The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 8

“Welcome, ladies and gentleman to our annual auction at Braxton Human Farm where I assure you, our selection of ladies and gentleman are well endowed and well mannered human beings for you to choose from,” the Martin couple arrived right on time at the very heart of the human farm they heard so much about.

“The Braxton, aren’t they suppose to be the owner of this city well-known car factory? I never thought that they would do such a thing,” Victoria muttered to her parents.

“Yes but I guess managing the factory doesn’t give you good money. Even we never hurt nor used the innocents like they do,” Auriana was disgusted by some of the guests who seem rather excited seeing a half-naked woman being caged up.

“Here we had prepared the girls we chose that’s perfect to be auction off tonight. The bidding will start at $100,000 for the male and $500,000 for the female. $1,000,000 for a female bearing a child and $ 1,200,000 for newborn babies for those who wish to be parents,” the announcer smirk as he announced the price for each human.

He was happy to see that the city notorious mobster family decided to come tonight. The announcer was sure that today’s auction will be one of the most successful one his boss ever done before.

“Mommy look! She’s only 2 days old,” Victoria exclaimed when she saw a line of newborn babies in one of the many cages. Auriana was torn when she saw the life of these kids. They should be born into a wonderful family, not behind bars. She always has a soft spot for children.

Even with the tough exterior, she puts on, she is a woman still and with the motherly side as well.

“Oh Luca, we have to do something about this,” Luca nod when his wife whispered into his ear. His eyes twitch when he remembered how Victoria and Violet used to be when he found them at that alley that night.

“You’re right. Even if we’re bad people ourselves, we can’t just leave these innocent children’s be this way,” he smiled at one of the babies before the baby smiling back at him.

“I’m so glad that Violet decided to stay with Audrey before going to the island instead of being here,” Auriana and Victoria sigh in relief. They were just looking around until they saw the cages that keep pregnant women inside.

“Woman bearing a child in her being showcase like cars rather than with the person they love. How awful this farm can be, turning humans into anima for their own selfish gain. Mommy, have you ever wonder why did you turn evil?” Auriana was taken aback by Victoria’s question.

“I was never evil. You of all people should know that by now,” Victoria waved at one of the ladies.

“I know but, you’re daddy’s advisor, aren’t you? I’m sure you have a fair share of killing like he does. Mommy, what are we doing here exactly? Are we going to end this or we simply just take over?” Auriana trailed her eyes towards the ladies in the cage and smile.

“I’m going to end this and give these people the freedom they should have the moment they were born. I may be the wife of a mobster but I am a mother to two beautiful girls. I tend to spoil them rotten but I know someday, they will take care of me so honey, let’s make sure they know what kind of human beings the Martin can be once they crossed our territory,”

Auriana and Victoria took each other hands and went to see Luca. They’re ready and so does everyone who’s waiting outside the mansion.


“This is taking too long! Why aren’t you auctioning those filthy girls yet?!” The mistress of the mansion, Candice Braxton or The Black Lotus barged into the control room where they should be monitoring the progress of the auction.

“I’m sorry ma’am but there’s something wrong with the system. But I’ve told the auctioneer to do everything manually,” Candice smiled at how diligent her workers can be.

“Good. Let’s begin. I want to see all the money come rushing to me! I need to buy new diamonds after all,” Candice laughed but it soon turned to something she never expected. Auriana suddenly waltzes into the control room, looking at all the screens on the wall.

“My my... what a nice set up you have Candice,” Auriana smiled as she casually walking around the control room, poking, touching everything on her path.

“Lady Auriana, I’m sure you know this much. You’re not allowed to be in this room, it’s restricted,” Candice tries to hide her anger by smiling at Auriana. But for Auriana, having such keen eyesight, she sees through the facade Candice does easily.

“In about 7 minutes, your guests will witness something they would never expect happen in front of their eyes,” Luca walks in and wrapped his arms around his wife’s waist.

