The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 21

“Are you nervous? This is it... this is your big break! It’s finally the audition you’ve been training for years for. Don’t be nervous, just imagine everyone as a potato or ... pineapple... or simply naked... I hope that helps,” Gwen laughed as Violet seems to be the one who is nervous rather than her.

“I’m going to be okay. But I don’t think you will. Anyway, there are 3 parts to this audition. First, photo shoot, to see if I have what it takes to represent Thalina’s visions. You know how I act in front of a camera, I can nail that easily. The second part of this is singing. Now that’s where I feel insecure about. I don’t know if my voice actually something the academy wants,” Gwen sigh as she explained her worries.

“Is that why you choose a slow song?” Gwen nod.

“Now the third part of this audition is what I’ve been working on for so long! I really do hope I can nail this audition. I’ve been pursuing my dream and even moved away from my family house for it. I hope it’s worth the sacrifices,” Gwen’s hands trembled as the first 6 numbers were summoned.

Violet excuse herself since she’s not allowed to be in here. She told Gwen that she’ll be waiting for her at home. After Violet left, Gwen can’t help but feel her world is crashing down. Her mind was racing and all she could think about is she’ll fail this audition she’s been working so hard for.

She was frozen when her number was finally being summoned. She followed the other girls into a studio. She noticed Thalina standing next to a photographer. Thalina turns to see Gwen, the person she’s been waiting for. Since Auriana told her about her talent ad a dancer, Thalina can’t help but wonder how good she is in other things.

Thalina nods her head and tells everyone to get ready. Once the music starts, she smiled at the contestant and begins the shooting. At first, Gwen was confused but she soon got the hang of posing in front of the camera. She was quite proud of herself.

Once the shoot is done, Thalina was impressed but she didn’t show it. Gwen and the rest of the girls were being led to another studio. Since there still a little bit of time before her turn, she sat on the floor, minding her own business as she worries about her next audition.

“I can’t believe I actually manage to get into the second audition!” Gwen heard one of the girls not far from her expressed her feelings.

“Yes! Anyone who was accepted as a student here, they all turn out to be a super megastar! I can’t wait for my own debut,” Gwen smile at their naïveté.

Soon, the second audition starts and it’s been a nail-biting experience for Gwen as she waits for her turn.

“What is your reason for auditioning?” Thalina asked when it’s Gwen turn to sing. Gwen answered with confidence, saying it’s been her dream of being an entertainer.

“I see you want to sing a slow, romantic song to sing. I’m sure you can nail it best but, is it okay if I change your genre for this audition?” Gwen nod.

“Alright, Bring Me To Life by Evanescence,” Thalina smiled as Gwen’s eyes widen. She never sang any song from that band before but she knows the lyric well. This is the time for her to thank Hadley for making her listen to them!

At the end of the day, Thalina was impressed by how Gwen manage to pull it off.

“She has the talent and commitment, that’s a yes from me,” said one of the vocal instructor. Thalina smile as her approval as well.


“Oh... my god...” Thalina’s dance instructor was speechless after Gwen’s done with her routine and leaves the room.

“I’ve been a dance instructor since forever but never once I was this speechless in my whole teaching career. Thalina we have to take her in and turn her into one of our star,” Thalina nod. For once she actually agreed with her instructor’s opinion.

“Auriana wasn’t kidding when she said she’s a genius dancer. Does she need some more work for her singing talent? I really want her to be under our care. She might be our most successful student if she does train harder,” the rest of the instructor nodding their head as they agree with their CEO’s opinion.

“Alright, we’re going to let her in our establishment. For the others, I do have a few contestants on my list. Maybe you guys can give me your honest opinion about them,” Thalina shows everyone her list of names that she thinks might be their next megastar.

Outside of the dance studio, Gwen was trying to even her breathing after she’s done with her routine. It doesn’t take long for everyone to see her as their number 1 enemy. If before they ignore her but now, everyone simply giving her the eyes she the cold shoulder after they saw her dance.

“I heard the instructor has been favouring you from the start. You must be bribing them,” Gwen ignores everyone’s opinion about her and lets her action speaks for her defence. She glares like the ice queen she is before grabbing her things on the other side of the room.

After waiting for almost an hour, Thalina’s personal assistant went out to announce the lucky contestant that will be learning, training and get to make their dreams a reality.

It was such a nail-biting moment for Gwen as she waits for her name to be called. Out of hundreds who came for the audition, only 10 lucky contestants will get to enrol in the world most prestige academy for those who wish to be an entertainer.

Gwen had given up when the announcer announced that there’s only 1 more name left to be called. She sighs heavily since she saw that one of the talented singer and dancer who seems confident that she’ll get pick smirking at her.

