The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 24

Lein didn’t listen to Perion, as he knew he would not. He went to the club, as usual, and sat at the same table he had when he first watched her dance. When she came on stage, she stopped and stared at him for a moment. He stared back intently.

Perion thought that if men could look breathtaking, Lein absolutely fit the bill. He was dressed in all black topped off with a sheer duster jacket and looked startling, especially since his light blond hair starkly contrasted the jet colored clothing.

You son of a bitch, she mouthed in his general direction.

He shrugged, as if to answer ‘it’s a free country.’ He cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled, “Let’s start the show!”

Perion glared at Lein hatefully as the audience screamed its agreement with him. Okay, she thought, I’ll fix you. If you want a show, you’re going to get one. She began the same routine she had done the day before when he’d walked in on her. But she added more to it. She touched herself as he had, making the movements even more suggestive than they needed to be. The audience didn’t mind. Like Congress voting in unison, the men roared and held up bills all at once.

Lein didn’t hold up any bills. He had another unique tip for her. Perion smiled and turned toward Lein for a brief moment. Once she made eye contact with him, she saw that he held a pair of crumpled panties in his hand, her crumpled panties. He spread them out on the table like a napkin, and boldly set his drink down on them. Although she was a bit shocked and appalled, she wouldn’t allow him to see her unnerved. She sweetly gave him the finger and allowed the tippers to slip their bills down her thong bikini.

Inside, Lein fumed. He couldn’t believe she made such a mockery of what had happened between them. Outside, he remained neutral. If she wanted to play little games, he could as well. Deliberately, he heckled her performance. Not in the least disturbed, she stood directly in front of him. She saucily unhooked her bikini top from the back, and purposely held it into place with her hands. She let it drop all at once, and ran her fingers over her breasts. She then picked up the top and threw it at Lein’s face. He plucked the garment away and threw it back, literally pegging it at her as if it were a beer bottle. She smiled then, and turned away from him.

She straddled the pole in front of her and leaned back as far as she dared. She then snapped her body back up, hair flying, and spun around the pole. After that, she moved to the other side of the room to collect more tips. Lein wanted to grab her off the stage and finish what they had started the day before, but he dared not move. If he even attempted to touch her, the bouncers would be on his ass faster than he could blink. He sat back and took a thoughtful sip from his drink. Five minutes, he thought, that’s all I need to convince her.

When Perion returned from the opposite side of the stage, she didn’t look at Lein again. Instead, she slipped between the curtains and made her exit. Suddenly, she felt sick about what she’d done. It was totally unlike her, and she never wanted to do anything like that again.

A short time later, Perion had changed into her street clothes and sat at her vanity station removing her make up. The backstage door was wide open as usual. Perion glanced casually in the mirror just as Lein entered the room. He had created a stir with his presence, but he ignored the questioning looks and whispering titters. He had other things on his mind.

He stood behind her and leaned on her chair. He looked into her own mirror at her, but her eyes were downcast. “Did you enjoy yourself out there,” he asked quietly.

She ignored him for a moment and silently wiped away the last remnants of cold cream from her face. “No more than you did, thanks for your support,” she spat out sarcastically. She dropped her cloth; it plopped down in front of her like an overcooked noodle. “What are you doing here,” she asked, keeping her eyes downcast.

“I wanted to see you. Why else would I be here?”

“If you don’t leave by the time I get out of this chair, I’ll call in a bouncer, and the next thing you’ll kiss is the pavement.”

He straightened up suddenly. He took hold of her forearm and brought her up to her feet. “I want you to come with me.”

She resisted and tried to slap his hand off her arm, but he held fast. Lein dragged Perion out of the club and into the alley where a limousine waited. He opened the door and forcefully guided her body inside. Although livid about the situation, Perion was glad Blaine had not accompanied her to work. There would have been some hell to pay if he had. Also, their ride would not be happening. However, because it was, she felt a subdued sense of elated anticipation.

They rode in silence for a long period of time, she on one end of the seat, he on the other. She refused to look at him. Instead, she stared out of the window at the streetlights streaking past them. Although she wouldn’t look at him, she could feel his eyes on her. He was waiting for her to open her mouth first. There was no need for him to say a word. After all, he wasn’t the one hiding his feelings, she was.

She turned her head slightly, not looking at him, but toward him. “What do you want,” she asked softly.

“Simply and plainly, Perion, I want you,” he told her. “But I think we’ve already had this discussion, haven’t we?”

“Look,” she whispered, “I told you, I’m committed to somebody else and I don’t take it lightly.”

“No? Then why did you nearly make love with me yesterday?” He didn’t allow her to respond. Instead, he smiled sarcastically and jovially said, “Oh, I forgot, nothing happened. I must have fucked up. It was some other chick with her hand inside my jeans, some other chick I felt up.”

She sighed in disgust, but still refused to make eye contact with him. “You are one of the crudest fuckers I have ever met.”

“It’s not my attitude, Perion, it’s yours.”

Perion ignored the comment, then plunged ahead: “I wasn’t thinking clearly, nor were you. What happened didn’t mean anything. Nothing like that will ever happen between us again. It can’t. Why did I get in this car with you? Please, take me back to the club.”

