The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 5

“Why the innocent one always knocked up in the end? And here I thought that that girl didn’t even like the guy,” Gianna mustered as she pretends to drink her soda. Hadley and Gianna watched as one of her cheer mates announced that she’s leaving the team for she’s going to focus on herself, the baby and her study now that she’s pregnant.

“How are we suppose to find a replacement in such short notice? I wish to win the championship at least once before we’re graduate,” Gianna added.

She sighs before her eyes darted towards Audrey and Violet who’s walking across the quad.

“Hold on, if I recalled correctly, Audrey used to be in a cheer squad back in Junior High right? Isn’t she the captain? She should have skills right?” Hadley suddenly remembered something when she heard Gianna pointed out about Audrey’s past.

“Wait, you’re right. I remembered now. She used to cheer like there’s no tomorrow. I guess it all stops when she’s friends with Violet,” Gianna smirk. She had thought of an awesome idea that involving Audrey and her future as a cheerleader.

“Why not ask Audrey to replace that hag who destroy our future competition? If she refuses, we could just ask Violet’s help,” Hadley shrugged.

“I’m down if you down but you have to do all the talking. Come on, let’s ask her now before they went somewhere,” Hadley grabbed Gianna’s wrist and led her to where Audrey and Violet’s are.

Audrey looks at them before turning to Violet who shrugging her shoulder.

“What’s up with you two?” Audrey asked, weirded out by their sudden appearances. Audrey never asked Hadley to do anything right now.

“Audrey, are you free?” Hadley asked, begging even.

“No, I am never free. Now if you excuse me, we have somewhere to go,” Violet pulled Audrey’s hand back since She noticed Gianna seems desperate for her help.

“Audrey, please, listen to what they have to say,” Audrey groaned before facing both of the cheerleaders with an annoyed expression.

“We want you to join the cheerleading team. One of our teammates decided to quit because she’s knocked up and she wishes to focus on her child, boyfriend, and studies. Since you have nothing to do, why not help us win the championship. We’re seniors after all,” Hadley explained their intention.

Audrey kept a nonchalant expression before turning to Violet.

“Did you hear something? It must be my imagination. Let’s go, Violet,” once again Violet pulled her back but this time Audrey retaliate.

“Violet! Let’s go!”

“Audrey!” Audrey flinched and so does Gianna. Hadley silently begging Gianna to stop squirming.

“They’re asking for help, so help them. I’m fine, you don’t have to be with me always at school. You can enjoy the things that make you happy and thy is being a cheerleader. I know you quit because you want to keep me company,” Audrey sigh heavily.

“Violet, I’m pregnant, I can’t cheer,” that mews made both Gianna and Hadley at the state of shock but not Violet.

“Audrey, admiring celebrity who’s half-naked will not make you pregnant. Even if you ‘have sex’ with your dildo while imagining they cum inside you,” Audrey puffed up her heel because Violet opened her big mouth. Gianna and Hadley looking at each other before realizing what Violet meant.

“Ugh! I hate cheerleading. Why would I go back to the things that make me forget who I am!” Audrey half-yelled but Violet suddenly hugged her body.

“Audrey, you know it’s not true. I’m sorry for what I’ve done. It’s my fault, not yours. I want you to have fun once again,” Violet smiled as she pulling away from the hug. Audrey kept a nonchalant expression before facing Gianna and Hadley.

“Fine, but I have 3 conditions. You guys have to redesign that tacky uniform and Hadley, I want to go on a date with you,” Hadley gasp, at both conditions.

“She will gladly oblige and of course, we can change the design,” Gianna smiled but not Hadley.

“Why would you want to go on a date with me?” Hadley asked, confused. Audrey smirk before she leaned towards Hadley side.

“Hmm, because I have something to show you. Just say yes or else,” Audrey leaned back with a smile on her face. Hadley cursed herself for nodding. Only God knows what Audrey has planned for her.

