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Chapter 1- Dreaming of the Alpha

The forest is getting denser around me, but I keep running. Even the full moon can hardly be seen through the thick treetops. I don't know where I'm going, but I can hear the crunch of footsteps behind me and I know I can't be caught. My lungs burn as I push myself harder, needing to escape. Suddenly, I'm falling head over feet. I must have tripped on roots I couldn't see. Catching myself on my hands and knees, I try to push myself up while pain shoots through my right leg. I fall back to the ground and roll over onto my back, ready to face whatever is about to kill me.

I can see red eyes coming right for me. I know this will be the end. Suddenly, I hear branches breaking behind my head. I keep my eyes focused on the red ones in front of me as a pale figure breaks through the trees. Behind me the crunching gets louder and the pale man in front of me cocks his head as if listening too. His dark lips curl up into a snarl just as a huge black wolf leaps over and jumps onto him.

I can't take my eyes off of the battle in front of me. Blood sprays across my chest as I force myself to sit up. In one swift movement, the wolf rips the man's head from his body and throws it away from us. As the man's body hits the forest floor, the wolf's emerald eyes fall on me. He lowers his head and whines before the air around it shimmers. Moments later, a man kneels where the wolf once was.

I shrink back in fear as the man crawls toward me. He reaches out and gently caresses my face with his rough hand. I look up into his eyes, the same shade of green the wolf had, and inhale in shock. He's so beautiful. His face is framed by thick, chestnut hair that falls just above his chin. His broad tanned chest leads to a lean, toned body. My eyes travel down and I gasp in surprise as I snap my eyes back to his. He's completely naked! Holy shit!

I feel my face heat up and I know I'm blushing a deep shade of red, but the feeling of embarrassment quickly fades as he stares into my eyes. My heart rate picks up as he leans his forehead against mine. "Mate," he whispers, before he leans in and presses his lips to mine. Heat flares through me and his tongue swipes across my lips seeking entrance. I open my mouth and deepen the kiss as he pulls me into his lap.

His hands hold onto my hips as he lays me back against the forest floor. Pain shoots through my leg again, but quickly fades as he presses his body against mine. I wrap my legs around his waist as his mouth moves from mine to my neck. He plants open mouthed kisses across my neck and shoulder, while his hard cock rubs against my core teasing me. I whimper in need as he reaches his hand down between us, rubbing circles around my clit. I wrap my fingers in his thick hair and pull his mouth back to mine.

Finally, he moves his hand from my clit to his erect cock and positions himself at my entrance. I nip his bottom lip and he groans and pushes into me. His chest rubs against mine, his fingers digging into my hips. He kisses me harder as he slowly slides in and out of me. I groan as his hardness fills every inch of me, my core tightening around him. He moves his hands around to my ass and squeezes while he yanks my hips up. Breaking the kiss, he raises himself and slams into me over and over. His cock is pounding against my bundle of nerves and I feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge. Fuck! I cum around his cock, clenching over and over. He buries himself into me as his mouth lowers to my neck. Sharp teeth sink into the tender skin and my body jerks, everything fades to black.

I wake up to the sound of my alarm, reach over and turn it off. What the fuck was that? I stare up at the ceiling, feeling the wetness between my thighs. A werewolf? I have got to stop reading this werewolf novels. I hop up and get ready for a day of work at the veterinary office.

"Happy Wednesday, Neoma! How are you today?" "I'm doing well. Lots of patients today?" I smile at Dr. Allen and check over our list of appointments for the day. Dr. Allen has been a lifesaver. She owns this practice and was the only person to give me a chance to prove myself after graduating. Her hair is up in it's signature bun, with a few grays peeking through the black. She has a soft face and truly loves what she does. "Yes, quite a few. I hope you're ready!" "You know I always am."

Finally home after the intense 10 hour shift, I immediately strip and lay down in a tub. Relaxing into the warm water, I take a deep breath and let my mind wander back to my crazy dream from last night. The pale figure was truly terrifying, but the wolf changing into a man is where my focus is. Those deep green eyes stare at me through my closed ones as I reach down between my legs.

Remembering the way his huge cock pounded into me over and over and over, I start circling my clit with my fingers. My other hand reaches up and pinches my nipple, twisting it between my fingers. I let out a soft moan and squeeze harder as my fingers circle even faster around my clit. Green eyes staring down at me fill up my imagination and I cum hard.

Finally in bed, I drift off into what I hope will be a restful sleep. Instead, I find myself standing next to a lake. There are mountains in the distance and wind whispers through the trees behind me. The same forest I ran through in last night's dream is behind me. In front of me, the lake is still. A man sits by it forty feet away, his legs dipping into the smooth water. I start making my way over to him when he turns and looks at me.

Green eyes capture mine again as the wolfman from last night stares up at me. I sit down beside him and will myself to look away toward the lake and mountains in front of us. His rough hand wraps around my soft one and I shift my gaze back to him. He's clothed tonight and I find myself disappointed that I don't get to see him in his full glory.

"Who are you?" I ask him as his thumb rubs across my hand. "My name is Warren and I am your mate." "Mate? What does that mean?" "It means we are soulmates. I was made for you and you for me."

My brows furrow and I turn away to mull over that weird information. This is just a dream, right? The way he's holding my hand and the tingles running through it makes this all feel so real. Werewolves don't exist. Of course this is a dream. If this is a dream, I might as well enjoy it while it lasts, right?

"Okay," I say simply. Then I lean in and capture his lips with mine. He tangles his fingers in my hair and deepens the kiss. My whole body feels like it's on fire again. I need to feel him inside of me. I reach down and grab the hem of his shirt, pulling it up while my other hand explores his abs. He breaks the kiss only long enough to let the shirt over his head. He pulls his legs from the lake, cradles me into his arms and carries me a few feet away.

Laying me onto the soft grass, he kneels between my legs and slowly lifts my t-shirt up. He groans when he sees how wet my core is already and slowly traces a finger down my slit. I gasp out and raise my hips, waiting for him to give me what I need. Instead, he pulls his hand away and places it on my right thigh, while his other hand lands on my left and spreads me open.

Leaning down, he presses a kiss to my outer lips before pushing his tongue into my folds. His tongue laps against my clit and I clench. My thighs try to push themselves together, but he pushes the out farther, opening my lips for him. He groans against me. "Fuck. You taste so good." He sucks on my clit and I scream, cumming. He slips his head further down to lap up every last drop before raising his head and pressing his mouth to mine. I can taste myself on his lips and I moan into his mouth.

Breaking away, I look up into his eyes. Reaching down, I unbutton his jeans. He helps me pull them off and I stroke his hard cock as his eyes get darker. Positioning him at my entrance, I reach my other hand up and wrap it around his neck. "Fuck me, Warren." He growls lowly and shoves his hardness inside of me. He raises a hand to the base of my throat and squeezes, sliding his cock inside of me over and over. Just as I start tightening around him, he pulls out.

I let out a groan and raise my hips toward him, but he backs away a few inches. Before I can figure out what's going on, he grips my waist and flips me onto my stomach. He pulls my ass into the air and slides my thighs further apart before shoving his cock inside of my pussy again. I scream out in pleasure and he fucks me harder, cock filling me to the hilt. In one more hard thrust, he buries himself inside of me and we cum together. I can still feel our fluids dripping down my thighs when I'm jolted awake by the alarm clock.

One more day until my day off… then maybe I can find someone real to fill me for the night. I just wish it could be Warren…

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