“No,” he said, “not until I prove to you how much it all meant.”

He slid down the seat until his thigh touched hers, and he forcefully turned her face toward his. He mashed his mouth onto hers and kissed her long and hard, drawing her legs into his lap. There was no way she could realistically deny him any longer. Playing tough hadn’t worked for her at all. It was more than obvious he could see right through her. He had come to the club and they had ended up tangled together yet again.

His mouth moved away from hers after a very long time. She didn’t want the kiss to end. She kissed him back just as hard, just as passionately. His hands moved restlessly in her hair, something of which he hadn’t done the day before. She couldn’t believe it, no one, including Blaine, knew that touching her hair drove her nuts. But Lein Blake had done it as if he had always known. Her hands, seemingly with a mind of their own, unbuttoned his shirt.

The limo’s door handle dug into her back, but she hardly noticed. All she could think, feel, and breathe was Lein. They’d be making love in a matter of minutes if she didn’t stop him. It felt almost as if she were reliving the night she lost her virginity. However, there was a huge difference. Then, she hadn’t really wanted Blaine. With Lein, it was nearly all she could think about.

The kiss ended when the car stopped. Perion looked around in confusion. “Where are we,” she asked, pulling back from him.

Lein regained some of his composure to answer her. “My house.”

She wanted to slap him, had nearly raised her hand to do so, but she didn’t. She remembered what happened when she slapped him the day before. “How dare you,” she spat out angrily. “How fucking egotistical of you to think that just because you kissed me, I’d go home with you. Who are you to assume such a damned thing?”

He sat back for a moment, breathing heavily, not looking away from her once. After a short span of time, he silently began buttoning up his shirt, keeping his eyes locked with hers. When his shirt was buttoned halfway, he looked away from her blazing eyes and picked up the limo’s car phone.

Lein extended the phone toward her. “You can call a cab and go home whenever you want,” he told her quietly. “You either want this, or you don’t.”

Perion stared at the phone for a very long time. What she should have done was simple. She should have taken the phone from his extended hand and called a cab to take her home to her friends, to her fiancé. She had fought him off before and could do it again. At that moment, she didn’t want to fight, nor did she have the energy. What she should have done was not what she did. Instead, she took the phone and put it back in its place. Lein had to be told nothing further.

The two of them got out of the car and calmly walked to the front door of his house. But once behind closed doors, that calmness went to hell. Against the front door, he crushed his body against hers and kissed her hard. He wasted no time undressing her. He broke their kiss long enough to slide her tee shirt up and over her head. His mouth moved to her exposed shoulder. She closed her eyes and sighed, nothing could compare to how hot or how bothered she felt at that moment. Their encounter the day before even paled in comparison.

Lein kissed her mouth again and allowed his hands to slide her bra straps down off her shoulders. Clumsily, she unhooked the bra from the front for him. Her shaking hands didn’t want to cooperate. When Lein finally touched her exposed breasts, she sighed again and felt her nipples hardening to points comparable to steel. She felt such delicious sensations fluttering in the pit of her stomach. Soon, very soon, he’d have to take her, or she’d go nuts. She couldn’t stand much more. Lein’s hungry lips encircled one of her pinkish steel-hard peaks. Waves of passionate lust attacked her, making her feel dizzy and faint. She didn’t want to explode before he had the chance to make love to her, but knew it was an incredible possibility.

Kissing Perion again, Lein walked her toward the stairs leading to his bedroom, and she let him lead her willingly enough. Once inside the room, he lay her down on cool silk sheets. She vaguely wondered if he had made the bed up with the slippery sheets especially for the occasion. It was as if he had known he’d have her in his bed that very evening. It should have made her angry, but she couldn’t feel anger, couldn’t even attempt to feel it. What she did feel was overwhelming desire, hunger, and wanting. She could tell by the look in his smoky eyes that he felt the same surging emotions. He leaned over her, kissing her again, and she felt the hardness of him pressing against her. She slipped her hand downward and ran it along him, feeling a fevered wanting she had never experienced in her life. Hurriedly, very hurriedly, they shed the rest of their clothing, throwing it everywhere.

Perion’s naked flesh quivered against the slippery coolness of the sheets, she could not quite believe whose bed she was in, or who was about to make love to her. She also couldn’t believe that just the day before, she had denied him. Oh, how stupid she’d been. Blaine and her engagement seemed light years away, unimportant. So impassioned was she that she didn’t notice as her engagement ring slipped soundlessly off her finger, and drifted down onto the carpeted floor.

Once their clothing was shed, Lein lay next to her, facing her. Before he touched a single spot of flesh, he simply wanted to look at her, to allow his eyes to drink in her uninhibited beauty. He’d seen her partially nude hundreds of times, had even touched her intimately. However, he felt as if he’d never seen her before. After a few long moments, he touched her, caressed every curve, every line of her body. She moaned softly, sighing in desire, in wanting. He could not stand it any longer. He’d waited so patiently, so strongly. Now that she was with him, in his bed, his inner strength was gone. Lein came down on top of her and slipped into her, into silk, into heaven, into bliss.

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