Mafia Possession

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A story filled with thrilling story with lot of suspense and sizzling romance A love story of a dangerous Mafia don falling for an innocent Angel.

Romance / Thriller
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1- Trap

A story filled with an abundance of suspense and sizzling romance

A love story of a dangerous Mafia don falling for an innocent Angel.

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In a Darkroom,

A man, dragging a girl with force and locked the door behind.

“Sir, please leave me. I haven’t done anything. Sir, please trust me.” She pleaded in tears vigorously.

“Am I, looking like a fool that you can backstab me and, I will still trust you. I’m sure that you are a spy, I’m sure that you had informed David’s group about my deal say the truth.” He shouted angrily.

“Sir, trust me, I don’t know any David. Please leave me.“ She pleaded in tears.

“I know, it’s difficult to get information from you, but I’m not going to be easy too.” He scowled while unbuckling his belt, which made her shiver with fear.

“Sir, please, I have done nothing. Sir, please leave me, please.“ She pleaded while crawling back, but he pulled her towards him by her leg and unbuttoned her jeans. She struggled under his grip to get rid of him, but he removed her belt and tightened it around her wrists, tight and secure by ignoring her tears.


A struggle of an innocent girl who has been caged by a dangerous mafia leader.

Will they ever fall in love or the hate continues?

Manik Malhotra a terrific underworld mafia leader, but Asia’s top entrepreneur. A living devil, only a few words are left in the dictionary to describe him. Such as Dangerous, injurious, dominating, and a lusty devil. He doesn’t trust anyone, including his shadow, and kills anyone who comes in his way.

Nandini an Orphan, lost her parents in childhood, too naïve and innocent.

Her life is peaceful until she joins in Malhotra group as a secretary for this monster. That single job messed her life.

chapter 1

“Sir, she is the girl Nandini Murty, she will suit to be your new secretary.” A man of 25yrs informed by forwarding a file of her data.

“Nice, impressive, and she is an orphan. I’m impressed. Let her stay here in my mansion, 24/7 and, I will pay one lakh per month while taking care of all her every personal allowance.” A man in the early ’20s whispered in a husky tone.

“Ok, sir, I will inform her. ”

“Arjun! one question?” He smirked.

“yah, sir.”

“What is your relationship with that girl?” He asked in a dangerous tone.

“Sir, she is my girlfriend’s Best friend, like my sister and, I selected her because she is a loyal and a well-committed person,” Arjun assured

“I want to meet her tomorrow,“ He said while taking the file.

Next day,

Manik mansion, swimming pool,

The same man is swimming in a pool. One girl is watching him with her lusty eyes.

“Manik baby, shall I join?" she asked in a seducing tone.

“sure,” he smirked.

She joined him and started moving towards him in a seducing way.

In meanwhile, they got disturbed by Arjun.

“Sir, Nandini is waiting if you’re ok, shall I get her in,” Arjun asked.

“yes, sure! Get her here.” He chuckled.

After some time, Manik was resting his hands on the edge of the pool, and Kylee is massaging his back sensually. Soon, his eyes fell on the most beautiful creature lady who is walking towards them along with Arjun.

“Sir, Nandini, and Nandu, this is my boss, Manik Malhotra.” He introduced.

Manik jumped out of the pool while fixing his eyes on her. He is scanning her entire body with his lustful eyes. His gaze made her uncomfortable.

“Such a sexy secretary. You’re selected join today,” He smirked.

All are shocked by hearing his sudden decision.

“Manik, how can you appoint a stranger so, fast without knowing about her?" Kylee yelled with jealous.

“Sir, You should call me sir, I’m you’re boss no need to give your stupid advice to me she is my new secretary and, you should respect my secretary too because you’re just maid here.“ Manik scoffed in angry.

Arjun laughed secretly, Manik gestured his hand for nandu, She gave her hand it’s a formal shake hand for all but Manik can find the difference in it.