“And last but not least, Gwen Bryant. The rest of you, fail this audition. Thank for participating and good luck in your future choices,” the announcer smiled before motioning for Gwen to come with her and the rest of the contestant who passed the audition to follow her.

“Hold on! How did she gets in and not me?! She’s not even a great singer or dancer! I was trained under the world famous dance instructor, damn it!” The announcer faces the female who smirk at Gwen earlier.

“Because you lack the talent Miss Thalina week. You don’t have what the academy wants. The entertainment world is not your cup of tea, number 213. Or perhaps your talents don’t belong to this company,” she smiled before leading the others to the designated room where Thalina is waiting for them.


“CONGRATULATION!” Gwen froze when she enters the Martin’s household. She literally can’t contain her tears from flowing from her eyes when the people who’re practically strangers for her actually cheer her first achievement as she reaches for her dreams.

Her own family doesn’t even care when she told them that she got into the most prestige entertainment company in the world.

“Congratulation babe. Aunt Thalina actually called us and told us after you did. We’re so proud of you,” Gwen sobbed even harder as she hugged Violet. Violet’s parents, and the rest of the people who work for the Martin cheer even harder as she saw how Gwen reacted to their gesture.

“Years of training paid off once you enter the academy. Now, this is where all shits happen, the drama, the hard-cold-sweat you have to produce every single day!” Auriana smile.

“But of course I’ll be watching you. I have eyes everywhere, honey. Don’t worry about anything since mommy will protect you in this harsh world,” Gwen let go of Violet before she went to hugged Auriana. She’s been missing her own mother and hearing Auriana saying that made her even sadder and needs a hug of a mother.

“Don’t cry, you have a prom to worry about. This is the peak of your high school social scene! Now, I’ve called my best very own stylist to help you guys. You’re living in the Martin’s mansion! You need to be fabulous!” Auriana pulled away from Gwen before she clapped her hands.

“Boys, make her beautiful, the most beautiful girl in the prom. She’s a goddess, after all, Violet’s queen,” the stylist all dragged Gwen into a room, leaving Violet with her parents and the others.

“And you, to need to clean yourself up as well. Just because you have a little weight that doesn’t mean you could unkempt yourself. That’s so not what I’ve been teaching you. Come, follow mommy,” Auriana said before glaring at her husband.

“And you, little man, I’ll be watching you,” Luca gulped down her saliva that sucks in his throat as he watches his wife and daughter walk away.

“Master, it seems like the mistress is the boss right now huh?” Luca sighs heavily but he doesn’t hate the idea.

“Guys, the mistress is the boss and always will. Remember that or she’ll have our head,” Luca warned them and he’s not even joking around.


“Violet,” Violet looks up from looking down on her suit when she heard Gwen calls for her. Gwen was standing behind her before wrapping her arms around Violet, giving her a back hug.

“You have no idea how happy I am right now. I never thought that I would even feel this happy, not even once,” Violet smiled before turning around and places her hands on Gwen’s waist.

“Because you never even imagine you would be in a relationship with someone you bullied?” Gwen playfully hit Violet’s chest Shen Violet bringing back the past.

“I’m actually don’t mind at all about the past. It is the past and it should stay that way after all. There’s no doubt that I am in love and I’m so glad that I’m in love with you,” Violet was leaning in but Gwen forbid her from doing so.

“I just have to ask. What are your feelings for Gianna now? It’s awkward to know that you like her before I enter your life you know. And you’ve been having feelings for her since junior high,” Violet smiled. She likes the fact that her girlfriend is jealous of the feeling she had for her best friend.

“Gianna who? She’s a friend, nothing more, nothing less. You, on the other hand, actually holds my heart with those hands of yours. It’s scary since you’ll be surrounded by all these beautiful people, soon and I’m here, pursuing my art,” Violet was kind of worried about that little detail since everyone in the entertainment world looks like a better-looking people that she is.

“Sure they’re all hot and beautiful but there’s only one Violet and she’s my cute, chubby queen,” Violet laughed before lifted Gwen’s chin up.

“Bitch please, I’m your empress!” They both laughed before someone knock on their door.

“Guys, the others are here and you both taking such a sweet time getting ready. Please don’t tell me you guys having sex with that new toy you bought!” Audrey shouted over the door. Both Violet and Gwen sigh heavily.

“Can she said that even louder than she has?” Gwen asked as she went to look at herself in the mirror for one last time.

“I think she can actually. Anyway, this is for you,” Violet opened the drawer and showed Gwen a box of jewellery. Gwen was speechless when Violet showed the content.

“Oh my God!” Violet smiled before she took the tiara out and place it on Gwen’s head.

“Now, now you’re the queen,” Violet smiled.

“Even though that you didn’t get to be nominated for the prom queen, you’re still the queen in my heart. And, let me give you a little secret,” Violet leans into Gwen’s ear.

