The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 4

Gwen, 17, was walking towards the Martin front door together with her friends and Audrey to seek forgiveness from Violet and her family herself. After talking with the principal, she was sentenced to do a few hours worth of community service for the academy for lying about the facts.

“Remember, apologize sincerely. Grovel if you have to. I am not sure if the mistress of this household is in a good mood or not,” Audrey knocks on the door a few times before Auriana herself opens it.

“Audrey? And some other friends, come in, come in,” Auriana accepted them with open arms. Audrey was taken aback by her response. From this, she knows that Violet hasn’t told her mother about the suspension yet.

“You seems to be in a good mood, Mommy. Something happened?” Audrey asked as she hugged the woman.

“Oh yes, I am happy! So happy I could die from it!” Auriana laughed while inviting everyone in.

“What’s wrong child? You seem sad for some reason,” Auriana places a comforting hand on Gwen’s back. She’s genuinely worried about the girls trembling hands.

“Mommy, Gwen has something to say. Gwen now is the best time to say what you wish to say,” Gwen get on her knees and apologized to Violet’s mother.

Violet, who just finished eating her meal was astounded when she witnessed what’s happening in her mansion’s foyer.

“Gwen?! What are you doing here? Why are you all here? Audrey? What’s going on?” Violet look down on Gwen.

“Gwen, get up from the floor, what are you doing?” Violet was about to help Gwen up when Gwen yelled ‘I’m sorry’ as loud as she could. Violet stopped midway, trying to process everything.

“Violet, what’s going on? Audrey?” Auriana was confused. She doesn’t know how to react to this. She is used to people groveling for her but never once a teenage girl did such thing to her.

“I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I’m told the principal and he has revoked your suspension,” Auriana was speechless when she heard what Gwen had said.

“Suspension? What the bloody hell is she talking about? You got the suspension on the second day of school?!” Violet sighed heavily before facing her mother.

“Yes, ma’am,” Auriana glared at her daughter. She can’t believe that Violet doesn’t have the nerve to tell her with her on her own, she has to ask her friend to do for her?!

“Why didn’t you tell me yourself? Why letting your friends do the apologizing and groveling for you? Is this how you make friends, Violet?!” Auriana was behind pissed.

“Ma’am! It’s not her fault,” Gwen look up to the mistress of this mansion and explained everything. Auriana was in a rage when she learned that her youngest daughter has been putting up a fake smile all this time just to save her butt from getting killed.

“You, bully my daughter? You swine! Who gives you the permission to do such thing?!” Auriana took a step forward and slapped Gwen across the face with the back of her hand.

The force from Auriana’s hand was hard enough to make Gwen fall in her side. Violet watched this with wide eyes, feeling sorry for Gwen who is now sobbing on the floor.

“I’m sorry ma’am... I didn’t mean to hurt her like that and I was stupid to accuse her of hurting me,” Auriana looked at this teenage girl with disgust in her eyes.

“You think your apology will make my daughter happy? You’re wrong, swine! Even if you kill yourself, it won’t change the fact that you hurt a Martin! You and your family will pay for what you’ve done!” Auriana was interrupted even Violet suddenly appeared in front of her face.

“MOTHER!” Violet decided to raise her voice. She can’t take it when the person who means something to Gianna will have to face her wrath like that.

Gianna looks at her friend who’s crying on the floor with a flustered face. She can’t handle the fact that her friend was just got slapped by a sadistic woman. She can feel that her breathing getting heavier just thinking about the treatment that woman will give her if she did something bad.

Hadley grabs a hold of Gianna’s arm and pulled her towards her body. She knows that her friend is about to blow up from all the excitement.

“There’s no need for you to do such thing! She apologized and the principal has revoked the suspension. That’s enough for me,” Auriana was shaking her head while listening to Violet’s reason.

“You expect me to ignore the fact that she just bullied you?! Don’t you remember what happened on junior high, where this group of guys ganging up on you for just talking to that girl! Do you want that to happen again?!”

