The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 12

“This is where you’ve been having your private time with that bimbo?!” Gwen barged into the abandoned sports equipment room after Audrey told her about what she saw before leaving the tennis court with Hadley.

“Gwen! It’s not what you think at all!” William tried to reason but from what Gwen witnessing right now, it’s not very convincing.

“Really? With her naked and you without your pants, I don’t think there any needs to explain, I know what’s going on here William!” Gwen placed both hands on her waist, glaring at William.

“Gwen, babe! You know what kind of guy I am! She came to me and seduce me with her... well-endowed body. I swear babe, there’s nothing going on with me and her,” Gwen had it. This is not the first time he was caught doing something like this. Gwen’s patience was at capacity.

“Save it, William! WE’RE OVER!” Before Gwen walk away, she decided to slap William across the face, leaving him dumbfounded.

“GWEN! COME BACK!” William screamed for his ex-girlfriend.

Gwen ignores his calling and ran across the busy hallway, trying to find her friends. When she saw Gianna was talking to Hadley by their locker, she practically ran for them before pulled them both into a hug.

“Whoa! What’s wrong? Gwen? Are you crying?! What happened to you?” Gianna asked while looking at Hadley who shrugging her shoulder.

“William’s with that bimbo! They were having sex! He cheated again G! Again!” Both Gianna and Hadley rubbed her back, trying to comfort her.

“You finally found him right-handed huh, good for you,” Hadley glared at Audrey.

“Did you told her?! I told you to stay out of this! Why can’t you shut your mouth for once!” Audrey smirk.

“Honey, you know what kind of lips I possessed. You’ve like it when I go down on you with this lips. Besides, what kind of friend I’ll be if I just stay out of this and make her suffer in the end?” Audrey winked.

“Audrey! Seriously! Sometimes, you’re even worse than the devil,” Hadley rolled her eyes when Audrey let her tongue out.

“Come on! Don’t cry! You’re Gwen after all! You don’t need to cry for a man like that! There’s a lot of guys out here and even girls if you’re into that,” Audrey joked but it’s really not the perfect place nor time for it.

“Gwen!” William jogged towards her ex with heavy breathing. Audrey crossed her hands when he noticed this cheater approached Gwen.

“William! This is not the time, please go,” Gianna tried to be civil.

“No! Gwen, please listen. I don’t even like her, I like you. Babe, please forgive me. I promise, I won’t do it again,” Hadley scoffed.

“That’s what you said before and before that as well! William, please just go,” William groaned.

“Shut up! I’m not talking to you, bitch!” Audrey was not happy when somebody else called her girlfriend like that. She pushed the back of his head before facing him.

“Who are you calling a bitch, bastard! She clearly saw you with that woman! What more do you have to show that you’re not faithful?!” William took a step forward while Audrey was unfazed by his size.

“Listen here, bitch! This is between Gwen and me! You and the rest of your posse should shut up and let me talk to my girlfriend!” Audrey pokes his chest using her finger.

“EX-girlfriend, EX! She’s not yours anymore!” Once again Audrey poke his chest making him angry. He was being belittled in front of every student body and he just can’t let it go.

“What? Are you gonna hit me? Please, please do. What happens after that will not be my concern,” Audrey smirk, inviting him to hit her instead. Before William could swing his fist to Audrey’s face, William’s face was pushed against the locker hard by a hand.

“What’s going on here?” Violet asked while looking at Audrey who smirks.

“LET ME GO!” William was struggling but Violet keeps pushing his head into the locker, denting it in the process.

“How dare you raise a hand to my best friend! Bully me all you want but if you touch Audrey with your dirty hands, I’ll kill you!” Violet spat venomously, leaving William weak to his knees.


“I can’t believe she’s really here for the food and only the food. I thought she’s going to blow or something,” Audrey whispered to Hadley as they both watched Violet eats.

