The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 17

“Gwen, GWEN! Listen to what we have to say! Don’t embarrass us with this stupid dream of yours! You have to think about the consequences you’re doing to your own family! You’re killing our reputation!” Gwen’s father yelled as Gwen made her way to her room.

But before Gwen close the door, she turned to her father with tears in her eyes.

“I’m moving out,” she said before she enters and locks the door from the inside. Her father went to knock on the door and try to reason with her decision to leave.

“Gwen! Where will you live? You can’t just move out on your senior year! Listen to me!” Gwen ignores him and continues to pack her things.

“IF YOU’RE MOVING, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT PACKING THE THINGS I BOUGHT FOR YOU! THOSE ARE MY PROPERTY, I BOUGHT THEM WITH MY MONEY!” Gwen wipes her tears away and took the things Violet bought for her instead.

After she’s done, she opens the door just to see her parents standing there, trying to coax her to stay.

“GWEN! If you step out of this house, I will never let come in ever again. Once you step out from this house with that intention of yours, you’re not our daughter anymore! Do you understand this?!” Gwen faces her parents with tears brimming.

“Your decision is killing me, mom, dad. I’m sorry for I have been such a disappointment to you but... I’m going to pursue my dream. I’m sorry,” her parents watched her go but before she walks down the stairs, her father calls out for me. Gwen stopped at the foot of the stair.

“You fail in your dreams, Gwen. Once you realised what you’ve done was wrong, you will regret it for the rest of your life,” Gwen smile before she walks down the stairs and leaves the only home she ever stayed in.

She decided to walk towards Gianna’s home and enjoy her freedom. When she arrived at Gianna’s, the knocks on the door before she was greeted by Gianna’s mother.

“Gwen? What’s with the bag? Come in, come in. Gianna’s in her room,” Gwen smiled at Gianna’s home before she enters and went to Gianna’s room.

“G, it’s me,” Gianna was busy with her art project when she heard a voice from her door. She walks towards her door opens it. Gwen stood there with tears in her eyes.

“Gwen?” Gianna was surprised when Gwen suddenly hugged her stained apron.

“Umm... there’s wet paint all over me,” Gwen doesn’t care as she cries on Gianna’s shoulder.

“I would like to hold you but my hands are not for your expensive clothes to have,” Gwen sobbed even harder leaving Gianna to feel bad for now the ability to comfort her.

“What’s wrong Gwen?”

“I moved out. I was hoping I can stay for a night or two. I need to find a place to stay and a part-time job. They told me that I’m no longer their daughter if I continue with my dream to be a dancer, an entertainer,” Gianna felt sorry for her friend.

“You’re welcome to stay here for as long as you need. Why do you need a job for? Your girlfriend is rich! I’m sure she can at least pay for your rent,” Gwen shook her head no.

“I don’t want to trouble her with my problems. She has her own problems to think about. Adding mine will just make it worse,” Gwen sigh. She promised herself to be independent and that’s what she’s going to do.


Auriana and Luca lead their daughter’s into the venue of an annual gala for business venturer. As Auriana greets the others, her eyes wander around to see if the couple she personally invited has arrived.

Auriana can’t contain her excitement when she saw a familiar couple walks into the venue together. She leans into Luca before whispering into his ear.

“That’s the couple I was telling you about, Gwen’s parents. Shall we meet them?” Luca nod. They were told by their trusted resources, AKA Audrey that the couple chases their own daughter out because she wishes to pursue her dream as a dancer and entertainer.

They wish to help since she’s dating Violet but Audrey specifically said that Gwen wanted to be independent and doesn’t want any help especially from Violet. Gwen wants to make Violet proud and show her she’s not a spoil, privileged girl everybody thought she is.

“Girls, follow us,” Victoria and Violet followed their parent’s footstep closely.

“Hello, do you remember me, my daughter?” Auriana asked with a smile. Gwen’s father looks down on Auriana and Violet.

“Yes, we remembered. You’re the one we met at the championship and that the girl who lead my daughter into an abyss,” Luca hold his wife’s hand before she went berserk. Victoria turned to Violet but she kept a calm expression.

“Are you a businessman as well? I don’t see you as one though. You look like someone who works for me instead,” Gwen’s father smile, but his wife nudged his side when she notices a couple of people around them were shaking their head.

Luca laughed. He finds it funny that two wannabes try to act like they know everything.

“I don’t know if I can call myself as a businessman. But everyone in this very room knows who we are. Maybe you should do some homework before blurted something that will end your own career,” Luca advice them both before he went to meet the others.

Auriana waited until her daughters followed their father before speaking to the couple.

“What my husband try to say here, we know what you two did to Gwen. Let me tell you something, that girl, has more potential than you two will ever be,” Auriana smile before leaving Gwen’s parents alone to think about their action.

“Violet, I suggest that after this dinner, you should go to Hadley’s house,” Auriana winked at her daughter leaving her confused.


