The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 14

“Hmm... what a lovely specimen you got here,” Victoria weakly opening her eyes when she heard the same voice she’s been hearing for the past 6 months. The man was smiling at her while touching her bare skin.

Her eyes wander around, searching for her sister. When she finally noticed her sister, a sharp pain suddenly washed over her. She turned her attention to the man in front of her, staring with wide eyes.

“Every time, it never gets sag! I love this hole you have, Vicky,” the man pushed his hips even harder, making Victoria wailed in pain. As time goes by, the intensity he kept delivering to Victoria increases.

“Tori...” she heard her sister cry for her.

“Tori...,” Victoria turned her head to her sister while the man releases his white liquid into her body.

“Vi...,” the man pulled himself from Victoria and put on his pants. Another man came along with a huge smile plastered on his face.

“How many times do I have to tell you that you shouldn’t release inside the girls! They’re for selling! If they got pregnant, the price will be lower!” The man who raped Victoria smirk at the raven-haired man in suits.

“But she’s too young and fat! This teen, however, she’s beautiful and tight. I love her hole. Why can’t we keep her as our very own slave?” Violet heard what they said as she tries to remove the shackles. Her heart sank when she saw the state her sister’s in.

“Tonight is the night,” Violet mentally said before she noticed a sharp object that looks like an ax not far from where she’s at. Her eyes locked on to it like vultures while aware of her surroundings.

Violet moved slowly towards the ax, making sure none of the guys noticed what he’s trying to do. When she finally managed to grab the handle, she took a couple of deep breaths, and try to get up on both her legs.

The guys noticed what she’s trying to do.

“You think you can get to us with shackles around your legs?” Little did they know that because of their own carelessness, she manages to steal a set of keys that fell on the ground when they try to feed her.

Violet removed the shackles and smiled at the guys who kept them from seeing the outside world for 6 months time.

“You’ve hurt my sister! You have to pay with your body!” Violet swing the ax on her hands and it landed on the man who raped her sister earlier. His left arm falls off onto the ground while he screamed in agony.

Violet turned her attention to the man with the raven hair. She smirked before swinging her ax towards him, decapitate his head from his body. Violet was soaked in blood as she repeated whacks his lifeless body and spilled his head in two.

The man who raped her sister stared with wide eyes. How can someone so young capable of doing such a thing to two grown men?!

Violet didn’t wait for him to say anything as she swung her ax, killing the man with one blow on his face. Violet let go of the ax and went to her sister who froze in her place after witnessing something she never thought she ever saw.

“Tori... let’s go... let’s escape from this place... please,” Violet helped her sister up and escape from their captivity.


Victoria jolted from her slumber when she heard Bianca’s soft voice calling for her.

“Tori get up or you’ll miss your morning lecture!” Bianca shakes her body while she tries to forget her dream. She looks down on her hand, wondering about her past life. Why did she dream about that dreadful moment?

Why does she have to think about the past right now?


Violet got out from her room and search for the loud music she’s been hearing since she was forcefully woken up at 5 am. She walks, following the noise until she came across a studio. Violet noticed the door were slightly open before she peaks her head into the studio.

Her eyes landed on Gwen standing in front of the mirror with her hands on her waist. Her body slightly moves with the music before she went into full mode dancing in front of the mirror. Violet watched her with awe.

Violet didn’t notice herself were inside the studio until Gwen waving her hands in front of her.

“I’m sorry. It’s just... it’s 5 am! Why are you up early?” Gwen look around.

“This is a dance studio and the championship is just around the corner. I want to practice the routine. If I can watch myself dance, maybe I can notice my own flaw and fix it before the championship,” Violet was impressed. Who knew her bully would be this worried about her performance.

“Audrey has been changing the routine for few times. We only ever heard rumors about Audrey and how talented she was but I have to admit, that woman, she knows what she’s doing,” Gwen turned around and look at herself in the mirror.

“I love to dance, Vi. It’s my whole life since I was 5. I even plan to it as a career but my parents, being their Asian-self, they want me to have a decent job,” Violet say on the floor, listening to Gwen as she talks.

“Is being a dancer really that bad?” Violet shrugged.

“For me it’s simple. If you wish to be a dancer, just be one. Show them that you have what it takes to be the best of the best,” Violet smiled as Gwen sat on the floor, facing Violet with a smile.

“You know, when I told William, she told me to be a stripper instead. He doesn’t care about my passion whenever I told him about this. That’s the first time I heard someone told me to do what’s right for myself,” Gwen suddenly took Violet’s hands leaving Violet frozen in place.

“Who would’ve thought that the person who I bullied since we met would be the person who advises me, support me in what I want to do. Thank Vi, for everything,” Violet poke on Gwen’s nose.

“Your welcome,”


Violet was walking through the school hallways when people surrounding her whispering to each other as she passed. She was curious but she knows better than to let them get under her skin. When she arrived at her locker to get some books, the person next to her immediately leaves his locker, keeping his head low.

