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Love at First Sight

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Seo-Jun hast feeling for special girl during school by name of Ji-Woo. The alarm is ringing hard as if he getting more in love with her. Can he confront her about his feelings?

Romance / Drama
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March 1st, 2017. The young adult by the name of Seo-Jun has started his senior at Whimoon High School. (휘문고등학교) He has arrived at the front door of the school and walk to is new class, new teachers, and new friends. He found the classroom for his Algebra II. 2 minutes later... The class has started. The teacher gives out his first day of school welcoming and introducing to himself and made the student also introduced as well. Except for Seo-Jun. He was lonely student and antisocial person when comes to interactivity with his peers. Also, he doesn’t have feeling of having a relationship at all. Later, his teachers gives out a handout of the math work involving with Algebra 2 on it. He was having a hard time to working on this because of math wasn’t his favorite subject at all. He said “똥 이것은 정말 어렵다.” After an hour of doubting, he manage finished it before the class ends. The bell rings.... His next class was band, he enters the room and sat down one of the empty seats. Then, the rest of students sat down one by one. The girl sat down right beside him. He glanced at her to see who is was. He noticed that she was one of the popular girl in the school. He made some conversation with her and ask her what was her name was. 무엇 ...? He asked... She then replied back at her name was Ji-Woo. Then, she asked for his. He said... “내 이름은 서준." After they introduced to each other. He ask her if she want to hang out with him after lunch. She replied back with yes. Little did Ji-Woo know, this was the start of their relationship. He felt in love with her, but only by feelings that he had. He was nervous to ask her out. Instead, he ask her to be her friend which she accept.

Author's Note #1
Ji-Woo is not only the most popular girl in the school, she is very nice, smart, and loyal. But very sassy and demanding when feeling sad or angry. But also she gossip to people when she is feeling really hatred. If she don't get the things she wanted? She will be ungrateful among her peers. Ends of Author's Note.....

the end of Chapter 1.
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