“Mother!” Gianna feels something whenever Violet raised her voice like that. She can’t help but moan from the overly excessive pleasure from such a dominant woman.

This is all so foreign for her that she’s beginning to have some kind of attraction towards the woman defending her friend.

“Let me handle this! I know what I’m doing!” Auriana was both impressed and angry at the same time. Impressed because Violet finally sticking up for her friend, but she’s also angry for letting this hitch go free.

“Alright, do as you wish. If she ever crosses the line again, I will personally kill his whole family with my own bloody hands!” Auriana smiled at her guest before excusing herself.

The boys were both shocked at what just happened. When Richard finally get a hold of himself, he noticed his girlfriend turning red.

“Are you okay? You seem flush for some reason? Oh no, is it a fever?!” Gianna looks up to her boyfriend with a disoriented stare.

“I’m fine!” Gianna was breathing heavily while holding on Hadley’s shoulder. Hadley could only shake her head.


“Gianna, you almost made a fool of yourself out there,” Hadley silently laughing at her friend for almost revealing her own little secret.

“God! I know! Please don’t remind me! I can’t help it. I witnessed the mother slap Gwen across the face! That I can control but when she raised her voice like that, I can’t shake the feeling that she will be a monster in bed!” Gianna just realized what she just said while her friend gaping her mouth.

“Ugh! Please don’t mention that to Richard,” Hadley can’t contain her laughter any longer as she literally ‘exploded’ in front of an elderly couple as they walk home from Gwen’s mansion.

“Shhh! You’re embarrassing me!” Gianna getting all flustered again but this time from the embarrassment Hadley had caused.

“Do you even listening to yourself?! You just admit that Violet will satisfy your every need! I thought you said Richard tried to satisfy your need? What happened?” Gianna sighs heavily. She really wants to avoid talking about that.

“Ugh, don’t remind me. I did tell him some hints about rough sex, but, he just... I don’t know... he can’t give me the satisfaction at all. I tried to hit his ass, but he complains about it before I could even finish my role! And he finishes too soon while I haven’t even moan or even drench the bedsheet yet,” Hadley continued to laugh as her friend complaining about her sex life.

“Ugh! Don’t laugh at me! I can’t help but feel the ultimate orgasm okay! But all Richard do was that traditional wax without any name calling or a simple slap on the ass,” Gianna sigh. Hadley was having a hard time looking at the pavement she steps on as she laughed at Gianna.

Gianna puffed her heel before stopping her friend from hitting the lamp post.

“Hadley! Stop laughing at me!” Gianna begged.

“I’m sorry... I... just... trying to imagine... how Richard will react... when you said ... let’s do bondage!” Hadley laughed even harder this time.

“Ugh! Hadley, you’re hopeless. So, do you want to come in or no?” Hadley finds her composure and shakes her head no.

“I’m on cooking duty this week. I have to cook dinner before my mom and sister comes home,” Hadley waved her friend goodbye before she went home... to her house just across from Gianna’s.

“I’m home,” Gianna announced as she enters her house. She can smell something delicious coming from her kitchen. She placed her bag on the couch and went to the kitchen where her mother and older sister preparing dinner for the family.

Veda Vesper, 58, is the mother of 5 who loves her family more than anything. She often giving advice to her kids about the life lesson that sometimes can be harsh. She has the heart of gold and always help anyone who needed help. Her kids see her as a role model.

Imrie Vesper, 24. She’s majoring in business administration at Vista University. As the second youngest of the family, she tends to depends on her older sister and brothers if she ever needs help especially if she’s short of money.

Unlike Gianna, she doesn’t act like an adult at all. She likes to party and drinks all night long, never care about what people have to say about her.

“Wow, Imrie, you’re actually sober for a change!” Gianna was surprised by the fact that her alcoholic sister seems decent for a change.

