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Alleda Clarke is the youngest cop ever to make detective at the Hollisville Police Department. However, not two years into her promotion, she's hit with the most difficult case she's ever handled in her time as a policewoman-- A string of serial murders happening on a college campus near by. Three girls have been brutally murdered at the hands of a sadistic killer and it is up to Alleda and FBI Special Agent Harper Collins to find out who did it. The two must go undercover as students at the university where the murders occurred and with time running out before the next murder, Allie and Harper must work together to figure out who the next target is and stop the killer.

Romance / Thriller
Natalie Ashee
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Online Dating


Name: Alleda Clarke. But you can call me Al.

Age: 25

About: Listen, the only reason why I have resorted to the inevitable humiliation and disappointment that comes from online dating is because of blackmail. But if you’re here reading this and you’ve made it this far, I guess I really don’t have much to lose so send me a message!

“Ha...Ha. you think you’re so hilarious Nieta!” My sixty-year-old grandmother squints her eyes at me in a this-is-definitely-not-hilarious kind of look.

“At this rate, I will not live long enough to see you get married, let alone meet my great-grandchildren!” She sighs, throwing her hands up.

"Abuela, you’re being dramatic. These days women are getting married in their thirties and popping niñitos out ten years later... If you think about it, I’m actually getting a jumpstart on this thing!”

Mi Abuela is not impressed. She just sits here shaking her head as she warms her hands on her coffee mug. I watch her blow on the steam before taking a tentative sip of the chamomile tea she’d made for us. I nursed my own mug as I studied the description box where I had written my personal bio for

In truth, I honestly think the entire thing is a joke. So long as I’m paying a third-party actual money to help me find a date, I figure I’m already as good as doomed. Still. I hit enter...

“You could at least choose a nice picture! How about the one of you in the red dress at my wedding? You looked so good, I was afraid you were going to steal my thunder!” She winks at me and I laugh.

“Never, Abuela. Fuiste más bonita que toda.” I give her a kiss on her cheek and she glows under my compliment.

And I mean it. At five feet five inches, Esperanza Elena Spinosa-Clarke is still fit as ever from weekly yoga, salsa dance, and swim classes. Her Mexican heritage has left her with beautiful caramel brown skin that still holds a gorgeous tan from her honeymoon in Cozumel. She has long dark brown hair that she dyed to get rid of what she calls las canas del infierno. She has gorgeous green eyes—something I’d inherited from her— and despite what she says, no woman could ever steal her thunder. She possessed beauty and charm.

Unfortunately she also had pain. Six years ago, mi Abuelo died of a heart attack, just two years after the death of their daughter, my mother.

For years she grieved her late husband’s death and thought that she would never love again. But she had and was remarried this past June— to my paternal grandfather no less. It really was a chance of fate. Wilson Clarke had lost his wife, mr grandma, to breast cancer and only a few years after that, his only son to the same car accident.

It’s safe to say he was no stranger to heartbreak either and they’d bonded over having lost their youngest children.

Before they met, every Sunday morning— before I went to Abuela’s— I would come visit to make sure his fridge was stocked, he had clean clothes in the drawers, and to go through the stacks of mail that would sit untouched on the coffee table all week. Then one Sunday, mi Abuela invited the both of us over for Sunday breakfast. I made sure that he’d put on something nice to wear and shaved— something he would later thank me for.

Once he’d tasted her cooking and they had started talking, it was like I hadn’t even existed. My grandfather’s eyes crinkled from smiling and laughing so much, and Abuela had blushed and sparkled like a junior high school girl. I hadn’t expected the two most important people in my life to fall in love, but when I saw them together, I truly felt blessed... and admittedly, a little jealous.

“What’s wrong with the photo from my promotion!” I exclaim, already knowing where she was going with this.

"Nieta! eres loca! You ever hear the saying “I love a man in uniform?”

“Abuela men like women in uniforms too!” I scoff in mock outrage.

“Sí...Maybe if they work at Hooters!” She retorts, rasing an eyebrow at me.

“Hey! According to the internet, female cop is one of the top five male fantasies” I huff and lift my nose in the air. She didn’t crack a smile.

“Fine Abuela. For you, I’ll use the red dress photo.” I finally concede, letting out an exasperated sigh. This darn woman could argue a person to death.

That seemed to satisfy her. She returns her attention to her steaming mug, eyeing me closely as I change my profile picture and fill out the rest of my profile.

Once I finished my own page, I was able to sift through the options of potential suitors that the site had matched to me.

We spent the rest of the afternoon, reading countless bios and giggling over the handsome men. I started to have a little bit more faith in the process once I was able to navigate my way through the site more comfortably.

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