“What’s the third condition?” Gianna asked.

“Well, you and Violet will have to come with us of course. Let’s have a double date,” Audrey smirk.

“I have a boyfriend,”

“That’s not happening,”

Gianna and Violet said at the same time. They both look at each other before smiling.

“That or I walk. Easy choice ladies. If you said yes, I’ll be joining your practice starting today and I’m sure you’ll win the championship. If you said no, I will not join you and you can kiss the championship goodbye because there is no way you’ll find someone better than me,” Audrey end her reason while a sinister grin.

“Your pick captain. So, what’s your answer?” Audrey waited until Gianna sigh heavily.

“Let’s not tell Richard about this. I don’t want o to ruin our meeting with his parents next weekend,” Violet watched as her friend smiling from ear to ear when she heard Gianna’s answer.

How could she do this to my crush? She’s clearly not happy about this, is what Violet said mentally.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure he won’t even know,” Audrey winked.


“OH... MY GOD! I never thought that when you said he won’t even know, I didn’t mean you literally bringing us to another country!” Gianna exclaimed when Audrey finally letting the blindfold they were forced to wear off their eyes.

“What? You said you don’t want to risk your meeting with Richard’s parents, so Violet said what could be more amazing than Milan itself?!” Audrey reasoned while smirking at both of the cheerleaders.

“I did wonder why do I have to go to the bathroom blindfold as well. I never thought that we’re actually going somewhere as far as Milan! Is that why you said be ready on Friday afternoon? We didn’t even bring any of our clothes with us,” Hadley was beyond shock as she’s actually in another country.

“Guys, this is Milan! We can shop for clothes later,” Audrey turned to Violet who’s pinching the bridge of her nose.

“How did you even manage to get our passport?” Gianna asked.

“I don’t think I even have a passport, to begin with,” Hadley said as she rubbed her eyes.

“Guys, this is the Martin’s we’re talking about. I just have to have a little talk with mommy Auriana, she took care of everything. Easy right?” Audrey wiggling her eyes brows at Violet who finally accept the faith that her best friend just dragged her crush and her friends to Italy.

“Audrey, what is happening in your skull right now?” Violet asked while the cheerleader admiring the view as they wait for their chauffeur.

“Violet, I’m doing this for you. I’m sorry for being pushy but girl! You need to step up your game! This is your chance, Richard is nowhere near the woman you love! You don’t have to use any diamonds to select your choices with Gianna right now. Just do what you think best and get that girl as your own!” Violet can’t process the words her friend just said to her.

Diamonds? What does she mean by that? Does Audrey think that her life is like one of those interactive games she likes to play so much?

Soon, the chauffeur arrived and pick the girls up. They went on a joy ride around the city of Milan before they were brought to a mega mansion not far from the city.

“We’re living in that?! Just how big is this mansion?!” Hadley asked Audrey who’s playing with her phone, taking selfies after selfies.

“Oh, Hmm... as big as a soccer field? I don’t know. This is one of Martin’s villa,” Gianna and Hadley turned to Violet who never said any words since they landed.

“This is my grandfather’s home before he moved to Vista City. This is home actually a present to my late grandmother who passed a few years back,” Violet explained.

“Are you okay with this?” Gianna asked, concerned. Violet shrugged her shoulder.

“I’m fine. It’s just she should tell me whatever she’s planning beforehand. I don’t like surprises when it includes the help from my parents,” Violet sigh before she thinks of every possibility in this little trip.

“Have been through many dates before but none of the guys I went out with ever bring me to another country for a date! Good job Audrey,” Audrey smiled.

“Ha ha, don’t make me laugh Hadley. Why would I even bring you to a date? I mean we agreed that we help those two get along. You and this trip just a bonus. Besides, daddy Luca gave us a limitless credit card. We can do whatever we want as long as those two together all the time,” Audrey muttered while placing her hand on Hadley’s thigh.

