The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 3

Richard Baron, 17. He is the boyfriend of Gianna Vesper and before he even met Gianna, he was known as Vista Academy famous quarterback and ladykiller. Even the nerdiest of the nerd, goth of the goth and model student swoon by his charms.

But, only Gianna manage to open his heart to love someone purely. At the moment, Hadley, Gianna and himself are walking inside the home of the notorious mobsters he heard so much from his father and brother who works for the police.

To think he even has the chance to meet Auriana, the second boss of the city notorious gang was beyond his own imagination.

“Wow... so this is your personal art room?” He heard Gianna’s excited tone whenever they’re near anything art related.

“Gianna, tone down your excitement,” he chuckled. He knows that his girlfriend wishes to be an artist. To have a gallery of her own is her dream after all.

“This room belongs to my mother. But, since she’s busy all the time because of work, my sister and I use it sometime. But, every single painting that was hanging in this room were painted by my mother. Talented right?” Richard, who’s not fond or rather doesn’t anything about art gasped at the beautiful paintings on the walls.

This is the side of a mobster he seldom heard off.

“Your mother is one talented lady. She’s your real mother?” Violet chuckled at Gianna’s question.

“Oh no, my sister and I were found by the master of this house years ago. We’re orphans, the master and his first wife was the one who took us in,” Gianna immediately feel bad for asking such a question.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. Shall we proceed to another room?” Gianna and the rest nod and followed Violet out from the art room. Before she stepped her foot out, she notices a painting that reminds her of someone when she read the tag.

“Tori V? Wow, she is famous,” she said to herself. As they were walking past the indoor swimming pool, Hadley can’t ignore the fact that she heard voices coming from it.

“Violet, who’s inside the indoor swimming pool?” Violet was weirded out since her sister is not home from her work yet.

“I have no idea. You heard voices?” Violet asked Hadley back before she opens the door that leads to the indoor swimming pool. Much to her surprise, a group of naked ladies was swimming in the pool while the others just laying on the pool lounge chair.

“MISS VIOLET!!” One of them noticed their boss walking in with... friends. They all gasped.

“Miss Violet, you... you finally brought friends home?! Miss Violet... we’re so happy for you!!” A couple of them literally cry at the sight of their boss finally found some friends. Violet wishes she could just bury herself from his embarrassment.

“Guys, don’t embarrass me! Geez!” Violet muttered at them. Gianna, Hadley, and Richard chuckled at how they care for Violet’s anti-social trait.

“This is my first time seeing someone cry from having friends home,” Hadley joked. Violet can’t contain her embarrassment anymore.

“I’m sorry if I ask such question by, why are you all here without any clothes?” Gianna asked one of the women who came to hug Violet.

“You mean why we’re skinny dipping? I thought that’s the way to swim,” Hadley and Gianna look at each other before facing Richard who trying hard to look away.

“Sorry, most of them are working as a hostess in my sister’s club. They like to come here and ... expose their body for the guards out there, see,” Violet pointed at the other side of the indoor swimming pool and noticed a couple of male guards standing by the windows with their binoculars at hands.

The ladies chuckled.

“That’s the only way to find more men to seduce and bring more business for the boss’s club,” Hadley can’t believe how innocent they sound like. They can’t ignore the facts that they’re all beyond beautiful. No wonder they’re hostesses.

“Well, carry on then,” Violet waved at the ladies before leading her newly found friends out of the indoor pool.

“Ugh, that was hard!” Richard sighs heavily as Gianna cracking her knuckles.

“I see... you were looking at something, huh,” Richard shook his head vigorously. But he did say something and it’s huge. But he knows too well to never let that affect her feelings for Gianna.

“And this is the last tour, my father’s flower garden. Of course, it’s too dark to see now that this garden has the rarest of the rare flowers in the world. He also has a greenhouse, it’s right over there,” Gianna and Hadley were astounded by the night scenery.

