The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 13

“Not so strong now huh,” William and a group of the football guys surround Violet when she’s finally alone.

“Oh, I’m far from strong. What do you want William?” Violet asked politely. William pushed Violet into the wall, pinning her hard.

“I don’t like how close you are with Gwen. She’s mine and mine alone. I know your kind, your kind likes to snatch anyone who had their heart broken. Not on my watch bitch! So what you’re the daughter of mobsters. Even they can’t bend the laws and rule of this world,” William snapped his fingers as the other guys let out their weapon of choice.

“Please, don’t kill her,” William smirk, leaving his friends dealing with Violet. Violet watched these guys surrounded her with their weapon before one of them starting to hit her with a bat. Violet didn’t flinch not feel pain.

“I guess the fat absorbs the pain after all,” they laughed before ganging up on Violet, hitting her body avoiding her head and any vital parts. Violet didn’t even bother to cover herself as her knees giving out on her. She laid on the side as they continue to hit her with many types of objects.

Once they’re done, they leave Violet alone, bleeding profusely. They didn’t know that Violet was not even fazed that she’s been beaten badly like so. Violet got up to a sitting position and rest her back against the wall. Her visions were blurry because of the blood that came into her eyes.

She knows that if she walks around school like this, it will cause major drama. She tries to find her bag pack before went to get a pack of cigarettes inside it. She lit it up and try to calm her nerve before thinking of a way to home without anyone noticing it.

She let them beat her up like this just to make sure if the pain caused by others feels the same with the pain that’s currently happening inside her. She wants to make sure of that but nothing can beat a heartbreak, not even physical pain.

She heard someone walking towards her but she didn’t bother to see who. When the person kneels and forcefully lifted up face, she was surprised to see Gwen and Hadley.

“Jesus! What happened to you?” Hadley asked while finding her phone.

“Something ‘amazing’ happened to me. If you call Audrey, I’ll make sure to kill myself now. I don’t want her busy ass body know what happened to me,” Hadley sigh before kept her phone inside her skirt pocket.

“This is bad! We should do something about the blood and wound. I think the locker room has a first aid kit,” Gwen was about to get up but Violet pulled her down.

“It’s fine. Just find some wet cloth to clean the blood. I’m... not a fan of antiseptic,” Violet refuse. Antiseptic pain is unbearable for her. She willing to be punched to the death rather than placing antiseptic on her wounds.

“But you’ll get infected if we don’t treat you! Please, we know what to do,” Gwen smile before she jogs towards the locker room. Violet sigh, doesn’t know if she should be happy for worried that Gwen actually worried about her state.

“Did William did this to you?” Hadley asked. Violet nod as Gwen came up with the first aid kit.

“Don’t be a baby and let me treat your wound!” Gwen was getting impatient when Violet deliberately forbid Gwen from ever taking the antiseptic.

“VIOLET!” Gwen glared. Violet gave up.


When Hadley explained to Audrey what happened to Violet, Audrey was angry. Audrey decided to march down towards William’s football practice and grabbed him by the collar, forcing him to face her.

“What have you done TO VIOLET!” Audrey screams loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Your forget who she is?! You are nothing William! NOTHING! She could easily make you disappear after what you’ve done to her. You’re testing my patience! So what your ex-girlfriend decided to be friends with her? What? Afraid she might fall for Violet? Loving her more than she ever loved you?! Man and their ego!” William got on his foot and pushed Audrey on the chest.

“Who are you to tell me what should I do and I shouldn’t do? I can do whatever I want! The last time I check that bitch doesn’t own this city!” William retorted making Audrey losing her cool.

“That’s where you’re wrong William, she’s not the one who own d this city but she’s the daughter of those who actually owned them. Don’t tell me you forgot about Luca and Auriana,” William wasn’t even fazed.

“Last time I check, this city had their own law and rules to follow. Even those two should follow the rules,” it’s Audrey’s turn to poke William on his chest.

“How dumb can you be? The most influential people, the superintendent, the judge, the politicians, the businessman and businesswoman, the underground bosses, THEY CONTROL THEM! Everyone can be bought and hats exactly how they do their job! Vista is basically their playground and you just hit their youngest princess,” Audrey poke on William’s chest before Richard and the others went to see what’s going on.

“Audrey, William, what’s going on?” Richard asked, worried a fight might happen.

“Oh, nothing. I’m just visiting him before he dies, that’s all,” William spits on the ground when Audrey leaves.

“Dude, you know you can’t risk your scholarship here. What’s wrong with you?” Richard asked when the others beginning to leave as well.

“What?! All I want is to warn the bitch to never touch my girl!”

“Your ex-girl, Will. You blew it when you decided to cheat on her. I thought she gave you want you to want! Why would you even decided to cheat on Gwen like that?” Richard sigh.

“She refuses to have sex. I need sex man, sex is life so this girl from the volleyball team looks hot and I just.. get into her pants. I didn’t figure that Gwen would find us,”

“So you decided to cheat because she refuses to have sex? Dude, she gave you her virtue and that’s how you repay the woman? I don’t even know who you’re anymore,” Richard shakes his head before continuing with their practice.


