The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 2

Hadley, 17. Co-captain of Vista Academy cheerleading team and best friends of Gianna Vesper were waiting for a man she usually sees for quite some time now. She knows she’s being discreet, she was careful so that no one would even track her down.

“Hadley, my dear. Back so soon? Don’t tell me you finish your stocks already. You must need money huh?” Peter, one of the alleys well-known drug pusher in the city. He works for the Martin family, Violet’s adopted father.

“Ugh! Just give me the stuff so I can sell it. There’s going to be a party tonight. I’m sure the guest will have fun while partying tonight,” Peter laughed at this teen girl nerve. It’s his first time seeing such a bold girl before.

“You’re alone right?” Peter asked just to be safe. Hadley nod while waiting for the things she needs to be put inside her bag. She was looking around so that no one would spot her transaction.

Little did she knows that a group of two girls spotted her easily while they were parking their car.

“Peter, what are you doing?” Peter froze when he heard the familiar voice coming from his behind.

“Miss Violet!” Peter quickly shove the drugs into Hadley’s bag and face the daughter of his boss.

“Hadley, are you okay?” Violet asked as Hadley nod her head.

“I-m fine,” Hadley stuttered, obviously don’t know how to react to this. She never thought that the least expected person she will ever meet will be here.

“Peter, I hope you’re not doing anything that might make Tori and daddy mad at you again. Don’t you feel any regret after they found out about that hidden transaction a few months ago?” Violet’s sure know how to push a button or two.

Hadley knows that there’s no escaping from the truth once they meet. The teenage girl sighs heavily as she places her hand on Peter’s shoulder.

“She knows” Peter sigh as well before looking down on the floor.

“I’ve been selling drugs to teenagers in your school, Miss. Hadley’s father was my regular customer until he died and Hadley has been paying his debt to me by working for me,” Violet can’t believe what she heard coming from Peter’s mouth.

“You didn’t do anything to her right? I never thought of you to be this cruel, Peter. She’s a teenager for God sake. What her father did never have anything to do with her! Didn’t daddy teach you all that? Should I call grandpa so he can do something to you?” Peter’s eyes widen when he heard ‘grandpa’.

Howell Martin, 65. He was the most feared man, still is but after he let his only son, Luca take over the family business, he decided to reside in the most remote location he owns to escape from society.

Howell never thought that his son would even bring back two most precious human being that ever happened in his life. This ex-mobster will do anything so that his granddaughters can live their life normally but it’s hard to live normally when both your adopted father and grandfather are well known in the underground.

“Please miss Violet, I’ll do anything. If I’m in trouble again, Sir Luca will have my head,” Peter begged his lady so none of this matter even reach Luca’s attention. Violet hates herself when she felt pity while trying to act tough.

“How much is Hadley’s debt to you?”

“She’s been working for me over a year now. So, that makes it $1,200 in debt, Miss,” Violet glance up at Hadley who avoided eye contact.

“I’ll pay for her debt,” Peter’s eyes widen.

“No miss. I will never take your money. Miss Victoria will know and I’ll be dead before I could even ask for help. Let’s just forget about this. Hadley, I’m sorry for forcing you to be my pawn before,” Peter forcefully took his drug from Hadley’s bag and leave them hastily.

“You don’t have to sell drugs anyway. I only help you because you’re her friend and I hate to see her sad once she found out,” Hadley was confused by what Violet said to her before leaving her alone in the alley.

“Did she mean Gianna? Or Gwen?” Hadley asked herself.

Violet and Audrey were walking to the cinema silently. After the things that happen, she doesn’t know if there’s a need to talk about it.

“VIOLET, AUDREY!” Hadley called out to both of the girls who excuse themselves earlier. When they turn, they noticed that the blonde cheerleader was running towards them.

“Gwen’s having a party tonight. Wanna come? You just have to say that I was the one inviting you and I’m sure they will let you both in. It’s the least I can do to pay you back,” Hadley said while trying to keep her breathing even.

