The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 7

“We’ve been expecting you. Please, come in and enjoy your visit here at the Martin Mansion,” Gianna, Richard, and her family feel like they’re so out of place. Violet mentioned that they should dressed formal but this party is not what they had expected at all.

As they were being led on, the other guests watched every step they made. Questions after question were playing in the guest’s mind. Who is this group of people? Why are they here?

It was until Auriana greets the Vesper with arms wide the guests feel they’re obligated to respect the normal looking family.

“I’m so glad you all could make it. Hello, Richard,” Auriana smile but deep down, she wishes that she could end this boy’s life. But Violet made it clear to her that Richard shall not be the harm in any way.

“Wow, Gianna! You look hot,” Audrey and Hadley appeared behind them. They had just arrived.

“Mommy, I can’t find Violet. Please don’t tell me she decided to skip the whole party,” Auriana sigh heavily.

“She decided to leave the party early. She’s so sad, I wonder why,” Auriana turn to Gianna, telling her that she knows what Gianna had done to her youngest daughter.

“Well, whoever made her feel that should be burn to crisp. I really to see my daughter sad, skipping her meal. She refuses to tell me what’s wrong,” Auriana finally glared. Gianna avoided eye contact when she noticed how Auriana glared at her.

It’s more like a pleasure than fear for her. She cursed herself that she felt that way, knowing she’s the cause of Violet’s despair.

“Maybe you should talk to her, Gianna. She is your friend. You’re a good listener too,” Veda suggested. Audrey could only smile when she heard Veda’s suggestion.

“Yes Gianna, I will lead you to Violet’s room. I’m sure you can change her mind to join the party,” Audrey smirk. Gianna wanted to say no but she knows it’s better than she handles this alone. She’s hundred percent sure that Auriana will chop her head off if she refuses.

“Alright, I’ll think of something. Show me the way, Audrey,” Audrey nod. She turns to Hadley and muttered into her ear that leaves Hadley flustered. Audrey flicked her girl’s nose before leading Gianna to Violet’s room.

“Am I in trouble?” Violet asked when she’s all alone with Audrey.

“Yes, you’re in trouble. Auriana knows about the slapping incident,” Gianna froze but she keeps walking up the stairs.

“What will she do to me? She’s going to kill me is she?” Audrey shakes her head no.

“Are you mental? You know how Violet’s in love with you. If Auriana even touches your hair, Violet will be mad and Auriana will never forgive herself for it,” Gianna smiled. Remembering the moment when Violet confessed to her always bring joy to her heart.

“What’s with the grin? Richard will hate you for thinking of Violet that way,” Audrey mocked before she pointed at a majestic door in front of them.

“This is her room. I need to be at the party or those guys will be all over Hadley again. Good luck and please, don’t slap her again,” Audrey knock on the door before leaving Gianna alone.

“Come in,” Gianna heard Violet’s voice and entered the room. Imagine her surprised when came into a studio rather than a room. She hasn’t seen Violet anywhere but she knows she’s in here, somewhere.

“What is it, mommy? I told you that I don’t want to be at the party. I saw Gianna’s car drive up, she’s down there with Richard right?” Gianna followed the sound of her voice towards another end of the room. This time Gianna was greeted by a luxurious bedroom.

“Actually, I’m not your mom,” Violet froze when she heard Gianna’s voice. She turns around, speechless when her crush actually standing in her bedroom.

“Nice room. You even have your studio inside your bedroom,” Violet puts down her sketchbook and smiled.

“Thank you. Arts allowed me to expressed myself, for example...” Violet went to one of the easels and remove the covers and the painting made Gianna’s heart skipped a beat.

“Wait, that’s me! You drew me!” Violet smiled.

“You may have the painting. Let’s just think of it as an early birthday gift,” Gianna wanted to refuse but Violet doesn’t take no for an answer.

“You rejected me. I want to remove everything that reminds me of you. You can have the sketchbook as well. It’s yours to have,” Gianna look down at the sketchbook and take it. When she looks into the content, she was surprised.

