The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 19


“Don’t touch her! Just do whatever you want with me! Don’t fucking touch her!” Tori yanked the chains around her wrist when the kidnapper walks towards me.

“Don’t worry. I’m just trying to make he comfortable. She’s going to watch every single detail of the things I’m about to do to you,” Tori tried to loosen the chains but nothing. The man patted my cheek before she went to Tori, caressing her body like he owns her.

“Ugh, Amelia... you look so beautiful today,” the man smiled, before leaning in and kissing her passionately.

“I’m not Amelia you dick head! My name is Victoria! Release us at once!” The man suddenly slapped Tori’s cheek before grabbing her chin.

“You have the same attitude as her. I’m so happy right now I could kill you over and over again!” He laughed before ripping her clothes off her body.

I looked away when he decided to do something I rather not say. I can’t help but cry while she’s risking her own life for me.

“STOP! Please... don’t do this...” I begged.

“Please... I ... I love her ... I want to marry her ... I want to be with her... please... don’t do this, PLEASE!” The man smirks at my plea before showing me his gun that he tucks under his shirt.

“Beg, beg for it. Please... continue... I do love a submissive bitch like you!” Tori violently shaking her chains before spitting at his clothes.

“Don’t you fucking call her a bitch you dick face! Is that all you got? YOU CANT EVEN MAKE ME PREGNANT WITH THAT PATHETIC LIMPY DICK OF YOURS!” No... no.... she’s doing this on purpose!

“Stop! Tori... please... don’t...”

“SHUT UP BIANCA! I KNOW WHAT IM DOING!” Tori screams before the man shoving his gun into her mouth. I look away when he started to moan.

“Don’t worry baby girl, after I’m done with this bitch, I’ll continue to you,” the man groans before sigh heavily.

“That was amazing Amelia,” I look up just to see his smiling face greeted me.

“Say your goodbyes,” I was speechless when Tori’s eyes meet mine. She was smiling using her eyes before the man pulled the trigger, killing her instantly. I watched as the only person who loves me for the way I am dying in front of me.

I watched as her flesh and blood spa layered on the walls behind her. He laughed while observing my reaction.

“Man! That was funny! Bitch, you sure do know how to make me happy. Now, do you want a baby? Because I don’t mind being your daddy at all,” before he even touches me, one of his people enters before telling him that a guy named William screwed it all up.

“I’ll be back baby girl. Wait for me, okay? I can’t wait to buried my face in between those breasts of yours,” he smiled lovingly before leaving the room.

My eyes landed on Tori’s motionless body. I tried to yank myself from the chains but it’s futile. I screamed, cry harder than I ever did before when it comes down to me. The person whom I love is gone...

She’s gone.


He never did come back like he said he would. I am glad but I can’t feel glad just because I’m safe at this moment. Every time I look up to where Tori at, my eyes tear up even though I know it’s all dried up. I need to be brave, I need to make sure whatever she did n’t go to waste.

She bought me some time, she saves me, again!

It was when the door opens I know that my time is up. But I’m not going to face my death with fear. Tori risked her life to save me after all.

“Sorry baby girl, it turns out we have a visitor,” the man sigh before the door burst open revealing Tori’s family. My heart breaks when Violet saw her sister motionless body. She calls for her but I know Tori won’t be answering her anymore.

I saw Auriana waved her hand before a man went to my side and tried to free me from the chains. My legs betrayed me when he finally did picking the chains from my wrist. He manages to catches my body before it hit the floor.

“I got you,” he said before dragging me out from the room.

“Please get Tori out of there,” I voice was hoarse from the thirst and scream. He nods before leaving me with Audrey.

“Are you hurt?” I shake my head no.

“What about Tori?” When she finally asked about her, I can’t help but cry again. She catches my body before hugging my shivering body.

“It’s going to be okay, Bianca,” she tries to calm me down but it’s not working. She’s gone, I can’t believe she’s gone right before my eyes. I was hopeless when she needed me the most! She died because of me.

We were both surprised when the kidnapped suddenly appeared by the door, with his eyes widen. To our horror, his head dropped onto the floor before his body does. Violet suddenly came through the door with blood-drenched all over her clothes and flesh.

She whacks the kidnappers headless body repeatedly before she continues to do the same with the kidnappers head. It was until Auriana good her daughter’s body that she stopped whacking the dead man.

“Shhhh... it’s fine now. Let go... let go of the axe...” violet goes before she kneels on the floor, crying on her mother’s shoulder.

“Tori’s gone! SHE’S GONE! MY SISTER IS GONE!” Violet wailed. I let go of Audrey and went inside the room to see Luca sitting on the floor with his head on his knee right beside Tori’s body.