“Yes, I thought she’s going to say something about Gianna and Richard’s announcement. I mean, engage at such a young age? This is stupidity even if she’s my best friend,” Hadley look around so no one could hear her.

“Violet, geez! You look like w child,” Audrey and Hadley were surprised to see Gwen acting like a... well... like both she and Violet together! Audrey was shocked when Gwen even took the liberty to wipe Violet’s mouth from the smearing sauce.

“Do you need more? I’m going to take seconds after all,” Violet offered her empty plate for seconds. She was chewing when she noticed Audrey and Hadley looking at her with wide eyes.

“What? I’m hungry,” Audrey wasn’t staring because of her appetite, she was staring because how Gwen literally just offered herself to take food for Violet!

“Okay... I never saw her like that before and we’ve been friends for like... years now! That’s not the Gwen I know,” Hadley realized something.

“Don’t tell me Violet bought her something new again. Gwen’s only acting nice because she owned something new!” Hadley knows her friend too well but this time, Violet didn’t even buy anything for Gwen. Gwen decided that she should be kinder towards others and she begins with Violet whom she used to bully.

Gwen went back to Violet with more food.

“Will you be okay?” Gwen took the empty seat next to Violet.

“I’m okay. Will you be okay?” Gwen nod. She looks around after took a bite of her sausage. She wonders how did Gianna’s family react to their engagement.

“Oh! Do you that two couple walking towards Gianna’s parents? That’s Richard’s parents. He’s the city big shot police officer,” Violet look up with his mouth full. He does seem familiar for some reason but she just doesn’t know from where.

“With championship coming, I just don’t know what should I do, Violet. I can’t stop thinking about him,” Gwen sigh.

“Just forget about him. Find someone who loves you. That’s what you should do from now on,” Gwen finds it funny when Violet talks with her mouth full.

“At least swallow before you talk, geez! You big baby,” Gwen chuckled as she wipes Violet’s mouth.

“See! You have a fantastic smile. Never let sadness feeds you or no one would see the smile,” violet smile.

“Why do you always know what to say to make a girl feel better?” Violet shrugged. She doesn’t know a thing actually. She just said something that crosses her mind.

“I don’t know. Whenever I feel down, I always thought of things I should say to myself. Trust me, I’ve been feeling down more than a few times,” Violet suddenly feed Gwen her food.

“Try this, It’s delicious!” Gwen was reluctant but she opens her mouth in the end. She chewed while looking into Violet’s orbs until someone flashed a light onto them. It was Audrey, taking pictures of them like that.

“This should be my Christmas card for William,” Audrey laughed while making her rounds, taking embracing pictures of everyone.

“You know, I’m beginning to think it’s a bad idea to include her into the cheer team this year but God! She’s a talented dancer! Ugh! Why does she have to be talented but with such a rotten attitude? I mean, I may not be the perfect person to judge but I’m not even that mean like her,” Gwen sigh, tired actually.

“What do you expect from Audrey? She’s always been like that. But because do that very attitude, I manage to live my school life peacefully. Well, until this year where everything stinks,” Gwen suddenly hug Violet who’s trying to avoid getting her dirty hands on Gwen’s blonde hair.

“Whoa! What’s up?” Gwen started to sobbed.

“I’m sorry... I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I... I... Violet, I’m sorry, please forgive me,” Violet was touched since Gwen, the person she used to hate sound like a pleading slave.

“It’s fine Gwen. It’s all in the past,” Violet smiled, happy that Gwen finally sees the light.


“This is my father, Luca and of course, my mother, Auriana,” Bianca shakes hands with Victoria parents before she went to shake Violet’s hand.

“The girl who gave me the $100 tip,” Bianca chuckled. Violet returned to the smile before she pretends to focus on the television rather Han listening to their conversation.

“Violet, no hard feelings?” Victoria whispered as she sat next to her sister.

“No hard feelings. I’m happy for you Tori,” violet smile but it didn’t reach her eyes. Victoria sigh but she knows it’s best not to dwell on this matter any further. Violet excuse herself from her family and guest and went to her room, locking the door from the inside.

