The Girl Who Stole My Heart (Book 1)

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Chapter 9

Bianca looks at the time on the wall clock and beginning to clean the counter as her shifts about to end. She was facing her back to the front entrance until someone called for her.

“Miss...” Bianca put on a smile before she noticed it’s the same girl that gave her a $100 tip at the diner.

“You!” Bianca pointed out. Violet on the other hand having some troubling processing the fact that the same woman who gave her chills just by smiling at her is actually standing in front of her.

“Oh! The waitress! You worked here?” Violet asked. Bianca nod with a smile. She was about to thank the girl until the owner of the beauty spa emerged from the back room.

“Vi? You’re early. Victoria’s still in her session I told you just pick us up when we called for you,” Auriana went to greet her youngest daughter with a kiss on the cheek. Violet leaned into her mother and muttered.

“This is the girl I told you about last night on the phone,” Auriana raised both brows before facing Bianca.

“What about Gianna?” Auriana asked with a smile on her face. Violet sigh and pushed her mother away.

“She has nothing to do with this,” she said under her breath but Auriana heard her well. She never thought that someone so normal like Bianca would make her daughter feel all kinds of feelings. She understands that knowing Gianna and Richard a solid couple she can’t interfere with their relationship that much.

Auriana faces the receptionist with a smile.

“Bianca was it? Are you single?” Bianca was surprised by the question while Violet pulled her mother’s dress telling her she’s going too far.

“Umm, I’m single. Is that important to know?” Bianca asked the owner back. Auriana smiled with a hand on the receptionist’s shoulder.

“Let’s have lunch together Bianca. What do you say?” Violet’s eyes widen.

“I don’t take no for an answer. Come and join us,” Auriana invited the confused woman who’s afraid of saying no for the sake of her job. She doesn’t want to lose this job since she’s trying to move out of her mother’s home.

“Sure. Let me get my bag,” Auriana nod, watching Bianca went to the employee’s locker room.

“Mom! What are you doing?! Are you trying to ruining my life? Please don’t embarrass me!” Auriana chuckled at Violet’s sight. Soon, Victoria walks out to the place where both Auriana and Violet waiting for her. Auriana explained everything to Victoria who only ends up smiling sheepishly at Violet.

“I’m so happy that my nails been fixed. Now I can go on and torture my little sister in front of the woman who she finds alluring,” Victoria announced happily.

“Come on Vi, cheer up. You’re going to the island tomorrow. Let us have an interesting lunch since you’ll be leaving Vista for 5 days,” Victoria added with a smile.

“Ugh, you guys are embarrassing me!” Violet wanted to bury herself in a hole right at this moment.

“Oh honey, it’s the mother’s job to embarrass her child,” Auriana said with a wink.


“Is it true you have two jobs just to get by?” Auriana asked Bianca as they enjoyed their lunch together. Bianca nod clearly looks so out of place since they decided to have lunch at one of the high-end restaurants in the city.

“Somehow I think wearing my uniform to lunch with you all is a bad idea,” Bianca curse herself for decided such thing. To be honest, none of the Martin’s even care what she dressed like. Violet gave Bianca a comforting smile.

“Don’t look down on yourself too much. It doesn’t matter how you wish to represent yourself on the outside. It’s the inside that counts. Well, for us at least,” Auriana and Victoria nodding her head, agreeing with Violet.

“But still, I think... everyone’s going to give you all the eye from now since they saw you all have lunch with me,” Bianca’s sigh, cursing herself.

“Don’t worry about everyone opinion on us. What do you take on us? In your eyes, what kind of person are we?” Auriana asked as she plays with her food.

“I don’t know since I don’t know you guys long enough but for someone to invite to lunch, for me you all a kind,” Bianca show one of her heart fluttering smile. Violet froze instantly while her eyes never leave Bianca’s.

“Hey! If you wish to see more of this fabulous body, you’re invited to come and pull this dress off of me. Well, if you still possess your arms by then,” Auriana turned to the side at one of the tables filled with college boys.

“Oh, I’m sorry ma’am. It’s just, you and the girls you’re with is one hella fine. Except for that one. We don’t like a girl with extra meat,” Violet chuckled but Auriana didn’t find that funny one bit.

“What did you say?” Auriana turned grim as she glared at the one who called Violet fat.

“I repeat, what did you say about my daughter?” Auriana grabbed her wine glass and splash the container of her glass towards the guys’.

“Hey lady! This is one expensive suit! You can’t even afford it if you sell your body!” Auriana stood up from her seat and face the man who just called her cheap.

“How dare you speak to me like I am one of your prostitutes!” Auriana used the back of her hand to slap him across the face. The man fell from his chair with bleeding cheeks since the rings Auriana used on her fingers added the impact on her hit.

“How dare you hit me! Do you know who I am! I can end your social life here in Vista if I make the proper call!” The man was holding his bleeding cheek as Auriana find it funny that this man is actually threatened him.