Hadley looks down on her thigh with Audrey’s hand on. She can’t explain what she’s feeling right now but she doesn’t hate it at all.

“Come on, let’s follow those two,” Audrey patted Hadley’s thigh before she follows her steps.


“If our love was a fairy tale,
I would charge in and rescue you,
On a yacht, baby, we would sail,
To an island where we’d say I do,
And if we had babies they would look like you,
It’d be so beautiful if that came true,
You don’t even know how very special you are,”

Violet sang as she paints the morning scenery from the balcony. Without knowing the fact that Gianna’s standing by the door, admiring her voice and painting, Violet continued to sing.

“You leave me breathless,
You’re everything good in my life,
You leave me breathless,
I still can’t believe that you’re mine,”

Violet was interrupted when Gianna accidentally push the door making Violet turned around, surprised.

“Morning,” Violet greeted her crush with a smile. Gianna smiled back and went to admire Violet’s painting up close.

“You’re really talented, you know that? Even I can’t paint this detailed,” Gianna expressed her feelings while her eyes glued to the painting.

“And the song you just sang, Whoa the lucky man?” Gianna joked.

“Man? There’s no man. I like girls, I’m gay,” Gianna froze. She wanted to apologize but that would sound weird since she just confessed that she’s gay. She’s not sorry that she’s gay.

“I don’t know why Audrey decided to bring us in Milan and I’m glad that you’re here, Violet. I can’t explain this but I feel safe whenever you’re around,” Gianna try to change the subject but Violet thought that she might do something untold for.

“I’m glad you feel that way,” Violet continued to paint when Gianna move to the side. She decided to keep it less awkward by looking at the scenery rather than disturbing Violet’s focus on the painting.

“Gianna, what do you see in Richard?” Violet cursed herself for asking such a thing but she needs to know.

“Why is that?” Gianna turned around while crossing her hands under her breast. Violet shrugged while never leave her eyes from the painting she’s working on.

“Honestly, I’m in love with Richard’s kindness. She hella everyone who’s in need without a second thought. That’s what I admire about him. He also knows and remembers my birthday and he never once forgets our important dates together,” Gianna trailed on and on while Violet try not to gag.

“He’s basically the boy-next-door type. He’s such a charmer,” Violet placed her brush down and went to stand beside Gianna.

“Do you love him? Like really love him?” Gianna was confused by that question but she nods.

“Of course I do. He’s my soulmate and of course, after I met his family, he’ll meet mine officially,” that breaks Violet’s heart in so many ways.

“Why are you asking this kind of question?” Violet doesn’t know what to say.

“I...” before Violet could finish, Audrey and Hadley appeared behind them.

“Come on, you guys should get ready. We’re going to the fashion capital! You guys need new clothes right?” Hadley grabbed Gianna’s hand and led her back to their room while Audrey calms her best friend.

“Thank you for doing this but I don’t think it’s working the way you planned,” Violet said before she went back to her painting. Audrey stopped her friend’s hand from continued.

“It’s like you just know me yesterday. You think this little plan of mine is done? You’re wrong,” Audrey smirk. Violet sigh, obviously tired of being hurt all the time.

“I’m sorry Vi but you just have to follow what I have to say this weekend. I’m your boss,” Audrey pushed her friend towards her room and forced her to get ready.


“We’re actually having a picnic in Milan for our date. How crazy is that?!” Hadley just had to take a couple of selfies with her best friend. Gianna grabbed the phone and kept it to herself.

“If you post that on any social media, Richard will know,” Hadley sighed.

“He’s bound to know if you’re only showing your face to him by Monday. Hell asked questions about your whereabouts all weekend,” Hadley tried to take her phone but Gianna forbids her to do so.

“I told him I’m visiting my grandparents. I even told my parents to tell him that if he asked,” Gianna turned her attention to Violet who just eats her food silently while Audrey mixing all types of juices into one drink.

