The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 22

*2 years later*

“And you are?” A dignified middle age man asked Auriana.

“Oh, I’m Beck’s mother. I’m here to talk about our kid’s current situation. He’s dating your daughter, Lara,” the man scoffed before opening his door for both Auriana and Beck.

Lara was forbidden from showing her face after her parents know about Auriana and Beck’s visit. After they were told that their daughter was pregnant, they demanded to know who was responsible and that came to this.

“From the way you dressed, I’m sure you never taught your son any morale huh? For him to impregnated my daughter like so, how despicable can you be?” His gaze turns to Beck.

“Excuse you, this is Versace. Worth more than your entire wardrobe,” Auriana banter before Beck grabbed her hand. Auriana sigh before smiling at Lara’s parents.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude,” Auriana said with gritted teeth. She never said anything nice her whole life, this is hard for her. Lara’s father hummed.

“Even dogs know how to be grateful sometimes,” that actually ticked off parts of Auriana’s anger.

“Honey, this man is testing my patience. I don’t have much, to begin with,” Beck smiled at her mother.

“Please, Lara needs me. She’s carrying your grandchild,” Auriana sigh heavily before facing Lara’s parents. Auriana was not happy when Lara’s mother looks at her from top to bottom.

“What are you wearing? It looks like something prostitute wear,” she grimaces before facing Beck. Auriana’s mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ when she heard what Lara’s mother just said about her outfit.

“Look, we’re here to talk about the kids, not about my choice of outfit. Can we just, discuss what we should do for them?” Auriana reason even though all she wishes to do is to kill them.

“We both agreed to ask Lara to get rid of the unborn child before it’s too big. We don’t want the child out of wedlock into our family,” that was just the tip of an iceberg. Auriana faces both parents before slapping them both across the face.

“I’m sorry Beck. I just can’t stand them both any longer,” both of Lara parents were shocked.

“What the bloody hell are you doing?! How dare you attack us in our own home! Call the police!” Lara’s mother shouted.

“Ugh! SHUT UP WILL YAH! God! Even my fucking lion doesn’t roar like you bitches,” Auriana faces Beck.

“Get Lara, ask her to pack her things. She’s moving out from this fucking home. If I can shut Gwen’s parents, I can shut Lara’s parents as well. Go, get your dear wife,” Beck smiled before he went to get Lara.

“Who the hell are you? You can’t take our daughter away, she’s underage!” Auriana faces Lara’s father before smiling at him.

“Oh try to tell the police, I dare you both to do so. Instead of arresting me, they will arrest you instead. Honey, you don’t know who runs this town,” Auriana smirk before kissing Lara’s parents cheek.

“My name is Auriana Martin. Please carve that into your skull. If you wish to see your daughter again, please, change your attitude into a decent human being. Don’t let the wife of a mafia to teach you how to be civil. I’m a fucking monster, to begin with!”

Auriana started to laugh until Beck and Lara showed themselves.

“Let’s go home, okay?” Lara faces her parents before following Beck footsteps. She loves her parents but for now, she needs to think about her child than her own feelings.


“Another fail?” Audrey asked her best friend when she noticed how she sit at the very corner of her studio.

“Yea. What about you?” Violet asked.

“I got the job,” Violet clapped her hands when she heard the news.

“Congratulation, you got your dream job,” Audrey sigh before she took the empty space beside her best friend.

“Vi, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on being an artist. You will have your own break, I’m sure of it,” Violet raised her hand, telling her friend that she needs to stop giving her the petty talk.

“Please stop. I don’t need to hear that,” Audrey raised both hands.

“What are you going to tell Gwen? She’s been expecting some news about it right?” Violet nod before she grabbed her phone and text Gwen about the news. Violet looks up with a smile, before locking her phone.

“What are you going to do after this?” Violet shrugged her shoulder.

“What can I do? Giving up I guess,” Audrey sigh heavily. She knows her friend too well. Violet doesn’t say it but Audrey knows how her friend does feel about her situation. Since Gwen debuted with her group, she’s been touring the country, promoting her music with the others.

Violet did say she support Gwen but at the same, she does feel a little jealous of her girlfriend’s achievement.

“Violet, it’s okay to be true to your own feelings. Just say what you really feel about this, don’t bottle it up,” Violet shrugged.

“I’m happy that Gwen finally living her dream as an entertainer. I don’t have any power to chain her up in her room, telling her she should be here, comforting me. She has her own life to think about and that’s making her dream come true,”

“What about your dream?” Audrey asked.

“It doesn’t matter,” Audrey sigh.

“It does matter! Stop being so pathetic and start living your life! You have all the money in the world, just buy your own God damn gallery and buy the critic,” Violet turns to her friend with an intense glare.

“If I do that, meaning I don’t have what it takes to be recognised by my own power. What’s the point of working on a painting if you just have to use the money to buy critic?!” Audrey apologised.