“You father plant everything himself? Wow, he’s quite the green thumb huh,” Violet nod when she heard Gianna’s admiration.

“He likes gardening, that just it. He said that if my sister and I feel sad or lonely, just come to the garden and he’ll be there. These flowers, he grew them himself, his spirits are here,” Hadley was touched.

“Hey, guys! Food’s ready. Come on!” Audrey called out for her friend and the guest.

“Oh yay! Come, my mother world famous lemon sauce is to die for. I’m sure you all will like it, it’s one of my favorites,” Violet excitedly lead her new friends to the dining hall.


“Wow, ma’am! This is delicious!” Auriana chuckled when her daughter’s friends enjoying the food she prepared.

“Please, call me Auriana. No need to be so formal,” both Gianna nod Hadley nod their head but not Richard. He knows better than to call the wife of a mob by her name.

“Richard was it? I can’t help but be familiar with you. Did we meet anywhere before?” Richard shakes his head no. He knows that she met his father and brother, that’s why his face seems familiar to her.

“Really? I could’ve sworn to see you somewhere before. Anyway, enjoy your meal, okay? I’m going to take a shower before heading to bed. You all are welcomed to stay overnight, I know Audrey will,” Auriana winked at Audrey as she gave her a thumbs up.

“Oh, we don’t want to suppose by staying overnight. We could just walk home later on,” Gianna suggested when Auriana retires for the night.

“Walk? Gianna, we’re at Gypsy Estate! We’re all the way in the hills of Vista now,” Hadley opposed the idea of walking home.

“Well, I can send you all home myself. Since my mom’s home, we can use her limousine. But if you wish to stay the night, we have a couple of guest bedroom ready for ...,” before Violet could finish her words, Victoria made herself known by walking past the dining hall.

“Oh, hey Vi, Audrey... and .... hold on, you brought friends home?!” Victoria’s eyes widen at the sight of a couple of new faces. Her fingers were trembling as she can’t believe that her anti-social sister brought friends home.

“OH, MY GOD! TORI V!” Victoria was even more surprised when one of her sister new friends know the other name that she uses for criticism.

“Wait, you know me? How?” Gianna was gasping for air when she met one of world famous young art critic!

“Of course I do! You’re the sassy critique who will spot every single flaw in every single work of art! You’re like a goddess in the art world. Violet, your sister is awesome!” Violet chuckled when someone called her sister Sassy.

Victoria ignore the comment when her wages darted down on the dining table.

“Wait, the scent of this homemade lemon sauce, mommy’s home?!” Violet nod her head. Victoria was applauded by the news and decided to leave again but it was too late when Auriana walks down the stairs, walking towards her eldest daughter.

“Well, well, look who’s finally home. Miss me, Tori?” Victoria gave her mother a sheepish smile.

“Mommy... well, I do miss you, hug?” Auriana crosses her hand on her chest while staring at her daughter.

“Tori, we need to talk in private, come,” Auriana turned her heels and lead the way to the study room. Victoria glances at her sister and mouthed ‘help me’ before she followed her mother’s footstep.

“What was that?” Hadley just had to ask.

“Well, last week, my sister was a guest star in this variety show, I’m not sure what happened but she told the whole world that our mother is a sadist woman. That’s why they’re having a private talk right now,” Hadley and Richard were surprised but not Gianna.

She actually blushed!

Hadley noticed how Gianna’s body language changes when they heard the word sadist. She always knew that her friend is a sadistic woman but she swore that no one should know about her wild side.

Hadley was having trouble controlling her laughter from coming out because Gianna keeps sending her glare at her friend.

“Something wrong, Hadley?” Violet asked when she noticed that her guest seems to be hiding something.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Turns out I have to go home. Will it be okay if you send me home later? I think I shouldn’t be walking alone while passing through this estate,” Violet nod her head.

“What about you guys?” Violet turned to Gianna and Richard who’s done eating.

