The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 25

Perion sat up on the side of the bed, back facing her illicit lover. She’d taken the top spread and wrapped it around herself. She tried to make her body move away from the bed. But she could not. In front of her was a huge bay window with no blinds. She stared at nothing in particular and wondered what she would do about the triangle forming about her. Lein lay behind her, his elbow was propped on a pillow and his head rested on the palm of his hand. She had pulled away from him the instant their mad passion was sated.

She felt his eyes upon her, studying her, as if he were trying to decide what to say. He reached out and touched her bare shoulder. She flinched a little as if startled. He allowed his hand to drift down her back as she lowered her head a bit and sighed.

“Perion, I know you don’t regret this,” he said, as if reading her mind. “You don’t have to fake it and act like you do.”

It was about the only thing she had faked. “How could I not regret it? One night stands are so terrific,” she spat out sarcastically, laughing as she spoke.

“Who says this has to be a one night stand? Definitely not me, and I surely hope not you. Since we first kissed, everything that has happened has been right. Damn it, Perion, can’t you see that? Couldn’t you feel it?”

“No,” she whispered, tortured. It was obvious that she was lying through her teeth. She’d felt it, all right. She still felt it, and would likely feel it until the day she died.

“You’re lying to yourself, you know that,” he stated, amazingly reading her mind again. “You had the chance to leave, but didn’t. You came here and made love with me. Now you sit with your back to me, hiding from what you really feel, but mainly hiding from yourself. You let go tonight, and it could be this way every night. But you have to stop fighting it, and fighting me.”

With one hand, she held the bedspread closed around her. She then stood and slowly turned to look at him. “Lein, I can’t, he’d never-”

He cut her words off by gently taking her free hand and drawing her back to the bed. She sat down, facing him straight on. For the first time since their mad attraction had begun to build, she could clearly see herself with him. For the first time since kissing him, she could stomach the idea of dumping Blaine. But uncertainty remained in her mind. How long could they realistically stay together? She’d given herself to Lein without knowing how he actually felt about her.

“Lein, I don’t know...we just jumped into bed here. What if this is all there is?”

He took her hand in his and kissed it, not letting go. “But what if there’s more? You shouldn’t be afraid to take a chance. I’m definitely not. Don’t you see it, Perion? We could really have something together. You must feel the same. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have come here.”

With her hand still in his, she pulled him toward her and kissed him. As their kiss deepened, her hand fell away from the spread around her and it gently came open. He broke the kiss and allowed his mouth to move downward, onto her neck and shoulder. The fingers of his free hand brushed gently against her newly exposed breast. The softness, scent, and taste of her skin upon his lips and beneath his hands were enough for him to want her again. He was about to free her of the spread, but she pulled away from him before he had the chance.

Perion stood, loosely clutching the spread about her body. Confused and a bit mystified, Lein settled his eyes on her, and their eyes locked in mutual gazes. Did she honestly think he’d let her leave at that moment? He was about to protest until she did something that stopped his words. Instead of leaving the room or searching out her clothing, she released the spread and let it slip to the floor. Not looking away from his eyes once, she moved back to the bed. He took her hand again and drew her down to him. His mouth met hers for a gentle kiss. Just before he pulled away, Perion kissed him back. At first, her kiss was as gentle as his. After a moment, it deepened and led to more passion, more reckless abandon. For the time, Perion gave in to what she really wanted.

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