“But my wife here is a goddess so she’ll give you 2 kinds of conditions. 1, you may live but as a slave for the Martin’s, in which you have to atone for what you’ve done to these poor souls and of course for what you’ve done to our businesses,” Luca pulled his wife closer to him.

“Condition number 2, either you decided to fight us or you die in my hands. Your pick, Candice,” Candice gave out a deadly glare towards Auriana and her husband before she let out a loud laughter.

“Neither since you two will die in my hands,” at the corner of Luca’s eyes, he noticed how some of Candice’s people had walked in, preparing to kill them.

“I think it’s time for Tori to act, now!” Luca turned to his wife before kissing her lips while his hands pulled something from his inside jacket.

Meanwhile, Victoria heard her father’s voice from the earphone she was using. Victoria giving out her hand signals for her people to get their moves on. A man in a black suit kneels down and opened a suitcase with Victoria’s customized rifle before handed it out to his future boss.

Victoria loaded the magazine in before wearing harnesses that keep the extra magazine for reloading her rifle.

“Oh God, this is thrilling! I’m so loving my job,” she seems excited enough. The man smile before leaving her boss do what she does best, killing her target.

“Alright ladies and gentleman, please focus your attention to me, the woman with the gun and who looks exceptionally beautiful in this thousand dollar dress,” Victoria announces while placing her rifle on her shoulder.

“Guys! Capture her!” The announcer yelled but no one came to stop Victoria since she already took care of most of them.

“Save it! They aren’t coming. Boy, you crossing the wrong power couple,” Victoria aimed her rifle at the announcer who’s about to run away from her. Victoria grinned before she pulled the trigger, shooting the announcer right into his head.

He dropped dead on the floor with puddles of blood. Victoria cheers on as she faces the other guests’.

“Who’s next?” Victoria smiled invitingly. Victoria walks around, looking for her prey.

“What about you? I heard your comment about one of the pregnant girls earlier. You specifically said you’ll rape her dead,” Victoria aimed the nuzzle of her rifle into this male guest’s mouth before pulling the trigger, killing him instantly.

She sigh when the blood from the man landed on her beautiful dress.

“And blood tend to stay in the fabric even after thorough scrubbing,” Victoria sigh again.

Some of the guests’ trembled in fear knowing that this woman was raised by Auriana herself. They know how evil and sadistic Auriana can be but seeing her child pulling this stunts makes them fear the whole family for what they capable of doing without any sense of remorse.

It was when one of the guests decided to run away to Victoria shown her true colors. Without hesitation, she aimed her rifle at the back of the runaway and killed him instantly.

“God! You know you’re in trouble if my parents said you are. Stop running!” Victoria sigh while checking her nails. Suddenly a group of guys came to her, kicking her rifle away from her hands. This made Victoria mad.

“Not so happy without your gun I see!” The man lunges towards her but Victoria retaliates with a lunch on his face. One of them grabbed her from behind but Victoria was trained to endure everything by her parents.

She easily released herself from the Hold when she kissed the man on the lips. Using the knives she hid under her dress, she gutted the man and watched him die on the floor.

“Who’s next?!” She was smiling until she saw what happened to her nails. She gasped with her eyes widen.

“MY NAILS! It’s all chipped now! Ugh!” She stepped on the dead man corpses with her heels, stabbing the one responsible for her chipped nails.

“I paid hundreds for these to be done! Ugh!” When Auriana came to aid her daughter, she was surprised to see these many trembling guests’. Her eyes widen when she saw how Victoria stabbing a dead man with her heels.

“Tori! What are you doing? He’s dead!” Tori went to her mother with tears in her eyes.

“Look at my nails mommy!” Auriana can’t believe that the reason she went crazy was that of simple chipped nails!


“Hey Vi, I know you said you’re going abroad for this holiday but which country?” Audrey asked as she puts on her gym clothes while Violet checking her email as she waits.

“Oh, my parent’s private island. I think the peace and quiet will do everyone some good,” Audrey likes the idea of going to an island but something caught her attention.