“We’re going home as well. Sorry for the intrusion,” Gianna tried as hard as she could to conceal her true nature from popping out especially in front of her boyfriend. She hates it when this urges suddenly came rushing through her system but she can’t change the fact about herself for the sake of one.

She knows that she bound to lashes out sooner or later.

“Alright, if you’re done, we can go now,” Violet smile before she misses her friends at the front entrance. Audrey decided to stay back and wait for Violet in her room.

“We’re going home... in a limousine?! No way!” Violet chuckled as she opened her door to her new friends.

“Yes, way. Please, get in,” Violet smiled.


The news of yesterday moment where Hadley yelled at Gwen for mistreating Violet went like wildfires at school the next morning. Both Violet and Audrey can feel everyone’s staring at them for something they don’t even know.

“Look at that! That’s the girl who made Gwen got yelled at,”

Violet sigh as she heard the students have been talking bad about herself. This is far from what she imagined it to be for her senior year.

“This is far from having a drama-less senior year huh,” Audrey chuckled, clearly bemused by what’s happening right now.

“And here comes another drama towards us,” Violet glance up to see Hadley running towards them.

“Hey! Thank you for yesterday. My mother was weirded out when a limousine sends me home yesterday,” Hadley laughed it off before squeezing herself in the middle of Violet and Audrey.

“So, you mind if I walk with you to class? We’re classmate after all,” Violet beginning to think that helping Hadley yesterday was a big mistake. If she decided to hang out with both Violet and Audrey, problems bound to happen whether they like it or not.

“Hadley, seriously? Come here,” they froze when Gwen leaning her back against one of the lockers.

“Hey Gwen, do you have something to say to Violet?” Gwen sighs heavily. She hates it how her friend always forced her to do something she hates.

“I’m sorry... that you were born as a loser,” Gwen laughed before she leaves for the classroom. Violet was unfazed by it since she been called worse than that.

“That girl! Honestly, she has such a thick head! I’m sorry about that. Even after I yelled at her, she refuses to apologize,” Hadley sigh. Violet was wondering why does Hadley are so infatuated for Gwen to apologize to her.

“If she says the L word ever again, my fist will be inside her mouth the next time I met her,” Audrey was being serious. She hates to see her friend being labeled so.

Violet was taken aback when she came across both Gianna and Richard by the classroom door, kissing as if they’re the only one around.

“Ugh, you guys, get a room,” Hadley was annoyed by the sight. Gianna pulled away from Richard with a smile on her face. It hurts Violet that this man manages to make her this happy.

If only she gave me a chance, she said mentally.

“Don’t feel sad, Vi, I’m sure someday, your feelings will get what it deserves. She’s not the only one in this world,” Audrey muttered to her friend. Violet nod before she enters their classroom.

The first period went on without any problem. It was until the second period that a familiar face suddenly appeared by my classroom door. It’s the academy’s principal, Mr. Hack.

“Miss Martin, please follow me outside for a moment. I’m sorry for the disturbance, this won’t take long,” Mr. Hack apologizes for the intrusion when she called for Violet to see him outside.

Did I do something that against the academy rule? Violet asked herself as she was excused to see the principal.

“Mr. Hack? Am I in trouble, sir?” Violet asked when she closes the classroom door. Mr. Hack sigh before he shows a piece of paper to Violet. Violet skimmed reading the paper and was shocked.

“I did what?! No sir, I never do such thing. There’s no way I’ll be this mean, you know how I am,” Violet expressed after she read the whole paper.

“I know miss Violet. There’s no way indeed, but, this claim has a couple of witnesses. As you can see here,” Mr. Hack pointed at the very bottom of the paper.

“I’m sorry miss Violet, you have to see me at my office after school. I’m going to give you an official letter regarding your a week suspension from school,” Violet was utterly surprised by the principal decision.