“Didn’t Imrie told you anything? She got kicked out from school for misbehaving. Seriously Imrie, what’s the point of your sister paying for your tuition?!” Veda announced angrily. Gianna was overwhelmed by the news. She never thought that her alcoholic sister would finally snap and got herself kicked out from the university

“Are you for real?” Imrie smiled at her sister before nodding her head. Gianna watched as her sister sigh heavily


“I can’t believe I spent over $10,000 just for you to be kicked out! Can’t you appeal or something? Seriously Imrie, $10,000 is a lot of money!” Mirella sigh as she lectures her sister while having dinner.

Mirella, 35, is the eldest daughter of the Vesper couple. She’s working as a doctor at a local hospital and has been helping her parents in terms of her sibling’s education and monthly expenses. After their father, Gideon retires from being a security guard, Mirella took full responsibility in taking care of her parents.

Gideon Vesper, 59, is the man of the Vesper Household. He was utterly disappointed when Imrie was kicked out from the university. He was speechless and doesn’t know what to say. He let his eldest daughter handling the lecturing because if he gets too stressed out, his heart will fail on him.

Veda rubbing her husband’s back to comfort him.

“Alright! I’m sorry for being useless. It’s not my fault that the lecturer decided to get hands on me! God! What? You want me to carry a child instead of fighting back?!” Imrie finally lost it.

“What?!” Gideon, Veda, and Mirella questioned Imrie’s claim.

“If you ask me, that bastard deserved what I did to him. Who told him to put his hands up my skirt while I was bending down!” Imrie avoiding making eyes contact with her family except for Gianna.

Imrie is close to Gianna since she’s the only one in her family who understands her. Gianna gave her sister a comforting smile. She knows her sister did the right thing but of course, her action causes so much trouble for Mirella.

“If this claim is true, you need to tell the dean about this! We can’t let another female student to be threatened just so they could graduate,” Mirella said, trying to make a point that she’s sorry for lashing out earlier.

As they were discussing Imrie’s situation, someone rings the doorbell. Veda got up from her chair and went to the door to see who’s coming.

“Yes?” Veda smiled at her guests but it all turns to confusion when she saw Hadley standing behind the woman who rings her doorbell.

“Hey, Mrs. Vesper! Is Gianna home?” Veda nod her head while her eyes still on the car that parked in her driveway.

“Oh! This is Violet and Audrey. Gianna left something at her home,” Hadley placed her hand on Violet’s shoulder.

“Oh! For you to come all the way here just for that! Come in, join us for dinner,” Veda invited her guests and Hadley in. Violet wanted to decline the offer since she doesn’t want to intrude.

“I don’t take no for an answer,” Veda took both of Violet and Audrey hands and pulled them inside their house. Hadley chuckled as she imagines Gianna’s reaction once she saw Violet enters her home.

Hadley entered her friends home and watched her friend’s reaction and like she imagines, Gianna literally blushed in a deep shade of red.

“Vi-Vi-Violet?!” Gianna stuttered before she felt something that never occurs whenever she’s in Richard. Mirella and Imrie noticed how Gianna’s body languages change when their guests enter the room.

“Hey, Gianna, and family. You left your school’s iPad at my house. I figured it’s something important for you to use for your homework,” Gianna doesn’t even notice that she left her iPad at Violet’s home.

“Hadley, are you okay? You seem to have trouble breathing other there,” Mirella pointed out. Hadley waved it off before joining the Vesper at the dining table.

“Gianna, why don’t you take extra plates for our guests,” Veda patted Gianna’s shoulder to tell her what she should do. Gianna nod and went to grab a few extra plates.

“Back to what we discuss, let’s tell the police about him. We can’t let this happen ever again, well if what you claim is true that is,” Imrie sigh at her sister’s skeptical attitude.

“Do you need proof of his action? If so I can arrange him to force himself on me,” Imrie didn’t think it through when she said all that in front of their guests. She apologized to everyone.

Violet and Audrey were looking at each other since they suddenly in such an awkward situation.

“Alright, tomorrow, we’ll go to the police and get that lecturer arrested,” that statement by Mirella peak Violet’s interest.

Gianna came back from the kitchen with extra plates. Violet can’t deny how beautiful she is in normal clothes.


