The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 6

“Violet? I’m sorry,” both Hadley and Audrey came to apologized to Violet as decided to stay in her room, working on some new painting.

“I thought that if I showed you how brave I was confessing to Hadley, you would do the same. I don’t know what happened while you were doing it but we’re truly sorry,” Audrey nudge Hadley’s side.

“I’m sorry as well Violet,” Hadley apologized.

“It’s fine. You guys should sleep. We’re going home to Vista tomorrow. I already told the pilot to get everything ready for our trip home,” Violet said before Audrey and Hadley leave her alone in her room.

“Ugh! I’m so stupid. I should’ve just left this alone but no! I have to buy in. How’s Gianna doing?” Audrey asked Hadley who’s wrapping her arms around Audrey’s waist.

“Well, she refuses to talk to me. That’s understandable. She only told me that Violet confessed and that’s it. I even played the recording you took from Violet when she asked me about her sincerity. She just blew me off,” Audrey sigh heavily.

“Hmm, any dirt of Richard?” Hadley shakes her head.

“He’s in love with Gianna sincerely,” Audrey clicked her tongue in annoyance. She wants her best friend to feel love as well. She never thought that it would backfire this bad!

“I guess, we shouldn’t be this close to each other then. You plan doesn’t work,” Audrey placed her arm around Hadley’s shoulder, keeping her close.

“Nah, I’m not lying when I told you I like you. Why would I kiss you if I just lying about my feelings?” Audrey smile, but this time, it shows to her eyes.

“Why would you like me, someone, who used to sell drugs to others? That’s just crazy,” Audrey flicked Hadley’s nose and chuckled.

“I love crazy things. Especially someone who can dance in front of the public eye in skimpy skirts,” Audrey sigh heavily.

“What should we do about those two? Violet’s heartbroken, Gianna probably hates her right now,” Hadley too sigh heavily.

“Not to mention Richard, the perfect boyfriend. God, it’s going to be awkward when we’re at school,” Audrey suddenly remembered something crucial.

“It’s better that we don’t mention about Violet got slapped by Gianna in front of mommy Auriana’s face. She will be piss,” Audrey said before she heard something fell on the floor. When they both turn to look, Gianna was standing there, eyes widen.

“I just slapped a mafia’s daughter. I’m doom, I’m dead, why did I slap her?! She just told me to be careful and don’t be too trusting with my boyfriend. I got mad because she doesn’t know Richard as I do!” Audrey and Hadley look at each other.

“Wait, SHE NEVER confesses?!” Audrey asked, shocked.

“She did actually. I was speechless until she said I should never trust my own boyfriend. Who does she think she is, butting in my personal matter,” Audrey facepalmed herself.

“You know how hard it is for her to even being in your presence. You shouldn’t slap her like you did. She was just reminding you after you probably turn her down! SHES ADVISING YOU, DUMMY!” Gianna felt even guiltier than she already is.

She never thought that Violet would be that understanding. At the time, all she heard was she’s talking bad about her boyfriend who’s been there for her since day 1. Richard was the one who changes her life from bad to great.

“Let’s just rest for tonight. We’re going home tomorrow since someone just slapped the person who pays for this trip,” Audrey look down on Gianna before leading Hadley to her room.

“Hadley, aren’t you going to our room?” Gianna asked as they walking away.

“Nah, I’m spending a night in Italy with my love interest,” Hadley winked before waving at Gianna while Audrey smirk at her. Gianna was speechless but glad that her friend found someone to love.

As Gianna was walking towards her room, Violet got out of hers and noticed the cheerleader getting uncomfortable around her.

“Gianna, it’s fine. Enjoy your night,” Violet smile but Gianna notice it doesn’t reach her eyes.

“I’m sorry for what I did. Audrey just explained to me. I’m sorry for not be able to return your feelings as well. I can’t betray my boyfriend since he’s been in my life since the very start. Believe it or not, I was not like this before. He came into my life and change it all. I love him, I truly am,” if only Gianna knows how hurtful it is for Violet to hear that right now, she wouldn’t even mention it again.