Violet let it go as she took her books before shutting her lock and went to her next class. Usually, she would be with Audrey but with the championship around the corner, the cheer squad was given a special permission to practice right after lunch, skipping classes altogether.

It’s all thanks to Auriana since Audrey begged her adoptive mother to talk with the principal. Audrey wants to end her senior year with a bang and winning the championship is just one of her many agendas.

When she enters the classroom, Richard and William with other members of the football team were talking at the back of the class. William noticed Violet walking in but Richard manage to grabbed his wrist before he did anything.

“What’s wrong with you? You end things with Gwen. Violet doesn’t have anything to do with your problem,” Richard reasoned.

“Yes but that fat ass being close to my Gwen! She has a reputation to uphold,” Richard pulled William hard.

“Stop making yourself looks stupid. Gwen has her own right to be friends with anyone. You don’t have any say about it anymore! You should know this before decided to cheat on her!” William removed his wrist from Richard hold forcefully.

“Don’t make me punch you, captain,” William said through gritted teeth. Violet was just seated on her hair when William suddenly sat on her desk with his hands crossed on his chest. William smile at her when he noticed the bruises on her face and hands.

“Seems like my boys did hurt you huh. How does it feel to be beaten?” William asked while Violet ignores him.

“I thought I warned you not to get yourself close to Gwen. You even have the nerve to stayed in her house!” William’s ego risen when Violet ignores him even more. She pokes on Violet’s shoulder to get her attention.

“Will! Come back here!” Richard warned him when he noticed a few guys in black suits suddenly enters the classroom.

William ignores his friend’s plea and continues to gain Violet’s attention by pushing her head with his fingers. It was when a man placed his hand on William’s shoulder he stopped, frozen.

“I thought we told you to stay away from Lady Violet. We won’t hesitate to turn you into desserts if you continue to be a nuisance,” Violet sigh heavily.

“Guys, let him go. We can’t simply change a boy into a man in one day. I can take care of myself,” the guys in black suit nod and leaves the classroom. Richard apologized to Violet before he forcefully dragged William away from her desk.


“Gwen! GWEN!” William shouted for his ex from afar as he jogged towards her and the other group of cheerleaders. Audrey rolled her eyes but Hadley pulled her away from meeting William. She knows that nothing good ever happens whenever they met.

“What is it, William? I thought I told you to stay away from me! Do I need to get a court restraining order for you?” William raised both hands, surrendering himself.

“Hear me out, will you. Richard told me you’ve been suffering from major mood swings as if you’re pregnant. Are you? If so, it’s mine isn’t it?” Gwen can’t believe what she’s hearing right now. To think he has the nerve to talk about that in front of everyone at the school quad is not wise!

“William! I’m not pregnant! How could you embarrassed me like that!” Gwen was about to cry because of the looks she was given by bystanders when Gianna interfered.

“Will, you should go. Please, just go!” Gianna was telling William off when he just pushed Gianna on to the ground bringing Gwen with her as well. They both groaned in pain as they hurt their butt from the fall.

Violet saw what happened and she didn’t wait for William to react when she used the back of her hand to slapped William across the face hard. Richard went to grabbed William by the arm and pulled him away from Violet.

“Tell your friend to keep his hands off your fiancée and Gwen! Don’t force me to do something you both regret,” Violet warned them.

“Gianna! Why would you interfere like that!” Violet can’t believe that she’s hearing right now.

“It’s your goddamn friend who started this! Not Gwen nor Gianna!” Richard seems pissed off when Violet talks to him as if he doesn’t have any say in this thing.

“Listen! She’s my fiancée! I can do or say anything to her. It’s her fault for interfering while Gwen and William were having a conversation! Come, Gianna! Ugh! I should’ve listened to William when he said Gianna and the rest of the cheer squad shouldn’t be close to you! Come or I’ll break our relationship!” Gianna seems defeated when she slowly nodded.

Violet took her hand and pulled her over to where she is.

“She is not a ‘thing’ you could just throw away after you used her up! Get on your knees and beg for forgiveness, NOW!” Violet screamed after she saw the woman she crushing on since junior high were treated like rubbish.

“Who are you to teach me how to treat my own fiancée?! Look! I love my fiancée but sometimes, she gets onto my nerve! To hell what I have to do to keep her at bay! You don’t have any rights to talk back to me!” Before Richard could act, Audrey suddenly came and swing a hard kick on Richard’s head that makes him fall onto the ground.

“God I hate men like you two! See Hadley! I told you he’s back to his old self. Gianna was enjoying herself too much to say anything! Damn her fetish!” Audrey looks down on her brand new shoes.

“MY SHOES! You better pay to get this clean! It’s brand new!” Audrey screamed.


