The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 16

“You know, I never saw someone who just won a huge championship look so sad once they got back to the school their representing,” Audrey sat down together with Hadley when they arrived at school.

“Well, the others cheerleader didn’t have to face a problem I’m facing right now,” Gwen sigh heavily before resting her head on Gianna’s shoulder.

“My parents want me to live with my grandparents once I’m graduated,” Gwen added while sighing hard again.

“Your grandparents? Where?” Audrey asked while rubbing Hadley’s side when she felt a sudden chill.

“Thailand,” Audrey’s eyes widen.

“Sawadikap!” Audrey chuckled before Hadley nudged her side. Hadley always wonders how come Audrey never serious about everything in her life.

“Does Violet know?” Gwen shrugged.

“Did you tell her?” Gwen shakes her head no.

“Then she doesn’t know, duh!” Audrey sigh. She thinks of a way to make her stay. She doesn’t want Violet to be sad after graduation after all.

“Do you love her?” Gwen slowly nod.

“Why? Because of her money? Her status?” They were all surprised by Audrey’s questions.

“If I want money I have my own, dimwit. I’m rich! I love her because she never gives a damn about anything people said about her. She has a kind heart for even accepted me in her life after what I’ve done to her. She was there when I needed someone the most and she was there when I was about to lose my mind. Now tell me if that’s not a perfect partner material?” Audrey, Hadley and Gianna were speechless.

“Besides she likes to pamper me and she knows what I like with just a few days with me. She keeps her eyes and ears open,” Gwen added.

“So basically you want to stay in Vista, together with Violet and you wish to be a dancer? A professional dancer?” Gwen nod.

“You can just be a dancer in Thailand. And Violet could just move to Thailand with you, Gwen,” Audrey suggested but Gwen shakes her head no.

“I’m planning to enter Thalina Dance Academy, one of the leading academy for a small-time dancer who wishes to be big. That academy has connections to mega production houses that will make me big! I will not pass that opportunity because of my parent’s ideology!” Gwen ends her argument.

“Then fight for your own dreams! We can’t help you in that department because, by the end of the day, it’s you who shall face the music with your parents, not us. Stop being so gloomy and proof to them you’re serious with this dreams of yours. You want to be an entertainer, fight for it!” Audrey stood up from her seat while giving Gwen the pep talk she needs.

“Audrey’s right. You should fight for your dreams. For now, the only thing you have to think about is your dream as a dancer. You’re one talented woman, Gwen. I’m sure the academy will accept your application,” Violet suddenly appeared beside Gwen before giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“What about you? I don’t want to stay away from youuuuu...” Gwen trailed off as she leans into Violet.

“I’m always here... supporting you,” Violet smiled.


“Gwen, how was school? Come here, Your father and I wish to speak to you,” Gwen sigh before she let her duffel bag on the floor. She went to sit across the chair that faces her parents.

“Your father and I found the perfect university for you in Thailand. Since you are staying with your grandparents, we thought you are interested in further your study to be an engineer. You can always come here if you want to work here. What do you say, Gwen?” Gwen shakes her head as she read the brochure her parents gave her.

“No... this is not my passion. I want to be a dancer. I love dancing, I want to entertain people,” Gwen’s father was not happy to hear that but her mother calms him by touching his hand.

“Gwen, please, don’t embarrass us like this. You know how people back in our hometown looks up to our family because almost all of our children are making their own. Now it’s your turn to follow your sibling’s footstep,” Gwen’s mother reason.

“Does anyone care about my feelings? I want to be a dancer. Why is it so hard for you two to understand that!” Gwen raised her voice.

“You have good grades! Why waste it when you can be somebody else!” Her father finally said something.

“Because being a dancer is what I want! I don’t want to be an engineer and fix someone else’s mistake! I want to create my own dream, I want to inspire people! THAT’S WHAT I WANT TO DO!” Gwen yelled. Her father stood up and slapped his own daughter across the face.

Gwen didn’t even flinch from it.

“Thank you for that. Is that how you teach us, your own kids? You know what dad, you can be an engineer yourself if you want to be one. I don’t care if I have to move out from this house, I’m going to be a dancer and that’s final!” Gwen was about to go when her father said something that made her blood boil.

“Ugh! This is all because of that lesbian fat girl! She influenced you to be this way!” Gwen faces her parents.

“That ‘lesbian fat girl’ is the person who was there when I needed someone the most! Where were you two when I need someone to be there for me? You two were busy with work! I swear when I have my own kid in the future, I WILL NEVER TURN MYSELF INTO YOU GUYS!” Gwen’s father laughed at her.

“AS IF you can have your own child! She doesn’t even have the right tool!” Gwen ignores her father and went to her room before she cries. She never knew that the people she loves the most would be doing this kind of thing towards her when she finally reveals her dream.

She was devastated.


“Does she sing? Can she dance hip hop? Tell me, Ana, I’m curious,” Thalina, the owner of Thalina Dance Academy excitedly asked her old friend about a young talent that was mentioned.

