The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 15

“Looks like they made it to the finals!” Richard was cheering for his school’s squad while Violet stood and clapped her hands for the Vista Academy cheer squad.

“Bringing Audrey in the squad really helps a lot,” Richard and Violet go back sitting in the bleachers as they wait for their friends.

“Violet, I’m sorry for everything. Since this is probably the only time we’ll get to be together and have this talk. I know you had feelings for Gianna. I hope, this will not make my relationship with my fiancée be affected by it. I love her, I really do. She’s the only reason I’m alive today,” Violet sigh heavily.

“Look Richard. She was my crush. I confessed and she rejected me. I’m sorry for nearly hit you when you took William’s side when that bastard pushed both Gianna and Gwen onto the ground. I was mad and I hate to see the person I care for gets hurt for something stupid,” Violet explained.

“Besides, Gianna’s your fiancée. I’m not the type of person who snatches someone’s partner. Besides, I have my eyes on someone else right now. Gianna is old news and I only see her as a friend rather than a crush,” Richard smiled.

“Is it Gwen?” Violet shrugged.

“If it’s Gwen, you’re one lucky girl. She took cares of William from his clothes to his food. I know because Williams talks about her all the time. If William didn’t do something as stupid as cheated on her with other girls, he’s lucky to have Gwen as a wife. If you decided to take her as your own, you’re one lucky girl, Violet,” Richard patted Violet’s shoulder before he waved for Gianna and the others.

Violet look up to see Gwen excitedly waving at her.

“Did you see that?! I nailed the jump! I’m so happy I could die,” Gwen sat beside Violet before wrapping her arms around Violet’s. Violet was too used to this gesture by now she hasn’t even fazed anymore.

“Tomorrow is the finals, right? What should we do now? It’s too early for celebration..” Richard wrapped her arms around Gianna’s shoulder.

“How about a nice dinner at one of the more expensive restaurants in town? Violet will be the one paying of course,” Audrey smirk while hugging Hadley from behind.

Before Violet could say anything, a soft but sinister female voice suddenly laughed behind them. Violet freeze when she heard a voice she doesn’t want to even remember. Audrey immediately went to Violet’s side and glared at the woman walking down the stairs.

“Oh my God! Is that you Audrey? I never thought you would be getting yourself in a squad after what that fat bitch did,” the woman’s eyes landed on Violet who’s holding on Gwen’s arm for dear life. Gwen noticed how cold sweat forming on her palm.

“Is that you Violet? And I’m impressed, you actually manage to find a woman who will love you even after they know about your past! I’m Agnes, from Aiden High. I used to be Violet’s girlfriend,” the other smile.

“What do you want Agnes?!” Audrey asked, annoyed by her voice already.

“Geez! What? I can’t greet my old pals?” Agnes smile.

“Not after what you’ve down to us! You got some nerve meeting us after that! Get your ass out off my face before I’ll do something that will make me regret it for life!” Audrey was being hostile but Agnes wasn’t fazed at all. She laughed at how protective Audrey being.

“Violet... I just want the luxury back. Come once let date again, okay? Gianna seems happy with her boyfriend. I told you she won’t be yours but did you listen to me,” everyone was surprised with what Agnes just said.

“What? It’s not a crime to be with someone for their money. I’m sure that person next to her choose her for money. I mean, she’s not even hot!” Gwen let go of Violet’s arm, stood up and face Agnes with anger.

“Shut up or I’ll shut it for you, with my first shove into it!” Gwen angrily said through gritted teeth. Agnes raised both hands when she saw how serious Gwen gets.


“Get in, please,” Gwen opened her room door for Violet to enter. Violet was about to politely decline but Gwen was not in a mood. Violet sigh and enters. Gwen closes the door behind her and watches Violet went to her bed.

Gwen sigh herself and went to sit in front of he dressing table and remove her earrings and makeup.

“Violet, who is Agnes?” Gwen asked as she wipes her make up off. Violet shrugged, not knowing what to say. If she told Gwen who Agnes was, she knows, she’ll get more annoyed that she already has. Gwen sigh.