“Welcome to my kingdom,” He whispered with a lusty touch. She forced a smile by feeling uncomfortable in his touch. He left and returned with some a file.

“Sign it, you can join today if possible if you have any important things, get them here. I had a dress code. I will provide everything you need,” He assured with a hidden smirk.

She was about to read and sign meanwhile she got a call Arjun nodded yes. She signed it without reading; She felt him fishy, but she thought he is a flirty boss and left the place.

“Such a girl, I never expected such a beauty in my life. That innocent face, those rosy lips, that sexy curves, oh my god! I will make her mine. Manik, you’re damn lucky nowadays, You had trapped her and, she had signed my contract without reading.” He smirked while staring at her photo with his lusty eyes.

Following Day,

She shifted herself in Manik mansion, being it was her first day. He just introduced her job. In between, he intentionally touched her hand and waist sometimes making her uncomfortable. She felt hid behaviour so strange and odd.

“Finally, this is your room.“ He chuckled, showing her room. The room looks so beautifully painted with blue surrounded by the scenery of a beautiful sunrise. He allotted her room beside his room, with a connecting door for both the rooms. She found it and felt uncomfortable and uneasy.

“No need to worry, I will never come without your permission, but you should come into my room, whenever I call you and, your work will be 24/7 on my wish, you will get a half-day outing once in a week and, I will increase your pay if you work hard,“ He whispered with a smirk.

“Ok sir, I will try my best.” She replied politely.

“Come, I will show you my room.” He said while unlocking the connecting door. She followed him.

It’s a huge room with a king-size bed and a huge portrait on the wall. A separate wardrobe and a gigantic bathroom. She was so excited looking at the huge room. The entire mansion looks like a luxurious resort for her. She never seen any such luxurious places being a orphan.

“You’re working hours starts from morning 8 A.m daily, you should wake up at 7 and, get me coffee by sharp 8 am later, you should arrange my dress and get set my breakfast on the dining table by the time, I come down. You should have food with me and, should follow my orders, I don’t like to hear a ’No.“ He said in a serious tone.

“Ok sir,“ she nodded.

“That’s nice, Be a good girl.” He whispered in a husky tone while tapping her cheeks, which made her move a little back.

“You’re so, irresistible,” he whispered in a husky tone.

She clutched her dress tight by his closeness, Their lips are close just an inch apart.

“I gave you a compliment, don’t you know to thank me.“ He whispered in her ear, with every word his lips started brushing her ear.

“Thank... Thank you, sir,“ She replied instantly while moving away. She was sweated completely.

“Did anyone made you feel so, hot like I did?” he asked with a killing smirk.

“Yes, my boyfriend,“ she said instantly.

“What you had a boyfriend?“ He shouted in shock.

“Yes sir, I have a boyfriend.” She said in a low tone.

“But, in my form you said you’re a virgin, are you?” He asked with excitement.

She paused her answer for a moment, which freaked him more. His excitement grown wider at her pause.

“Sir, I said I was in a relationship that doesn’t mean about my virginity. Maybe, people like you think that relationship is just sexual, but for us it’s love. A true love, we accepted our hearts and will take our relationship to next level after marriage. We can get married, only after settling in life, So I joined in this job.“ She confessed, but Indirectly, she mocked his character and thinking.

“I’m impressed,“ He smirked.

“I know!” she cuts off.

“Come on, shall we move further“ He whispered in her ears.

“What!” She asked in nervousness while pushing him a little away.

“I expected that your bold, but why you are jerking me off, baby.” He questioned with a naughty smirk.

“I think we are getting personal, I’m here just to work. let’s focus on that,“ she said in a calm tone.

“As you say, beautiful.” He gestured her toward his office in the mansion. He explained her about the work. She was involved in performing well in her exams, but Manik was fully focused on her. He forgot about Kylee. He ignored everything around him. His complete focus was on her.
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