The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 20


“How was training?” I asked when Gwen enters the car with a heavy sigh.

“Stressful and I have exams to worry about as well. Why does making a dream come true acquires this much hard work?” She literally gave up on everything at this point?

“Honey, you’re a strong woman. I’m sure you can face everything. No ones tougher than you,” I tried to sound encouraging. It’s probably working since she’s smiling at me now.

“We should find someplace to eat. I am starving. This new diet the trainee was given was awful,” I smiled knowing she likes to eat. Gwen and doesn’t doesn’t work out at all.

“Alright... how about that place?” I pointed when she stopped at a red light. She looks out before giving me a little nod.

“As long as I get to eat, that’s all I’m asking,” I chuckled before finding a place to park the car. Once I found the place, we both got our from the car and take each other waist before walking towards the eating place.

“I feel like we really don’t belong here,” she whispered as we enter the small eating place. I shrugged before we went to the booth table. A waitress smile at us as she gives out the menu. Gwen only needs to skim the menu before she calls for the waitress and ordered her food.

After I ordered mine, we look around as we wait for our drinks and meals. Gwen took my hands before I meet her eyes. I tried my head, wondering if she’s going to ask me something.

“How are you?” This again? She asked me the same question for over a month now. I know that Tori’s passing is something I can’t accept but life must go on.

“I’m okay. I don’t cry even once today. That’s an achievement right?” Gwen nod before taking my hands near her mouth before kissing it.

“That’s a wonderful achievement babe,” as we were just minding our very own business, a couple from the table next to ours let out a fake gag as they watch us.

“What a disgusting kind of people,” I heard the female said.

“It’s supposed to be Adam and Eve, not the other way around,” the male added before he gave us both such dirty stare. Gwen whipped her head towards the obviously disturb couple before she scowls at them.

“Mind your business! We never feel disgusted seeing you two making out. I could literally gag the egg salad I was forced to eat while in training. Wait, on the second thought, please do continue because I hate the things I ate earlier,” Gwen let go of my hands before giving them both her middle finger.

“I wish people like you could just get hit by a bus like Regina George does,” I chuckled with the rest of the customers as the couple leave their table from the embarrassment.

“And that’s ladies and gentlemen, how to treat close-minded people, your welcome,” the other customers clapped their hands and even gave Gwen a standing ovation.


“We should rely on going back to that little eating place. It has the best nuggets ever,” Gwen and I were talking to each as we walk inside the house until mommy called for us to meet someone.

“Girls, meet Thalina. She’s ...” Gwen gasped. She’s literally speechless upon meeting aunt Thalina.

“Hey Violet,” I waved at her. Her eyes then landed on Gwen who’s beginning to trembling from excitement and nervousness.

“And you buy be Gwen. I’ve heard a lot of things from Auriana about you,” I squinted my eyes to mommy. She looks away, pretends to be busy with her phone.

“I’ll be waiting for your audition with our academy. Just to let you know, just because you’re dating Violet, that doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you. My empire only produces a talented bunch of people and if they do their part, I’ll do my part for them as well. You never heard any of my failures before, right?” Gwen nod.

“Work hard, train harder. Work up your outer strength because baby, fighting for the top spot in the academy will be one hell of a job,” aunt Thalina laughed but not Gwen. But I know she can do it. She is Gwen after all.

I excuse myself as Gwen asking for some pointers from aunt Thalina. At first, she refuses to say but mommy places a hand on her thigh that made her submissive. That woman never ceases to amaze me.

I went to the kitchen to get something to drink when I came across Bianca sitting at the kitchen counter reading something.

“B? You’re here?” Bianca waved at me but her eyes didn’t budge from the stack of papers she’s reading.

“Wow... you looking like Tori with your head down like that,” I chuckled until I realised what I’ve said.

“Vi... are you okay?” Bianca finally looks up at me as I frozen in my place. I know that she’s gone but ... I still can’t accept the fact that she died without any of her dreams come true yet.

“B, do you know any of Tori’s ultimate dream is?” Bianca was confused before she shakes her head no.

“She wishes to have a big family. Since we’re born, we only have each other. And she once told me that she wants to have as many kids as she can with her partner. I just realised it never came true,” Bianca went to my side before she hugs me.

“She never told me that. Actually, she did mention about kids but all she said was I have to push them out of my body since she’s not going to do so,” we both chuckled.

“Actually, what are you doing here?” I asked when I finally feel okay.

“Oh, Auriana said she wants to see me regarding the name transfer process. Vi, why didn’t you fight for this? It is your sister’s wealth we’re talking about here,” I shake my head no.

“Why would I take something that belongs to you? You’re her wife, right? Even though you’re married in Vegas that is,” Bianca sigh heavily.

“Please don’t remind me. I don’t even remember any of the things that I did in Vegas with her,” I chuckled.