“Violet, I’m not going to be mad. Just tell me who she was in your life. I know she said she’s your ex but, what does she mean by she wants the luxury back?” Violet lay down on the bed and immediately Gwen’s scent invaded her nostril.

“I was in an abused relationship. She often hit me for no reason. Audrey was the one who made her psycho self-leave me. She didn’t leave without anything though. She took my savings, and force me to give her whatever she wants or she’ll make my life a living hell,” Gwen took another paper wipe and remove her lipstick.

“What did she do? What did you give her? Why didn’t your family do something about her? Your mom slapped me for what I’ve done,” Gwen asked, already annoyed by Agnes. She remembered how painful it was being slapped by Auriana.

“My sister knew after she took my savings. She told me to be my old self if I ever encounter someone like that ever again. But for Agnes, tori handle her herself,” Violet smiled.

Gwen looks at herself in the mirror before facing Violet.

“Violet, to be honest, I don’t like Agnes. Stay away from her, okay?” Violet nod. Gwen smiled before she went to lay beside Violet on the bed.

“Can you stay tonight? I don’t want to be alone,” violet froze when Gwen wrapped her arms around her body and leans her face to her neck.

“I just love your scent,” Gwen sigh in relief before closing her eyes.


“How did you and Luca even get along? You guys seem fighting a lot with each other,” Bianca pointed out as she helps Auriana with dinner. Auriana chuckled before she faces Bianca.

“It’s all thanks to Tori and Vi. They were the ones who get us together. Trust me, Luca was my enemy and we actually were forced to marry each other. My hate for Luca was too deep that I’m willing to kill him in his sleep,” Auriana chuckled. Bianca doesn’t see any of the words she’s saying as a joke.

“We met while Luca was married to his first wife. She died from an illness. I see her as my own older sister and the way Luca acted when she’s gone actually touches me. He may be a mobster but his love for his wife was so great, I even envied them. She was his first love after all,” Auriana smiled whenever she remembers the past.

“Luca doesn’t have any kids from his past marriage?” Auriana shakes her head.

“He’s not capable of having his own. I’m sure Tori told you how he first met her and her sister right?” Bianca nod.

“Did Tori told you the whole story?” Bianca shakes her head no.

“Alright, I’ll tell you the real story of Victoria and Violet. To be honest, none of us wanted to talk about it because we don’t want Violet to remember her past that much. But she’s not here now and I guess you should know the truth,” Bianca gulp down the lump in her throat.

“Victoria and Violet parent’s were homeless. But, because of how high the cost of living, they never go to school until Luca found them. Miraculously, they both learn how to speak, to write from their mother. We never found their father,” Auriana sigh.

“What happened to their mother now?” Bianca asked.

“She died from lack of nutrition. Tori told us that violet never leaves her mother’s side even after she died. It was until a man came to them, took them to his house. That’s when inner violet was awakened. Her inner self that shouldn’t even be there,” Bianca gulp down her saliva.

“Victoria probably is the best fighter and gun handler but Violet, she’ll be one hell of a psychotic killer if her inner self-find it’s way again. I only ever met her inner self once and it was a lot of work to control her. She’s more dangerous than Tori ever will,” Bianca can’t believe someone who smiles all the time capable of doing something like that.

“Basically she’s a killing machine when something triggers her inner self,” Victoria lean at the door frame, crossing her hands while watching her mother and girlfriend in the kitchen.

“Trigger?” Bianca asked.

“Yes. It always triggers when someone whom she loves in danger,” Victoria smiled.


“THE WINNER OF VISTA CHEER CHAMPIONSHIP, VISTA ACADEMY!!!” The announcer announced the winner that makes everyone single of Vista Academy’s cheerleader jumped up and down excited as their captain went to get the trophy and cheque for $5,000.

Both Richard and Violet stood up from their seat, happy that all their friend’s hard work paid off in the end. As they went down to meet their friends., again a cane running towards Richard and embrace him in a hug, kissing him passionately in front of everyone.