“What the hell are you doing?” Hadley asked before Audrey handed it over to her. Audrey ushered Hadley to have a taste with a wide grin across her face.

“Are you trying to kill me?” Audrey pointed at Violet who drinks the weird looking liquid like it’s nothing.

“Violet’s still here, living and breathing. Come on, drink,” Audrey smiled as Hadley took the chances and taste it. At first, Hadley wanted to gag by when she swallowed it, it felt... refreshed!

“I... Hmm... it’s tasty,” Audrey smiled even wider.

“Good, now, finish your drink and follow me to a place,” Hadley was skeptically but Audrey assured her it’s fine. Violet watched as her best friend trying to lure an innocent cheerleader to her trap.

Violet wanted to say something but Audrey gave her a warning glare. Afraid, she let it go and let Hadley meet her doom. Now that she’s alone with Gianna, the awakened silent is back and both of them doesn’t know how to start a conversation.

“Do you cook, Gianna?” Violet asked while eating her dessert.

“I do. I’m not a pro but I can cook,” Gianna took a piece of cake and taste the divine food. Violet sighs heavily before apologizing to Gianna for this sudden trip.

“It’s fine. This is my first time traveling abroad though. And Milan as my first travel destination was beyond my imagination! Also, thank you for the clothes you bought. I promise I’ll pay it back to you once we’re back in Vista. How much do I owe you?” Violet waved it off.

“Please, I insist,” Gianna smile sincerely. Violet sigh.

“Well, you owe me $1,200,” Gianna literally dropped her cake on her thigh when she heard the price.

“For a simple dress and casual wear?!” Gianna’s eyes widen in shock.

“Well, it is Gucci and Burberry,” Violet pointed at Hadley suing her thumb.

“For Hadley, she actually owes Audrey about $3,000. I’m sure Audrey will not mind since she’s working with mommy after all,” Gianna turned to her friend and her date.

“What kind of work?” Gianna chuckled.

“She’s being my friend. Mommy was happy when I came home with Audrey one day and she gave Audrey money to spare. About $30,000 a month,” Gianna’s eyes widen again.

“For being your friend?! Is your mother mental? Why would she even pay someone to be friends like that? She’s basically buying her to be friends with you!” Violet raised both eyebrows.

“No, it’s not like that. Audrey was sincere. Mommy was grateful and because Audrey living with her older sister and brother, mommy said that money could help them somehow,” Violet explained.

“Seems like those two hitting off easily,” both Gianna and Violet noticed that Hadley and Audrey smooching at the other side with Audrey pushing Hadley on the grass.

“Oh wow! I never knew that Audrey has feelings for Hadley all this time!” Gianna chuckled at Violet’s surprised expression.

“I’ve known it for a little while now. It’s so obvious every time they talk to each other in private,” Violet feels bad. She doesn’t even notice anything happening with her best friend.

Now that she’s witnessing how bold Audrey with her feelings towards the person she loves, she turned to Gianna and took the confused cheerleader by the hand.

“Gianna... I... I...,” Audrey used the corner of her eyes to see her friend while pinning Hadley down on the grass.

“Are you serious when you said you like me?” Hadley blushing hard, dazed by the sudden kiss she received moments ago.

“Yes, I’ve been liking you since forever. Now, use the corner of your eyes and witness something that you’ll never think will happen. I think Violet will finally confess,” Hadley didn’t use the corner of her eyes when she turned her whole head towards her best friend and Violet.

“Really? This is just chapter 5! Too soon! Gianna will...” before Hadley could finish her sentences, they heard a familiar sound coming from their friends. Gianna just slapped Violet across the face.

“You might hear him as a playboy before but he never once CHEATED ON ME! Don’t accuse of him doing something he doesn’t even do! I thought you’re a bigger person than that, literally!” Gianna abruptly hey up and leave Violet alone on the picnic mat.

Violet sigh before facing both Audrey and Hadley.

“Having fun over there? I’m great over here,” Violet smiled.

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