“Besides, our late mother left us both equal wealth in our name. But I told Tori that I don’t want to be the next head of the family. You want to know why?” Bianca nod.

“Because I tend to use my emotions when dealing with annoying people. Meaning, I always ended up killing them for my own entertainment,” that just reminds me of William that was kept alive in the underground facility.

“Thank you for reminding me,” I smiled at Bianca.


“Vi...” Gwen moans when I work my tongue on her neck. She suddenly grabbed my head when I was about to go down to her breast.

“Is this my punishment for not telling you about my parents?” I nod with a smirk on my face.

“Is this your punishment,” I went down to her breast, licking her nipple, working my tongue around as her body arches. I can’t believe she lied to me saying she’s only staying with Hadley and Gianna until her parents came home from their overseas trip.

It turns out she was moving out since they don’t want her to ‘waste’ her good grades and future.

I move my lips up to her neck again before nibbling her earlobe.

“You know babe...” she shuddered when I whispered into her ear.

“If your parents want you to be somebody rather than an entertainer, we could... put your name on my will... let’s say... few millions in your account for your own use...” I lick her earlobe before she pushes my body.

“Vi... I don’t want your money,” for real? But she’s Gwen! She loves shopping.

“We’ll talk about that after we put our name on a piece of paper that says I’m your wife,” Gwen winked before pulling me closer to her and kissing me passionately.

“Wife? I thought you want to be a megastar first then think about your future,” I lean in and kiss her lips again.

“But will I be able to do so? You heard what Thalina said. I need to work hard, train harder. I don’t even like the diet the training facility given me, how am I supposed to achieve the title of being a megastar?” I smiled at her when she expressed her worries at me.

“Yes, you can. Do you want to know why?” She nod.

“Because I’ll be there every step of your way to stardom,” I winked before leaving trails of butterfly kisses on her cleavage, stomach and on her navel.

I look up to meet her eyes before making my way to her crotch, working my lips all over her lady parts before leading my tongue inside her.

I place one of my hands on her stomach to forbid her from moving too much. She needs this... she needs it bad.


“How was final?” Gianna excitedly asked us when she went to our table while Richard carrying a tray filled with her meals, obviously.

“I think I’ll fail the finals and repeat my senior year. The question was super hard and I think I only answered a couple of questions right,” Audrey sigh heavily before facing Hadley who shaking her head.

“And she’s being serious here. I was sitting next to her and I saw how she use the oldest trick in the book! She literally wrote the answers on an eraser and depends on luck!” We all laughed at her suffering.

“How did you do?” I asked Gwen who’s sipping a carbonated drink from it’s can. Wait, isn’t that mine? I shake my head when I realised she replace my drink with hers.

“I think it went okay. Another A is on my way,” Gwen grinned as she laughed at Audrey.

“What about you?” I shrugged before opening the can and took a little sip. This is not bad at all.

“Alright! Finals aside, we have a prom to look forward to. I was thinking we should make that night as luxurious as possible. What do you say?” Gwen was wiggling her eyebrows before facing me.

“Is that possible or should I get to my knees to make it happen?” Everyone laughed when I literally spit my drink out of my mouth. Gwen chuckled before wiping my mouth with her handkerchief.

“Hmmm... I think I can make that happen. Don’t worry, you don’t have to get on your knees at all,” Gwen wrapped her arms around me before giving me a quick peck on the cheek.

“Hmmm... I’ll think of a way to reward you on prom night so don’t worry, okay babe,” I smiled before nodding my head. Hmm, she’s going to be the death of me. I never knew having someone as a girlfriend could be this... amazing!

“Vi,” Audrey touches my shoulder before leaning in.

“What happens to William?” She asked as I gave her one of my many version of smirks.

“Hmmm... he’s an alive.. well, kinda. He’s on life support now. I dipped his body in acid a few days ago. Died a few times but man... we just have to revive him back again,” I was about to laugh when I realised I’m becoming my old self again.

I took a couple of deep breaths before sighing hard. Audrey was taken aback.

“Who are you and what have you done to Violet? How is it possible for you to overcome your urge to kill? Is it because of Gwen? Did you finally found your queen that will lead your life to a better one?” I laughed at how she interpreted it.

I don’t know. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t but I know for sure I did found my happiness. And it’s all because of Gwen that I finally ... feel that I ... deserve to live.

I don’t know if I ever could overdone Tori’s death but I did. All because of her, because of Gwen.


“Mommy?” I walk in just to see my father sitting behind his desk with a smile on his face. I look around the room for my mother but she’s nowhere to be found.

“The maid told me that mommy’s here,” he smiled even wider.

“She is... somewhere ... I rather not say where,” I followed his eyes then realised she’s giving him a blowjob.