Violet keep a smiling face while waving it off.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry. I shouldn’t be telling you about my feelings since you have a boyfriend. It’s my fault. And I’m glad you found the person who cares for you deeply. He’s lucky to have you, Gianna,” Violet excuse herself and went to the kitchen.

“Miss Violet, any request?” The maid asked her lady.

“Just hot cocoa please,” the maid was weirded out since the lady only asked a hot drink. Usually, she would go all out if she’s hungry. There’s the only explanation for this.

“Miss, are you sad? I’m here if you want to rant,” Violet smiled at the maid as she prepares her hot cocoa.

“I like someone, but that girl has a boyfriend who loves her deeply,” the maid place the hot cocoa in front of her lady. She thinks for a moment to process it.

“So? You’re Violet Martin! All you have to do is try again,” Violet look up to the maid and smile.

“I think, even my last name can’t help me with this,” Violet sip her hot drink.


Auriana went to the police station to meet her dear old friend who’s working as the police superintendent for Vista Police Force. She has some urgent matter to discuss and she needs to know some confidential matter regarding the current crisis the Martin’s face with.

She was about to ask the officer behind a counter when her eyes landed on a couple of people who looks like someone she knew. At first, she decided to stay low but when Auriana heard their last name, she’s confident that they’re related.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry for intruding but are you Gianna’s family?” Auriana asked a middle-aged lady.

“Yes, I’m her mother, Veda. Are you my daughter’s teacher perhaps?” Auriana chuckled while shaking her head no.

“Gianna is a friend of my daughter. Thank you for taking care of my daughters when she goes to your home. Her name is Violet and Audrey,” Veda remembered them vividly.

“Oh! Them! I remembered, they went to our home to give something back to Gianna,” both Auriana and Veda laugh.

“I’m sorry for being nosy, but what brings you here?” Veda explaining about Imrie’s misfortune and how they want justice to be served. Auriana listened to them tentatively.

“Hmm, so, have you guys reported this event?” Veda shake her head.

“They said that we have no proof what so ever. All we have is our daughter’s words and nothing happened to our daughter except she got kicked out of the university for fighting back,” Veda explained.

“Our eldest daughter is trying to make a case here but they won’t take our case at all. This is clearly sexual harassment but they say that they face thousands of cases involving sexual harassment with proof,” Veda’s about to cry when Auriana placed a comforting hand on the middle-aged woman.

“I’ll see what I can do here, okay?” Auriana assures the Vesper before she went to see the officer by the counter.

“Excuse me, if you have a moment, I would like to ask how to make a sexual harassment report,” the officer sigh without looking up to Auriana at all.

“Listen here, lady. Even though you’re a doctor, you can’t just barge in here and force us to make a report. There’s proof, and your sister wasn’t rape or anything. Just lay off,” Auriana was a little tick off by her rudeness.

“Geez, did your husband decided to have another, younger vagina?” The Officer looks up with rage.

“What did you say?!” The Officer asked again.

“I said, did your husband find another, younger vagina to fuck because your attitude is filthy. My friend’s daughter here was kicked out from her university because she fights back a sexual harasser. What kind of police officer that decline to take action?” The officer stood up and gave Auriana head on.

“Listen here, lady! I don’t know who you are and what you are to that family but we can’t take any cases that have no proof whatsoever!” The Officer yelled and that there go Auriana’s patients.

The rage woman took an empty mug that’s on the counter and literally smashed it on the female officer’s head, breaking it to pieces. Auriana took the Officer by the collar and pulled her down.

“How does it feel? Painful isn’t it? Who do you think you are speaking to me like that!” Auriana was clearly not herself. The Vesper was speechless and so does the rest of the people inside the station.

They just witnessed how this woman literally injured a police officer!

“You don’t have the right to speak to me like I am in the same level as you scums!” Auriana pushes the officer and watched her fall on the ground with a bleeding head.

“Ana! That’s enough! What are you doing?!” Brian, the police superintendent came to aid when he was informed about Auriana’s doing.