I dropped my knees to the floor before removing the strands of hair from her face. Luca covered her exposed body with his jacket while crying silently beside her. I can’t help but cry myself while listening to a grown man crying for his daughter’s death.

“Tori... I’m sorry... I’m sorry...” I apologised before hugging her cold body.


“B,” I heard my brother’s voice calling for me on the other side of the door as I get ready. With a heavy heart, I went to the door and open it.

“Auriana told me to get you. It’s time,” I nod before going back in and took a handkerchief... that belongs to Tori herself. Beck slides his arms around my waist since he afraid I might faint again.

“I’m fine Beck,” He didn’t say anything as he leads me towards the room where they placed Tori’s coffin. It was such a heavy atmosphere as I entered. Violet was being comforted by Gwen on the couch since she’s crying again.

Auriana was trying to calm Luca from crying again. Watching these two makes my chest feels heavy again. Beck lead me to the coffin before they seal it forever.

“Tori...” it’s like I could see her smile again. I closed both of my eyes before I took a few steps back.

“Noo... Tori... VICTORIA!” Luca dropped to his knees while in Auriana’s arms when they finally sealed the coffin forever. Beck catches me when I feel my legs betraying me again. I never thought that I could cry again after last night.

“B...” Beck hugged me as I cry on his shoulder.

“I’m here B,” her arms tightened around me, telling me he’s here to protect me like Tori used to do.

“Bianca, Beck, join us in the limo to the cemetery,” Auriana said before she helped Luca walk followed by Violet and Gwen. Beck and I followed the Martin and went inside the limousine. On the way towards the cemetery, it was dead silent.

None of us has the mood to open our mouth and talk at all. It was weird since it’s never this dull whenever I’m with the Martin. But today is different from the person who always lightened the mood is gone.

She’s really gone.

The funeral went okay since everyone gets to say their last goodbye. On the way home, Auriana sat next to me before she told me that she wants to see me in her private office as soon as we arrived at the mansion.

I nod. I turned to Luca who only gave me a small smile before turning his head to the windows. I’m sure he’s trying to hold his tears again. Auriana took his hand into hers before kissing his cheek.

“Be strong honey. I’m sure she doesn’t want to see us sad. That goes to you too Violet,” Violet nod before resting her head on Gwen’s shoulder.

I’m amazed how compose Auriana can be. She’s keeping her family together by showing how she tried to hide her sadness. I wonder if I ever will be as strong as she is.

“And... Bianca... I hope you will always see us as your family. Just because she’s gone, that doesn’t mean you’re not part of us,” Auriana smiled before she patted my thigh.


“I’m sure you want to know why you’re here right?” I nod. Not to burst any bubble, I am curious as to why I’m here.

“Before the funeral service, our lawyer gave me this envelope with your name. He said it’s from Victoria,” What? She gave me the envelope with a smile. My hands were shaking before she grabbed my hand and handed it over.

“Open it,” I nod and did as told. This is... what is this? It looks like an official letter or something. As I was looking at the papers, a piece of folding paper made it was on my lap. I decided to put down the confusing papers in my hand and read the content of the folding paper.

To my surprise, it’s a letter from Tori.

As I skimmed the letter, I can’t believe what the letter was saying. My hands were shaking before I face Auriana.

“What? What is it?” She asked before I gave her the letter so that she could read it. She took the paper and read it before she smiled at me.

“My my... this girl never cease to amazed me!” She asked for my permission to look at the official-looking papers.

“She decided to put everything she owns on your name because she had a bad dream. I always thought she’s superstitious but this is extreme. According to this letters, after she was declared dead, you’ll be the sole heir to her wealth that’s under her name. Tell me, Bianca, what do you want to do?” Auriana asked while I still shook from this.

How did this even happen? I never wanted her money in the first place and now she’s giving me everything?! How is that even possible?!

“Will you continue her legacy? All this...” Auriana motioned her hands around the room.

“Including this mansion, and few more real estate in several countries is yours. That includes being the next head of the family,” my eyes widen.

“What do you mean?” Auriana was confused before she showed me a piece of paper.

“This is your signature right?” I slowly nod. I followed her finger to the upper part of the letter.

“Bianca, you don’t know about this?” I shake my head no.

“I do remember signing a few documents before. If I never thought she is doing this thing for me. What will Violet say? She’s Victoria’s sister, she deserves to be the next head of the family. I’m a nobody,” Auriana shaking her head no.

“Not according to this letter. This is a marriage certificate, honey, you’re married to Tori. And it says Las Vegas... hold on... you got married to her in Las Vegas?!” I suddenly remembered the drunken state we were in while making such a stupid decision.

I’m sure there are a few things that happened on that trip and one of them involving a hot session of a threesome... with someone I don’t even remember!

