The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 18

Violet stood in the middle of the garden trying to find a way to save her parents, sister and friends from the person who kidnapped them. When she arrived at the place where Victoria told they were, she can’t find even a single trace of her whereabouts, including her car.

That was until a little boy handed him a letter from a man in black, telling him to deliver the letter to her. As she reads the letter together with Audrey, she knows this is something serious. Violet doesn’t know what to do including Audrey.

They’re both worried something might happen to their friends and family if they stay idle. But they also can’t just barge in without any plan beforehand. Violet wanted to be alone since she wants to think of a way while Audrey brief everyone about the current situation.

“I’ve briefed everyone. They’re ready when we are. So, any plans to get them back? I don’t want anything to happen to them, Vi,” violet sigh heavily.

“Do you think I want something to happen? I’m trying to think here,” Audrey apologised.

“I still think this is William’s doing. There are no other people who hate us more than him!” Before Violet could say anything, Richard suddenly appeared together with the guards.

“Help me! PLEASE! Gianna... she’s been kidnapped! I went to my father for help but he’s not taking any action for this. I was so mad hag I made a police report but they say it’s nothing they could do since it’s only been a couple of hours since she was gone. What more proof that they need since I received a call from this man who claimed to take her?! Please, Violet, you have to help... Gianna... she’s... she’s pregnant,” Violet eyes widen.

“Do you know this?” Audrey nod when Violet asked her friend.

“Yea... she told us,” Audrey look away.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Why now?” Audrey sigh. She only shrugged her shoulder. Violet pressed her temple before facing both of Audrey and Richard’s worried face.

Violet seriously doesn’t know what to do. Without her parents, she’s helpless! It was at that moment she remembered what her late mother used to say to her whenever she’s in the slumps.

“If you can’t find a way to solve things in a good way, there’s no harm in using the force to get what you want,” Violet recite her later mother’s wise words before she went to the mansion and walk up the stairs.

She enters her late mother private room and looks around before she faces the bookshelves that store the mansion’s biggest secret. She pulled a lever before the bookshelves automatically moved on its own and revealed a secret door that leads to a secret vault.

Violet look around as her eyes landed on gold bars, money, diamonds, jewellery and even silver and gold perfectly store in the vault. This very vault worth billions and it was owned by her late mother when she was alive.

Violet ignore the wealth and went to another part of the vault to seek for her salvation. She smiled when she found the very weapon she’ll use to save her family, friends and girlfriend.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can,” she said to herself before walking out from the vault.


“Amelia...” Mr Baron smiled at Victoria.

“I’m not Amelia,” Victoria said nonchalantly. Mr Baron caressing her cheeks while sighing.

“It’s been years since I able to do this you, Amelia. You know how much I love you until you decided to be with another guy rather than with me. I have no choice but to kill him, and have you for myself,” Victoria was confused. Does she keep asking herself, who is Amelia?

“Just who the fuck are you referring to?” Me Baron was not happy when Victoria swears at him. She straightened his body before slapping Victoria across the face.

“I don’t tolerate people who swear. Hmmm... Is it takin your sister this long to find you? This is frustrating,” Victoria tried to free herself but the chains were tight.

“LET ME GO YOU BASTARD! Just who the fuck are you?” Mr Baron smiled.

“I was the one who sold you to those guys... that is before you escaped. It didn’t take your mother that long to die from my torture. She should just marry me instead of your father,” Mr Baron sigh.

“You kill my biological parents?” Mr Baron nod with a sad expression.

“I love your mother. She was one of the popular kids who have the looks and money while I, don’t have anything. I don’t even have parents since I’m an orphan. But hey, that doesn’t mean I can’t achieve something right? I’m a police chief now because of my dedication,”

“Except you’re a corrupted police who kidnapped people on daily basis. You just don’t know how to quit,” Mr Baron grabbed Victoria by the hair and pushed her head backwards.

“You even have the same sassiness as your mother! I’m so happy that I wish to kill you right now, but of course, I won’t,” Mr Baron smiled before he turned his attention to Bianca who finally waking up.

“Seems like she’s waking up,” Mr Baron leaned forward and lightly slapping her face to gain her attention.

“Come on... I need you to be fully awake for this,” Bianca was surprised by how close Mr Baron was. It didn’t take her long to fully understand the situation she’s currently in.

“Don’t you ever dare touch her!” Victoria spat while trying to freeing herself from the chains. Mr Baron finds it funny to see a woman workup for another woman.

“Oh, this is what the kids call as same-gender love huh. I find it erotically sexy! But I’m sorry that none of you will ever have kids even after many, many sexes,” Victoria was mad when she noticed Mr Baron’s hands making its way to Bianca’s crotch.

“DON’T TOUCH HER YOU FILTHY HUMAN SCUM!” Hearing that made Mr Baron slightly tick off.

“What did you called me?” Mr Baron was not happy when he walks towards Victoria, knife at ready.