“Brian! Hi! Can you do me a favor and take their case personally. It means a lot to me and Violet,” Brian nod and invited the Vesper to his office.

Before following their footsteps, Auriana looks down the counter and smiled at the female officer who was being rude to her being tended by her colleagues.

“If you want to seek revenge for my doing, come and find me. My name is Auriana Martin, wife of Luca Martin,” The Officer’s eyes widen.

“I’ll be waiting,” Auriana winked before leaving the dumbfounded officer alone. Once she arrived at her friend’s office, the Vesper was telling him about their case.

At first, Brian seems reluctant to accept the case but Auriana gave him an intense glare. Brian sigh mentally before assured the Vesper than they will do something about this matter.

“I’m glad! You have no idea how many of the students who quit because of this,” Imrie said something that piqued Brian’s interest.

“Hold on, there are others who suffer the same thing?” Imrie nod.

“Then we can make a case. I will have to take the others report as well. Can you tell them and ask them to see me?” Imrie nod. After a while, the Vesper excused themselves with a satisfying expression on their faces.

Once the door closed, Auriana went to sit in front of Brian’s desk and looks at him.

“What? You only came here for something. What is it?” Auriana smiled. She likes it when Brian knows what she wants.

“I’ve been hearing a lot about this ‘human farm’ from my friends and my workers. Can you tell me what it does and how do I stop them from ruining my business? These human farm has been in the way of my brothel and strip club,” Auriana sigh, circling her thumb on Brian’s hand.

“Well, I can’t exactly tell you anything about it but, you may look at the files on my desk while I’m going to the bathroom real quick,” Brian stood up, pointing the files with his eyes.

“Knock yourself out with it,” he said before leaving Auriana alone.


“Call me once you get home, okay?” Audrey kiss Hadley’s forehead before she went into the limousine that will send her home.

“Don’t cheat on me!” Hadley shouted before the car drives away. Gianna could only smile when her friends become this hopelessly romantic for some reason.

“I never thought I have to say this but get a room! I mean I was watching you guys cuddling, kissing each other all the way from Milan to Vista! I don’t know how Violet can handle that easily,” Hadley smiled.

“You’re just jealous my Audrey doesn’t afraid to show affection in public. Unlike that someone who cares for his reputation,” Gianna glared.

“Hey! Richard has a perfect reason for that. Anyway, I should tell him I’m back and riding a limousine home,” Gianna was excited but Hadley can’t let it go.

“Gianna, you crushed someone’s dream and here you are acting like nothing happened at all,” Gianna look up from her phone.

“She confessed, and I turn her down. What’s the big deal?” Hadley reminds her friend about the slapping incident.

“What will you feel when Richard slap you for no good reason? That’s how Violet feels when she tries to advise you,” Gianna feel guilty again. Even though she apologized to Violet but she knows deep down she’s hurt.

Gianna thanked the driver and bid her best friend goodbye before she went to her own home.

“I’m home!” She announced. She noticed how her family seems busy getting the house ready for something.

“Oh good! You’re back. Help us get ready. We have a guest arriving soon. Mom, Mirella and Imrie’s in the kitchen, cooking. Dad and Theon are outside preparing the grills. Help me with the table setting,” Stefan, Gianna’s older brother who moved out of their family house to pursue his dream as a big shot architect actually came home.

“Wow Stefan, you’re home!” Gianna went to hug her brother and helped him set the table.

“Who’s coming through?” Gianna asked as she placed the tableware.

“Mom said the Martin’s,” Gianna almost dropped the plates when she heard the name.

“Auriana Martin helped Imrie with her case. The superintended himself will be taking her case and bring that bastard in for questioning. Seems like it’s working perfectly and mom and dad want to thank her for her help,” Gianna’s hand trembled with the news.

All she did when she was with her daughter was slapping her! She feels guilty and she wishes to turn back the time.

“From the sound of things, the Martin’s seems like a big shot in Vista. I mean, who just hurt a police officer and gets away with it!” Stefan laugh it off. Violet force a laugh from her mouth.