Like her mother had suggested, Violet knock on Hadley’s door. She waited until Gwen opens the door.

“Vi? What are you doing here? I thought you said you have a dinner to go to,” Violet was surprised to see Gwen as well.

“What are you doing here? Sleepover?” She noticed Gwen was wearing her sleeping clothes. Gwen froze.

“Umm... yea. Do you want to see Audrey? She’s here,” violet nod. How did her mother know about Gwen being here? Is this why she asked her to go to Hadley’s house?

“Umm... thank you,” Violet walks into Hadley’s house. She was weirded out when Hadley’s mother smiled at her before smiling at her.

“Girls, enjoy your time, I have the night shift tonight. Gwen, you’re in charge,” Gwen smiles at Hadley’s mom while Violet confused with what she just said.

“I never trust Hadley to be in charge. I rather bet my money on Gwen to make sure everything will be okay,” Hadley’s mom waved and leave for work. Violet close the door and turn to Gwen.

“Did I just heard that it my ears playing tricks on me?” Gwen chuckled before leading Violet to the living room where the girls are.

“Violet? I thought you have to attend a dinner,” Audrey was surprised.

“I was from the dinner. Mommy told me to come here instead,” Violet look around and noticed Gwen walk out from the kitchen towards her.

“Here, some soda,” Violet smiled and took the cup of soda from Gwen’s hands. Gwen went to sit on Violet’s lap as they continue to watch the movie they were watching.

“You smell so good! What is this? DKNY?” Violet shook her head no.

“I think it was Chanel. You smell nice as well. New shampoo? I like it,” Gwen rested her head on Violet’s shoulder.

“It’s amazing how you could correctly guess what’s new about me,” Audrey made a gagging sound before Hadley shoves popcorn into her mouth.

“Will you be staying over, Violet?” Hadley asked while shutting Audrey up with popcorn.

“No, I’m sorry. I have plans with sister tomorrow. It’s about work. Oh, don’t give me that look. I promise I’ll take a rain check,” Violet smile.

“Vi, Gwen has something to say. Come on Gwen, this is your chance,” Violet look down on Gwen.

“What is it?” Gwen curse Audrey under her breath for opening her damn mouth. She wonders if it’s the right moment to tell her. She sighs.

“Oh, nothing. I was just wondering if I can... borrow your car tomorrow. You know, for shopping and stuff. My cars at the workshop,” Gwen smoothly change the subject while Audrey and Hadley sigh at how she decided to drop it in the end.

“Sure. I can just leave the car here tonight. I can call my driver to pick me up,” Violet tilted her head when she notices something was not quite right with how Gwen acted tonight.

“Is that all you want to ask or tell me?” Gwen smiled as she nods.

“Yup, that is all,” Violet was sceptical at first but she drops it when she notices how Gwen wasn’t in her usual mood.


“Well, this is a surprise. Are you here to see me instead of my son? How are you, William?” Richard’s father greeted William who wishes to see him.

“I’m good Mr Baron. How are you?” Mr Baron shrugged his shoulder before asking William about his real purpose coming to see him.

“Do you know anything about The Martin’s?” Mr Baron eyes flickered as he heard the name of a family he wish to bring down since he was chosen to be the police chief.

“Of course I do. The mistress is a close friend of the superintendent. We can’t even touch a single hair of the mistress and the man who lead the Martin family. Why do you ask?” William reached for something from his inner jacket.

“I have a way for you to do some good for this city,” William show a picture of Violet and Victoria.

“Their kids. If we can’t get to the parents, why not we get to their kids instead,” Mr Baron looks down on the picture before he smirked.

“Oh wow. It’s been a long time since I saw that face,” he laughed as he admires both of the pictures.

“You know them?” Mr Baron can’t contain his laughter as he threw the pictures at William.

“Of course I do. I’ve been looking for them for years now. Who would’ve thought that they’re living with the Martin’s,” Mr Baron thought of an idea while William talks to him about his plan. Mr Baron raised his hand and smiled.

“I have a better, more effective way to lead them into my clutches. You don’t have to worry about that. You only need to worry about Gwen and the rest of your plan for her.” William nod.

“Leave the Martin’s to me,” William smiled before excusing himself. Mr Baron waited for him to leave his home office before opening a drawer that contents something from his past. He took a picture of a woman with two kids before showing his sly smirk.

“I found them, Amelia. You really think I couldn’t huh? Now that I found your kids, it’s time for some revenge huh? You die on me while I was having fun. It’s a good thing your oldest looks like you. She has the same face as the great Amelia Bethlem!” I Baron laughed as he remembers his past with Amelia, Victoria and Violet’s biological mother.

Mr Baron kept Amelia’s picture inside his inner jacket before he went out. He’s been searching for Victoria and Violet for so long, he nearly given up until William show up. He took his phone out and called for his trusted officer who will do anything he asked them to do.

A loyal ‘dog’ for a sinister police officer.

He planned out everything while he was on his way to his destination. He wants everything to be perfect as he faces the Martin and the people from his past.