“Did you see that? I just sprint,” Hadley chuckled at both of them. Violet and Audrey look at each other before nodding their head.

“We love to go,” they both said in unison before inviting Hadley to the movies with them.

“Hey, Vi, why not we use your brand new car to the party? Come on, we can finally show them off! You’re not the pathetic loser they all think you are, you’re actually the daughter of a badass man!” Audrey tried to persuade her friend to think more selfishly.

Violet think for a moment or two about this before she finally made a decision.

“I think I will follow your advice just this one time. Since Tori obviously not home and my daddy is meeting with grandpa, I am free as a bird,” Audrey smiled and thanked God her friend decided to be cool instead of being a boredom queen.

“So we just show our faces and tell the bouncer that Hadley invited us?” Violet asked again, just to make sure that’s the plan.

“I guess so. Don’t you ever go this kind of par-...” Audrey stopped midway when she realizes how anti-social her friend can be.

“The only party I ever went to is the leader’s summit. Although, last year we all went to Budapest for it,” Audrey groaned. She always envies Violet’s freedom to travel anywhere in the world.

“You’re lucky that Luca married a woman who really knows how to have fun,” Violet smiled.

Auriana Martin, 39, is the second wife of Luca. After his first wife died from an illness, Luca met his second wife in one the leader summit that he was forced to take part in by both Victoria and Howell.

At first, they hate each other enough to send a group of assassins to kill each other. They had to thank both Victoria and Violet for their effort to bring them both together. Basically, they forcedly made them realized that they love each other deeply enough to keep on getting mad at each other.

“Wait, mommy’s not home yet?” Violet shook her head no.

“I think Victoria said she’ll be home this weekend together with daddy,” Audrey nodding her head. Because of how often Audrey came to the Martin household, she literally adapts to call both of Violet’s parents as mommy and daddy.

Both Luca and Auriana doesn’t mind but they’re glad that their youngest has a friend to spend time with.

“Let’s go! I can’t wait to party like there’s no tomorrow,”

“But we have school tomorrow,” Violet’s beginning to think that it’s a bad idea to go to a party on a school night. She’s always the bookworm type of student and she always goes to sleep earlier than expected because she is just that lazy, to begin with.

“Stop having second thoughts! Now, let’s get into the car and drive to Gwen’s place! Where is that exactly?” Audrey asked while looking at her friends with a hopeful stare.

Violet shrugged her shoulder before getting into her car.

At Gwen’s place, the first thing that they noticed was Audrey’s brother, Watson and his friends actually hanging out with some of the cheerleading members from their school.

“I really don’t want to imagine what kind of things they do behind closed doors,” Audrey tried to remove the image from her mind.

So this is a party? Violet asked her herself.

Never once in her life that she was invited to a party like this before. Usually, the party she usually goes to end up either in a bloodbath or simply gang fight among leaders of the underground.

“Hey, that’s your crush with her boyfriend,” Audrey pointed out. Violet sigh before turning her attention to Gianna and her boyfriend not far from where they are.

Richard was sitting on the couch while Gianna sat on his lap, talking to some other group of friends. They seem happy together and Violet can feel how hurt it is to witness something this trivial to begin with.

“Hey! You came! I’m so glad! Thank you again for saving my ass before. I never would’ve having fun like I am now if you hadn’t spotted me earlier,” Hadley happily greeted them both before placing both her arms on Violet and Audrey’s shoulder.

“So, want me to introduce you two to the cheerleading team?” Audrey beamed at the suggestion while Violet shaking her head no vigorously.

“Oh yes! Please introduce us to the cheerleading team!” Audrey chuckled while Violet gave her a death stare.

“Oh, come on Vi. You survive meeting the world most dangerous people. This is nothing!” Both Hadley and Audrey laughed but of course, Hadley has no idea what Audrey meant by that. It’s just that funny in her ears.

