The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 12

The night after Lein saw the dancer for the first time, he had seven-dozen roses sent to the club. Since he had no idea what her real name was, he simply addressed the card ‘Wild I.’ He also included a message stating that he wanted to meet her, if she would only hang around. Before Perion even entered the dressing room that night, Blaine came in ahead of her.

Blaine normally did not accompany Perion to the club. On a whim that night, he decided to join his girlfriend. He was quite happy he did. He saw the huge spray of long stems immediately. He innately knew who had sent them, he had heard Debi and Perion talking the night previously, but he picked up the card and looked at it anyway. It came as no surprise that Lein Blake had sent the roses. Angered, Blaine read the message and tore the card into a billion pieces.

A few moments later, Perion entered the room. She, too, saw the roses. “Blaine, you shouldn’t have,” she said, touched.

He smiled a little. “How could I resist, I know they’re your favorite.”

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