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Sometimes the freedom you have been searching for your whole life, rests within your fist.

Romance / Drama
Pranjali Aditi
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Sometimes the freedom you have been searching for your whole life, rests within your fist.

Once upon a time, there lived a little boy in the woods. With black eyes that always shined with mischiefs, his charisma was enchanting. But even as the moon has to suffer eclipse, the little boy has to suffer too.

One day, when the boy was roaming around the woods collecting sticks for his mom, an enchanting white dove saw him and fell for his beauty. Every day, when the boy came in woods to perform his daily routine, the dove used to silently fly near him and watch him go through his routine for the day.

As time passed, the dove gathered courage to approach the boy. So one day, when the boy came in the woods, she flew near him and sat on his shoulder. At first, the boy tried to fly her away but when the dove persisted, the boy let it be there and by the end of the day, the boy was enchanted by the Dove's beauty.

Impressed by her persistence to be with him, the boy who never cared about getting attached to things and lived his life with open heart, got attached to the dove. He started spending time with her and caring for her in a way he never thought he was capable of. He always used to think of himself as a mischievous, trouble maker and stubborn person. He never thought he was capable of so strong a devotion he felt with the dove.

He called her 'elefthería', freedom in Greek because a dove signifies love, peace and freedom. And that dove has set his heart free, woken it up from its slumber, and encouraged it to beat for a noble cause.

But fate had some other plans.

One day when the dove was waiting for the boy to arrive, it got trapped into the net of hunters. The rumours of the boy having an enchanted dove was spread in whole village, inviting greedy hunters. But the boy was always careful enough to erase all the trails and avoid going into the Hunter's area of the forest. The dove, like her name, didn't like to be captivated. She hated boundaries and made her mind to show the boy that she didn't need his help. If she had survived till now without him, she can survive further too. But the boy, just because he loved the dove so deeply, fell for her tricks and allowed her to venture into the Hunter's area. And that is why, she called him that day near the river to show him that she indeed is freedom's symbol and no one can imprison her.

When the dove was stuck in the hunter's net, it kept telling herself that the boy will come and save her. She waited for him, whole day, didn't even cry because she trusted that boy to come and save her. Daylight blurred and the evening started to fall into the night, but the boy didn't come. The dove, tired of waiting and feeling as if she made a fool of herself by trusting a village boy, swore to herself never to trust him or anyone again.

The night fell and with the moon's bright light, the evil hunter's presence evoked her fear. The hunter has come to collect his possession and he was very happy to finally capture the enchanting dove whole village was talking about. On the other hand, the boy tired of waiting for the bird at their usual place, decided to venture out. When the dove had asked the boy to come near the river, he had suddenly refused and asked her to come to their usual place. And just because he thought she loved him enough to understand his care for her, he didn't trouble yelling at her or dominating her. He knew she loved freedom and she knew he loved her.

The dove, now accepting her fate, has fell silent. She didn't repent going to the river but she hated the idea of the boy who betrayed her, the boy who didn't love her enough to come to the river, even after knowing that how dangerous it was for her to be there alone.

But what she didn't know was, the boy had indeed come there and he was the one who had cut the net and helped her escape. After looking for her for a while, the boy took a chance and went near the forest. He was confident that she wouldn't dare go near the river after he had specifically told her not to, though he still looked there just to make sure nothing has happened to her. She might be flying above the river area, felt sick and decided to take a nap there. So when the boy reached the river and saw elefthería in a hunter's net. His heart froze. He was scared of the big hunter but he couldn't let him take her away. So using his catapult, he aimed at the net and cut it with a sharp stone, that eventually set the dove free.

The next day, the boy was waiting for the dove to arrive the whole day, but she didn't come. Days passed by, he tried looking for her everywhere but she didn't come. The boy now restless, decided to find her out in other parts of the forest, that were away from his village. Even though he hadn't been out of his village ever in his life, he didn't hesitate to go because he loved the dove so much that nothing but her safety mattered to him.

Hours became days, days became months and months became a year when the boy finally found his dove elefthería, laughing and playing with another boy. He was jealous of the other boy but he had to make sure the dove is safe, so went to her and pleaded her to come with him. He pleaded and begged, but the dove didn't come.

Still not ready to leave her alone, the boy decided to settle in the other village where the dove was residing now. He built a new hut there and worked hard to earn his living. He had forgotten about himself and his wellness when it came to elefthería. He worshipped her. She was his freedom and his heart just couldn't let her go.

Days passed by and his family grew restless. The little boy was so lost in his own problems that he dared not think about his family. For him, his elefthería, was most important. After all, he named her ‘freedom’ in Greek. Elefthería. Freedom.

The boy's mother, for mothers know everything, knew he must have been distracted by something. She took on a journey and by following her own heart and instincts reached the small village where the boy was residing.

For a few days, she just observed what he had been doing. And all she found was that her son only hunted, ate and slept besides staring at elefthería. Enraged by how that dove was bewitching her son, she decided to do something unforgivable. She knew it was wrong but her son's happiness meant more to her than any other guilt in the world.

One night, she brought a bow and an arrow, along with a net from a local hunter and set up a trap for the dove.

The dove careless with the fact that there was a stupid boy looking after her, didn't check twice before sleeping on her nest, something that was unusual for birds like her. Others were careful because they didn't want to die but she knew the boy won't let anything happen to her this losing her fear of life.

As soon as she rested on her nest, she felt trapped. She started crying for help but no one could hear her for she had driven everyone, including that boy, away. She wanted to stay alone and that's what she got.

“Leave my son alone.” The mother threatened with an arrow pointed to her.

Sensing the hatred lurking in her eyes, the dove pleaded. She promised the boy's mother to leave him alone. She said, “I don't feel anything for your son. It's him who has been following me around like a slave. ”

Next morning, the mother knew if the boy got a hint of what she had done then he would surely hate her. So she left a message for him.

I know right now you feel like you are lost. But you aren't. You are not broken sweetheart you are just tired.

You always felt like you were prepared for the big bad world but when you met someone tougher than the worst hardships, you fell. Your shield didn't break, for it was stronger than diamond but you just let the wrong person in.

But worry not. Every mistake you do can either give you regret for your whole life or give you a lesson worth millions.

I trust you to learn from your mistakes without letting your soul be tainted.

I trust you to be awesome and happier.

And whenever you feel lost, close your eyes and trust yourself.

If you have made a decision, you are ready to face the consequences.

No regrets.

And yeah, your guardian angel is always with you.

When the boy read the message, he was lost. He didn't know who wrote it but it's word hit home. He knew he was running after a lost cause and he knew only one person who could say these things. His mother.

So the next day, the boy wrapped up his bow and arrow and went home without looking back at the dove.

But, even if he had, he wouldn't have found her. Because she was a mirage who was gone when the conscience came to him in the form of his mother.

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