“She sure knows how to dance, I’m not sure about singing. She does have a pretty face and she’s my Violet girlfriend. Come on Thalina, promise me you’ll consider her when she decided to audition for your academy,” Ana asked her friends for help.

“You know I can’t be biased when it comes to talent, Ana. If she has what it takes to be shaping up by my world-class instructor, I’m sure to consider her for my academy. If she doesn’t, she’s out! Easy like that. This entertainment world is one of the harshest industry mankind can ever endure,” Thalina took a small bite of a scone before shoving it all in.

“This is delicious, you sure know how to cook Auriana. Your talent never fades,” Thalina compliments her friend.

“Even though you marry my sister’s husband that is,” Thalina smiled while Auriana sigh.

“Ugh come on! It’s been years now. I’m sorry for taking Luca from you,” they both burst into laughter before Thalina gets serious.

“Serious now, did you said this talent you mention is Violet’s girlfriend? Our little anti-social Violet? Wow! I never knew she would finally have the nerve to ask someone out!” They both chuckled.

“Violet didn’t! She did, when she won the championships,” Thalina laughed.

“Classic Violet. She never found the right moment to confess. Anyway, I’ll make sure to watch her closely if she ever auditions for my academy. What’s her name again? Gwen Bryant?” Auriana shakes her head no.

“It’s Bri-ya-an. That’s how you pronounce it but the spelling is Bryant,” Auriana explained since Violet thought her that way before she went to meet Thalina.

“She’s Thai huh? Interesting, her family migrate to Vista?” Auriana nod before she took a cheque from under a file.

“And this is the yearly donation from Luca and I. Thalia did open this academy for those who want to dance but can’t afford it. This is for the scholarship program she started,” Thalina looks at the amount with wide eyes.

“5 million dollars?! That’s insane! This is even more than last year donation!” Auriana laughed.

“Let’s just say that Thalia has a lot of savings while she was alive and with that money both Luca and I even double it’s worth,” Auriana winked.

“I always thought Thalia marrying a mafia would be the end for all her hard work. You know how hard she works her ass off to be one of the well-known names in the art scene. She likes the art and she died with her name engraved on a statue in the middle of the city park as well!” Thalina smiled, knowing her sister didn’t die in vain.

“She raises two gorgeous kids who soon will continuing her masterpiece, I’m proud that you manage to shape them both to be the way Thalia wanted them to be,” Auriana smiled.

“She gave me a 10 paged letter. I am fulfilling her wish one by one until the day I greet death myself,” they laughed.

Even in death Thalia manage to make them both busy dealing with her chores.


“Gianna? Is that you?” Violet greet Gianna when she came across her at one of the art exhibition. Gianna looks up with a smile on her face.

“Hey! Yes, that’s me. Are you alone?” Violet nod.

“Gwen has a dance class to go to. What about you? Are you alone?” Gianna nod.

“Richard has a football practice and Hadley has a date with Audrey,” they both chuckled.

“I don’t think that’s considered as a date if they stayed in a room all day long. I like to call it as a one on one session for each other,” They were hushed by a passerby. They apologised.

“What are you doing here?” Gianna asked before pointing at one of the walls... that has Victoria’s picture on them.

“I’m here to support my sister and of course appreciating the art scene,” Gianna thought that for her to be related with the youngest art critic must be amazing.

Something caught Violet’s eyes that made her turned to a beautiful painting. She looks at the plate.

“Sonata, wow,” she was admiring the detail the painter puts into its painting.

“It’s a little sad huh. You can just feel the sadness as the painter paint this piece,” Violet nod. Her eyes scanned the piece with such thorough she didn’t even notice that she holding on Gianna’s hands.

“I’m sorry,” she apologised when Gianna clearing her throat.

“It’s ok. I know how something this majestic could make you swim into the painter’s imagination as he or she paints this,” Violet chuckled. They decided to check out the exhibition together and talk about art and how it changes their life.

Gwen’s dance instructor decided to end its class earlier than expected because of an emergency. She remembered that Violet told her about an exhibition she wants to check out as she waits for her class to be done.

She decided to not call for violet and went to the exhibition on her own. As she walks in, everyone was turning their attention to her since she’s wearing her sweats rather than a proper attire for an exhibition.

She ignores everyone and walks around until she found Violet together with her best friend talking animatedly with each other. Something happened inside Gwen’s body as she watches her girlfriend with her best friend together.

It’s jealousy.

Gwen puts on her brave face and greets her girlfriend and best friend. They were both surprised by her but Violet was glad.

“Hey! I thought you still have a few more hours till I come and get you,” Violet wrapped her arms around Gwen as Gwen wrapped her arms around Violet’s waist, marking her territory.

Gianna noticed how Gwen’s acted and decided to excuse herself from both of them. Violet smiled and nod her goodbye as she watches Richard suddenly appeared from the crowd as well.

“What were you two talking about?” Gwen asked.