Victoria and Bianca were just on their way to visit Beck at the hospital when Victoria feels uneasy all of the sudden. Bianca noticed how Victoria’s demeanour changes when they went inside the car.

“What’s wrong?” Bianca asked.

“I think someone is following us,” Bianca look around as well but she didn’t see anything out of the ordinary but she feels uneasy as well now she knows what’s going on.

“Please don’t scare me like that,” Victoria smiled at Bianca before they went to the hospital. As they drive, out of nowhere, two black SUV’s suddenly appeared behind them, playing with its headlights. Victoria’s uneasiness was confirmed immediately.

“Damn it. Now of all time! I didn’t even bring any weapons today since we’re going to the hospital,” Victoria reaches for her phone and dialled for her parents. She was weirded out since none of them answers their phone.

“What’s going on now?! They never ignore my calls!” Victories can’t think of anyone except her sister. She dialled Violet’s cell.

“Vi! I’m in trouble, please help me! I can’t get through mommy or daddy,” Violet was with Gwen and the others when her sister calls. Her eyes widen as she abruptly stood up from her seat. Gwen and the others were confused by her sudden action.

“Audrey, Tori’s in trouble. Let’s go,” Audrey’s smiles disappeared from her face as she decided to follow Violet.

“I’m sorry, I’ll be back. I need to help my sister,” Gwen nod and watches them both jogged towards the entrance.

“What’s going on though? I never saw them so worried,” Gwen shrugged her shoulder when Hadley asked her a question. When Gianna came back with the food, they were looking for the other two.

“Eh? Where did they go? This is a lot of food for us three to finish,” both Gianna and Hadley turned to Gwen.

“I think we can finish it all if we eat them accordingly,” Gwen suggested. She can’t shake the feeling that something went wrong but she knows well not to think of the worse. They were just enjoying their meal when a group of guys in leather jacket suddenly showed themselves to their table.

All three of them were confused by this until one of them introduced themselves as special ops officers. They showed their badge and it’s legit. The girls were sceptical at first when they told them that they need to follow them to the station for a standard procedure interrogation.

The girls know they never did anything illegal, why would the police ask them to the station? When the girls seem reluctant, the officers decided to use force and dragged them out towards a police car waiting for them outside.

“Hey! This is a mistake! We never did anything against the law! You don’t have the right to treat us like this!” Hadley screams as she yells.

“We’re only following orders, please don’t make this harder for everyone,” they shove the girls into the car before they started to drive. The girls started to think something was wrong with how the officers looking at them.


“You look familiar to me,” Auriana asked as Mr Baron shown his face in front of her and her husband. Luca spits out his bloody saliva from his mouth before facing the damn police who suddenly attacked them while they were having their date.

“I know you. The newly elected police chief. Brian told us about you to be careful when you around. He can sense somethings not right,” Mr Baron chuckled.

Aurian wasn’t fazed even though she was forced to be tied up with her revealing dress slightly showing her bare skin. She was too excited to see what kind of treatment they will give her.

“Well, I just want to tell you that your daughter’s, including their friends, will be in my clutches in a few moments. Vista doesn’t need people like you around anymore. Mafia’s like you only bring the bad into view,” Luca wasn’t happy when he heard that.

“Mafia’s like us? What about corrupted police like you bunch? You guys supposed to protect the people of Vista from people like us. It seems you’re as bad as we are right now,” Mr Baron smiled before patting Luca’s cheek.

“You have a nice wife here Luca. I can’t believe this beautiful woman is, 40? Was it 40? Even k wife can’t compare to your beauty, milady,” Mr Baron smiled at Auriana before she decided to head bud his forehead.

Mr Baron took a few steps back to gain his focus again. He was in a lot of pain before slapping across Auriana’s face with the back of his hand. Auriana laughed while the pain sent shivers to her spine.

“That’s not as painful as Luca did to me while we’re having sex! I bet your wife doesn’t have any genuine orgasm while she’s with you. Do you want my Luca to pleasure her? I bet Luca can do better than you,” Auriana licked her lips as she finds it amusing to see Mr Baron fume.

“So you know, my wife find pain to please. So, even if you cut off her fingers she finds it amusing,” Luca smiled at his wife. Auriana winked at her husband.

“Oh, babe! This is the best date ever!” Auriana turned her attention to Mr Baron.

“I’m ready for my punishment Mr police sir! Please.... punish me!” Auriana laughed while the others were taken aback by this. They never met someone who’s eager to be punished like her before.

“Just put them in their cell,” Mr Baron was disappointed by this. He expects something worse not pleasures from two weird people.

“I’ll think of something far more suitable for you two in near time. For now, I need to meet someone from my past,” Mr Baron smiled at the Martin’s.

Auriana was not happy when Mr Baron decided to leave her hanging.

“That’s not very nice you know! YOU GOT ME HOT AND BOTHER FOR NOTHING!” Auriana yells as Mr Baron leave the room.

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