“You actually like to be treated like rubbish? How is that even a thing?” Violet asked Gianna when they arrived at the diner where Bianca works.

“I don’t know how to explain it okay! It’s just... pleasure in my case,” Violet sigh while the others chuckling at Violet’s reaction.

“It’s no use in talking to Gianna about that. We tried but she never listens. Besides, Richard was just pretending just then. Audrey just had to kick his head like that. He was just pretending to have William’s friend so he won’t be called whips. In reality, he’s afraid of our Gianna,” Hadley explained while Gwen nod as Gianna blushed.

“Speaking of whips, he’s coming,” Hadley pointed as when she noticed Richard frantically search for them in the diner. When he finds them, Richard gets on his knees and apologized to Gianna for what he had done earlier.

“Ugh! Shut up and sit on the floor like a bad boy you are. You’re just in my way,” Richard flinched before he did as told. Bianca went to their table and noticed Richard on the floor. She wanted to ask but she knows better than to do so.

“Ready to order?” Bianca smiled. After they ordered, Violet eyes landed on Bianca’s butt as she walks away. Gwen noticed this, making her pout and crossed her hands in front of everyone.

“What’s up with you?” Hadley asked but Gwen ignores her. Hadley followed her eyes and smile when Violet seems to unnoticed that Gwen’s jealous of her action.

“Violet, boobs or butts?” Hadley asked smiling at Gwen.


“Thigh or waist?” Hadley asked again.

“Thigh. Wait, what is up with these questions?” The others chuckled but not Gwen. When the food comes, Violet smiles at Bianca before she watches her back again. This makes Gwen pissed even more. She was about to say something when she realized that she’s angry for no reason.

Violet’s not someone who she currently dating, why would she feels anger, jealousy, and sadness when she looks at other women? Gwen rests her elbow on the table while trying to calm her nerves.

“Why are you breathing like that? You sound like a woman giving birth,” Gianna pointed out.

“G, I think I’ve finally lost it,” she said under her death before leaning into Gianna.

“I think I’m I love with Violet. These feelings in my chest, it’s all jumbled up and I don’t know how to express them,” Gwen whispered into Gianna’s ear.

“But I’m scared. What if... she’s going to treat me like William did,” Gwen turned her attention to Violet who now talking to Bianca. She wants to know what does her heart wants her to do!


“You know, I never would’ve thought that you of all people would be the one who wants to eat every food that the championship camp offers,” Violet chuckled as Gwen finishes her crepe.

“What? You said you’ll be paying for the food when you’re here! Now let’s find something different to eat,” Gwen dragged Violet all over the place. Violet wonders how did she maintain her figure with an appetite like that.

“Yakisoba! Oh, I miss Japan. I want to visit Japan again,” Gwen interlocked their fingers together as Violet blushed in a deep shade of red.

Right now, they’re both acting like couples in front of everyone. Some thought they’re cute tother but some were disgusted by the fact that the same-sex couple graces their presence in front of them.

But for Gwen, she never felt something like this with anyone before, not even her ex’s could make her feel this feeling.

“Say ahhh,” Gwen was about to feed Violet when they both blushed. Violet open her mouth as Gwen feeds her the food she was offering. They were minding their own business when a group of girls came across them.

“Oh wait! Is that you Gwen?” Gwen turned her attention the group of girls before rolling her eyes.

“Oh look! The wannabes, what are you doing here wannabes? I thought you got eliminated in the first round,” Gwen was being savage like her usual self.

“Where is William? I thought you and that boy planning to marry each other in the future. And who is this girl you’re with?” The girls gasped.

“Don’t tell me you’re playing with the other side now! Ewww! They don’t even know how to pleasure a woman like us,” Gwen scoffed.

“A woman? I don’t see any woman at all around here, I see a bitch who’s barking for attention. Let’s go, Violet,” the girls seem pissed but before she could touch Gwen’s shoulder, two guys in a black suit appeared and look at the girls right into their soul.

“Is there a problem here lady Gwen? Lady Violet?” The guy asked.

“No problem here boys. Some dogs just decided to disturb our peace. Do something about it will you,” Gwen smirk.

“As you wish, lady Gwen,” Gwen smiled before they continue to walk. Violet was shaking her head while Gwen tries to reason for her action.

“It’s not that I’m mad that you use them like that but do you need them to dragged them away like that?” Gwen shrugged.

“They just got on my nerves. I have to show them that they aren’t allowed to be. Bitch around us,” Gwen wrapped her arms around Violet before tilting her head to gain Violet’s attention.

“I’m sorry, okay?” Violet look away but Gwen grabbed her chin to face her. Gwen keep a smile on her face since she knows Violet likes to see her being all cute.

“I’m sorry, I won’t do it again,” Gwen pout. Violet sigh since the pout is working for her.

“Fine,” she hates to admit it but she’s beginning to get too cozy with Violet whenever she’s this close.

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