“Vi, did you see how thick her thighs were?! And to add to that voluptuous figure, she has those knockers to boot! God, I’m jealous of Richard to have such woman,” Audrey smirk as she literally shoving truth to her friend.

She’s done all kinds of things so that the woman she loves is literally next to her and now she wants Violet I make the effort to flirt with her crush despite being together with Richard.

“Yea, beautiful people always ended up with gorgeous human being. For people like me, they always ended up adopting a cat or a dog even though I’m allergic to fur,” Violet smiled at her friend while driving home.

“Who says beautiful people always ended with gorgeous human being? Why not make an effort to change that? Why are you so afraid?” Audrey asked while looking at her friend while turning on her phone’s voice recorder.

Violet keep a smile on her face, not knowing that her friend is recording her voice.

“Because people like me don’t deserve to love someone like Gianna. I don’t want to make a fool of myself by spilling my guts to a woman who has a boyfriend and then I got rejected and be the school laughing stock,” Audrey smirk, satisfied with her answer.

“Tell me, do you even love Gianna with your heart or you just like her for her looks and body?” Violet was furious.

“You know me that well by now that I don’t see people from their looks and body. Gianna being beautiful and well-endowed just a bonus for me to fall for her. I first met him when she was helping a helpless student when we were in junior high. From that moment, I notice how she would always help anyone who in need and she once smile at me as she walks past,” Violet was giddy.

“So, you’re saying if Richard doesn’t come along when we start as high school junior, you would be the one who confesses your love to her?” Audrey asked.

“Maybe, maybe not. Like I said, beautiful people like Gianna doesn’t go to dates with a fat girl like me,” Violet stopped her car in front of Audrey’s home.

They both bid their goodbyes before Violet drive to her own home. Audrey grinning like an idiot as she listened back to what she had recorded. She entered her own home and greets her brother and sister who’s sitting in front of a television, watching some program.

Audrey decided to go to her room and lay on her bed, smiling at the proof she just got.

“Hmm, now that I have proof, I just have to show this to Gianna but before that, Hadley will have to do her part or else this whole shenanigan would be for nothing!”


“Where are we? Why are we here?” Gwen asked when Audrey and Violet lead her to a hidden place inside the academy. Follow closely behind them was Hadley, William, Gianna, and Richard as well.

“Slaves don’t have any says when it comes to following orders! Know your place!” Audrey glared at Gwen but Violet smacked the back of her head for being rude.

“Don’t listen to her. Actually, I need help cleaning this room. The teacher said I can use this room as long as I keep it clean and all but as you can see, it’s abandoned,” Gianna look around to dimly lit room before she gasps at the sight around here.

“Is this the art room Tori V used to manage?! This is where all her masterpiece were created while she was a student here at Vista Academy!” Gianna acts like a kid who just enters a theme park.

Richard always finds it funny yet comforting to see her being excited about her passion.

“Yes. This room used to be the Art Club clubroom. I figured that the current art club needs a little more room for their own comfort. I seek help from the club’s advisor she mentioned about this room,” Gianna was jumping up and down excitedly as she saw a high-quality easel by the huge window.

“How did you sister manage to have this room for her art club when she was a student here?” Hadley asked as she opening the curtains.

“My dad built this building for her to use,” everyone froze except for Audrey.

“Well, from what I heard, my sister asked for a clubroom since she wishes to have her own club with her friends. But the school has no room to spare for them. Victoria asked our father to build one for them as a joke but it turns out there’s an abandoned building that the gardening club used to have. He basically turns a greenhouse into this building right now,” Violet explained.

“That explain the many windows,” Hadley opened more of the curtains and surround the room.

“So does that mean you will be in the art club again this year?” Gianna asked as they stood side by side.

“Yes, I think I will. Now that we have a bigger room with this majestic view, why not,” Gianna smiled before she continued to clean the room.

“If only she knows that the majestic view I was referring to is here,” Violet said mentally while watching Gianna gets cozy up with Richard again.

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