The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 10

“Miss Violet, don’t you want to join them? I thought you promise you’ll have fun,” Bianca emerged from the pool before she lightly splashes Violet with the water.

“I am having fun,” Violet said without looking up from the book she was reading. Bianca pulled herself up to the edge of the pool and went to Violet’s side. She bends down, making her cleavage visible for Violet to see.

“Reading a book is fun and all but you’re at the pool. You should have fun dipping into the pool instead of sitting by the pool,” Bianca kneel, resting her chin on Violet’s hand.

“I’m only doing this since your friend over there is glaring at us. I’m sorry for being pushy,” Violet smiled while reading her book.

“I know. That’s why I’m keeping myself busy here. Be careful with her. She possessed the eyes that could see through any lie. It’s hard enough for me to convince her last night,” Violet turn her attention to Bianca before touching her cheek.

“Just go and have fun. I’ll be fine here,” Bianca pout before she went to the pool again. Violet blushed in a deep shade of red when she saw Bianca’s rear.

“Seems like she really wants you to join us. Trust me Violet, when she plead like that, she wants you with her,” Violet smiled at Gianna went she took an empty lounge chair next to hers.

“I know but, I don’t feel like going into the pool today. I have a good book right here,” Violet showed her book to Gianna before she continues to read it.

“Violet, Bianca seems like a good person. She cares for her brother more than anything. I admire her. You know we shared the same room since Beck and William decided to share a room together,” Violet didn’t know about that.

“She told us how hard it is for her to get by with her mother doesn’t care about them. She’s been working since her father died 2 Year’s ago. She barely graduated from high school as well,” Violet look up to Bianca who’s playing with Beck in the pool.

She doesn’t know about that woman’s background let alone her home life.

“I’m glad she found you. I’m sure you can ease her life a bit, right?” Violet nod. Bianca waved at her with that huge smile on her face.

“It’s a miracle to see her manage to muster that smile at all. If I have to live the life she had been through, I don’t think I can rest let alone smile,” Violet let her book down and think for a moment. Did her mother know about Bianca’s home life?

Is that why she hired the woman and her brother for this trip?

“Hey Vi, come, let’s join your girlfriend in the pool. You need to let loose,” Audrey and Hadley both splash Violet who’s in deep thought. Violet look up to her friends before she stood up, and went inside the villa.

“Where is she going?” Audrey asked Gianna who shrugged her shoulder.


After dinner, Bianca decided to see if Violet needs anything since she’s skipping dinner. She knocks on Violet door before opening it.

“Yes?” Violet asked when she looks up from her phone.

“I thought you might want someone for dinner since you skipped it,” Violet smile.

“Bianca, you don’t have worry about me. We’re pretending after all,” Violet place her phone down before inviting Bianca to sit on the chair.

“You want to avoid meeting Gianna, am I right?” Violet nod.

“Why? I thought you want her to be happy for us,” Violet shrugged.

“I wish her nothing but happiness with her boyfriend. But deep down, I am jealous that he gets to be with her every day when we’re back to Vista,” Bianca sigh.

“Well, why not take this chance to win her over? The boyfriend is not here after all,” Violet chuckled, offering Bianca a cup of tea.

“People like her, like you, tend to ignore people like me. Their mouth says it’s the personality that counts first then looks but they lied. Looks and appearance always come first. Even if your personality will bring you happiness in the end, they always ignore that and choose someone who’s beautiful as they are,” Bianca was offended by that.

“Do I look like a bitch to you? As you can see, I work two jobs just to get by. A relationship is nothing if they can’t accept the fact that I’m poor,” Violet took a sip of her tea.

“They always say that first until people like me confessed. They smile before telling me that they’re not interested in me. Instead of getting the person you crush to be yours, you get friend-zone instead,” Bianca wanted to retort back but she knows her words will bite her back in the end.

“You confessed, did you? But she said no because of her boyfriend?” Violet nod.

“Boys often asked me to be their girlfriend but I always rejected her since I’m working and taking care of my brother. I don’t think I can be a great girlfriend if I have to take care of his feelings as well,” Bianca laughed it off.

“Good for you. No one ever asked me to be their girlfriend. I asked them but it always ended up in tragedy. I’m not like my sister who easily gets the girls or guys she wants. I just someone who likes to eat,” Bianca chuckled.

“I like to cook and eat. Maybe I should make something for you as your pretend girlfriend huh,” Violet smiled.

“I think I’ll like that,” Bianca decided that she will make some of her specialty tomorrow morning.

“Promise me you’ll be there for breakfast tomorrow. I think I have some ideas for what shall we have tomorrow at breakfast,” Violet nod.

“Don’t you want to fight for your love?” Bianca asked, curious about one thing.

“I’ll fight when there’s something worth for me to fight,” Bianca tilted her head with a smile.

“She’s lucky to have you if she ever leaves that guy. For someone to be this loyal towards a taken woman, she’s a keeper,” Violet smiled.


Victoria and the rest of her sorority sisters were having fun at Blue Lagoon when her mind suddenly wonders to Bianca. She smiled whenever she saw someone who resemblance her made an appearance in front of her.