“Aren’t you guys going to do something? I think his friends calling for backup,” Bianca beginning to feel worried about the Auriana’s fate. Victoria shrugged her shoulder while Violet chuckled.

“Don’t worry. He deserves it after all since he just called my sister names. Don’t worry, just enjoy your meal,” Victoria smiled. But Bianca doesn’t find that one bit assuring. That woman is facing group men after all!

Violet place her spoon down and stood up from her chair to get her mother.

“Mom, you’re making her worried about you,” Auriana turned to Bianca who’s watching her with troubling looks.

“Let them go,” Violet persuade her mother to sit back down again. The man on the floor stood up with the help from his friends.

“You’ll be hearing from my lawyer, lady!” This time it’s Violet’s turn to throw her empty plate at the man for picking fights with her mother. The plate broke as it landed on his head.

“Stop playing with fire!” Violet sigh.


“Bianca, are you okay? You’ve been giving out weird vibes since you came to work,” Bianca’s colleague asked, concerned about her poor performance. Usually, Bianca would be the one who works hard than the rest of them.

“I... I’m okay. It’s just, I’ve been through one of the weirdest days in my entire life. I finally met the owner of the place I work on my morning job but then she invited me to lunch and I witnessed something I never thought a mother would do, ever!” The colleague was confused.

“Okay... I have no idea what you mean by that but you have customers at your booth,” Bianca sigh and went to do her job until her shifts end.

“Hey mama, aren’t you the daughter of... eh... who was that old hag’s name again?” Bianca ignores the man’s voice as she walks home. She didn’t notice that the man followed her closely.

“If you follow me again I’ll call the cops on you,” the man raised both hands in surrender.

“I’m not trying to be the bad person here. I’m simply asking if you want to go have a little bit before going home. I’m sure you’re hungry after working the night shift, right?” The man decided to invite Bianca to dinner. Bianca politely refuse and about to continue to walk home again until the man decided to use force.

“Seriously, can you be as easy as your mother! She said yes the minute I told her I want her to strip her clothes. She stole quite a handful of my money as well. You should pay it for her, using your body,” The man was being a thug. Bianca sigh before she twisted one of the man’s hand from grabbing her hand towards his back.

“Listen, I’ve been through a lot and I don’t give a damn about the shits of you! I just want to go home and rest! It’s my mother who stole your money, not me! If you come any closer to me ever again, I will not hesitate to break this flimsy hands on yours,” Bianca smiled, pushing the man away from her.

He was embarrassed that a woman manages to overwhelmed him this much.

“And that’s how you know which one a gentleman and which one is not,” she said to herself before walking home. She’s absolutely sure that her brother is waiting for her at home.


“Just how many clothes do you tend to bring?!” Violet asked, literally bewildered by the sight. Audrey looks down on the suitcases that she brought down.

“I’m sure you’ll be naked all the time since Hadley been searching for the perfect swimsuit for this trip,” Gwen added when she’s walking up the porch together with William.

“Really? I hope she picks the one with the less fabric,” Audrey laughed creepily while Violet shaking her head.

“Speaking of Hadley, she’s taking her sweet time getting here. Should we just meet each other by the pier?” Before Audrey could reply to Violet’s question, a limo arrived revealing both Hadley and Gianna.

“What? I told the driver to pick them up since he’s from the Martin Mansion,” Audrey told the driver to carried her bags to the car. She even called for an extra car for her suitcases without telling Violet. Violet sighs heavily.

“Seems like she’s really excited for this trip,” Gianna suddenly stood beside Violet who’s rubbing her temple.

“Too excited for my own comfort. Well, at least it Hadley’s problem now. I just want to relax and enjoy my peace once we arrived at the island,” Violet invited Gianna to entered the car that will drive them to the pier where a yacht is currently waiting for them.

The ride to the pier was awkward since Gianna was told to sit next to Violet. She still feels guilty for slapping her when they were in Milan. She feels so guilty that she even told Richard the whole ordeal. Richard was fine with knowing Violet have feelings for her since he trusted his girlfriend.

This makes Gianna fell in love with him even more. Once they arrived at the pier, Gianna and the rest of the gang were astounded by the yacht that’s waiting for them.

“We’re going to the island in that?! Are you sure? I mean, do your parents really okay with us kids using this super mega yacht for ourselves?!” Gwen asked, completely overwhelmed by the fact that Violet’s parents letting them use such transportation.

“Yes, it’s fine. They don’t have any plan on using it yet. My sister said she’s taking the private jet and fly the whole sorority for their little getaway to Blue Lagoon, Iceland,” Violet lead them all towards the yacht.

She noticed two figures standing by, looking up at her yacht. The figures look like they’re lost.

“May I help you?” The figures turned to Violet.

“You?!” Violet was surprised that Bianca of all people standing there, smiling at her.