“Leave, I want to be alone...” Audrey was about to say something back but Violet glare at her again.

“LEAVE!” Audrey apologised again before leaving her best friend to her own thoughts.

Violet waited until the door was closed before showing her true feelings. She stares at the painting that was given back to her and read the letter that came with it from the art critic.

“It lacks personality and emotions huh?” She sighs before tearing the paper apart.

“What’s the point of reaching for the stairs when I am where I belong, in the gutter, behind my famous girlfriend shadows,” she said to herself before closing her eyes.

She just made her choice and that is to forget her dream to be an artist.


“Oh no...” Gwen sighs heavily as she reads the text that Violet just send her.

“What’s up?” Ella, one of Gwen’s group member asked when she notices Gwen’s sudden changes.

“It’s nothing. Just something happened back at home and I really want to be there to comfort her,” Ella turn to face Gwen.

“Oh, Violet? What? She got rejected again?” Ella chuckled.

“I think it’s time for her to forget her dream to be an artist and just be something else. If you don’t have the talent, you just don’t have the talent,” Gwen abruptly stood up and push Ella by the chest.

“You don’t have the right to say things like that about her. All my life, I never saw someone so diligent even after she got rejected countless of time!” Ella raised both hands.

“Whoa! Chill! I was just kidding around, geez!”

“You can joke about anything but not her, not Violet!” Gwen warned her before she looks at her self on the mirror. Ella sigh before she gave Gwen a back hug.

“I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad at me,” Gwen was about to push her away until the other two members of her group walk in, staring at them with wide eyes.

Gwen tried to free herself but Ella kept a sturdy grip on her body.

“Get the fuck off me, Ella!” Ella released her body before winking at Gwen.

“I know you like it. Even Violet can’t top that hug,” the other members were not happy with what Ella just said.

“Dude, not funny. You know how Gwen loves Violet to the core of her heart,” said of the member.

“What? A girl like that doesn’t deserve someone as amazing and talented like Gwen. Gwen, please, leave that fatty and just date me instead will yah?

“Ella, stop it!” Gwen ignores the others before she went out of the room.

“Gwen!” Ella called for Gwen as she jogs for her.

“Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. I just, you know how I love you, violet just holding you back, Gwen,” Gwen ignore her as she walks towards the photo-shooting studio.

Ella waited for Gwen until she’s done with her shoot. For Ella, Gwen was her first love. When he knows that Gwen is in love with a woman named Violet, she determined to make Gwen fall for her. But, all her effort seems to be useless because Gwen doesn’t even see her as more than just friends.

“One day, I’ll make you mine,” Ella said to herself as she watches Gwen smile for the camera.


“Bianca, Ummm... can we have a talk before you go?” Bianca turn around to see her brother looking down on the floor. She knows that look too well.

“Beck? Are you okay? What’s wrong? Did something happen to you? Did our mother came to see you while I was gone?” Beck shakes his head no and leads her sister to take a seat. He begins to explain what had happened between Auriana and Lara’s parents until he told her about Lara’s condition.

Bianca was speechless until she took a couple of a deep breath. If Auriana supported his decision, she should at least support her brother.

“You’re a senior, you both are. What are you going to do about school?” Bianca asked, worried about his future.

“Mommy said she’ll talk to the principal and let Lara continue her study. I think I’ll get a part-time job to gather some money for our future as well,” Bianca can’t say no to that. To be honest she is quite disappointed by this because she wishes for Beck to continue his study and be someone important in the future.

“Alright, if you need help or anything, anything at all, just tell me, okay?” Beck nod.

“B, I know I promised to be successful in the future and that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to make you proud of me. I promise B, I’ll do whatever it takes to be someone The in future like you always dream off. Just, in this dream, Lara and my unborn child will be in it,” Bianca chuckled before messing her brother’s hair like she always does.

“Wait, what do you mean by mommy slapping Lara’s parents on the face?” Bianca asked before Beck explained to her about what had happened.

After agreed on taking Victoria’s place as the future head of the family’s gang, Auriana decided to take both Bianca and her brother into her family with open arms. Luca was happy that Bianca agreed to live with them in their main mansion and he’s been spoiling Beck rotten since he finally has a son.

“Oh my God. Hmmm... well, if mommy thinks it’s wise to do such thing, I don’t mind at all but remember that Lara’s parents should know about their daughter’s situation, okay? Just because mommy has your back that doesn’t mean you should be easy going,” Beck nod.

“B, thanks. I never thought you are this agreeable. I love you B, you’re the best sister anyone could have,” Bianca smiled before giving her brother a hug.

“Well, I have to go now. Daddy’s waiting for me. Today, I’ll be meeting some of the people who work under him. He told me to pack some heat and I’ve been nervous because this is my first time meeting them. Wish me luck,” Beck nod as he pulled away.