“Tori! Come on! What’s taking you so long over there?!” One of the sorority sisters waved at Victoria to join them. Victoria waves back telling them she wishes to be alone in this part of the lagoon.

“Tori? What’s wrong with you? You never once make any contact with the male and female guests’ here yet. Should I call for the ambulance?” Victoria lightly pushes one of her friend’s thigh before laughing together with her.

“I don’t know. I think, I actually fell for someone for real this time and it’s not just something I want to do in my spare time,” her blonde friend gasped, knowing this is something she never thought she heard coming out from Victoria’s mouth.

“Are you serious?” Victoria nod, blushing hard.

“Yes, I think I am. She’s beautiful, kind, and she cares for people even though she’s the one who needs care the most. She’s a hard worker, and she never complains about her life, never! She’s amazing!” Victoria dreamily said to her friend.

“Now I want to meet her! Why didn’t you invite her on our trip?” Victoria sighs heavily.

“My mother thought she’s perfect for my sister instead. I don’t want to break my sister’s heart but what about me? I have a heart too,” Victoria sigh.

“Then tell your mother that! You deserve to be happy as well. Your sister is young, she’ll find the person she loves along the way soon. But you, after your parents decided to retire, you will never have the freedom to choose your love life. Now is the time for you choose your love yourself!” Victoria suddenly sees the light from what her friends just said.

“But my sister, she needs to be happy too,” Victoria’s friend sighs heavily.

“Tori! Once you take over your family’s business, your freedoms end then. If you don’t make this girl yours, you’ll probably be married off to a creepy guy instead! Take her now or you’ll regret it!” Victoria sigh, her mind racing.

“But... Violet...” she was cut off.

“I’m sure Violet will do something about Gianna instead. Bianca is yours!” Her friend smacks her shoulder to give her a boast. Victoria sigh, wondering if she should do such thing to her sister.

All her life she’s been protecting her sister from the world without thinking of her own life. Maybe her friend is right, she should be worrying about her life more now that she’s going to take over her parents business.

She wishes to be with the one she loves rather than be forced to marry someone she doesn’t even know.

“Bianca...” she smiled before asking for her phone from one of the attending maids.


“Eat up, eat up!” Bianca happily serve Violet and her friends her specialty breakfast set while Beck helped her sister by frying more bacon.

“Wow, Bianca! You really can cook! I think Violet is really lucky to have you as a girlfriend. I wish Hadley knows how to cook,” Audrey stare at Hadley who’s shoving food inside her mouth.

She let her tongue out.

Violet stole a few glances at Bianca who serve her friend’s. She feels something she never had when she’s watching Gianna all this time.

“Stop looking at her like that Vi, it’s creepy!” Audrey said while teasing her friend. Bianca walks to her side and placed another bacon on her plate.

“I’m sure you want to have more right since you skipped dinner last night. Don’t worry because I will take care of your meals while I’m here,” Bianca said before she kissed Violet on the cheek. It sends shivers down Violet’s spine, making them both blushed.

“Uhuhhhh,” their friend’s teased them both including Beck himself.

“Gwen, you said you want to be a better girlfriend right? Please learn how to make this!” William teased. Gwen playfully hit his shoulder. Audrey looks around, smiling that she manages to get everyone to be Violet’s friend.

“Hey, guys, how about we explored the island today? That’ll be fun. And to end our exploration, we should visit the beach,” Audrey wiggling her eyebrows.

“Naked of course,” she added with a smirk. There was a long awkward silence until Bianca cleared her throat.

“I think there’s no need to be naked. The swimsuit is enough, right?” Everyone nod except Audrey who puffed her cheeks.

“Violet, will you be joining us today?” Violet shakes her head no.

“I owned this island. I know what it looks like. You guys should go, have fun. I’ll be joining you at the beach though,” Violet pushed her plate as Bianca pour a cup of coffee for her.

“Thank you,” Bianca smile before she took the empty seat next to Violet.

“So Bianca, will you be joining us?” Bianca turned to Violet who gave her a nod.

“Well, if I’m not interrupting, sure, I love to join you guys,” Audrey smiled. This will be the perfect moment to ask some dirty secrets she may hide from her dear friend.

“Violet, join us, please,” Bianca begged her fake girlfriend.

“Yes Vi, just obey your girlfriend,” Audrey smirk. Violet leaned to Bianca.

“If you continue to pout like that, I probably fell for you for real here,” Bianca chuckled.

“What about Gianna?” She whispered.

“Yes, what’s about indeed,” Violet leaned in to kiss Bianca’s cheek before she leaned back leaving her in a deep shade of red.

“Now we’re even,” Violet winked.


“What are you saying, Tori?”

Auriana was on the phone while sitting on Luca’s thigh as he lay on the bed. Luca placed his hands on the back of his head while watching his wife’s bare body expose for his own entertainment.

“You want to be with Bianca?! But Violet... wait... Tori? TORI?!”

Auriana looks at her phone before placing them on the bed. She looks down on her husband before sighing hard.