“I love you,” Violet whispered that made Gwen frozen and speechless.


“I said I love you. Forever and always,” they were about to kiss before their door were bang again. They both sigh.

“OKAY!” They both shouted, annoyed by the banging.


“Oh wow... wow... WOW!” Why can’t I have a dress like that? You told me to show some skin and I literally look like a whore!” Hadley pout when she literally lives to have a dress like Gwen’s.

“Bitch you wear whatever I prepare for you,” Hadley crossed her hands on her chest while glaring down at Audrey for calling her a bitch.

“I mean beautiful, you look amazing in whatever you put on,” Violet look away when her sassy best friend literally fear for her life as her partner simply glares at her.

“Yea, that’s better be the words that coming out from your mouth,” Hadley warned her partner while Audrey just smiles, embarrassed by the fact that she just showed how whipped she is with her Hadley.

“Ugh, don’t laugh at me! You probably whip as well since you’re with Gwen,” Audrey was surprised when Violet shaking her head.

“I’m not. She’s not as bitchy as she wants people to know. She’s actually really, really gentle,” Gwen blushed before kissing Violet’s cheek. They were all just talking until Gianna and Richard walk up to them, both with a wide smile on their faces.

“What’s up with you guys?” Richard and Gianna look at each h other before showing their friends their ring. They were all looking at their finger for something but none of them knows what to look at.

“We’re getting married silly! Richard just proposed!” Gwen and Hadley shriek while Violet smile at Richard.

“I’m going to be a father, after all, I need to make her mine and find a decent job,” Violet smile but not Audrey. She glares at the poor guy before facing him up.

“You better be. Make sure her dreams come true. Work your ass off to make her dream come true, do you understand me?” Richard nods his head. After what had happened, Audrey always gives Richard the cold shoulder even after Violet told her to forget the past.

Audrey simply can’t forget the past because Richard is the son of Tori’s killer.

“Don’t make me slap your face and chainsaw your limbs from your body. Do you understand me, bastard?” Once again Richard nods his head before Audrey smile at him. Violet apologised for her rudeness but Richard simply getting the hang of it.

“Come, guys, this is prom! Let’s dance!” Gwen grabbed on Violet’s hand towards the dance floor before laughing at how out of place she is.

“Come on Vi, I’m sure you know how to dance,” Violet shaking her head no.

“No, I don’t. This is not my scene,” violet was about to leave when Gwen grabbed her hand and pulled her into her arms.

“Come on, how would you dance with me on our wedding day when it comes?” A small smile crept on Violet’s lips.

“I’m sure when it comes, you will never see a light of day until I’m satisfied with you,” Gwen laughed.

“I love you, Vi. Thank you... thank you for everything,” Violet flick her nose.

“It’s me who should be thankful silly,” they continue to embrace in each other’s arms, following the sweet melody of songs that are being played.


“Wait, you basically have to stay in a dorm as a trainee? When can you go out and meet us?” Hadley asked when Gwen told them the contract she has to obey after she read and signed it.

“On the weekends or holidays. But according to the instructor, even on the weekends will be pack since we basically sold out the soul to the academy. Trainee life doesn’t have much choice in that,” everyone turns their attention to Violet who keeps eating her food as they talk about it.

“Aren’t you going to say something? Your girlfriend is going to be away for years and only meet each other for a couple of days or hours,” Violet look up with her mouth full as Audrey speaks.

“So? We get to meet right? It’s okay with me because I know how important this is to you and your dream. I will always support you,” Violet smiled.

Gwen was touched by her girlfriend’s words. She never once found someone so understanding like Violet does.

“Besides, I’m sure mommy can do something about the meet up so I have no worries,” Violet winked.

“That’s true. But, are you forgetting something important?” Violet shrugged her shoulder at Audrey.

“The academy probably has a lot of hot and beautiful ladies and gentleman for your Gwen to see,” Violet hummed as she listened to Audrey trying to make her feel anxious.

“I trust Gwen and I’m sure she will focus on her training and dreams to be an entertainer. I will see to be focusing on my own dream to be a famous artist as well. That way when we both famous and richer than we are now, we could slap everyone who looks on us with our ridiculously huge wade of money,” everyone laughed but Violet was being serious.

“Somehow I think you were serious there,” Gwen chuckled but she stops when Violet didn’t laugh with her.

“Oh my God! You were serious, did you?” Violet gave everyone a little nod.

“Especially your parents. I know you told me it’s fine but it’s not. They’re alive and doing well, they shouldn’t be ignoring you, their daughter and little sisters,” Violet still pissed at how Gwen’s family ignores her presence.

“It’s fine, really. I’m already used to it by now. Anyway, let’s make this night count. It’s the last song before prom ends. Will you have this dance with me, Violet?” Violet nod before she stood up from the table and offered her hand for Gwen to take.


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