“Oh my God... that’s so inappropriate! Well, I did walk in on you guys both naked on top of the office desk before... and at the kitchen table... at the jacuzzi ... at the garage ... on the car’s hood... I should stop now,” I heard mommy’s laughter before she stood up from under the desk with a smile on her face.

“Delicious... anyway, why are you here?” I... I can’t ignore the fact that there’s white stuff on her left cheek! I keep pointing it out but she just didn’t give a shit!

“Ugh, don’t be such drama queen. You are Gwen before, same thing, different part. Still, why are you here?” She finally wipes it off.

“I’m here to ask about William. I’m sure his parents already informed the police about his disappearance and I know uncle Brian is trying to protect you guys. What should we do about him?” My parents look at each other.

“Honey, he’s gone, dead, poof!” Wait, what? Is he gone? When? I thought he’s on life support.

“He decided to die on us. What a shame, I thought we could burn him alive and hen threat his wounds again but no! He decided to die on us!” Mommy’s obviously pissed at the fact that he’s dead.

“Where’s his body?” I asked.

“Brian took it. He’s going to forge a report saying that some civilian found him dead at the ditch somewhere. Ugh! I still can’t believe we didn’t get to see him being eaten by maggots. You know how pleasurable it is...” I really don’t want to know what they do while watching dead bodies and maggots.

“Oh, don’t get us wrong. We’re not necrophilia’s. Just some kind of entertainment for us, okay?” Yea... okay. I always wonder how did she even become this sadistic and yet loving motherly figure at the same time!

“Who are you texting? Don’t tell me another of your bitch Luca. Isn’t it enough that I killed one of your sugar babies? I don’t mind you having one or two but never, ever show her in front of me! You know how jealous I get!” I really have to excuse myself from this conversation.

“I’m going now,” I said lowly before slowly making my way towards the door.

“Violet... are you okay?” Mommy’s tone drastically changed! But... the way she shoves her gun inside my father’s throat just kills the mood. I smiled.

“I’m okay. Don’t worry, I’m here because I want to know about William, that is all,” she smiled back as my father waved at me.

“Alright, if there’s anything, don’t hesitate to tell us, okay?” I nod before she grabbed my father’s phone and look through his text.

What parents I have huh? Lucky yet... filled with surprises.


“YOU! YOU KILL MY SON!” Before I could even respond, something wet was on my shirt. I look down to see my clothes drenched in coffee.

“WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?! Don’t you know this is a school! You’re not supposed to be in here!” Gwen yelled as I try to clean my shirt. I sigh before telling Gwen to knock it off.

“Everyone has their own choice of things to believe in. Even if their son kills a person they still think he’s an angel,” I literally spit on the ground. Somehow it only made the elderly couple angrier.

“MY SON NEVER DO ANYTHING TO YOU!” This middle age woman actually defending her fucking son even after what he’s done?!

“You should go before I call security,” I smiled before leaving them but a hand suddenly touches my shoulder and forcefully turn me around before William’s father punch my face as hard as he could.

“Violet! MOVE!” I watched as Gwen pulled this middle age man away from me and help me up.

“You deserve something far more painful than a punch on a face! Don’t you know how sad it was to know that your son is dead! IT’S SOMETHING WE DON’T WANT TO KNOW FROM THE POLICE!” The man screams at the top of his lungs.

I can’t believe this. He actually thought he’s innocent?!

“For your fucking information! Your son kidnapped my girlfriend and his own friends! He’s also helped a deranged man in kidnapping my sister who was killed by that man! Your son, he’s not innocent, he’s the fucking mastermind of this fucking everything! I lost my sister, the only blood-related family I have!” I spoke on his chest.

“Tell me again how was this my fault? TELL ME NOW!” I screamed before the principal and other teachers came to see what’s going on.

“And if you’ll excuse me go and fucking crying for your son died at some ditch so you and your wife will suffer the same consequences as him! GET THE FUCK OFF MY FACE!” I pushed his chest hard before walking towards the main building with Gwen.

“Does it hurt?” Gwen asked when we’re at the locker.

“A little bit,” I tried to moved my mouth before I feel the sudden pain. I flinched before touching my jawline. Fucking prick! Why does he have to punch me?! I should burn them all in acid!

“Let me help you,” Gwen took her handkerchief out and help me clean the dry blood from my face.

“What did you do? Did you kill him?” I shake my head no.

“He died on his own... after I dipped him in a casket filled with dissolving acid. He was on life support but that bastard decided to die anyway,” I flinched when she suddenly pressed on the newly form bruise.

“I’m sorry,” she smiled before continue to clean it.

“Don’t worry. I won’t be having one of those killing sprees. Now that I have you, I have no reason to kill anyone. Except if they fucking being rude to you, then I’ll beat their ass up,” I lean in for a kiss that she returned back with as much passion as well.

God, I love my girlfriend!

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