“When did you... how did you... this is amazing! It’s beautiful,” Gianna genuinely love the sketches Violet did of her.

“Violet, I’m sorry,” Violet sighed heavily.

“It’s fine. It’s my own fault for not telling you before Richard did,” Gianna feels sorry for her but she can’t betray her boyfriend. It hurts her to see Violet acting this way.

Suddenly, Violet took Gianna by the hand and pushed her on her majestic bed, placing her knees between Gianna’s crotch, pinning her down on both hands. Violet sigh while looking down at Gianna’s flustered face.

“Why aren’t you screaming?” Violet asked. Gianna doesn’t know how to respond to that. Nobody should know about her other side, not even boyfriend.

“I see...” Violet gave more pressure on her hands that made Gianna moan.

“Seems to me you like it,” Violet moved her knees further up with her hands still placing pressure on Gianna’s hands.

“Does Richard know about this?” Violet muttered, making Gianna trembling from the pleasure. The cheerleader hates herself for this.


Richard stares with eyes widen when an old man being kissed on the cheek by a young gentleman. This is his first time seeing something like this.

“That man is bisexual. He dates both woman and man. First time to see a man being kissed by a man?” Audrey suddenly stood beside Richard who’s been waiting for Gianna.

“I never thought that I wouldn’t be partying with the city notorious mobster. Is this even real? Am I dreaming or just an illusion?” Audrey chuckled.

“Oh, it’s real alright. That man is a huge deal around here. Just look around you, they’re all either criminals or just simply bosses of a huge organization. For example, that woman with a nice rack over there, she’s actually one of the biggest drug distributors in the city and a widow. I guess, if your father came here instead of you, he shall have a field day,” Audrey patted his back.

“What’s taking her so long,” Richard sigh. Audrey wanted to take this chance and ask him something crucial.

“Do you love Gianna?” Richard whipped his head towards Audrey with confused looks.

“Yes, I love her with my heart,” Audrey clicked her tongue with annoyance.

“What makes you fall for her in the first place?” Audrey asked, with her phone ready to reached anything that she can use for blackmail.

“To be honest, her outer appearance. That’s before I knew who she truly is. Once I did, turns out her heart is one of the purest ones I’ve ever encountered. It makes me want her more and I will never let her go. She’s the best any man could ask for,” once again Audrey clicked her tongue.

“What if there’s someone who falls for her as well and that person try to take her away from you, what will you do?” Richard shrugged.

“I trust her. She will never betray me and I do the same. We love each other that we even spent some time looking for rings. We planned to get engaged after high school then we’ll get married after college,” Richard excitedly announce their plan to Audrey who tries not to gag.

Audrey excuse herself when Gianna came back together with Violet. Audrey went to her best friend and noticed something different.

“What’s with the smile?” Violet keeps her mouth shut until Hadley came and wrapped her arms around Audrey.

“Have 12 man and woman gave me his phone number. What should I do about them?” Audrey looks through the numbers.

“That depends on what they work as. Hmm, club, club, club, oil tycoon, diamond mine! Wow! Hadley, if we ever get married and we need some cash real bad, you should sell your lewd body so that we can earn more money,” Hadley smacked the back of Audrey’s head. She knows that she’s just joking around and in front of Violet, that’s just embarrassing.

“But Audrey, you have bigger breast, I think it’s best if you sell your body instead of Hadley. Right?” Violet winked at Hadley who laughed.

“Good one Vi,” Hadley smiled before her eyes darted to Gianna who keeps throwing glances towards them.

“What did you do to Gianna? She seems uncomfortable with Richard,” Violet placed a finger on her lips. Nothing exactly happened but she wants to let everyone know something did so they would just butt off from meddling in her personal matter. They all heard a Reggaetón song played on the speakers.

“Ahhh! It’s my song! Let’s dance,” Hadley dragged Audrey towards the dance floor and placed her hands on Audrey’s waist while Audrey placed her hands on her shoulder. They begin to move their hips with the music, smiling at each other.