“Well Mrs Martin, welcome to the family,” Auriana smiled.


“This ... is ... unreal! There’s no way I owned this huge mansion! Goodbye world, I’m going home to my old apartment,” before I could walk away, Auriana grabbed me by the collar.

“Believe me, this is the realist ever! Now, let’s get inside. I’m sure it fills with dust since Tori rarely comes home,” she literally dragged me towards the mansion.

“But ... you don’t understand. This is not me. I’m a waitress! I don’t belong here, look at me!” Auriana did look at me from head to toe.

“And you look beautiful... with that waitress outfit,” she sighs heavily.

“We’ll go shopping after this,” she simply said before leading me towards the mansion. It’s only been a month since Tori’s gone. I don’t want to be like a widow who only looks at her dead partner’s wealth.

Oh my god, I am a widow.

“Well, this is your home now. Just get out from that small apartment and move in here with Beck. You know how to drive right?” I nod before she leads me towards a door that leads us to the garage.

“She likes a different kind of wheels for everyday life so .... the content in this garage alone is more than a few million? I don’t know, how much these car worth. Well, if you ever want easy money, you can sell them,” Auriana shrugged.

“Of course everything is custom made so... yea,” she acts as if she remembered something. Suddenly she grabbed my hand and lead me towards the stairs.

“This is her personal art room. Did you know that Tori’s actually a famous art critic and? Everything in this room worth millions. She’s a collector after all,” these are beautiful. She does have the eyes for art.

“Also, you don’t have to work as a waitress anymore. I mean, you’re a Martin, that would be such a bad rep if someone from the upper side seen you in this uniform. Not that I’m being rude, I’m just stating the fact. You don’t have to work at the spa too. You’re a billionaire after all. Tori leave you all this wealth. You should do something that you want to do when you don’t have all of this,” that ... made me think of something I really wish to do ever since I graduated from high school.

“I ... ” Auriana waited for me to finish my sentences but I was too shy.

“I ...” she began to feel annoyed.

“I ...” she suddenly clapped her hands, startling me.

“I want to continue with my study!” I blurted out, making me blush in a deep shade of red.

“That’s it? You can afford that now. Like I said before, you have billions under your name now. You could even buy out the place you work as a waitress and fire that huge bag of dick boss,” wait, how did she know about my boss?

“Oh... oops. It’s not what you think. I have this habit of wanting to know everything about everyone. You know, for safety purposes,” yes right!

She’s spying on me all this time huh, busted!


“B, I feel like we’re using Tori’s wealth now. It’s like we’re the ones who ...” Beck didn’t manage to finish his sentence when I look up to him.

“Who killed her? You see me as the evil partner now? Beck, if I can ignore all of this, I would but this is partly my fault. I never remembered being married to her because of our little trip to Las Vegas,” I still can’t believe she kept the letter even though we’re drunk as fuck at that time.

“You don’t even know you’re married to her until recently? I thought you have to say the vow and all even though it’s just a wedding in a small church being drunk,” Ugh, I really don’t want to talk about that.

“B, that’s mean you’re going to be part of the crime syndicate right? You’re the next head of the family after all. B, what if something bad happens to you? Who will take care of me? B, I need you,” why doesn’t he have to think about the bad stuff before the good?

“Beck, I won’t go anywhere. Even if you have a girlfriend, fiancée, or wife, I’ll be there for you,” we hugged.

“Now help me unpack the cooking utensil before Auriana and the others comes,” Beck nod.

“I’ll help you cook as well,” I smiled at him. I’m so glad my brother’s here.

“B, do you think you’ll be able to find someone you love again? I know how you feel about Tori. Do you think someone will ever replace her place in your heart?” I shake my head no.

“Beck, no one’s going to replace her in my heart. No one ever makes me feel the way she made me feels. She’s the only person who understands me,” I smiled before we start cooking.

I invited the Martin’s over to have dinner with us since they kindly let me move into Tori’s house. Technically it is my house now but... still. I decided to cook my speciality. I’m sure they like it since Tori does.

Even though she’s gone now, her thoughts never leave my mind. The way she smiled, the way she pouts when she asked for food, the way she tries to explained how did a lipstick stain manage to get to her collar, all the usual stuff.

It’s amazing how she literally gave me everything she works hard for her whole life! The day I agreed to be part of the Martin family, I’ve decided that I should be as good as she can be.

Maybe better if I manage to impress both Luca and Auriana. Leading a crime syndicate is one thing but how am I suppose to deal with the other businesses she left me?

I don’t even know any basic of business management. Maybe I should consider taking a business course rather than my dream course since I was in school. Or, should I take both?

I beginning to think Auriana should have the final say since she seems to know everything about anything.

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