Not long after they heard a knock on the front door. Stefan went to open the door. He was about to welcomed their guest but his eyes darted towards a group of men in black suits behind their guest.

“I’m sorry. They insisted on following us here,” Auriana apologized for the inconvenience. Stefan opened the door wide enough for their guest to entered. He noticed how some of their neighbors go out from their home just to see what’s going on.

“Veda! I brought something as well. My famous roasted chicken,” Auriana excitedly entered the Vesper’s kitchen. Gianna was surprised to see how close Auriana and her mother is.

“I’m Victoria,” Victoria smiled and shake hands with Stefan.

“I’m Stefan, please come in,” Stefan smiled.

“I’m Violet, nice meeting you,” they shake hands.

“I’m Luca, thank you for inviting us for dinner. My wife was particularly excited for this since we never been invited to have a normal dinner before,” Luca laughed it off.

“I brought beers! And of course, for the ladies, our best wine,” Stefan took the beer and wine from Luca.

“Thank you, sir! My father and brother at the backyard, barbecuing. Want to join them?” Luca nod and Stefan lead him to the backyard. Gianna can’t believe how normal her family acts in front of the city notorious mafia family.

“What... What is going on? When didn’t they even get this close?!” She asked herself.


“Oh, where is your other daughter, Audrey?” Veda asked as they all seated for dinner. Auriana chuckled.

“Audrey is a friend of Violet. But I see her as my own since she went to my house every day and she’s an orphan. I took care of her family ever since,” Auriana explained Audrey real situation.

“But we see her as our own. We were grateful when she friends with Violet. That daughter of ours always the anti-social one,” Luca laughed while enjoying the barbecue.

“I have to ask, what do you do for work? I mean, to have that many guardsmen to guard you, you must be someone who has power huh?” Stefan asked directly.

“Oh, didn’t Gianna told you? I’m a businessman and so does my wife,” Luca ‘lied’ about his work. Stefan smiled.

“If you need anyone to design a building for you, give me a call. I’m an architect. Although I’m just started I’m confident in my work,” Luca admires this boy’s determination.

“So, Victoria, are you working or studying?” Mirella asked.

“I am working and studying. Working as an art critic and I’m studying at Vista University. I’m also the president of a sorority,” Imrie gasped.

“You’re one of those girls?! I wouldn’t think you’re president of a sorority! I mean, you’re nice and you even helped us in the kitchen!” Victoria laughed.

“Try living with that woman, you’ll know what Hell is,” Auriana laughed it off.

“She’s lying. I’m a good mother,” Victoria scoffed.

“Overprotective, sadistic mother,” Victoria whispered the last part but Violet heard her crystal clear.

“I’m sorry, what?” Victoria smiled at Mirella. If her mother heard that, she’s probably will show these people how tough her love is.

Violet eats her food, without saying anything. She wants to avoid making eye contact with Gianna was it’s hard since she seated directly in front of her.

“May I look at your pictures here? I wish my family would agree to have a family portrait once in a while but they all refuse to do so,” Luca, Victoria, and Violet laughed it off as Auriana glared at them.

“Oh, who is this couple? Is that you Gianna?” Auriana pointed at a picture on the wall.

“Oh yes! Junior high prom. She went with her boyfriend, Richard.” Veda explained. Auriana looks at the boy’s face and carves it on her memory so that when they meet each other, she knows who to ‘kill’.

“We don’t like Richard that much,” Stefan scoffed when his mother mentioned Richard.

“Yes. We hate him actually,” Theon added. Gianna sigh.

“Guys, please! Not now!” Gianna warned her brothers. Luca turned to his youngest daughter in despair. He wants to make his daughter happy but he knows that if he does something to the boy, Gianna might end up sad.

“Say, I have an idea, why not this coming Friday we all go to our house in return. You can invite your boyfriend to Gianna. How’s that?” Auriana smile sincerely not showing her anger.

“Really?” Auriana nod.

“We can have barbecues and all. It’s Luca’s father’s birthday and I want to invite you all,” Gianna gulped down the huge lump in her throat. In other words, she’s going to meet the former head of the Martin Crime family.

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