Violet watched her friend with a smile on her face. Victoria went up to sister side and sigh heavily.

“Audrey found the one to spend her senior with. What about you?” Violet keep smiling.

“It’s fine. Audrey deserves to be happy since she’s stuck hanging out with me. My crush seems happier with her boyfriend. Everything is going exactly how I expected,” Victoria sigh again.

“It’s fine to be selfish sometimes for your own happiness. Why not be a bitch and snatch her from his arm?” Violet shook her head no.

“I can’t do that to her. She’ll be sad and the only reason she’ll be with me because she’s scared our parents might do her harm. I don’t want that to happen to Gianna, Tori. I love her, I don’t want to make her regret knowing me,” Mirella nearly dropped her plate when she heard what Violet had said.

She was just walking behind them when she heard her sister’s name being called out. Her eyes search for Gianna and Richard dancing on the floor, close to each other.

“Mirella, what’s wrong?” Imrie went to her sister.

“I think... I just witness true love,” Mirella saw how Violet smiled for her youngest sister’s happiness while she’s hurting inside.

“What the bloody hell are you talking about? Come on, Stefan and Theon are waiting for their food,” Mirella nod before following her sister’s footsteps.

“So Violet, what actually happened in Milan? Audrey said you were slapped. You know how pissed Mommy was when she knew,” Violet glared at her friend for opening her big mouth.

“It’s nothing,”


“Ughhhh I wish I can kill that bastard! See how he hogging that Gianna! Violet just stood there, smiling like she’s okay with this! Clearly, she’s not!” Howell dragged both Luca and Auriana away from the guests’ eyes before he expressed his feelings.

“Father, please refrain yourself from killing him. Violet will hate us if that happens. As much as she wants to be with Gianna, she wishes for her happiness. And if her happiness is with that shady boy, so be it,” Luca warned his father.

“I heard she’s a sadist. I’m sure she’s going to explode sooner or later,” both of the boys turn their attention to Auriana.

“Okay, how is it possible for you to know everything? At this point, I don’t even want to know what you know,” Auriana winked at her husband and father-in-law.

“Oh please, this is Auriana. I know everything that’s happening in Vista. We owned this city,” Luca smile sheepishly at her father.

“What she meant was the police superintendent and every single member of the cabinet are under our fingertips,” Howell was surprised by this.

“You have them all chained up for your own gain? How? Please don’t tell me you let your wife slept with them! Luca! I never taught you to be this kind of man!” Auriana and Luca laughed at the old man.

“No, father! I would never do that to her. Geez! Victoria told us to find something about them so that we can use for leverage. We found out a lot and we used that information for our own gain. The superintended is actually Ana’s friend. He’s just the cherry on top of a sundae,” Luca explained. Howell was impressed that Victoria told them what they should do to gain the leader’s trust.

“There’s no doubt she will be a fine leader for this organization in the future. If she finds a partner that understand how our business works, it’ll be even greater. I have no doubt that the Martin family will flourish for more years to come,” Howell smiled, proud even.

“Back to the most important part, how do we deal with Violet out there? She’s clearly heartbroken,” Auriana sigh worried that her youngest so something crazy again.

“She’s a big girl, she can handle herself,” Victoria made herself known.

“Grandpa, I have a request,” Howell let her continue.

“My sorority house needs some hardcore remodeling. I know I just turn president and I shouldn’t be asking for help but please help me. I mean you know what kind of bed I’ve slept on?! It’s bad for my back, please grandpaaaaaa,” Victoria pouts her face.

“I thought I already said no to that!” Auriana glared at her daughter.

“Yes but I haven’t asked from grandpa. Mommy, you should be lenient towards me,” Auriana sigh before shaking her head. She wonders how did Victoria turn out to be such a woman.