“But sir! I didn’t do anything to hurt Gwen! It’s all a lie! As you can see, she’s inside that classroom, laughing with her friends!” Mr. Hack was surprised. He entered the classroom again to see that Gwen wasn’t in the room.

“Miss Violet, I don’t think it’s wise to lie to me after you’ve done such thing to your own classmate. I mean, you’ve broken her car window, injuring the student! That’s unacceptable even if you’re the daughter of Luca and Auriana,” Mr. Hack sigh.

“Meet me after school, Miss Violet,” he patted her shoulder before leaving her dumbfounded in the middle of the hallway.


“Gwen, why did you do that? You lied and you even asked William to lie with you. She didn’t even do anything hurtful to you, why would you tell the principal he hurt you? She got suspended because of that and it’s only the second day of school!” Hadley confronted Gwen when she knows that Violet was accused of being aggressive towards a student.

“She’s hogging my friends away from me. Hadley, you were screaming at me yesterday. You never do that before, that hurts!” Hadley can’t believe what she’s hearing.

The person who never done anything wrong was blindly accused of being aggressive got suspended because of this little trivial thing! She can’t believe how shallow Gwen can be.

“Richard, can you believe this? She just got herself in trouble and she’s worried about that!” Richard sighs heavily.

“You really don’t know what you’ve done, huh? Violet is not someone you should mess with. Yesterday, we went to her house...” Richard was abruptly interrupted by Gwen’s laughter.

“Why would you all went to that loser’s house?! Did it crumbling down when you all enter it? I hope you pay for damages, Richard,” she continued to laugh.

“She lives in a mansion with guards guarding its entrance 24/7. She sent us home using the limousine since her mother came home early from her business trip. We even had dinner after she requested her mother to cook for us. Let me tell you this, Gwen, her mansion has a room made of gold, where her mother uses for bathing. Do you have a room made from pure gold?” Gwen was speechless.

She never thought that the person she despises live in luxury. Now she’s curious about her parent’s background.

“You two are lying. No one richer than I am in this academy. My dad owns the biggest law firm in this city damn it!” Both Richard and Hadley look at each other before sighing hard.

“Violet parent’s are the bosses of this city notorious gang. She’s from the Martin family and from what my dad and brother had told me, the Martin is one badass gang that has no fear of anything including your dad’s law firm!” Richard revealed the truth about Violet.

“Basically, they owned this city from the bottom to the top. From the little gangs in this city to this city’s leader, they have them all wrapped up nicely on their fingertips. If you don’t believe us, you can ask your dad. I’m sure he knows about the Martin,” Gwen’s legs betrayed her when she heard what her friends told her.

“I’m... screwed huh?” Richard and Hadley nod her head.

“You should apologize and take back that nonsense complain from the principal. If Violet parents know what you’ve done, your life will be over before you can say I’m sorry,” Richard was being damn serious about it too.

He could only imagine what kind of plans the Martin has planned for ruining Gwen’s life.

“Guys, help me! What should I do?! I don’t want to ruin my dad’s firm! He’ll kill me himself!” Gwen begged for her dear life.

“Well, first, you have to meet the principal. Second, you have to meet Lady Auriana, Violet’s mother. I don’t think Sir Luca is home and I’m sure Tori’s busy with her work as well. I can help you but you have to promise me something,” they all turned to Audrey who was listening to their conversation.

“Anything!” Gwen was desperate.

“Be Violet’s slave for 2 weeks. Then I can persuade lady Auriana to keep your life spare,” Audrey smiled. This is the perfect moment to make use of someone’s misery for her own gain.

“Also, you, William, Gianna, Richard and Hadley, the school famous athletes in this academy, will have to sit with us for lunchtime until the day of our graduation. I’m planning to make Violet experience the beauty of being a senior. If I hear more of that ‘loser’ word, I’ll swear, you all will be done for, got that?”

Audrey smirk, happy even that this is happening. She has a plan for her friend and it seems like it’s working out perfectly.

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