“Why did you invite Gianna and Richard as well if you wish for peace and quiet?” Violet looked up with a smile.

“Oh, Richard can’t make it. It’s just Gianna. Hadley texted me,” Violet showed her phone at her friend. Audrey laughed.

“Seems like my girl is more excited than you are,” Violet chuckled.

“Listening to you referring Hadley as your girl is weird,” Audrey threw her bra at her friend.

“Hey! I’m in love, I can say whatever I want. Anyway, let’s go. The faster we’re done with this session, the faster we can go eat at that restaurant I told you about,” Violet nod and followed her friend’s footstep towards the gym.

“Why not just go to my mother’s gym? I’m sure she will let us,” Audrey sigh heavily.

“Because going to your mother’s gym doesn’t give me the boost I need to work hard for the cheerleading championship. It’s been a few years since I work out. Help me, gym buddy,” Violet chuckled and did as told.

After a few hours in the gym, they both took a shower and puts on clean clothes before heading out to the restaurant Audrey recommended.

Violet look around the neighborhood, wondering what kind of restaurant she was referring to until they stood in front of a diner.

“This is where I told you about that heavenly lasagna,” Audrey was about to walk in until Violet grabs her hand and pulled her back out.

“This is not a restaurant! When you said restaurant I was thinking something like a 4-star dining place! Not a diner in the middle of nowhere,” Violet was worried her mother might yell at her for going to a place without any of the guards.

She doesn’t want to be lecture ever again

“Don’t worry. I’ve been here with Hadley. She’s the one who introduced me to this place. Don’t worry!” Audrey forced Violet to followed her into the diner.

“Table for two please,” a waitress pointed at one of the empty booths before fetching the menu. Audrey leads Violet towards the booth and seated down. The waitress came back with the menu before she went to another table.

Violet look through the menu but Audrey took the menu away and smile.

“Trust me on this!” Violet sigh.


“Oh my, you’re right. This is not disgusting at all!” Violet said with her mouth full.

“I know right! I was as surprised as you are when Hadley showed me this place,” Audrey too said with her mouth full. It didn’t take them that long to be done with their meal. They decided to discuss their trip while finishing their drinks when a waitress walks past their booth.

The waitress manages to capture Violet’s attention as she walks by. Audrey noticed it as well but she hides her amusement.

“Something caught your eyes?” Audrey asked when Violet turn her attention to her drinks.

“Well, that waitress, she seems familiar, that’s all,” Violet waved it off and continue to discuss with her friend. Once they finished their drinks, Violet asked for the check from one of the waitress. She was surprised to see the same waitress that caught her attention gave them the check.

For a moment there, Violet froze in her place but the waitress seems annoyed for some reason. She paid for the meals and gave the waitress a tip. The waitress took the check with her widen.

“Miss, I think you gave me the wrong money. This is a $100 bill, you paid the food amount right though,” Violet turn to face the waitress.

“That’s your tip. Thank you for serving us,” Violet gave her a smile before leaving with Audrey. The waitress stood there, astounded by the tip.

“Whoa, Bianca! $100 tip! That’s a first. Usually, they gave us pennies!” Said one of Bianca’s colleague.

“They’re not someone that came from this part of town, I’m sure of it. I heard one of the cooks who just came in saw an expensive looking car parked just outside the diner. From the looks of things and how they were dressed, I must say they came from the upper side of town,” Bianca took the tip and shove it in her apron before she continued to do her job.

Bianca, 18 years old. A fresh high school graduate who probably have the worse luck in the history of mankind. Bianca doesn’t have everything she wants popping in front of her the next day she woke up. It doesn’t do her any good to have a mother who constantly buying their hard on money on booze instead of food.

Bianca has a 15-year-old brother named Beck. He pitied his sister for working so hard just to let him and his mother live by. Sometimes he does help her sister by taking out the trash, cooking for his sister. helping out their neighbors and get paid for it and sometimes he also helped his sister by working part times in a store.

He loves his sister since she practically raised him up while their mother sleeps, drink, or having some male companion in their home.