“Well, I told you to never spoil that kid but did you listened to me? No! You yelled back at me for telling you so,” Luca was covering himself before Auriana hit him but it never came. He was in deep trouble she Auriana crying in front of him.

“Don’t blame me! She was precious! I can’t help but spoil her rotten! See! I still keep her picture in that golden dress we bought for her!” Auriana shoved a picture of Victoria in her junior prom dress.

“Mommy! You still kept that?! God! Stop embarrassing me!!” Howell laughed as he watched his little family acting exactly like one.


“Violet, we were looking for you at the cafeteria. Why are you here instead of having lunch?” Audrey and Hadley went to say on Violet’s side.

“I don’t want to see them today. It’s clearly hard since we have the same class,” Violet laughed it off. Audrey sigh and so does Hadley.

“Gwen and William offered to bring me food though so don’t worry. She came here with William before you guys show up,” as soon as Violet mentioned them, they showed up with a lot of food. They basically don’t know what Violet likes to eat so they just bought anything that she might like.

“Oh Gwen... from this day forward, you’re no longer a slave. You’re free to do anything.” Violet smiled, hoping that Gwen just stops being so modest.

“But we can still be friends right?” Violet nod as she eats.

“Great, now stop being so pathetic and enjoy your senior life! I can introduce you to my friends if I must! I’m sure William and Hadley have a couple of friends who are more beautiful than Gianna,” both Audrey and Violet was astounded by her sudden burst.

“Look, from these couple of weeks as your slave, I manage to know this much that you’re not a loser, Violet. You’re actually pretty cool. That’s why I’m offering my help to you,” Gwen smiled before she took a seat on the grassy field.

“Yes, I second the motion. You’re badass Violet. I mean your family is awesome, you’re awesome and your grandpa, she’s such a cool old dude! Thanks for inviting us to his birthday party,” William smiled.

“I don’t think anyone can just replace Gianna. She already has a place in my heart,” Gwen sigh.

“Gianna is so lucky. I mean, if you and Gianna ended up together, she’s going to bear the name of Martin family! I mean, just by having that name will bound to make her wonders. Damn, she will definitely have the gallery she always wanted,” Violet look up to Gwen.

“Gallery? What do you mean by that?” Violet asked, curious.

“Oh, it’s Gianna’s ultimate dream to have her own art gallery. She’s been dreaming of going mainstream with her painting,” Violet smiled.

“No need to worry about that since Richard will make it happen,” William, Gwen, and Hadley laughed after she heard what Violet said. She turned to Audrey but she just shrugged her shoulder.

“They May be madly in love but Richard tends to be stingy with money. There’s a couple of times where Gianna have to pay for their date. I don’t think Richard will pitch in for the gallery,” Gwen waved it off.

“Richard came from a family of police. His dad is the current chief of the Vista police force. He was thought to be frugal as well,” William added.

“He doesn’t spend millions on her significant other like your parents do Violet. Hell, he doesn’t even buy any decent gift for Gianna for their anniversary. They went to a picnic and have sex, that’s it,” Hadley ended.

“I won’t be surprised if she got knocked up right after high school. Just this morning I heard them in the janitors closet while the janitor himself waited outside of his own workroom,” they laughed but not Violet.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you,” Gwen apologized.

“It’s fine. Guys, we have a week worth of holiday coming soon right? Why not we go somewhere,” Violet suggested.

“Oh! Yes! We should go to the beach! I heard that the Vista Beach will be hosting the most photogenic again this year,” William suggested.

“That’s boring! Let’s go camping in the wilderness,” Hadley suggested, getting all excited.

“No way! Let’s find some luxurious hotel and enjoyed our day being pampered!” Gwen added. Audrey turned to Violet who watched their friends with a smile on her face.

“Where do you want to go?” She asked. Violet think for a moment.

“I was thinking of going abroad but hey, if you guys want to have fun in Vista, it’s fine with me,” William, Gwen, and Hadley whipped their head towards Audrey and Violet.

“WE’RE DEFINITELY GOING ABROAD!” They said in unison.

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