“Hey guys, meet my new friends and saviors, Violet and Audrey,” Gianna and her boyfriend Richard smiled at both of them.

“I’m Gianna, of course, you know that since we have the same art class,” Gianna offered her hand to both Violet and Audrey. Violet was reluctant to touch the hand of her crush but Audrey smacks the back of her head.

“I’m Richard, Gianna’s boyfriend,” this beautiful man offered his hand to Audrey then to Violet. Violet looked at his hand before shaking his hand.

“Violet,” Richard pointed at someone behind them. “That’s my best friend, William. He is Gwen’s boyfriend,” Violet introduce herself to William. William was just being friendly to Violet when Gwen suddenly slapped her boyfriend’s hand from shaking hands with Violet.

“I don’t remember inviting you two losers to my party. I didn’t even order that much food for you to eat,” Hadley heard what Gwen said and wrapped her arms around Violet.

“She’s my friend and I invited her to this party. Why? Any problem?” Gwen placed her hand on her waist and leaned into Hadley.

“Yes, this is not a losers party. I don’t mind Audrey since she’s popular but her, she’s not invited. And besides, I don’t want my food to be eaten by a monster like her,” Gwen laughed and so does the rest of the guest who heard their host.

“Gwen that was rude of you,” Gianna speak up while Richard nodding his head.

“Apologize, now!” Hadley was being serious but Violet know it’s time for her to take action.

“It’s alright. I get it. You don’t have to fight among yourself. You all are on the same team. Audrey, you can stay. I’ll pick you up tomorrow. Thanks again Hadley, I appreciate the gesture. Take care of Audrey for me,” Violet smiled, not showing how hurt she was when someone commented on her figure.

It’s not something that’s unusual since she’s been facing the same form of bullying since she was in elementary school.

“Violet! Don’t go!” Hadley tried to stop the person who saves her life from leaving but it’s futile. Hadley face her friend, fuming.

“You bitch! What is going on in that thick brain of yours?! If you must know, that person who you called as a loser, she’s the one who fucking saves me! SHE FUCKING SAVES ME!” Hadley yelled, leaving every guest astounded by her voice even though the music blasting through the roof.

“I’m out. If you see her as a loser, that means you see me as one as well. She’s my friend, I hate to see my friend gets humiliated by people like you,” Hadley grabs Audrey’s wrist and dragged her out of Gwen’s mansion.

“What just happened?” Gwen asked Gianna who’s disappointed at her friend’s behavior as well.

“I don’t even want to come here tonight since I have an art project to finish. Let’s go home Richard,” Richard nod and leave both Gwen and William.

That action made Gwen realized she went o far this time.

“Violet! Wait!” Violet was about to get into her car when Hadley and Audrey called out to her.

“What’s up, guys? Why are you two out of breath?” Violet asked, weird to see these two are here rather than having fun at the party.

“Whoa! This is your ride? Now I am positive you’re the daughter of Lu-...” Violet covered Hadley’s mouth before she could finish it.

“It’s taboo to call her that in public. She wishes to have a drama-less senior year,” Audrey explained.

“Hey, guys! This party suck. Let’s get something to eat?” Violet was speechless when Gianna suddenly appeared behind them.

“Whoa, nice ride. Care that I test drive it?” Richard asked as he admiring the car. Violet has no idea if she should just be friends with that guy or let her daddy kill him for good. Gianna seems happy with him and she doesn’t want her crush to get sad for his loss.

What am I thinking? She said mentally before throwing the keys to him.

“Knock yourself out,” they all get inside the car and leave Gwen’s home with Richard driving.

“Actually, where are we going exactly?” Richard asked as he drives.

“How about Violet’s home. I’m sure she has a lot of food waiting for us,” Audrey smirk. Before Violet could disagree, everyone decided to rally on her until she has no say in this. She curses Audrey for being annoying.

“Where is your house?” Richard asked.