“Yes, it’s me. Actually, I have no idea why I’m here. We were just getting ourselves ready for our jobs when a limo and your mother came to our house and told us we’re going on a trip to an island. We wanted to say no but she literally force us to come here but she left us here alone when she saw your car coming,” Violet doesn’t know how to respond to that.

“Violet? What’s up? Who are these people?” Audrey asked.

“Hey, it’s you! The waitress with the nice knockers and ass,” Violet sighed at her friend’s boldness. She can’t help but wonder what exactly her mother is planning again.


“Did you invited the waitress to our trip? If so, why? Vi, don’t tell me you have the hots for her now! What about Gianna?!” Violet covers her best friend’s mouth before she creates a scene.

“Can you please shut up for once! I don’t know she’s coming. It’s mommy’s idea!” Audrey smirk at that little information. That woman is one sneaky lady she said mentally.

“Look, please don’t make a scene here. I just want my peace and quiet, that’s it,” before Violet could breathe, Gianna came to her side and leaned in.

“Hey, is that woman your new lover? She’s beautiful though. I’m glad you finally found someone who shares the same feelings as you. I’m happy for you,” Violet can’t help but feel a huge burden on her chest.

“Thank you,” was all Violet said before asking Bianca to see her in private. Beck was left alone until William went to talk to him. Violet open the door towards a room for Bianca before she closes it so no one can hear their conversation. She picked this room since it’s soundproof and she’s absolutely sure that Audrey’s going to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“I’m sorry for dragging you here. I have no idea why my mother would do such a thing,” Bianca let it go.

“I think you don’t have to apologize since your mother said she’ll be paying both my brother and I if we decided to join this trip,” that piqued Violet’s interest.

“Say what now?” Bianca explained to Violet about their little agreement while they were inside the car on the drive to the pier.

“She told me she’ll pay if my brother and I agreed to have fun. That’s all she said to us. Since we’re thinking of moving out of my mother’s home, we both just agreed to have... well, to have fun,” Bianca smiled.

“My mother said that? So, this is just like a field work for you? Oh, that makes sense now,” Violet took a seat on the couch and just process everything.

“Bianca, I have a proposition, if you agree to listen to me,” Bianca nod.

“Can you pretend to be with me. Just for this trip. You see, I like Gianna but she has a boyfriend whom she loves and he loves her. It’s painful every time I saw them together and I feel grateful that he didn’t get to join us for this trip,” Violet explained.

“I’m sorry, but why do I have to pretend if you can accept the fact that she’s with someone else?” Bianca asked, curious.

“Because right now, she thought that you’re with me. She said she’s happy now that I find someone who likes me back. She doesn’t feel guilty for doing what she did before. I want to give her that blissful feeling since it’s a holiday and I want her to have fun. Will you pretend to be my girlfriend, Bianca?” There was a long pause until Bianca gave her answer.

“I can do that but with one condition,” Violet motioned for her to continue.

“Promise me you’ll have fun as well,” Bianca smile.


“I’ve explained to Beck about us. He’s okay with it and he promises he won’t say a thing about this to your friends,” Bianca muttered when they walk hand in hand towards the villa.

Gwen was surprised and so does Audrey and Hadley. Gianna was happy while William just doesn’t care. He’s here to have fun after all.

“Alright, guys, now that we’re here, I wish to go to my room. If you need anything, just ask the maids or anyone who lives here,” Violet gave Bianca a peck on her cheek before blushing hard.

“I’ll be in my room if you need me,” they try to act loving towards each other but Violet just freaking out on the inside. Audrey noticed this and she thinks that Violet hiding something from her but for now she let it go.

Before Bianca could go to her own room with her brother, Audrey caught up to her and asked her to follow her to check on the villa’s surrounding.

“Thank you for giving us a tour. We probably ended up lost in the end,” they laughed. Audrey did give them a tour but as they walk past the indoor swimming pool, she casually asked Bianca how did they end up together in such a short amount of time.

Bianca explained how they stealing glances at each other while she was working at the spa.

“Ahh, no wonder Violet said you look familiar when I brought her to the diner. Everything does make sense after you explained it to me, hmmm,” Audrey excuse herself when she heard Hadley called for her. Once Bianca and Beck are alone, they both released a sigh of relief.

“B, I don’t think we can survive this for 5 whole days! That friends of her are one nosy group of people. Especially that Audrey chick!” Beck sigh heavily.

“Why did you even agreed to this atrocity? It’s enough we were forced to join this trip, why would you add more problems to our late by pretending to be hers? B, you’re not a trophy for her to parade around,” Beck genuinely worried for his sister sake but Bianca worried about heir secret being known to other since she promises Violet.

“Beck, when you discover someone you love dearly, who know why I ended up helping Miss Violet. She’s in love with Gianna and that woman is not available for her to have Beck. She’s doing this so that she could have fun on this trip without feeling guilty,” Beck sigh, knowing his sister, he can’t say otherwise.

His sister likes to help people but no one even wants to help her when she needs help.

“Fine,” was all Beck said.

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