“Gwen baby... why are you playing hard to get. You know you enjoy this like I do,” William leans in again but Gwen pushed him by the chest. William started to feel pissed off by this.

“What do you even see in that fat girl you USED to BULLY?! When you end things with us, babe, it awakened something in me and I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing or a good thing. Come on... I want you... bad,” Gwen looked away when William leans in for a kiss.

William sigh before he decided to use force. He grabbed her face and force her to look at him in the eyes.

“I don’t know why you’ve been lucky and doesn’t get knock up after all those unprotected sex we had! Do you even capable of having a baby?” That was the last straw when Gwen pushed him off of her. William misplaces his foot and fell on his butt while Gwen stood up and look down on him.

“Don’t you even think of laying a hand on me. You’re not violet! Only she can do whatever she wants with this body of mine! You really think Auriana didn’t teach me a couple of things dealing with guys like you?! You think wrong!” William was about to get up but Gwen kicked his crotch as hard as she could leaving him groaning in pain on the floor.

She went to her friends and free them from their restraints while William picking up his dignity on her floor. Hadley and Gianna were surprised when Gwen went to them. Unfortunately, none of them manages to escape when a group of guys walks in, blocking the door from them.

As William gets back to his feet, he told the guys to have fun with Hadley and Gianna while he deals with Gwen. The girls cornered themselves at the wall while the guys beginning to strip in front of them.

When one of the guys tried to pull Hadley to him, something made the guy froze in his place before he dropped to the floor, dead. When Hadley noticed this, she was surprised to see Violet drenched in blood.

“Bingo... I found you... I found you,” Violet said while dragging her axe towards William.

“You’ve been nothing but a nuisance in this relationship. How dare you kidnapped my girlfriend like this!” Gwen blushed, ignoring the fact that Violet has been killing everyone outside of the room.

“What have you done to my Hadley?!” Audrey barged in, dropping her gun on the floor and hugged her girlfriend.

“You can’t kill me... I’m the only one who knows where Victoria is,” that made Violet even angrier at him. William was scared to the bones when he met Violet’s eyes.

“Where is my sister?!” Violet asked as William crawls away from Violet. Violet grabbed William by the collar and turned his body around before she places her axe blade on his neck.

“A cabin, near the Vista mountains. That’s where they kept your parents as well,” William was trembling in fear.

“Who took my family?!” Violet asked as she grazed his neck with the sharp edge.



“Ana... I’m worried about the kids. Do you think they’re okay? I can’t help but to feel worried about them,” Luca feels his chest gets heavier by the minute whenever he thinks about her kids. They both know that that lunatic took Victoria and Bianca while he forces Violet to play hide and seek.

“Don’t worry. Tori’s been training hard enough by us. As for Violet, don’t you remember how she manages to help Tori and herself to escaped from their captors clutches years ago? I think she will do anything to save us,” of course Auriana can’t shake the feeling of worries as well.

She knows how unstoppable Violet can be whenever she found the axe again.

“What are you doing?” Luca asked when he noticed his wife acting strangely.

“I’m trying to act sexy to seduce the guard. You know how those boys act whenever I’m around,” Auriana winked while showing some skin. Luca was shaking his head in disbelieve until one of the guys actually came and opening the locked cell gate for them.

“Wow... no wonder they call you as the mistress,” Aurian winked at her husband before seducing the other guards to be their ally.

“The perks of being beautiful and voluptuous at this age. Come on boys, if you do something good for me, I’ll promise to give all of you a reward for your good work. Now, show us the way to Mr Baron,” they all nod as they easily swoon for Auriana award-winning wink.

“I’m so proud to have such a flirtatious wife like you, baby,” Luca pulled his wife to him and kiss her lips passionately. After pulling away, they followed their newly found minions towards Mr Baron’s whereabouts. On the way, they came across Violet who’s busy killing anyone who’s in her way.

She was happy to see her parents but worried expression soon invaded her face when she noticed Victoria wasn’t with them. As they entered a room where Mr Baron kept both Bianca and Victoria, their expression turned grim as they noticed pools of blood around Victoria’s motionless body.

“Tori!” Violet was about to run to her sister when Auriana pulled her back, as Mr Baron made himself visible.

“So you must be Violet. You look like your father than your mother. Ahhh... don’t worry about her since she’s already dead,” violet dropped to her knees knowing her sister is gone. She’s too late to save her sister. As she started to blame herself, both Auriana and Luca expression turned grim upon knowing their oldest daughter is gone.

“Luca... I don’t mind if you have to go all out today and Violet... do what you have to do. Avenge her death,” Auriana’s voice cracks when she finally heard Bianca’s wails.

“You have you the right to be God?! Why did you have to kill my sister?!” Violet asked, angry and sad at the same time.

“Because she reminds me of Amelia and that disgusted man whom she marries to. It’s amazing how she has the same scream as I fuck her hard and shoot her mouth with my gun at the same time,” Mr Baron laughed, aiming his gun at the Martin.

“It’s your turn, Violet,”

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