their minds until they saw something that they aren’t supposed to see at all.

“Wait, she’s selling drugs?! Isn’t that one of your daddy’s goons? Why is she taking those packets of drugs? We should take pictures! You know, for our personal use of something went wrong,” Audrey was about to take her phone out when Violet shakes her head no.

“She’s obviously in trouble. Do not add more problems,” Violet got out from her car followed by Audrey. She’s determined to find out what’s going on herself.

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