“The art. Why?” Gwen tightened the grip she has around her waist.

“There’s one thing you need to know about me, Vi,” Violet turned to Gwen as she speaks. Gwen turned to Violet as well before she opens her mouth.

“I’m one jealous woman, please remember that,”


“What’s up with Gwen?” Audrey asked her best friend when she noticed how Gwen ignores Violet when she enters the classroom.

“She saw me talking to Gianna and she got jealous. I don’t get it, she’s fine talking with Gianna, why does she have to be cold to me?” Violet sighs heavily.

“Eh, what are you? A guy? How do you feel if she talks to other guys who have a crush on her like you did to Gianna? She knows how you have feelings for Gianna dude! Take a hint!” Audrey smacks Violet’s head before she seated.

“That hurts!”

“That how she feels when she saw you talking to your ex-crush. Whenever you decided to act like that again, remember that smack,” Audrey pointed at the front of the class where one of the jock talks to Gwen.

“How do you feel now he’s talking to her?” Violet shrugged.

“That boy has feelings for Gwen. She’s asking her to watch him play after school today,” Violet turned her eyes to Gwen that jock. She does feel a slight jealous wash over her but it’s not enough to make her angry.

Soon they noticed how Gwen decline the offer. Violet smiled as she makes eye contact with Gwen. A small smile form on Gwen’s face before the jock pressure her to accept the offer. Gwen once again politely decline but made the jock mad for some reason.

“Whoa!” Audrey stood up as Violet made her way towards the jock and pushed him on the ground. She grabbed Gwen by the waist and pulled her closer into her body.

“She’s mine. Take the hint before I smash your pretty face on the floor,” Violet said grimly, leaving the jock chill to the bone and went back to his posse.

Audrey laughed as she watched her friend being possessive.

“Where did all those feelings came from? I thought you like to watch me talking with other guys,” Gwen mocked but she smiled.

“I don’t mind you talking to anyone but I will not tolerate anyone who decided to use their emotion to converse with you,” the teacher came inside and noticed how Violet and Gwen looking at each other.

“Settle down guys! You two, break it off. You’ll have all the time you need at lunch and after school,” the whole class chuckled except for ty jocks and William.

“Bitter much,” Audrey said while facing the front of the class. William turned his attention to Audrey.

“Watch your damn mouth, Audrey. You don’t know what will hit you in the end,” Audrey face him with a smile.

“You ... and what army?” Audrey kisses her hand before blowing it to William.


“Okay... I forgive you!” Gwen excitedly jumping up and down as she enters a restaurant.

“I’m glad you like it. It’s all you can’t eat buffet! Enjoy! Because I am!” Violet lead Gwen towards one part of the dishes before they both gasped at the food.

“I want to try everything!” She said as she grabbed a plate.

“Hehehehe,” Gwen let out a creepy voice as she filled her plate with food. Violet just smile at the things she’s doing. Because Gwen took her sweet time taking her food, she went to search for a table that near the buffet.

She waved when she noticed Gwen was looking for her. Violet find it amusing to watch Gwen have her mouth with food.

“How is it possible for you to stay fit with this much food you consume?” Violet asked, bemused.

“I dance, it helps,” she said with her mouth full. Violet laughed before she wipes Gwen’s mouth with her napkin. It didn’t take long for Gwen to finish her food before she went to grabbed another. This time she went to the barbecue section.

“Skewers!!!! Violet, honestly, this is the only way you can take me when I’m super mad,” Gwen winked before trying to feed Violet with one of her skewers.

“Try it, ahhhh,” Violet open her mouth as Gwen feed her. Her eyes widen when a sudden sense of aroma hitting her tastebud.

“This reminds me of Korea and Japan. We should really go there and have a fun food journey,” Violet shakes her head while Gwen suddenly doing a happy dance shake she eats.

Once they’re done with the heavy meal, they turn to desserts and Gwen knows what she wants. She’s been eyeing a parfait that was displayed when she first came in. Violet settle down with a hot tea and fudge.

“Violet, do you think we’re taking this a little too fast? I have a feeling that you agreed to be with me just because I said we should. You don’t seem happy,” Gwen asked before she eats the parfait.

“Trust me, Gwen, I am happy. This experience, I never thought I would be having it at all. I always imagine myself alone until the day I die. I’m glad you decided to be with me,” Violet replied with a smile. Gwen blushed.

“My parents, they don’t like you,” Gwen said under her breath but Violet heard her crystal clear.

“I’ll make them love me,” Violet winked.

“They want to live with my grandparents,” Gwen added.

“Then I’ll buy a house in Thailand and live there with you as well. I always wanted to live abroad,” Violet offered her hand for Gwen to hold.

“They will do whatever it takes to throw you away from my life, they want me to forget you,” Violet tightened her grip on Gwen’s hand.

“Then I’ll engrave my existence into their skull,” Violet took Gwen’s hand and kissed it. Once again, Gwen blushed in a deep shade of red.

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