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Both of Joys parents have passed away , now she is left under her abusive step father , his new wife and daughter. Will the mysterious, cold hearted Alpha Stephan from the Black Wolf pack save her from her misery or will he be an even bigger night mare ?

Romance / Fantasy
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Day to Day - Chapter 1

“I should have tried to sleep” Joy said to herself as she turned her head to look at her alarm clock. It was almost 4 in the morning and Joy had been up since 5am the day before. She knew every time she ended up doing this she made mistakes she normally never makes and ends up getting punished for it. Groaning she closed her eyes and thought about her dad and mom before they had passed away, a sad smile fell onto her lips. She was so happy then, she would give anything to go back to that moment just one more time. When it was the three of them and she had no worries in the world.

Joy had been living with her stepfather and stepmother for the past four years after her mother had passed away. Her father had died from a rogue attack when she was thirteen years old, two years later her mother married Tom. Leaving her under his care after she got sick and passed away.

Her alarm rang loudly making Joy sink deeper into misery. she looked at the time it was 5 am. “Why did I do this to myself” she whispers and gets up from her bed and heads to the bathroom. After getting ready she looks at herself in the mirror getting lost in thought, she looked so dead, her eyes look as if she had completely given up. Shaking herself she left the dusty basement that is her room and goes upstairs to do what she needs to do before her step-parents and sister wake up.


Making breakfast I glance up at the time, it was 7 am. I set the table and got out the biscuits out of the oven as my stepmother Cathy comes down the stairs dressed in a modest black dress and red heels. “ Where is my coffee “ she says in her annoying high pitched voice. “ Right here ma'am” I say as I fill her cup, and handing her the sugar container with a spoon. Shortly after Todd my stepfather and betty my stepsister came and sat down eating and chatting ad i went to the kitchen to clean the pans i used to cook breakfast.

“Joy !” Todd grumpled, “yes … father” I answered . quickly going to the table my hands shaking, had I done something wrong. I wondered as I went to stand in front of the table with my eyes down. I never dared to look them in the eye , “You will take betty to the mall after she comes back to school today and prepare my suit and you mothers gown” Tomorrow is the annuel mating ceremony and everything needs to be perfect. “

It was 2:30 in the afternoon as I left to go pick joy up from my former high school. I had graduated two years ago but wasnt allowed to go to college because Tod and Cathy thought I was too stupid and wasn't worth the money , despite the fact tht i had gotten good grades all for years. I sat in the parking lot thinking about the mating ceremony, as I had done the whole day while cleaning and preparing the house , since some friends from the other pack members will be staying at our house. Would I ever have a mate ? did I deserve one ? How could I ever find one if all i did was stay locked in the house cooking and cleaning like a slave.

The annual mating ceremony happened every year , I was never allowed to go but every year it would occur in one of the 6 packs . This year I guess it was our pack the blue moon pack to hold it. Last year it was the black wolf turn, I remember because betty had just turned seventeen and she was so excited at the thought that maybe alpha Stephan would be her mate.

I had never seen him but heard a lot, despite the fact I almost was never allowed to leave the house. Ever since he became alpha four years ago at the age of 18, he was all anyone could talk about. Girls would swoon at the mention of his name and the older adults would talk about how what a cruel and strict leader he was. In the four years, he had become alpha he had acquired more wealth and land then anyone had ever done.

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