Violet smiled, proud that Gwen, Audrey, and Hadley actually manage to win to the championship. Gwen who can’t contain her excitement anymore went to embrace Violet, and confess her true feelings for violet.

“Violet, I love you,” Gwen pulled away, wrapping both arms around Violet’s shoulder.

“I know, it sounds weird but, I love you, Vi. I want to be yours. I can’t lie to my feelings anymore,” Violet was speechless.

“To be honest Gwen, I’ve been trying to find the courage to say that myself,” Violet said under her breath. Gwen smiled, leaning into Violet until Audrey pushed Violet’s body forward. Both Gwen and Violet eyes widen before they smile at each other.

“Huuuuuuuu! Gwen and Violet sitting on a trees K.I.S.S.I.N.G,” Audrey teased together with Hadley. Gwen and Violet pulled away from each other before they face their friends with their reddened faces.

“Oh... my... GOD!” Gwen’s eyes widen when she noticed her parents and siblings staring at her with eyes widen as well. Her mother was overwhelmed while her father was speechless. Her sisters smirk while her brother disgusted by the fact that his sister just kissed a girl.

“Mom, dad?! Why are you here? I thought you guys went overseas! Guys?!” Gwen tightened the grip on Violet’s side. Violet doesn’t know what to do except doing the things her parents told her to do whenever meet someone important.

“Hi, my name is Violet Martin. I’m your daughter’s classmate,” Gwen sisters smile before they shake Violet’s hand.

“William told us about your championship and he said it will mean a lot if we came here to support you but this is not what I have in mind, Gwen,” Audrey groaned.

“William again. That boy cheated on Gwen. He just wants to make her life miserable,” Audrey rudely said before Hadley could stop her.

“And now you’re friends with a bunch of rude people. No offence Gianna, Hadley,” Gwen’s mother looks down on Audrey and Violet.

“Gwen, let’s go!” Gwen’s father firmly said but she didn’t let go of Violet’s waist.

“GWEN!” Gwen flinched.

“Eh, hold on, hold on,” Auriana suddenly appeared behind Gwen’s family.

“What’s going on here? Why are you forcing my daughter’s girlfriend like that?” Auriana facing Gwen’s parents.

“She’s my daughter!” Gwen’s father hissed at Auriana. The wife of the mobster was this close to slapped the man in front of him but she held herself off from doing so.

“GWEN! Let’s GO HOME!”

“NO! I’m done following your orders. Daddy, I’m going to be a dancer and I’m going to date her. End of discussion!” Gwen’s father was fuming as his hand was about to slap his daughter when Violet grabbed his hand before hitting Gwen.

“Don’t... just don’t,” Violet said before she sighs.


“Beck? Are you okay?” Victoria asked when she walks into the apartment. Beck smiled before giving Victoria a thumbs up.

“I’m just tired from school, that’s all,” Victoria smiled back.

“Where is your sister? I thought she said she’s on her day off,” Beck pointed at his sister’s room.

“She said something about a dinner with you. Now that you mentioned it, you do look extra hot tonight,” Victoria looks down on what she’s wearing. She wants to introduced Bianca to her world tonight and she wants everyone to respect her.

“Thank you, Beck. Are you sure you don’t want to follow us? It’s gonna be fun and there will be a lot of hot girls for you to see,” Victoria lures the young boy in but Beck shakes his head.

“I rather stay at home today. Tomorrow I have a quiz so I have to study. You should have fun with my sister tonight. She needs it,” Victoria sigh. She knows it’s futile to invite him once he set his mind on something.

“So, is this okay?” Victoria and Beck look up to Bianca in a black off-shoulder dress while she wears her wavy hair down.

“Wow Bianca, you look hot! I’m sure that old geezer will have their eyes on you tonight,” Bianca blushed before she hit her brother’s shoulder lightly.

“Oh Beck... wait, Beck... you’re burning up! Honey, are you having a fever?” Bianca looks up to Victoria who sat beside Beck and feeling his forehead.