She looks around her room before her eyes landed on a blank paper and a pencil. She begins to draw, expressing her emotions in the paper instead of bottling it up. She didn’t even realize that her tears begin to flow from her eyes to her cheeks.

She felt the same pain she does when she first saw Gianna with Richard. She feels the same pain yet again just she didn’t expect that the person who causes such feeling would be her own sister.

Violet let go of the finished sketch and laid herself down on the bed, with her arms covering her eyes as she cries.

“I don’t think I have enough band-aid to fix my heart anymore,” Violet whispered to no one in particular. She pulled her phone and answer the call when she heard her phone’s ringing. She didn’t even bother to see the caller ID.

“Hello?” All Violet heard was sobbing. She decided to look at the caller ID and noticed it’s a private number.

“If this is one of those prank calls, I’m going to kill you by strapping you on a rocket!” Before Violet could hang up, she heard a familiar voice.

“Gwen? Is that you?” The voice didn’t say anything but sob. Violet got up to a sitting position and try to ask what’s happening to her.

“Gwen! Where are you? I’m coming over,” Gwen sob even harder, louder than before. Violet stood up and gather her things before taking her car keys. Gwen told her to meet her at the park before hanging up.

“Vi, where are you going? We’re about to have dinner,” Auriana called out when she noticed Violet walk past them and towards the door.

“Just start without me,” Violet replied leaving her family in a confusing state. Violet drove towards the park and jogged around, trying to find Gwen when she arrived. It wasn’t until she found a girl sitting on the bench with her face covered with her hands, sobbing like a child.

“Gwen?” Violet sat beside her and waited until she’s calm enough.

“I tried to call Gianna and Hadley... it didn’t get through. I don’t know... why... I just call you instead,” Gwen said between sobs. Violet sigh before leaning back to the bench.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I saw William with that bimbo at the mall! I’m jealous! It hurts! He’s the first man I ever love,” Violet was not convinced. She has a lot of boyfriends before. Don’t tell me that this is her first serious relationship!

“I told you to forget about him! There’s a lot of other guys out there who will appreciate you! God! Woman! They always tend to be so dramatic,” Gwen faces Violet with her tear-stayed cheeks.

“But Violet... I love him... it hurts that he cheated on me but he... he’s the one who I gave my virtues to! He’s special,” Violet can’t believe she’s hearing right now.

“Gwen, you suppose to protect your virtues until you’re married to someone who you’ll be spending the rest of your life with not high school sweetheart,” violet realized something.

“Is that why your relationship never last long? Do you refuse to give the guys what they want the most? Why did you give it to William?!” Violet offered Gwen her handkerchief.

“Because he asked me to be his girlfriend while we’re at church. I thought he’s... a good man,” Violet was this close to smacking Gwen’s head.

“How... shallow can you be?!” Gwen begins to sob again and gaining a lot of unwanted attention from others.

“Stop sobbing, I’m sorry. God! Even at night, the park seems full of people. Don’t they have a life?” That manages to make Gwen smile as she wipes her cheeks.

As they were talking, Gwen’s phone ringing and it’s from Gianna. Gwen ignores it but Violet decided to answer her call and tell Gianna the truth. Gianna was feeling guilty for not answering her phone since she’s with Richard. In the end, she agrees to come to the park.

Not long after Gianna’s call, Hadley returned Gwen’s call and again, Gwen ignores it. Violet took this chance and explained to Hadley what’s happening with Gwen.

Like Gianna does, Hadley feels guilty for ignoring her friend who in need of her help. She was cleaning Audrey’s room when she didn’t hear Gwen’s call.

“Some friends you have. They aren’t here when you need them the most,” Gwen smiled.

“You’re here, with me. You answer my call when no one did, thank you, Vi,” Violet froze when she heard her former bully called her by her nickname before hugging her tightly.