“What’s wrong?” Luca asked his wife while caressing her side with both of his hands.

“That Tori told me that she wants Bianca! I was planning to make her fall for Violet but Tori... Luca... what should I do? God knows what Bianca and Violet are doing at the island right now,” Luca flick his wife’s nose.

“That’s why I told you to stop being nosy! They’re adults Ana, they can think about those things themselves. But did you listen to me? No! You glared at me for saying so,” Auriana pout, knowing it’s her fault that this happens.

“Luca... help me... please! Tori said she’s going to text Bianca so that she won’t fall for Violet. What if Violet already falls for her by now? Bianca told me that they’re pretending to be girlfriends so Gianna won’t feel guilty while she’s having fun at the island,” Luca’s eyes widen.

“So they actually pretending to be a loving couple?! Ana, that’s bounce to bloom some unwanted love between them! Geez, woman! This is bad,” Luca grimaces when Auriana twist both of his nipples at the same time.

“Geez... you know that only brings pleasure for me. You better start moving those hips cause little Luca is waiting for you,” Auriana can’t help but blush.

“Little need to keep his fluids inside since I have to deal with our daughter’s drama that’s bound to happen. Knowing them both, I think something catastrophic will happen,” Luca grabs Auriana’s wrist before she could get up from him.

“I’m a horny 45-year-old. Please pleasure me since I’ve been waiting for you all day. Either you or I’ll ask one of the girls but knowing you, you might kill them and me for that,” Auriana glared at her husband.

How can he even suggest such a thing, she asked herself.

“Fine, don’t blame me if you can’t keep up, little Luca,” Luca chuckled.

“Not so little anymore,” Luca pull his wife down and kissed her on lips passionately.

Few hours had passed, Auriana was putting on her robe while Luca stayed on the bed, covering his body with the duvet.

“Ana, just don’t get yourself tangled in this. I think it’s best if we let them deal with it themselves,” Luca said while Auriana ignored him.

“Ugh, Luca! I know what I’m doing,” Ana look at herself in the mirror before she went to kiss her husband on the bed.

“I’m going to make this right. Also, don’t invite any girls into our bedroom or I’ll cut little Luca off with the butter knife,” Auriana patted his chest before leaving him to his own thought.

“Now, to fix my plan from being... Ugh! Tori!” Auriana released a loud scream before making some calls.


“Seem like you’re busy with your phone instead of being in the ocean,” Violet went to sit next to Bianca who’s smiling sheepishly while looking at her phone.

“Oh! Hey, I was waiting for you. Seriously? A book? Come one Violet, this is a private island! Have fun!” Violet showed her the book she got in her hands.

“This is fun for me,” Violet heard another text notification coming through Bianca’s phone and once again she smiles like an idiot.

“We’ve been here for like a few days now and this is the first time I saw you look into your phone,” Bianca lock her phone before she keeps it on the other side.

“Well, it’s your sister. She was asking if I’m having fun right now. She’s pretty funny,” Violet was confused. Why would her sister be texting Bianca?

“Oh, I didn’t know you and my sister are friends,” Bianca shrugged.

“We’re not. I think she got my number from the beauty spa. She’s pretty smooth for a woman,” Bianca chuckled before showing one of Victoria’s text to Violet.

“Yes, she’s smooth,” Violet looks down at her book, wondering what’s really going on within her heart. Why does she feel the same pain when she sees Gianna and Richard together? She turns to Bianca who’s texting her sister back.

“Tori, what are you doing?” She asked herself but Bianca was too engrossed in texting her sister to see her walking back to the Villa. Audrey noticed this and went to see Bianca under the beach parasol.

“Hey B, where is Violet’s going?” Bianca turns to where Violet was sitting.

“She was here a minute ago. Wait, I don’t know where she’s going,” Audrey sigh before she sat down.

“Violet is one fragile human being. She may look that way but she’s sensitive. Please don’t play with her heart. I’m sure she told you about Gianna, right?” Bianca nod.

“I hope you won’t do the same mistake Gianna did or I’ll beat you down, Bianca,” Audrey glared, warning Bianca that she should be careful with her choices. Bianca slowly nod, doesn’t know whether she should be smiling or laughing or both!

“She’s my best friend, B. If she’s hurt, I’m hurt too. She likes you the very first time she saw you at the diner. She can’t explain it but I know when her heart decides to like someone, she likes then to death,” Bianca turn to Gianna.

“What about her? She likes her since junior high. What if whatever she feels for me just a phase?” Audrey smirk.

“Then why agree to be her girlfriend if you know she might treat you like garbage?” Bianca was speechless when she enters Audrey’s trap.

“Gotcha. You guys were pretending huh? No wonder I never heard any sound coming from her bedroom at night!” Bianca denied it but Audrey sticks to her deduction.

“Oh please, I know her for years now. I know if she’s lying or not. Somehow it seems real whenever I saw you both together. That’s how I know she has a thing for you,” Bianca was about to retort but they both heard the text notification from her phone.

“Whoever that is, that person will never be able to love you like Violet will,” Audrey smiled, leaving Bianca to her own thoughts.

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