“Whoa, dude! You’re hot and I mean the bad way. Come on, let’s go to the hospital,” Beck refuse.

“Nah. I’m fine. You guys should go. I’m a big boy now and I know how to take care of myself,” Beck tried to put on a smile but he’s failing. He’s been suffering from the fever for almost a week now but he doesn’t want his sister to know.

“Beck! Don’t be stubborn! Tori, I’m sorry. We’re going to the hospital now!” Victoria nod before she tries to carry Beck on her back.

“I can walk! You guys should go to the dinner!” Beck blushed, embarrassed by the fact that a woman tries to carry him.

“Shut up! We’re going to the hospital whether you like it or now!” Victoria forces her way to carried Beck downstairs and into the car while Bianca closing their door.

“Beck! You’re shivering! Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner! Tori! Come on!” Bianca can’t help but cry seeing her brother like this. He’s the only family she has right now.


Luca enters his late wife room and sat on the bed where she took her last breath. He misses his late wife whenever he’s alone if Auriana has some work that required her to go far from him. He always remembered his wife’s images in his mind when he’s alone.

“Hey Thalia,” his hands rubbing the sheets with a smile.

“I’m alone again. Auriana went to see Violet and her friends in some competition. Yes Thalia, our little anti-social Violet has friends now. I’m so proud of her. Remember when you said you were worried about her being alone for her senior year, well, that’s not happening,” Luca chuckled.

“Victoria actually manages to find someone whom she loves as well although both of our kids decided to be in love with a woman,” Luca laid down on the bed, looking at his own reflection in the mirror above him.

“Thalia, I miss you. Why do you have to leave me while we were having so much fun watching our kids growing up?” Luca sigh, sadden by his wife death.

“I’m always here, Luca. In your heart that is,” Luca froze when his eyes landed on a figure laying on its side facing him with a smile.

“Hi Luca,” Luca was speechless when he saw his dead wife smiling at him.

“Thalia? How is this even possible? You’re dead,” Thalia pout. Luca smiled when he saw that cute pout that she always uses to get what she wants.

“Luca! You’re mean! But you’re right, I am dead. I’m just a facade of your memory. Don’t you noticed that you’re sleeping right now?” Luca shakes his head no. He didn’t remember falling asleep.

“Oh, Luca. I’m so glad you decided to marry Auriana. I trust her judgment over yours. I’m so, so glad she managed to take care of our children,” Luca smiled.

“Yes, I love her. I hope... that doesn’t make you jealous,” Thalia laughed as she cuddles with Luca.

“No silly. Why would I be jealous? We’ve known each other since we’re a child and we even marry each other. I’ve had enough fun and lifetime with you. It’s Auriana’s turn to see the real you behind that facade. But I do have 1 question,” Luca smiled.

“Do you love me still Luca?” Luca nod before he gets up to a sitting position.

“I love you, I miss you, I can’t help but think about you whenever I saw something that reminds me of you. You’re my first love, Thalia. Why do you have to leave me?” Thalia can’t help but to hugged Luca from behind.

“I’m sorry for not trying to find my illness, Luca. I really did try to stay alive but... seems like it’s not enough to make me look after you, look after the kids. But you have my word Luca, I’m always there... with you and the kids... in here... I live in here,” Thalia rested her chin on his shoulder before kissing Luca’s cheek.

“Wake up and wipe that tears on your cheek. You’re Luca Martin! Luca doesn’t cry, he is strong. Take care of Victoria and Violet, Luca. Somewhere, in the future, you need to be there for them, both you and Auriana,” Thalia smiled.

Luca opened his eyes and look at himself through the mirror above him. He wiped his tears from his cheek and wonder what Thalia tried to say to him in his dream.

“Thalia, what are you trying to say to me?” He turned his head to the bedside table where a picture of his late wife sits. He smiled.

“I love you, Thalia, always and forever,” Luca touches his chest. He truly loves his late wife.

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