“Gypsy Estate,” Richard can’t believe his ears when he heard that name.

“Wait, for real? You live in Gypsy Estate?! That’s like, where all those criminal bosses live at!” Richard then realized something. Violet ignore Richard’s points and just look at the road ahead of them.

“That’s my house,” Richard stopped the car when a couple of guys in suits appeared in front of the gate. Violet told Richard to open the windows for her.

“Is that you Miss Violet?” Asked one of the bulky men.

“Yes. Can you open the door? I’m here with friends,” the man gasped.

“OPEN THE GATE! MISS VIOLET BRINGING HOME SOME FRIENDS WITH HER!” If only Violet could bury herself alive right now. The guards are acting anxious once they heard that their anti-social boss is having friends over.

“Boys! Be in your best behavior! We can’t embarrass Miss Violet like we did with miss Audrey. We’re lucky that miss Audrey even stayed by Miss Violet side all this year,” the guards muttered at each other.

“Oh! Is Tori home?” The bulky man shakes his head no.

“But there is someone waiting for you in the house. You just have to wait and see I guess,” the bulky man winked at her boss.

“Hello?” Violet called out when she entered her own home.

“Vi, this is your own home,” Audrey gesture her hands when she heard her friend being a weirdo. Audrey suddenly noticed a figure sitting at the living room as they walk through the foyer.

“Violet? Is that you?” A voice was heard coming from the living room. To Violet’s surprise, it was her mother, Auriana.

“Mommy? I thought you and daddy will come home together this weekend,” Violet went to her mother and hug her from the side since they haven’t met for months now.

“I’m sorry, I should call or inform the maids but I just can’t help it. My daughter is a senior now. Gosh, how time fly,” Auriana didn’t notice that her youngest had brought home a couple of friends excluding Audrey.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought Audrey was alone. You see, my daughter is not quite the sociable one,” Auriana stood up from the couch and smiled at her guest.

Hadley, Gianna, and Richard were astounded by the beautiful woman standing in front of them. Auriana removes the strands of her wavy blonde hair from her eyes before offering her hands.

“I am Auriana, Violet’s Mother. I think I haven’t met you all yet,” Auriana shakes hands with Gianna.

“I am Gianna. Violet and I are in the art club last term. But this year we started as classmates,” Gianna introduced herself. The cheerleader was bewildered by how young this woman looks.

“I am Richard, Gianna’s boyfriend,” He smiled before taking Auriana’s hand.

“I am Hadley,” Hadley smiled at the beautiful milf.

“I’m Audrey, mommy,” Auriana laughed at Audrey’s antic. This girl always tries to annoyed everyone with her joker attitude.

“I thought you all went to a party, it’s only 9 pm,” Auriana turns to Violet. She noticed how her daughter’s expression changes.

“Did something happened, honey? You look sad, want mommy to prepare some of your favorite food?” That took Violet’s interest.

“Well, we kinda want to eat, that’s why we came home. If you don’t mind that is,” Auriana smiled. She knows she can’t turn down her daughter’s request. She likes to cook for her family.

“Roast chicken with my famous homemade lemon sauce with rice?” Violet nod vigorously. Auriana laughed, messing her daughter’s brown hair.

“Okay. I’ll call everyone when it’s done. How about you show your friends around the house?” Auriana kiss Violet’s forehead before she went to the kitchen Audrey smirk when she offers herself to help Violet’s mother.

Violet knows that her friend is going to tell her mother everything.

“Audrey, that’s so kind of you, follow me please,” Auriana knows better than to believe that this girl is going to help her.

“So, what’s up? There is a gossip you wish to tell me?” Auriana asked when they’re alone at the kitchen.

“Violet has brought her crush home, don’t you see it?!” Auriana was skeptical.

“Really now, which one?” Auriana asked.

“Well, Gianna of course,” Auriana was surprised but the revelation. How can her daughter having a crush with a woman who has a boyfriend?!

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