The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 22

The band continued to rehearse for their upcoming Heavy Metal Thunder date with fervor. Lein was there to coach them, to smooth over the rough spots that still remained. Day by day, he watched the little fledgling group turn into a success from nearly nothing. The Regency gig, as well as other dates they’d played since, had spurned their confidence significantly. Bitter Wynter had been well received since Regency, if not more so. They no longer seemed unsure about their sound or their fan base. Perion no longer wanted to go home.

The girls also learned a lot about Lein. They first thought he’d be either a snob or a creep. Perion, specifically, was afraid he would have a drug problem. However, their fears were quickly alleviated. Lein was a fairly normal guy who had an abnormal job and talent. Little by little, they discovered that Lein and Ronnie had started out from more than humble beginnings, just as they had. Perhaps, they believed, that was why Lein had bonded with them so well. The girls began to respect their brother-band more and more as each day passed.

The day of the big date had arrived, and again, the band was as jumpy as cats. The other clubs hadn’t prepared them as much as they thought. As usual, Perion was tense, and her remedy was to soak herself in the tub. It was the only way she knew that would relieve stress. On that day, she was very tense, enough for at least two or three people. Almost every time she soaked herself, Blaine came in and interrupted. That day was not unusual.

“Dont’cha ever do anything besides bathe,” he asked smiling.

She laughed a little. “Right before a show, no.”

“Come on out of there, I have a surprise for you.”

“Give me a minute.”

“Okay, but I’ll be counting. If you’re not out in a minute, I’ll come in here after you,” he told her, then left the bathroom.

When Perion came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, she was wrapped in a towel, dripping. Blaine stood by their bed smiling. Perion looked down at the bed and saw some type of outfit. She moved a little closer to the bed and saw that it consisted of pure white lace, including a skirt, a matching strapless top that looked more like a bra, and a bolero jacket. It was definitely beautiful and pristine.

“Blaine, you shouldn’t have. You know I don’t go for that fancy, flashy stuff. I usually wear my jeans and a tee shirt. I want people to notice the music, not me.”

“But tonight is special. I really want you to look extra nice. You could wear your hair up in that roll hairdo and be a complete knockout. Do it for me, okay?”

It was the least she could do. “Okay, I’ll do it, for you.”

He smiled. “Aren’tcha gonna try it on for me?”

“You’ll see it on me tonight.”

“Come on baby, let me see it on you now. Then I’ll help you take it off again.”

He took the towel away from her body and let it fall to the floor. She didn’t want Blaine to touch her, but if she didn’t humor him, he might become angered and take her anyway.

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