“Why do I have to stick here waiting for you guys to be done with cheer practice?” Violet asked when Audrey forced her to sit on the bleachers facing the gym.

“Because you will not come home for a few days until your bruise disappears,” Violet was confused when she heard what her friend said.

“Where should I go then? Your home? No offense but mom will probably be looking for me at your place first,” Violet shrugged her shoulder.

“You’ll be staying at Gwen’s home for a couple of days. Since her parents out of town for a few days and her siblings in college, she has her mansion to her own,” Audrey explained with a sly smirk slowly formed on her face.

“Besides I’m sure she needs someone to be there for her even at home. You’re the only person who can give decent advice Vi. You really expect Gianna, Hadley and I giving her a pep talk?” Audrey asked.

Violet sees the light in this but she’s having a second thought.

“But she used to hate me. What makes you think she’ll allow this?” Audrey flicks her friend’s nose with her fingers.

“She already gave her permission. You’re going to live with her for a few days or your mom will create another war against normal people,” Violet sigh. She knows it’s futile even if she tried to reason even more.

“Also, try to find out if she’s hiding something. Hadley and I walk in on her holding a pee stick,” Violet questioned herself when she heard ‘stick’.

“Pregnancy test, pee stick. You pee on the stick. Geez, woman!” Violet wasn’t even surprised.

“What makes you think she’ll just tell me? I admit it that we’re close now but we’re not that close,” violet remembered how she cries at the park. She always wonders if something happens. For her to cry like that must’ve meant something.

“Because you bought her that expensive handbag. Also because you saw someone who’s pregnant before. I thought you might know what to do. Besides, if she really is knocked up, we want to find a replacement as soon as possible. The only reason I join his cheer squad is to win the championship,” Audrey winked before she joined everyone.

Violet sigh and went to the bleachers. Her mind can’t stop thinking about Gwen. Is that why Gianna only asked her to do normal routine? She’s worried she might be pregnant for real? Violet watched them all tentatively until she saw someone entered the gym, clapping his hand.

“Hey babe,” Gwen grimaces when she noticed William entered the gym and waved at her. Violet stood up from the bleachers and watched him closely. She may let him do whatever he wants for the first time but for the second time, she will take action if he went too far.


After practice, Gwen ignores her ex and went to Violet together with Hadley and Audrey. He called, he waved, he even walking beside her but like Gwen always do, she ignores him. When his ego takes over, he pulled Gwen by the shoulder and forced her to face him instead.

“Don’t be such a bitch! Come on! Let’s go home. Your parents went overseas right? They called me and asked me to take care of you. I’ll keep you company,” Gwen cursed herself for forgetting telling her parents about what happened between them.

Gwen pushed his ex away and continued to walk with the others. But William just couldn’t let her go as he grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her away forcefully.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing?” Gwen tried to free herself but he’s just too strong for her to fight. It was until Audrey jab him he let go while groaning in pain.

“I HAD IT WITH YOU!” William was about to hit Audrey when Violet grabbed him by the arm and flipped him over.

“No one touches my friends. You can beat me to death but you can’t touch my friends!” Audrey smirk while Gwen was surprised. If she can do that, why didn’t she fight back when William and the others hanging up on her? Gwen asked herself.

“Suddenly you know how to fight? You only acted like this in front of my girlfriend,”

“EX girlfriend, Will, EX!” Gwen went to Violet’s side and smirk.

“You’re no longer my interest. I’m all about Violet and her money right now. Yes! Money! I’m done paying things for you! Go and have fun with that hitch you fucked behind my back! Let’s go, Vi,” violet smirk before sliding her hands on Gwen’s lower back.

“If you ever cross our path again, those guys will take your life, boys!” A group of black suites man suddenly appeared from the shadows and surround William with heir hands on their chest.

“Settle down boys, just kill him when he’s being annoying with lady Gwen, okay?” The guys nod.

“Yes, ma’am. You should go while we watch him,” Audrey smiled before she went to Violet who looks at her with confusion.

“How did those guys manage to get here? Audrey, what did you do?” Violet asked as they walk out of the gym. Gwen was enjoying walking this close with Violet since she likes the fragrance she uses today.

“What? I told them that they should be here or I’ll cut their balls off,” Hadley gasped while Violet shakes her head.

“You really need to fix that attitude. You’re too aggressive,” Audrey ignore Hadley’s words since she’s pointing at Violet and Gwen. Hadley was confused.

“Violet, what kind of fragrance did you use today? I like it.” Violet try to remember what kind of fragrance did she spray on herself this morning.

“I think it’s Burberry,” Violet froze when Gwen suddenly sniffed her neck.

“I love it,” Violet blushed in a deep shade of red while Audrey and Hadley tried to sniffled their laughter.


“Well, this is my house,” Violet squinted her eyes as she shrugging her shoulder when Gwen invited her to her home.