“Thank you, Vi,” Gwen muttered.


“Richard, I have something to tell you and if I don’t, I probably will never forgive myself for lying to you,” Richard beginning to feel nervous from her sudden confession. He was asking himself if he ever did anything to hurt her.

“What is it G?” Richard stop whatever he’s doing and focus on his fiancée.

“Richard, Violet confessed to me. I don’t know what to do when she suddenly made up stories about you and how I should be careful when it comes to dealing with you. I was angry at the time and slapped her for that reason. I apologized to her and she let it go but I do deep inside, she’s angry and probably will end my life,” Richard was speechless.

“Wait, she confessed? You slapped her because she’s talking bad about me? Why would you even slapped a person in the first place?” Gianna sigh doesn’t know what to say anymore. The guilt has been killing her since the Milan trip.

“I... well... I don’t know. It happened spontaneously. You know how I hate people talking about you because of your past,” Richard smiled.

“I find it sexy that you protected me. I love you, babe,” Richard leans in and place a kiss on Gianna’s lips. When he pulled away, a question went through his mind.

“So... she likes you huh? Why didn’t she show any sign of trying to lure you away from me?” Gianna shrugged.

“Do you want her to take me away from you?” Richard shakes his head no.

“Of course not, you’re my girl. I love you,” Gianna always like it how Richard could easily say those words in public.

“Will you ever be loving another woman like that?” Richard nodded, making Gianna pout.

“Of course! And she will have to call you mom,” Gianna blushed before burying her face in the nook of his neck to hide her embarrassment

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Victoria was helping Bianca and Beck to move their new home. Victoria look around the neighborhood and sigh heavily until Bianca went to her side, nudging her.

“What’s up? Carry those boxes in,” Bianca pointed upward.

“Are you sure you’re going to live here? I mean look around! This is not liveable. Just accept my help by getting you in my apartment, please!” Victoria begged but Bianca ignores her yet again. Beck could only smile at seeing her sister acted like that towards her love interest.

“Beck! Say something, it’s a long commute to school right?” Beck shrugged, bringing the boxes into their new home. Victoria finally giving up and helped them both bringing the other boxes in. Upon entering their new low rent flat, Victoria was impressed by how good the maintenance was made.

“This isn’t so bad. The rent is affordable and they even have clean water. Gosh, I almost forgot how sometimes less is better,” Victoria smile as she remembers how she lives with her sister on the streets.

“You know B. I wasn’t born rich,” Bianca and Beck stop whatever they were doing and face Victoria.

“My father Luca, he found us sleeping at the back of an alley. His first wife, he was a wonderful woman. She’s different than our current mother. She’s motherly, kind, poetic sometimes and she’s an art lover. That’s how I find the passion to critique arts. She taught me a thing or two about art that makes me fall in love with it,” Bianca listened tentatively.

It’s rare to see Victoria talks about her life like this.

“After she died, we lost a huge piece of ourselves with her. That’s until we met Auriana for the first time. That woman, she’s literally a walking disaster wherever she goes,” Victoria smile.

“She’s one of the dangerous woman known to the underworld. Many gang leaders afraid of her because of her straightforward attitude. She doesn’t have any fear when facing someone much bigger than herself. No man brave enough to flirt with her except my father. Well, that’s because we forced him to do so,” they laughed.

“Violet sees her as a role model. I see her as my pillar. She’s always there when we needed someone to talk to,” Victoria suddenly look up to their faces with fear.

“And I forgot that she was waiting for me by the pier to meet our business partner!” Bianca’s eyes widen before ushering her to her meeting.

“Geez! Do you want to die?!” Victoria apologizes while being ushered out by Bianca.

“WE’LL HAVE DINNER TONIGHT! BECK AS WELL!” Bianca chuckled, a thing Victoria ran down the stairs.

“B, you like her don’t you? You always smile while being with her nowadays,” Beck teased. Bianca blushed.

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