After her shift ends, she walks out from the diner using the back door and took out a packet of cigarette from her jacket before lighting it up. It’s almost 3 am and she needs to wake up early for her morning job. She sighs, wondering about her miserable life while her friends went to college.

After she’s done feeling sorry for herself, she walks home, while puffing the smokes from her mouth into the air. That’s the only way she could relax her body.


“Morning Bianca,” Beck smiled at his sister as he prepared breakfast for them both. Bianca looking around their house and wonder where that woman they not called as mom went off to.

“If you’re looking for her, she’s inside her room, with Julian,” Bianca showed how disgusted she is knowing her mother with that man.

“Ew, he’s here again? I think we really should move out Beck. What do you say? Wanna leave this awful home?” Bianca suggested.

“Oh B! You know I will love too! When can we move out of this place? I can’t even study at night because they have been you-know-what in her room,” Beck grimaces as he imagined what he heard last night.

Bianca laughed together with her brother.

“I’m serious Beck. Let’s move out. I’m sure she wouldn’t even notice us gone,” Bianca looks up to her brother.

“Can we afford it? I mean, you have to take care of my school fee and the house, the bills, that’s going to put you in a lot of stress B. I can’t do that to you,” Bianca nod.

“I’m sure of this Beck. Let’s move out. I can ask my friends in the diner if they know any place that we can rent for cheap. Plus, you mentioned about getting a job for this upcoming school holiday right? I think we can manage, somehow,” Bianca try to convince her brother to move out.

She had enough of living in this hell hole they both called home.

“Well B, I just follow what you think is best. I’m fine with anything if you think it’s fine,” Beck smiled, telling his sister he will be fine with anything his older sister tells him to do.

“Great! Now I have to go to my morning job. Is today the last day of school right? Be good and make me proud, Beck,” Bianca kissed her brother’s forehead before going to her morning job at the city.

Bianca took the public transportation like she used to every morning. For her morning job, she’s working as the receptionist at one of Vista’s high-end beauty spa. The pay was okay since it was owned by a mysterious rich woman that she has never seen since she started working here last 2 months.

She knows about this place from one of her high school friends since she was searching for another job to cover her bills. She’s glad that she was hired on the spot since they were desperate to have someone with high tolerance of being insulting too.

“Bianca! I’m so glad to see your cane early today. The manager told me that the owner of this place wanted to come with her daughter. In other words, that psycho woman wants to kiss the owner’s ass for a raise!” Bianca chuckled when her superior clearly hates the manager.

“I’ll do anything. What do you need me for?” Bianca asked as she placed her bag in her locker.

“Make sure everything’s in order since you’ll be working alone at the reception today. That toad of a woman said she’s going to take another paid leave. I’m sure she’s finally knocked up by her boyfriend and leave all the mess for us to deal with! Ugh! Why does the owner have to come today of all time?!” Bianca placed her hand on her superior’s shoulder.

“I got this. Don’t worry about it, okay?” Bianca smiled before she went to the reception counter. It was almost 10 am when the front door was opened by two men in black suits. Bianca looks up, a wide smile plastered on her face, readying herself to greet the owner.

For a moment, Bianca was speechless when two woman walks into the building with their sunglasses on.

“Ugh, it’s so hot. Hello there... Bianca. We’re here to...” Auriana was rudely interrupted when the manager she hired decided to cut her off.

“Mistress Auriana, Miss Victoria, welcome back,” Auriana turned her eyes to the manager.

“I was talking, do not rudely interrupted me,” Bianca was taken aback by her outburst. The manager froze in place.

“I’m sorry Bianca. I’m here to have a full package body massage and facial. Victoria, what do you need?” Victoria showed Bianca her chipped nails.

“I need someone to fix this immediately,” Bianca was about to smile until she remembered that these two are the owners of this place, the person who paid her salary.

“Yes, of course,” Bianca said while watching the woman with the chipped nails thoroughly.

“She... seems familiar for some reason,” she said mentally while watching them walking towards the back.

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