“I’ve been to your house before,” Gwen thinks for a moment before realizing it.

“Oh! Yea, I totally forgot. Come on, I’ll show you the guest room. You’ll gonna be here for. Few days right? Don’t worry, my parents fine with it and my siblings... they just don’t care,” Violet followed Gwen upstairs. Violet noticed the cheerleader seems out of place. She’s not acting like her usual self.

“Gwen, are you okay with this? I can go home if it’s too much of a bother,” Gwen turned around to face the chubby girl.

“It’s not you. Come on, if I hate the idea I wouldn’t even agree in the first place. Here is your room. It’s right across from mine. If you need anything, just call or knock on the door. What do you want for dinner tonight?” Gwen asked as she grabs her phone.

“Hmmm... surprise me,” Gwen smiled.

“Alright. You rather have me tonight? Sure I can arrange that,” Violet was surprised while Gwen laughed at her reaction.

“I’m joking. If that’s the case, we’ll just eat out,” Violet nod.

“Alright, I can meet the guys to get my stuff from the house. I told my mom I’m staying at a friend’s house because of a senior project. She trusted me,” Violet can’t believe how gullible Auriana can be.

Little did she knows that Auriana currently on her way to meet William’s parents. When she found out what had happened to her daughter, no one can even imagine how angry she was.

When she arrived at a suburban housing community, she got out and look around while being accompanied by her guards.

“Find the other guys who ganged up on her as soon as possible. They should know who run this town,” Auriana told one of her guards before waking up to the front door and knock.

Auriana waited for somebody to open the door with a smile on her face. When the door’s open, a middle-aged woman opens it with an annoyed expression on her face.

“We don’t want any of your product,” Auriana was taken aback. When the woman about to close the door, one of Auriana’s bodyguard hold the door with his hand.

“We’re not here to sell the product. We’re here to talk to William’s parents,” the bodyguard explained. The woman sigh.

“What did that boy do this time?” The woman called for a man’s name before he appeared at the door as well.

“What’s going on?” The man was wiping his hands with a cloth. Auriana looks from head to toes before they invited her and her bodyguards in.

“Let’s cut the chase, shall we? Your son beat my daughter and I’m here to settle this like adults,” The man looks at his wife’s face before facing Auriana.

“What? Are you sure it’s our son? We admit that William, he was a bad teen in junior high but since he or a full scholarship to Vista, he changed. He even got himself a wonderful girlfriend...”

“Who he cheated with a girl who willing to fulfill his lust. He’s not with Gwen anymore,” Auriana cut him off.

“I’m a reasonable person when it comes to punishing someone but... this is a warning from me, from my family that is. If he went too far ever again, I won’t hesitate to kill him. If you wish to lodge a police report for what I’m saying, you may do so but please remember to tell them my full name, it’s Auriana Martin,” Auriana said with a smile on her face.


Violet stare at Gwen who ordered several types of food for herself. Gwen noticed this and smile.

“What? I will share it with you,” Violet shakes her head. That’s not why she stares at Gwen.

“Can you finish it all?” Gwen nod, munching down the food while drinking her soda.

“Of course I can. I’m hungry,” Violet let down her fork and stared at Gwen even more. She just has to ask this question since it’s been bothering her after Audrey told her about the ‘pee stick’.

“Gwen, are you pregnant?” Gwen choke on her food when she heard Violet asked her something that she never thought she would.

“What are you implying? I’m not pregnant,” Gwen asked. Violet sigh.

“Don’t lie to me. Audrey saw you with a pee stick,” Gwen scrunched her face.

“Pee stick? Vi, I admit we had raw sex before but that doesn’t mean I’ll get pregnant in the end. I’m not pregnant. I’m having my period right now,” Violet sigh heavily.

“Sometimes a woman who pregnant suffered that. Do you want to go to the clinic? And the pee stick... we noticed you’re different than usual. It’s like you had something on your mind,” Gwen look away. She cursed herself for making others thinking about something they shouldn’t even think about.

“Trust me, if I’m pregnant, I should know what’s different about myself physically. Besides, I don’t think I’m having any symptoms of getting pregnant. I always eat when I’m having my period since it helps with the cramps,” Violet look away, embarrassed that Audrey putting ideas in her mind.

“What? You want me to get pregnant? You have to marry me first then I’ll think about having a baby with you,” Gwen winked while Violet blushed. It makes Gwen happy to see Violet’s reddening face.

“I’m joking. Trust me, I’m not pregnant. The pee stick Audrey saw probably a popsicle stick since I’ve been eating ice cream for weeks now,” violet smile as she enjoys her meal.

“By the way, will you be able to be there for the championship? I think... I need some moral support if I want to win. I would ask William but we’re not together anymore. And I’m sorry for what happened to you. It’s all my fault that you have all the bruises on your face,” Violet waved it off.

“It’s fine. I’ve been through worse while training with my mom,” Violet smiled. Gwen’s heart skipped a beat every time she saw her genuine smile. She knows something is happening in her heart but she’s not sure what it is yet.

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