“Good luck, B,” Bianca smiled before standing up from the couch and walk towards the door. As she walks out, Luca was waiting by the car with his arms cross.

“Ready?” Luca asked with a smirk.

“Ready,” Bianca walk down the stairs and enters the car before Luca closed the door for her.

“This will be fun,” Luca chuckled as he walks towards the driver seat.


“Violet, what are you doing? Why are you keeping your tools inside a box?” Auriana asked her daughter when she came for a visit.

“I don’t have any talent being an artist. That’s what everyone has been telling me. I’m just doing what’s best for everyone,” Auriana stops her daughter from packing her things and lifted her chin up.

“Honey, you know you’re a genius behind a brush. What makes you think that way?” Violet smiled before she grabbed piles of letters that came from the critic. Auriana doesn’t even know how much work Violet did send to countless galleries.

Auriana read every single letter with a heavy heart.

“These doesn’t mean anything! You should know that better honey. I’ve never seen anyone paint like you. You should continue never stop if you love something,” Violet know her mother just trying to make her rethink of her decision but it’s final.

“Mommy, I’m not like you, or Tori, or Gwen, or anyone else. I’m not a genius, not even someone who’s worthy to be recognised. I’m just that lucky that Gwen likes me back and you and daddy took me in,” Violet given up on herself, trying to be something in this world.

“What are you going to do now?” Violet shrugged.

“Probably working for Bianca I guess. There’s nothing I’m good at except killing people,” Violet seal the box with a heavy heart.

“I thought you wish to keep your demons inside your deepest parts of life. What happened to that vow?” Violet smiled.

“I guess that vow just have to be broken since I’m a loser. I’m tired of standing behind Gwen’s shadows, yours and Tori’s. I want to pursue my dream but I don’t think it’s cut out to be a career. Who knows, maybe being a mobster just my kind of tea,” Auriana smiled but still.

“Do as you wish. But, will Gwen agree to this? Remember Violet, being in a relationship meaning no secrets between you two,” violet nod.

To be honest, she doesn’t know if Gwen will agree if she tells her about her plan to join Bianca in the family business.

Gwen has her own reputation to uphold and letting people know she’s dating mobsters will only make it worse.

“For now, let’s not tell her anything. If this news gets out to the public, she’ll be doom and aunt Thalina will kill us for killing her favourite star’s reputation,” Auriana laughed.

She watches as Violet continue to pack her other art supplies inside a new box. Violet was climbing a ladder while her mother had her back facing her when Violet misplaces her footing and fall back first on a piece of wood that was used to hold a removable table.

“VIOLET!!” Auriana went to her daughter side when she heard the crash and saw her daughter laying on the floor out cold with pools of blood formed around her body. She immediately calls for the ambulance.


“I’m sorry Ana, Luca. I’ve done the best I can,” Auriana was surprised when her friends who’re also one of the best surgeon in town told them that she’s sorry.

“What do you mean? She just falls from a ladder! It’s nothing fatal!” Luca tried to calm his wife and let their friend continue to explain the matter.

“The fall causes trauma on her nervous system. We just don’t know if it’s permanent or temporary. All I can say now is, she’s paralysed from the waist down. For now, you don’t have to worry because she’s stable. The main problem now is ... we just have to wait until she awakens to know what’s really going on,” Auriana can’t believe what she’s hearing right now.

“Are you saying my daughter unable to walk?! Bitch, what the fuck are you saying?” Once again Luca tried to calm his wife down.

“Like I said, we can’t be sure until she’s awake. Now, all the result that I’ve done pointed to one thing. I’m sorry Ana, this is all I’m capable of doing for now. Let’s not think of a worse case scenario, okay?” Luca catches his wife’s body as she started to feel weak.

“Luca... she was quoting painting because no one accepted her artwork. She planned to work under Bianca and now this happened! Why does everything she plans doesn’t work out for her?! What has she done to make God hate her this much?! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM HER!” Auriana screamed at the top of lungs before facing the doctor.

“We’ve paid good money for this, get your ass back to work!” Auriana was furious. Luca apologised for her behaviour but their friend understands this situation very well. She promised to help them any way she can before leaving them.

They waited until Violet was transferred into a suite. As they watched Violet lay on the bed, they both look at each other as they remember someone who should know about this.

“Should we tell Gwen?” Luca asked.

“She’s in Europe. Should we even bother her?” He added.

“Of course we have to! She’s the girlfriend. She should know and she should be here in this dire times!” Auriana was pissed.

“But Violet will not be happy if Gwen knows about this! You know how important Gwen’s happiness is for Violet!” Auriana grabbed Luca by the throat before glaring into his orbs.

“Pick the fucking phone, fucking call her and ducking tell her what happened to Violet before I kill you myself!” Luca nodded, scare that his wife does mean what she just said.

Luca reaches for his phone and gives Gwen a call.

“Gwen? You have to come home immediately, it’s about Violet....”


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